Series on Saturn in Sagittarius

Trying to write a single article that does justice to Saturn’s transit of Sagittarius has proven a challenge. There is a lot of territory to cover with this topic, so I will be breaking it down in a series of articles to come.  Sagittarius is a restless, forward thinking sign so its not too soon to anticipate the shift this will bring. Saturn is currently working its way through the tail end of Scorpio and will first enter Sagittarius December 23, 2014. It will revisit Scorpio for a stretch starting June 14, 2015 and re-enter Sagittarius for good September 17, 2015  until December 19, 2017.  It will be squaring Neptune in its own sign of Pisces for a good chunk of its transit.


We have been dealing with Saturn’s transit of Scorpio since late 2012, though for many it surely seems longer than that. It has been a rough road but not without purpose. Saturn rules among other things: authority, maturity and grown up responsibility, hard realizations and tough lessons, and karma. Since it began its transit of intense, powerful Scorpio, Saturn has been driving home brutal lessons relating to how maturely, responsibly and effectively we use our energy and resources, and in particular the energy and resources of others. In particular, this played out, and took its biggest toll, along the lines relating to sex, money, shared resources, certain family legacies/inherited perspectives and traits, pathology,   and values. Brutal realities about how we are used by others were brought home. It has been a common theme to hear of marriages, jobs and other such entanglements breaking down in rather painful ways after certain truths were brought to light and could no longer be ignored or denied. Saturn in Scorpio would not, and still won’t, allow us to unsee the dark truths it has been forcing us to pay attention to.


So we’ve been having our faces shoved in the mud these past couple of years. What now?  When Saturn enters Sagittarius, we will be eager to shake off the mud and get the show on the road. Sagittarius is the sign that follows Scorpio and as such carries with it a memory of painful experiences. It tries to turn this deep soul wisdom into a sophisticated, informed way of moving forward through life. Scorpio has a tendency to dwell on negativity, sometimes to its own destruction; while the sign excels at amputating rot it does not always do so and will often let the wounds fester. Sagittarius, then, has learned the lesson of how unhealthy this behavior can be and is eager to move upwards and onwards, out of the ditch and back on the road. It isn’t a sign that likes to let the grass grow under its feet, it has a broader vision that it wants to be heard and seen. The people who have been putting up with considerable bullshit, whose energies have been drained, who have too long seen the darker side of this life, will be invigorated by this turning point. Sagittarius knows that just because things have always been bad doesn’t mean it has to continue that way.


Sagittarius wants to know better so that it can do better, Saturn helping to bring lofty visions and inspiration into grounded, responsible goals. A fresh breeze will be blowing us into new territory very soon.


Quickie observation about the Antares rocket explosion

Chart of the Antares rocket explosion

Chart of the Antares rocket explosion


Today the rocket Antares set off to deliver food to the astronauts aboard the space station. Six seconds after takeoff, it exploded midair. As we are in Via Combusta (literally “the burning way”) I was curious what the event chart looked like. The thing I noticed first was that the rising sign was in Taurus, a sign closely associated with food, which struck me funny. The ruler planet of Taurus, Venus, is conjunct the Sun in Scorpio which is, as mentioned, in the Via Combusta realm. Any planet conjunct the Sun is said to be “combust” as it is weakened – or, burned – by the Sun’s rays. Besides having the Sun and ascendant ruler conjunct in the intense, often ill-fated burning path, naming the rocket Antares seemed an unfortunate choice….


In a roundabout way the chart reminded me of two notable people with personal planets in the Via Combusta and the interesting ways this played out in their lives. Alfred Nobel was the first to come to mind, being the inventor of dynamite no less and having his Sun at 28 Libra, Mars at 2 Scorpio and Mercury at 9 Scorpio. Then I quickly remembered the chart of rocket man and crazy person Jack Parsons. With Mercury at 1 Scorpio conjunct Mars at 2 Scorpio, he not only lived a life dedicated to explosions and combustions but died in that manner as well.  Odd character Parsons was; would make an interesting astrology case study but that’s more than I want to cover in this short post. We will continue to experience the intense burn of the Via Combusta through early November; the Antares rocket a sort of literal expression of the energy.


Beloved Michael! / Ungrateful Little Old Soul!

Please read my friend Leon’s post published during this highly charged transit through the Via Combusta. He and his wonderful soul mate Plutonia are documenting the tragedies in their country as experienced by two Plutonics who cannot and will not ignore the tragedy around them.

Along life’s burning path

Naming this blog Viva Combusta! is sort of tongue in cheek, as it is named after an area of the zodiac with a rather nasty reputation. The Via Combusta lies between 15 degrees Libra and 15 degrees Scorpio and is known as the burning or burnt path. This blog was born along this so-called ill- fated path, on the heels of the intense eclipse at 0 Scorpio and has its Sun, Mercury, Venus and North Node in the Via Combusta. As someone who has many natal placements considered by some astrologers as unfortunate, I thought it appropriate to name the blog in honor of the inevitable spice and frictionstarting an endeavour along this path will bring. Let’s see where it take us….

Real Time Astrology: Halloween/Day of the Dead 2014

Even for those who don’t usually participate in the late October festivities, I think this year will be the one to try to commemorate in some fashion. There will be something gleaned from this for most everyone.


Friday is Halloween, and if you plan on partying you won’t be disappointed in the flavor of the evening. The Sun and Venus will still be conjunct in the sometimes macabre sign of Scorpio but the mood will be considerably boosted by the social Moon in Aquarius. Aquarius is a sign that favors eccentricity, so don’t be nervous about broadcasting your quirks. You do you. Mars in Capricorn will be squaring Uranus in Aries, so do keep safety at the front of your mind. There will be lots of children and small pets out and about amongst the adult revellers, pay particular attention to them.


We change moods for the weekend , and for Day of the Dead celebrations. If quiet reflection is more your style than brash parties, this weekend will be up your alley. The moon moves into wistful, soulful Pisces midday Saturday. The Sun, Mercury, Venus and the North Node are still burning through the Via Combusta. Particularly with Mercury in social Libra, the weekend is conducive to talking openly with others about where we have come from and where we are going. Honoring and celebrating those who have passed on is certainly one way to do this.  The Pisces moon will be encouraging us to look at how much we all share in life’s joys and sorrows. Music will have a particularly pronounced affect at this time; listen to songs that honor your past or the past of the deceased. Don’t be afraid to go deep, the descent will be gentle.