Real Time Astrology: New Moon In Taurus April 26th, 2017

Astrology Taurus new moon April Viva Combusta

Still life by Willem Claez Heda


The New Moon at 6 degrees Taurus takes place at 7:16 AM CST on April 26th. It’s remarkable in how utterly lazy serene and peaceful it is! There are no other aspects to this New Moon (besides the Sun conjunction), save for a very wide trine to Saturn at 27 degrees Sagittarius, too wide to use by most standards. This New Moon falls in the first decan of Taurus; the Moon is exalted in Taurus but more so in this first decan. Venus rules Taurus and the first decan of Taurus, Venus being the planet of the good things in life like love, beauty, art. In the earthy sign of Taurus, there’s a strong desire to be a glutton experience the sensual in tangible ways. A spiritual mission to return to Eden.


This slow burn sensuality is all there is to this New Moon, and that’s enough! For those who set intentions at New Moons, consider this one your personal sabbath, your day of rest, and set intentions to make rest days a permanent fixture in your life. Sleep in, dream, restore body and spirit.


When you do get moving, this New Moon is ripe in the literal fruitful sense. Plant seeds you want to see grow in the long term, such as starting a new savings plan or similar. While not involved with this lunation, Mercury will be retrograde in Aries conjunct Uranus which means this is a great time to review existing or old money issues and come up with creative solutions.


Taurus’ ruler Venus will be at 29 degrees Pisces, no longer retrograde and in the sign of its exaltation. At the anaretic degree, it suggests there’s unresolved issues regarding relationships or self esteem that still need to be worked through. While not involved in this lunation, Saturn in Sagittarius will be applying to an exact square to Chiron in Pisces on April 30th, which brings a heavy dose of “ouch” with it. The Taurus New Moon should be a time to steady yourself against that coming tide.


It also makes for a spectacularly bad time to go shopping or get a haircut. I know this would normally be the perfect time for an aesthetic shapeup, but with Taurus’ ruler Venus and Saturn both square Chiron, you could easily go in asking for this –


and come out with this instead –


So, ignore that advice at your own risk. (True story.)


Since the only aspect here is the obvious conjunction to the Sun, the focus here is on material simplicity and now would be a great time to de-clutter and simplify your life. Too often we overcomplicate simple things, now is a great time to remedy that. Chill out! Life is chaotic enough without intentionally making it more chaotic. Whatever else you’ve got going on in your life, find your one green pasture and revel in it.



As always, look to the house of your natal chart that this Taurus New Moon falls in for further information about where you can plant and nurture seeds of stability and growth. If you need help finding this in your chart, read here for easy instructions.



Setting The Stage For The Great American Eclipse


So, while most of us were sleeping last night, America sent missles flying into Syria. If you’ve read my April forecast and my writeup of the upcoming Libra Full Moon, you won’t be surprised by this.


I do want to point out some of the astrology behind the timing of the attack itself. The attack started at 8:40 PM EST. The Moon had just gone void of course about 25 minutes previous. The Moon was also at 28 degrees Leo, the exact degree of the so-called “Great American Eclipse”, a New Moon Total Solar Eclipse which will make a path across the United States. This eclipse will be a North Node eclipse; while I liken the North Node in a person’s chart to their personal manifesto, in any chart the North Node shows a fulfillment of destiny and an eclipse involving the North Node turns the clockwork mechanisms that start in motion the path to fulfilling a destiny. Destiny in this sense not being a “positive” or “negative” but something closer to its proper dictionary definition: simply a meeting with fate.


So, the strikes in Syria occuring at this fated degree of Leo sets the stage for the unfolding of American and global fate at the Great American Eclipse. Not only does that eclipse involve the North Node (as any eclipse must necessarily involve one of the nodes) but it is conjunct a fixed star called Regulus, which has long been associated with military actions and military generals in particular. From my writeup of 2017:


“Around the time that the North Node is at the earliest degrees of Virgo and then hits 29 degrees Leo [that would be right now, the time of this post; the North Node is at 2 Virgo and enters 29 Leo May 10th] the North Node will be conjunct a fixed star called Regulus… Suffice to say here that the North Node conjunct Regulus could see an advancement in the storyline of military action around the world. I’m not saying total war will break out or anything, I’m saying this is a time to closely watch in regards to what is being orchestrated by military leaders.


Speaking of, America’s new President Donald Trump has his ascendant at 29 degrees Leo, in exact conjunction to Regulus. It should go without saying that the President of a global superpower country will play an important role in unfolding military action. Well, I think it’s particularly relevant in 2017, as not only will the transiting North Node affect his ascendant/Regulus/Mars conjunction but so will the incredible eclipse of August 21st. That eclipse is a New Moon Total Solar Eclipse at 28 degrees Leo, the so-called “Great American Eclipse” for the eclipse path/visibility will only affect American soil. Yes, this eclipse is a big deal for America. It’s a big deal for Donald Trump, just one degree off his ascendant. America has a “birth chart” known as the Sibley chart (July 4th, 1776) with the Moon at 27 degrees Aquarius, the sign opposite Leo. While the gears are turning around the world, there’s a particularly intense stirring awaiting those of us living in the U.S. as the Great American Eclipse hits our President and our people in one fell swoop.


This polarity [of the eclipse hitting the American Sibley chart] falls in the Sibley chart’s 9th opposing the natal 3rd house Aquarius Moon. The 9th is foreign lands and people, as well as religion and published “official” news/media. The 3rd house is our local neighborhoods, rumors, propaganda, transportation and the general ‘nervous system’ of a country. It is also the house of documents relating to foreign countries (9th house).”


As I wrote in The North Node In Leo Manifesto, the North Node conjunct Regulus at the anaretic degree of Leo is associated with defending honor and can also bring a loss of honor in spectaular ways. In my mind this is the more likely scenario, as the air strike occurred not only at this eclipse degree but also during a void of course Moon. Most astrology fans know the typical interpretation of a VOC Moon is that it operates as if in a vacuum, unable to express itself and thus usually is seen as amounting to nothing. However, a VOC Moon does not always mean there is nothing to worry about; it can also show an event started during this phase does not follow the correct predetermined course and instead ends very badly.


Get ready for a cruel summer.



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