Real Time Astrology: Full Moon in Gemini December 6, 2014

The Full Moon on Saturday, December 6 will be at 14 degrees Gemini at 6:27 a.m. CST. It will be a light, breezy type of full moon, but will nonetheless serve an important purpose. There will be a lot of air and fire energy at this time, with Sun, Mercury and Venus in mutable fire sign Sagittarius, Mars freshly into Aquarius (Mars enters the sign December 4th), and Jupiter in Leo. That’s some buoyant energy! Use this energy while it is available. There will be considerable turbulence later in the month, most notably as a result of the next exact square between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn December 14 and Saturn entering Sagittarius on the 23. This Full Moon in Gemini on December 6th will help smooth the corners we will shortly be turning.


As I wrote in my first article on Saturn in Sagittarius: “Sagittarius wants to know better so that it can do better”. We start this process here, at the Full Moon in Gemini, in the middle of Sagittarius season. Gemini is a sign that gathers information and input from various channels, often overlooked, and puts the information to use in new ways.  It then communicates these new ideas and sound bites to the community around it. The Full Moon in Gemini comes at the end of Saturn’s transit of Scorpio and shortly before its entry into Sagittarius; thus, this Full Moon represents a critical gathering and sharing of information, with many different processes activated and working together to help us process where we have been, where we are going and who we will be bringing along. This Moon is likely to make most feel more social and chatty. This is actually necessary for our emotional health at this point.  Don’t be afraid to say what is on your mind now, you may very well find some answers you have been looking for. Or, at least, see your situation from a different angle.


The emphasis on fire and air elements at this time allows for us to get away with communicating heavy topics without drowning in misery.  Both Gemini and Sagittarius are mutable signs, and this will help ease our transition from a time of loss and endings to a time of fresh starts (rocky though it may be). We can begin to plan our new courses of action here without fully committing to any one way of doing it. The house in your natal chart that this Full Moon falls in shows you the area(s) of your life you most need to speak up about and receive input on. Pay attention to snippets of information you receive, even if it seems trivial or superficial, as it will likely serve a purpose in the short future.  While you may not necessarily meet a soul mate at this time, you may cross paths with someone who can offer soulful insight. Gemini is a sign that likes novelty, so don’t be too surprised if the source is an unusual one.

Put on your red shoes and dance the blues!

Friday and Saturday nights -November 28 & 29- were made for dancers. The Moon will be in Pisces both nights conjunct Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, with Pisces ruler Neptune strongly aspected by Sun, Venus and Mercury. This is also the last weekend energetic Mars will be in earthy Capricorn. (In a natal chart, any personal planets in water or earth signs is an indication of a love of dance, but more so if it is Mars.) There is also tremendous fire, with a Sagittarius stellium, Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries. Shake off whatever doldrums are still clinging on from the beginning of this month! This is a terrible weekend for practical undertakings, so go with the natural flow and lose yourself to beauty and inspiration when and where you can. If at all possible, find a dance floor to allow this magic to take place.

Quickie observations on the 2014 holiday shopping season/ Black Friday

Mercury is currently in an exact conjunction with Saturn, so making this a quickie post was difficult; what would have started out as simple financial advice would have easily turned into a rant about the excesses that are always encouraged at this time of year, especially during the Pluto in Capricorn years… but, with a Mercury/Saturn conjunction I’ll keep it short and to the point. Because if you haven’t already learned a thing or two about fiscal responsibility from the Saturn in Scorpio transit, I doubt anything I write here will change that.

So, to keep it short and to the point, Black Friday, and most of the rest of the holiday shopping season, could spell major financial troubles for many and I would highly advise against purchasing gifts until the current influences have passed. Mercury will still be in a conjunction with Saturn in Scorpio on Thursday, which is actually the beginning of many retailers Black Friday sales. This will bring a much needed serious focus; it would be wise to try to listen to your voice of reason. Ignore this voice at your own risk! Mercury will be moving into Sagittarius late Thursday, a sign known for expansive optimism about the future, and for excess. Mercury is in its detriment in this sign and may lead a person to take on more debt than they can handle now, confident that it will work itself out later. Mercury will also be squaring dreamy, foggy Neptune in Pisces, exact on Sunday, which will only further complicate making prudent financial decisions. The Sun and Venus, also in Sagittarius, will be squaring Neptune as well, further emphasizing the inability to use restrained judgement. Venus square Neptune, in particular, is reason enough to skip shopping. Venus is the money planet and the square to Neptune is famous for literally making money disappear without knowing exactly how it happened!

Losing money now might not be entirely from overspending (though, the Sagittarius influence will certainly be encouraging it!). I am actually more concerned about theft during this period, specifically identity theft. You know all the hacks retailers have been faced with lately? I guarantee the squares to Neptune will be encouraging the hackers even more this holiday season. It might also make it easier for them to get away with it. It will likely be some time down the road before it is noticed. I strongly encourage paying with cash or some form of secure payment, and leave the debit/credit cards at home. Carrying too much cash may be a risk in itself, though; thievery of all sorts will heightened and that includes personal robbery.

The week leading up to Christmas will be much more Saturnian (read: sober thinking) so my two cents here would be to make this a year of last minute shopping. Or, just boycott the whole damn Pluto in Capricorn commercialized holidays and try to simply celebrate life and people without placing a money value on it. You might be surprised at how this actually enriches the experience. (Truthfully, most of us are too poor to even have this option.)

Real Time Astrology: New Moon in Sagittarius November 22, 2014

The New Moon at 0 degree Sagittarius will take place @ 6:32 a.m. CST on Saturday, November 22. This is the second New Moon in a series of four that take place at zero degrees; the first in the series was the potent Scorpio New Moon eclipse on October 23. Though the New Moon in Sagittarius will not be an eclipse, since it is at zero degrees it will still be a strongly influential New Moon and will be foreshadowing a change in directions soon to follow.

Shortly before the New Moon is exact, the Sun will enter Sagittarius, preceded by Venus entering the sign November 16 and will be followed by Mercury entering Sagittarius November 27. Saturn leaves Scorpio (after what feels like an eternity) for Sagittarius December 23, 2014 and will begin a new chapter in our personal lives and our broader collective lives on Earth. The New Moon in Sagittarius, then, is the gateway to a significant shift in our perspectives. We will be ready to leave the muck and more of Scorpio season behind us. We begin the process here of surfacing from bottomless emotional and psychic depths, and turn again to life with renewed hope and inspired visions of our futures. The horizons that have seemed so distant for so long will seem within our reach now.

This is not unfounded optimism! We have learned some truly harsh lessons from Scorpio, particularly Saturn in Scorpio, and now that we are in Sagittarius season we will be eager to get a move on, putting our new philosophies to work for us and for the world around us.

The house in your natal chart where this New Moon takes place is where you will see new perspectives from. This is a good day to reevaluate your current beliefs and opinions to see if they are still working for you. If Scorpio has made your social life austere, this is a great time to begin expanding your circle once again. Even if we can’t yet escape our miseries, we can find others to help us remember how to laugh at the insanity of it all.

Real Time Astrology: November 27, 2014 – Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving will be an interesting mixed bag of influences this year. Overall I like the look of it, it feels more like a party than a stuffy tradition, though there will be a definite strong undertow at work.

The Sun and Venus will be in Sagittarius and squaring Neptune in Pisces, freshly direct. It looks like a fuzzy, aimless sort of day but will add a lot of sweetness. The Moon will be in airy Aquarius and sextile Uranus and Venus, and trine the North Node in Libra. These are all great influences for socializing. The more company, the merrier, especially if they are outside of the typical tribe of people you usually celebrate with.

Mercury will be the main event of the day. It will be leaving Scorpio and entering the sign of its detriment, Sagittarius, late in the evening.  It will be conjunct Saturn and square Neptune as well as Jupiter and asteroid Lilith in Leo. Even though the general mood will be very social, communication will be tricky. There is a tendency for dark moods with Mercury-Saturn, as the mind is turned to heavier matters at hand. This will be stronger earlier in the day while Mercury is still in Scorpio. There is a tendency during family holidays to hash things out anyway; this will be unavoidable this Thanksgiving. Snarking on others and digging up old grievances can be one way this manifests. However, being aware of this influence beforehand will allow you to change the tone. Mercury Saturn is a great influence for talking, especially with older folks, about serious issues and looking for practical solutions. Bringing up heavy topics need not be painful, if they are brought up in a cautious manner and others are shown respect for their input and observations. The mood will be just light enough to keep anyone from dwelling in dark places for too long. Especially later in the evening, as Mercury enters Sagittarius; whatever was said earlier that got under people’s skin may seem pretty damn funny by nightfall. Just laugh it off! Keep in mind that Mercury will be squaring Jupiter in Leo and Neptune in Pisces; do your best not to overreact to what is said as it may be more dramatic and less factual than it really is. Misunderstanding by everyone involved is possible and may or may not be intentional.

Mars will still be in Capricorn, the sign of traditions, yet the strong Sagittarius/ Aquarius influence will likely make it an untraditional holiday in some way. Don’t be surprised if plans change at the last minute into unexpected territory. The squares to Neptune will also be creating logistical complications. Just go with the flow, it will likely be better if its taken down an offbeat path.  If you’re not up to celebrating in a typically traditional way, you can get away with starting a new tradition of your own this year.

With the Sun, Mercury and Venus squaring Neptune in Pisces and Venus squaring Chiron also in Pisces, and the heavy dose of Mercury conjunct Saturn, some will feel incredibly lonely and cut off from society if they do not have family to celebrate with in the traditional sense. The festivities can create a feeling of being on the outside looking in at other people’s seemingly wonderful lives. The Sagittarius/ Aquarius influence of the day is an anecdote to that; invite people into your circle who may not have their own circle of people. It can be both healing and exciting to show some extra friendliness to strangers and loose acquaintances.

Series on Saturn in Sagittarius: The square to Neptune in Pisces

Saturn will enter the sign of Sagittarius on December 23, 2014 where it will stay until December 19, 2017 ( except for a brief dip back into murky Scorpio waters June 14-September 17, 2015.) Not long after Saturn changes signs, it will begin a wide square to Neptune in its own sign of Pisces. The square will loosely begin mid February 2015 and will be in exact square three times; the first exact square will be November 26, 2015 @ 7 degrees, the second exact square will be June 17, 2016 @ 12 degrees with both Saturn and Neptune retrograde, and the third exact square September 10, 2016 @ 10 degrees with Neptune still retrograde.


I wrote previously that many will experience the transition of Saturn leaving Scorpio for Sagittarius as a refreshing one, and for many on a personal level I think that will certainly be true. On a broader scale, however, Saturn in Sagittarius squaring Neptune in Pisces will present with its own particular challenges we will be faced with.


Saturn represents cold, hard reality; exacting clock time; physical aging and death; structure and the authorities who control the structures. Neptune represents unseen reality; time dimensions outside our own; the continuation of life after death; Godly authority and dissolution of barriers between ourselves and unseen spiritual forces. Very different functions, right? The square between the two will be causing a lot of friction over what exactly “reality” even is, our opinions and experience of it and the sources of our knowledge on these subjects.


At its best, the connection of Saturn and Neptune will help us become more aware of the many different levels of reality, and that what we usually consider “reality” is sometimes arbitrary. There will be lessons learned about how the natural and supernatural worlds interact and our roles in them. Saturn in Sagittarius has a strong adherence to certain principles and ideology; Neptune in Pisces will be working to make sure that our principles are open hearted and inclusive, that we are really seeing the big picture. Those who have a stubborn, rigid belief system concerning science, spirituality, and philosophy will have a much harder time coping with this influence; those who are naturally more fluid and open hearted in their beliefs will have the advantage.


Knowing exactly who and what to believe, though, is going to be incredibly tough. There is a tendency with Saturn in Sagittarius for vocal know-it-all types to move front and center. There will be no shortage of people on any given subject who will get up on a soapbox and claim to be fighting for what’s right. With the Neptune square, its advisable to first make sure they really are right before taking any advice to heart. It will be completely possible to believe in something fully as the “right thing” only to find yourself led down the wrong road at a later time. It is always prudent to be skeptical of authority types, but especially more so during the Saturn-Neptune square. In general, people who have true knowledge of a subject do not feel the need to shout it or force it down people’s throats; any so-called gurus or experts who are given the biggest platforms to voice their opinions should be met with the most suspicion.


Our best critical thinking skills will become crucial in discerning the truth out of the official stories we are given. The Saturn-Neptune square is also happening during Pluto’s long transit of Capricorn, and the corruption of those in power will likely (and, unfortunately) get a boost from this transit. If you think politicians are arrogant, out of control and out of touch now, you haven’t seen the half of it yet. It is likely we will be seeing more military actions across the globe; yet, as the fighting increases, the causes will become less clear, the targets more vague and no certain outcomes. With people questioning their own religious or spiritual views, it will be easier for leaders across the spectrum to whip citizens into a frenzy over religion, both for and against certain doctrines. Again, don’t be afraid to stand up for what is right, but first be sure you are right! Neptune in Pisces will be urging us to live and let live, to be more accepting of our spiritual differences we all have based on our personal experience. Do not stop questioning the agendas of militaries during this time.


Medical and scientific experts will need to be questioned too. It is too often now that we find some incredibly self-righteous and  intolerant people in these fields, asserting their “expert” views as indisputable truth and any other viewpoint as wrong, stupid, ignorant… I will wager good money that by the time the Saturn-Neptune square is over, more than a few “facts” about science and medicine that are accepted now, will be shown to be false. Or, at least not as true as previously claimed. Likewise, some “facts” about wars and war leaders will be shown for  what they were/are. History has shown us that lies and mistakes have happened here before, it is not paranoid to question any official lines we’re being sold.


It will become common during this square to lose faith in government and social structures during this time, even as these officials are becoming more certain of their convictions and rightness. It will be common to lose faith in science as the embodiment of facts about our physical, material world. It will be common to lose faith with religious and spiritual philosophies as anything other than tools to divide and deceive us. Losing faith is not necessarily bad thing. It can serve to dissolve worn-out and inaccurate ideals in favor of ones that better serve our expanding understanding of life. Perhaps believing that certain perspectives are irreconcilable needs to go, and more holistic approaches used. Both Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces are focused on the search for The Truth about our entire existence, each in their own way. Both faith and reason can work together to authenticate what truth and reality are. Honestly, this stuff isn’t that hard. And, we can change the structures of our lives based on new wisdom and insights. A little flexibility will go a long way towards preventing disillusionment.


Real Time Astrology: November 6-14

We are currently in the midst of Scorpio season, moving into the Taurus Full Moon on Thursday and we are faced with tricky issues concerning values, money, resources, the relationships involving these, the bridges we’ve freshly burned and the foundations we are trying to build. After a relatively calm and restorative Taurus Full Moon, the tension will be  mounting as we head into potentially make-or-break transits this first half of November.

Currently we have the Sun, Venus and Saturn in Scorpio. Mercury will move into the sign Saturday, November 8th, two days after the Taurus Full Moon and scorching hot from travelling the Via Combusta. Our mental processes and communications will be geared towards processing the lessons we have learned from the new/full moons that took place along the Taurus/Scorpio axis. Mercury in Scorpio can handle the job. It approaches critical issues with a single minded focus on getting to the root. To do this, it is necessary to rid oneself of excessive mental chatter and overstimulation. Go with this flow, and turn off/tune out television, internet or any media bombarding you with dubious information and images that is not serving an important purpose in your life now. Mercury in Scorpio is a time to purge your intellect of the junk food quality conversations and hyped-up media debates. It is likely people will be more selective in who they talk to and what they divulge on an everyday basis, too; be careful of throwing your precious pearls to swine, as the quote goes. The more negative expression of Mercury in Scorpio is snarkiness; point out flaws in others to distract from a person’s own shortcomings and fears. Exchanging ideas at this time may be a one-way street and ultimately draining. But, Scorpio here has incredible bullshit detection abilities; listen to what it is telling you. Just walk away from any dialogue that isn’t completely healthy.

And, conserving your energy is a must. Mars is in the sign of its exaltation, Capricorn, the entire month of November. Our most vital and raw energies are being put into obtaining our long term goals, getting us where we want and need to be and steering us away from things that will hold us back. Capricorn is an ambitious, goal oriented sign that gets ahead by its own work ethic and hard earned authority. With action and drive planet Mars transiting this sign, we are not afraid to fight for what we’ve earned. We are aware of our own personal authority and, with the lessons we are learning from the Taurus/Scorpio themes of value, stepping on others ambitions and goals will be met with resistance.

Mars in Capricorn will conjunct Pluto in Capricorn Monday, November 10 and will square Uranus in Aries Wednesday, November 12, the same day money, value and relationship planet Venus will conjunct sober reality planet Saturn in Scorpio. The tough lessons we are facing and have been since the Scorpio New Moon eclipse will be laid bare and seen for what they are, for good or ill. (In Scorpio, likely an intense serving of both.) With Mars in Capricorn approaching a powerful conjunction with Pluto and a square to Uranus, tensions will be running very high as certain realities are driven home. If it is in your realm of possibilities to change this narrative, now would be the time to act. Mars-Pluto conjunct is a source of tremendous power. It is no exaggeration to call it a force to be reckoned with. As we approach its conjunction in Capricorn, there is potential to considerably harden our resolve and drive, or burn out in dramatic ways. The square to Uranus in Aries will bring a raw, erratic edge to the proceedings. Mars square Uranus fights hard for its freedom; with Capricorn and Aries involved, we are not afraid to show our own hard earned authority and question it in others. There is also an impetus with this that will create a strong reckless streak in people you wouldn’t necessarily expect it from. I personally have witnessed this, as within the course of a couple hours two different people and from two different jobs up and quit without giving notice. Their work was not valued and was not sustainable over a long term; once that truth was accepted in both cases there was swift action to transform where they invest their energies. It seems sudden and surprising on the surface, though really these issues had been going on for some time but were only now brought to a head. It is likely you will start seeing similar, if you haven’t already and it may very well be you who is shaking up the scene. I would expect more of this to come, though some will simply be acting out to release agitation they can’t name the cause of. If you’re a mild tempered person, you may surprise yourself at this time with how aggressive you feel, and how hard it may be to control. The assholes of the world certainly won’t be quiet… Both Mars-Pluto and Mars-Uranus have a reputation for violence and unexpected accidents, so considerable safety precautions should be taken until this energy wears off.