Quickie observation about the Antares rocket explosion

Chart of the Antares rocket explosion

Chart of the Antares rocket explosion


Today the rocket Antares set off to deliver food to the astronauts aboard the space station. Six seconds after takeoff, it exploded midair. As we are in Via Combusta (literally “the burning way”) I was curious what the event chart looked like. The thing I noticed first was that the rising sign was in Taurus, a sign closely associated with food, which struck me funny. The ruler planet of Taurus, Venus, is conjunct the Sun in Scorpio which is, as mentioned, in the Via Combusta realm. Any planet conjunct the Sun is said to be “combust” as it is weakened – or, burned – by the Sun’s rays. Besides having the Sun and ascendant ruler conjunct in the intense, often ill-fated burning path, naming the rocket Antares seemed an unfortunate choice….


In a roundabout way the chart reminded me of two notable people with personal planets in the Via Combusta and the interesting ways this played out in their lives. Alfred Nobel was the first to come to mind, being the inventor of dynamite no less and having his Sun at 28 Libra, Mars at 2 Scorpio and Mercury at 9 Scorpio. Then I quickly remembered the chart of rocket man and crazy person Jack Parsons. With Mercury at 1 Scorpio conjunct Mars at 2 Scorpio, he not only lived a life dedicated to explosions and combustions but died in that manner as well.  Odd character Parsons was; would make an interesting astrology case study but that’s more than I want to cover in this short post. We will continue to experience the intense burn of the Via Combusta through early November; the Antares rocket a sort of literal expression of the energy.


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