Happy Birthday America!

I mean that with total love and affection. I love my country and my country men and women. America is a Cancer Sun nation, the sign most closely associated with family, heritage, homeland and patriotism.  Our fundamental values are not by accident. Its a beautiful thing to celebrate, and a beautiful weekend to celebrate on. This is the first time in a few years that Independence Day falls on a Saturday, so that would spell out major party regardless of anything else. The astrology is quite pretty too. The Sun is joined in Cancer by Mars, adding another layer of comfort and excitement brought by the usual backyard barbecues and parties. Mercury in Gemini will be in harmonious trine aspect to the Moon in Aquarius July 3-4 and Moon in Pisces July 5, as well as trine to the wonderful saving grace Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Leo (breaking up but still in orb) and trine Uranus in Aries. Fire, water and air tied together so smoothly spells magic to me. Good times to be had, for sure.

Tension is percolating under the surface of the sparking water, of course. The Sun in Cancer will be in opposition to Pluto in Capricorn, an aspect that is being paralled in the transits to the birth chart of the United States, known as the Sibley chart. (Disclaimer: I know this isn’t the only chart used for the US and is a point of contention for some, but it is the chart I use and I think it holds up perfectly fine. So there’s that.) Have a look:

Sibley natal chart w/ transits

Sibley natal chart w/ transits

The opposition from transiting Pluto in Capricorn to the US’s natal Sun in Cancer was in effect last year and will be in effect for the rest of this year and takes us ever closer to the first Pluto Return for our country, exact in 2022 but the initial birthing pains and final death gasps associated are obviously in effect. (A “Return” is when a planet has travelled completely around a chart and returns to its original position. Pluto is a slow moving planet and so a Pluto Return takes approx. 248 years to complete and thus do not affect people individually. Yet, anyway…) The mundane Sun-Pluto opposition this first week of July will of course feature in our country’s new solar return July 4:

Sibley solar return chart July 4, 2015/2016

Sibley solar return chart July 4, 2015/2016

Notice the solar return Moon at 0 degrees Pisces. A lot of wishful thinking in this country over the next year, a lot of seeing and believing what we want and none of what we don’t. And at times, it will seem like things really are moving in the right direction. The Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Leo features in the solar return chart as well, in the 11th house of social causes. The recent decision by the Supreme Court on gay marriage epitomized this: expanding (Jupiter) the definition of love (Venus) to be more inclusive (11th). The subsequent celebrations were of course done Leo style. No doubt some other social causes will have their day in the sun this solar return cycle as well.

Unfortunately, the good times aren’t exactly how they seem. Yep, the current retrograde of Saturn in Scorpio is in the chart too, and it squares that nice fun Venus-Jupiter conjunction. The saying “For every thing gained, there is something lost” comes to mind with this. A lot of the truly heartbreaking, raw stories will be lost under the momentum of bigger and brighter ones. You better believe that anytime the shiny stories are trotted out in the news that there are some insidious ones being played down and we’re distracted from them. That may read as an overly suspicious thing to say but I stand behind it and believe it will hold up over time.

The news itself will continue to be a focal point, Mercury (communications) conjunct the SR Midheaven as it is. Mercury conjunct the MC is squared by Chiron in Pisces, showing that some rather painful deceptions will be spread via media and soundbites. Per usual, more of the same. Except the Pisces Moon at 0 degrees leaves us a little more vulnerable to buying in to some of the crap, more easily misled. Our ideals (Pisces) played upon.

Both Neptune and Chiron in Pisces are in the SR 6th house, with the Pisces Moon right on the cusp; the house of service, everyday work and especially health. Unfortunately Neptune and Chiron here doesnt look great for the supposed “universal” health care quagmire America is in. I think issues over pharmaceuticals and medical marijuana will become more important. These placements are really just a reflection of how hurt and disillusioned so many already are with the job market and the hoops they have to jump through to secure adequate health care, if they can even secure it at all.

An overhaul (Pluto) of the way we view and support our elected leaders (Sun) will become inevitable as a result of this. Remember though that a lot of misleading or factually inaccurate information will be swimming around, so discretion and critical thinking should be used before emotional responses to broader national issues are acted upon. One thing that should be acted upon and responed to, however, is the continual hits to our fiscsal bottom line. We’re not getting off the hook easy with this one, all those fables of “economic recovery” be damned. America is a natal Pluto in Capricorn country, with Pluto residing in the second house of personal earnings and wealth, and of personal values. The broader mundane transit of Pluto in Capricorn will hit America harder as a result, as we draw closer to our Pluto Return in 2022 and Pluto dances right on the second house cusp. We’re also not too far away from Uranus -rebellion, shockwaves, topsy turvy surprises and upsets- entering Taurus for the first time in 2018, the sign of money, markets, banks and tangibles…

This is hardly an in-depth look at either chart, but I’ll leave it right there. I don’t want to dampen too much the spirit of Independence Day, as this July 4th really is a good time to live it up and be proud of who we are. Enjoying the good times when you can goes a long way towards sustaining you in the harder times. I’m really looking forward to this one. With Mercury so well aspected and with such a nice blend of three of the elements, it is also a ripe time to ask questions and start conversations without ruining the positive vibes. If you can, ask people from the older generations -particularly the Pluto in Cancer generation, we are losing them fast and need their insights the most- what they know about where our country has been and where we are headed. Ask people who have lived through bad times what they know about survival.

Real Time Astrology: Full Moon in Capricorn July 1, 2015

A funky, emotionally soupy mix this one will be… The Full Moon at 9 degrees Capricorn -the sign of the Moon’s fall- takes place on Wednesday, July 1 at 9:20 P.M. CST. There is nothing light or frivolous about a Capricorn Moon; less so with this one opposing Mars which is also in the sign of its fall in moody Cancer, squaring the Moon’s Nodes along the Aries/Libra axis, and closing in on a conjunction to Pluto in Capricorn (the exact Moon-Pluto conjunction is exact in the wee hours the following morning.) There will also be a sextile to Neptune in Pisces that would ordinarily soften the effect, but the other aspects will dominate. This is a Full Moon that would hit like a blunt instrument yet the same day we reach the truly beautiful exact conjunction of Venus and Jupiter at 21 degrees Leo, as well as a magical watery trine between the Sun in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces. The witty, perceptive and razor sharp sextile between Mercury in Gemini and Uranus in Aries is also almost nearly exact (it will be exact the following day.)

The deep, sober Full Moon in Capricorn will feel at odds with the far more buoyant, excitable activity occurring at the same time; like threatening storm clouds gathering on a sunny, halcyon day. I don’t think any two people can experience this Full Moon the same way. Some will be hit as if by a ton of bricks with this one; others will only feel the focused energy as providing more fuel to their fire and drive. People prone to depression and/or anxiety may have to be careful and take precautions to safeguard their wellbeing. Yet, this is hardly an antisocial Moon, so even if it is not a party for everyone (though it definitely still will be for some!) it can still be pretty damn funny and bulk up the fluffier moments with rich sustenance.

The keyword for this Full Moon in Capricorn is consequences. That is really quite an individualized keyword, too. The ruling planet of Capricorn is celestial taskmaster/timekeeper/hardass Saturn, which is currently dragging us back through psychic Scorpio sludge. Saturn retrograde reentered Scorpio June 14, and the Full Moon in Capricorn July 1 will be bringing recent Saturn Rx in Scorpio themes to a head. From an article at the beginning of the year about Capricorn:

“The symbol for Capricorn is usually seen as the Mountain Goat, forever climbing up the difficult steep grade. For what purpose does the goat do this, though? It is usually more accurate to remember that the image for Capricorn was initially the Sea-Goat, not the Mountain Goat. The Sea-Goat had the body of a goat with a tail attached that was a strange mix of serpent and fish. It was a subterranean sea creature that was evolving into a land creature. It swam in deep, murky waters but became able to place its hooves on solid ground and climb upwards and onwards, without losing the psychic memory of where it came from. Everyone has heard that to know where you are going, you have to know where you have been, and this personal evolution is the message of  Capricorn. We take what we have learned with us while we begin forging out a new path in the wilderness.”

This Full Moon in Capricorn illuminates how we have evolved since the first go round of Saturn in Scorpio (October 5, 2012-December 23, 2014), then the brief period of Saturn in Sagittarius (December 23, 2014-June 14, 2015), and now this final home stretch of Saturn retrograde in Scorpio (June 14, 2015-September 17, 2015). If we have not used the lessons set forth for us by Saturn to grow out of old harmful and hurtful patterns (whether to ourselves or others or both), the consequences will be drawn out by this Full Moon. One final swift kick in the ass to set us back on the right path or else. However, many people did receive the signals loud and clear and have been trying their best to do the hard, right thing to the best of their ability. The consequences for hard work and responsibility will be felt here too. In those cases, this Full Moon can show affirmation of being on the right track. The Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Leo, exact early the same day, can bring some long overdue and well deserved recognition of efforts.

Realistically, everyone is a mixture of great and not so great qualities, and we all have things in our past and in our behavior that we are proud of and ashamed of equally. We all need to grow up in some areas of our lives. This Full Moon in Capricorn will highlight the parts of ourselves that still need to mature. It will also highlight the ways in which we have personal authority that deserve respect and recognition. Pay attention to the messages sent out during this Full Moon (overt messages are more likely than subliminal ones) that will let you know how you currently stand.

A need to re-prioritize goals will be strong for many. This is really quite a good time to initiate the change, even if you know it will be a slow going one. The changes in our goals will likely be tied into the ways Saturn (as ruler of Capricorn) retrograde in Scorpio is playing out for you. With Mars, Pluto and the North Node aspecting the Full Moon, the support is there to grab the wheel and steer life in another direction. Happening as it is on the same day as the lovely and lucky Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Leo, change can be a lot less painful now than at other times. Not that it will be easy per se -this is a Moon that will be stressing over every possible “what if?”- but there are definitely opportunities to seize or seek out, and parlay them into something that will pay off later.

The strong aspects coupled with the other astrological activity at the beginning of July will make this Full Moon in Capricorn one of those Moons that affects sleep patterns. It is also definitely going to be manifesting itself in dreams, occurring as it is at nightfall. Dreams will be vivid and may contain snippets of information or clues related to shifts in ambitions.

Saturn Has Returned to Scorpio: Staring Reality & Mortality Down

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“saturn scorpio 2015 am I going to die?”

A small sampling of some of the search terms that have shown up on my stats page the past week or so. Even more painful ones were left out. Consider that, for the most part, the majority of search engine terms are encrypted and invisible to me. Many people’s inner and outer lives have been changing gears in preparation for the return of Saturn retrograde reentering Scorpio for the final time (until approximately 28 years from now, anyway), and here we are. Saturn rules, among other things: reality, finite chronological time, aging, heavy burdens, responsibility, depression and fears. It is associated with physical death as a reality of life. Scorpio is intimately associated with death in the metaphysical sense, with the deepest life altering changes, with final endings but also with rebuilding from scorched ground. It is an extremist sign in everything it does, abhorring half-measures. Wherever Scorpio goes, it will take you all the way.

Hence, the recent sudden nervousness about any and all health related matters. The very beginning of a major Saturn or Pluto (Scorpio ruling planet) transit, whether it be a transit to a persons natal chart or a mundane transit that affects people in a broader sense (Saturn returning to Scorpio this summer, for example) is always a difficult time;  it is the shape of things to come in an undiluted form. It is a slap in the face more often than not. It is not the whole story, though; the rest of the transit tends to unfold in many different and unexpected ways. With Saturn retrograding on the turbocharged final (anaretic) degree of Scorpio officially as of Sunday, June 14, we see clearer the soul deep life lessons and responsibilities that will be asked of us. The future, however, is still unwritten.

Not everyone will experience Saturn retrograde in Scorpio the same, so there is no reason to think health will be an issue for everyone, or even most, people. For those who have been experiencing recent health issues, it is a possibility that these things will play an integral part of the Saturn Rx in Scorpio experience this summer. The hardest but most necessary requirement here is to maintain perspective about it. Generally, there is more fear and anxiety about health and death matters than is really warranted. People do not die any more during one particular transit than any other. The impact of death can be experienced as substantially more powerful during these times. People can and do develop certain illnesses during particular transits, and yes for some it will be Saturn Rx in Scorpio. Perceptions surrounding health matters tends to be heavily skewed towards the negative, though. Even if it seems quite bad it usually isn’t hopeless.

Strange as it may seem, whatever you are dealing with at this beginning of Saturn Rx in Scorpio isn’t the major storyline. The things experienced now are only catalysts serving to propel the true narrative. Even if you find you are faced now with health and/or mortality issues for yourself or someone you know, you will eventually see it take a secondary role to something much bigger. And it won’t be whatever it is that you’re thinking of.

Coincidentally, I share an experience with one of the anonymous seekers who came across my site. I also found a small lump (in my thigh) right around the time Mercury entered Gemini. Mine was and is painless, though. I expected it to go away and when it didn’t, I asked for advice from someone I know who is a medical professional. By that time, Mercury had gone retrograde, and I took their wait-and-see advice which I shouldn’t have done. Oh well. I am getting it looked at this week. I don’t expect a quick or easy answer. I do expect it to play some pivotal role in my own Saturn in Scorpio story this summer. I’m really and truly not worried about it. I’ll either live or I’ll die; it can only go two ways, right? (Dark humor, people. It’ll help.) Seriously, what I’m actually anticipating are the lessons that are being set out for me. I’ve been through this before, during the first go around with Saturn in Scorpio a few years back. Pluto started squaring my Moon right around the time my Scorpionic solar return had begun. My mom suffered a nearly fatal acute liver failure brought on by regular use of acetaminophen for joint pain, as recommended by her doctors. (I’ve since learned how truly toxic acetaminophen is, and am horrified anytime I see someone take it without thought.) I watched a parent very nearly die right in front of my eyes. She survived, but the subsequent recovery, change in family dynamics, and revelations of family secrets took a toll on me physically and mentally. Those things were the real story; the near death experience was simply the trigger opening up a deep chasm in our lives. At one point I was sure it would be actually be me who wouldn’t survive.

I did survive, obviously. My mom is still here too. Smiles and sense of humors intact. The liver is a Plutonic organ, able to completely regenerate itself. (At one point I was asked if I was willing to be a living donor to my mom; they would’ve taken 90% of my liver out and it would have grown back completely within a week!) That’s really the more crucial Scorpio function anyway: regeneration and transformation. I have seen it up close (and many, many more times than this one example.) I have faith in its process. I would hope others have faith in the process as well.

Real Time Astrology: New Moon in Gemini June 16, 2015

The prismatic New Moon at 25 degrees Gemini occurs Tuesday, June 16 at 9:05 A.M. Central Standard Time. It will be in a tight conjunction to Mars in Gemini as well as sextile Uranus in Aries and square Chiron in Pisces. This is the first New Moon since the recent weirdness of Mercury turning direct in Gemini and, more notably, Saturn retrograde re-entering Scorpio for the final time for the remainder of the summer of 2015.  [Read more…]

It Might Get Weird: Mercury direct, Neptune retrograde & Saturn re-enters Scorpio

Even if nothing looks different over the next week and a half or so, things will most definitely feel different as the cosmos shifts gears. The psychosphere will respond accordingly, of course. Prepare for some temporary quirky and jerky “speeding down and slowing up” effects as Mercury finally leaves its retrograde period and stations direct at 4 degrees Gemini on Thursday, June 11 @ 5:33 P.M. CST, only to be followed by Neptune’s retrograde at 9 degrees Pisces just a few hours later, on Friday June 12 @ 4:08 P.M. Just two days after that Saturn, already retrograde (working its way backwards through a sign), will leave Sagittarius and re-enter Scorpio for the remainder of the summer.

Mercury moving forward, Neptune moving backward (from our Earthly vantage point, anyway) and Saturn changing signs, all in the span of a few days… it will be a little dizzying. People will feel this, on mental, emotional and physical levels. The more sensitive folk are likely already getting a taste, particularly the Pisces and Neptune type personalities. Neptune is already stationing retrograde in the sign it rules, Pisces, at the time of this posting, infusing the psychosphere with its peculiar mix of spiritual longing, confusion, fantasy and painful disillusionment. The desire for escapism, the need to leave the dull soul-killing mundane world behind, cravings for something otherworldly… all are considerably heightened during a Neptune stationing period. A sense of world weariness begins to seep in, and we may not feel up to the task of handling everyday life. People often sleep and dream more during a Neptune station and feel more fatigued than usual. Some passive negligence of our bodies is common too; sleeping and eating too much, watching too much TV or spending too much time on the internet, neglecting hygiene and appearance. In small amounts this is harmless of course, but the need for escapism coupled with careless negligence can lead certain personalities into more destructive territory. Those with drug or alcohol abuse problems tend to not show as much restraint during Neptune stations. Even people not ordinarily inclined can develop unhealthy cravings. Avoiding triggering situations where you know you won’t have as much self control as usual is a good idea for the next week or so.

That’s not the common manifestation, though. Mostly people feel the Neptune stationing retrograde period as general and vague fatigue. This will linger a little longer than usual and actually intensify as Saturn returns to Scorpio on Sunday. Saturn in Scorpio = restricted energy. Not just physical energy, but our vital life energy that we invest in the world around us. Everyone will experience this transit differently, and not everyone will find it as dark and difficult as it seemed the first time round, but once Saturn takes that plunge back into Scorpio waters most everyone will become aware that they have pressing matters at hand that need resolution. Regardless of the scope of the situation, we will feel our energy and efforts need to be channeled and not wasted. The fuzzy withdrawal effect of the Neptune in Pisces retrograde station will morph into a somewhat strict buckling down. Saturn retrograde in Scorpio ain’t playing around this summer. Take the hints it drops here.

Somewhere in the soupy mix there will be hints dropped. Our bodies may feel worn down but intuition will be peaking. Neptune stationing retrograde in its own sign Pisces enhances its inherent ability to dissolve the gossamer-thin boundaries between us and the divine. If something seems like a sign now, really speaks to you, it probably is a sign. Deciphering the meanings may require discernment but messages will get clearer on the return of Saturn retrograde in Scorpio.

Aiding our efforts will be Mercury stationing direct in Gemini, its natural home, after a particularly grating retrograde. Acting as a strong counterpoint to the sluggishness of Neptune and Saturn, Mercury will be excited to be back in the game and back up to speed. Making seemingly trivial, unrelated things make perfect sense is a Gemini specialty. Mercury direct in Gemini will be busy piecing together all the sly hints, nudges and winks from the universe, all the strange hunches and tingling spidey senses. In direct contrast to the Neptune stationing retrograde in Pisces, Mercury direct in Gemini will have minds and mouths moving fast and sharp. It won’t be unusual for people to alternate between chattiness and silence, piqued curiosity and sudden disinterest, or running hot one minute and cold the next for the next week and a half or so. Many different areas of life will be competing for attention and people will be a bit too out of synch to handle it all smoothly.

Again, while some strangeness should be expected as we turn this new corner, it will be short lived. Things will begin to even out during and after the  New Moon in Gemini on Tuesday, June 16 (read about it here!) which will help to give a clearer view of the summer to come. That tide rolls in June 21, the summer equinox, with the entry of the Sun into Cancer.

Big Love: Venus in Leo (including Venus retrograde) June 5-October 8, 2015

The rising summer temperatures parallel the sexy warmth filling our hearts as the planet of love, relationship, beauty, values and money Venus has arrived in the sign of Leo, the sign of big personalities, bigger hair, over-the-top drama and childlike playfulness. Venus in Leo will be with us for an extended period of time, from June 5 to October 8, thanks in part to a retrograde period from July 25 through September 6. Grand times are to be had, for sure. Amidst all the fun and games and theatrics Venus in Leo will also be rolling up its sleeves and reshaping our perspectives on love, money and values, bringing out our hearts truest, most honest expression.


Venus in Leo will bring us some of our highest highs this summer and yet also cause some of the sharpest pains, both brought about by the intense aspects outlined here. Venus in Leo doesn’t do half measures. It’s go big or go home time. Our first showy aspect occurs around July 1, as Venus conjuncts Jupiter in Leo. Two benefic planets working together in Leo is a party if there ever was one. If nothing else, a great mood and alleviated stress levels can be enjoyed. However, if you take advantage of this energy you can turn this into something long lasting and tangible. Look for money opportunities. Chat up potential bosses or business partners. Go to the bars and hangouts you’re usually too timid to visit and talk to someone cute. Bold moves and attention seeking will be less annoying and more attractive during this period, so don’t be afraid of putting on a display. Artists of all stripes can fall in love with creativity again.


The good feeling rolls on a little longer with a sextile between Mercury in Gemini and Venus in Leo around July 14. Motormouth alert! The good times do not roll on forever, though. Saturn will be retrograde as well (as of June 14) and deep in Scorpio waters; this will be the other, more intense energy dominating the summer (read here). Saturn in Scorpio will make two exact squares to Venus in Leo: the first around July 14 with Saturn retrograde and Venus direct, and the second around August 5 with Venus retrograde and Saturn direct. Saturn in Scorpio will be exhuming our pathology, especially in areas concerning abuse or power plays involving love, money, sex, trust, marriage and divorce, and soul connections. This will be true for the entire final transit of Saturn in Scorpio, but will be most obvious and unavoidable during the squares to Venus.


Careless love, “me first!” love, jumping in and out of love, obsessing over old lovers or the lovers you want but can’t have, cold cold loneliness from sheer lack of love… all these and more will reach a boiling point around the time of the squares between Venus in Leo and Saturn in Scorpio. Sparks will fly as the inherent vital forcefulness of Leo clashes with transformative, sometimes destructive Scorpio. Any karma still lingering in love matters that wasn’t worked through during the initial transit of Saturn in Scorpio will rise to the surface, one last opportunity to establish mutually healthy relationship practices and burn off the unhealthy ingrained behavior patterns, or be stuck with them for a rather long time. All of us have been guilty of using, abusing, taking advantage of or taking for granted a loved one or more.It would be to your advantage to own this rather than deny it. Reexperiencing this guilt will be heavy but is necessary to remind us of how much it hurts us to allow ourselves to hurt others or be hurt by others. Experience is the best teacher, and Saturn in Scorpio will be using the squares to Venus in Leo to drive home the lesson that love should never hurt.


Venus retrograde has a different story to tell. Venus retrograde periods are slightly less frequent than the retrograde periods of other planets; Venus only turns retrograde every year and a half or so for around forty days and nights. Venus will leave Leo temporarily for Virgo on July 18, and will station retrograde at 0 Virgo on July 25. Venus retrograde will re-enter Leo on July 31, turning direct at 14 degrees Leo on September 6. Venus will remain direct in Leo until October 8, when it re-enters and remains in Virgo. Retrograde periods are always a time of somewhat delayed progress in matters specific to the retrograde planet, a time of reviewing and rehashing. The deeper internal processes of the planets actions are emphasized more than the external works are. The Venus retrograde, working against the backdrop of Saturn retrograde in Scorpio, will serve to show us the values that are integral to us individually but that are incredibly out of synch with the values held by our societies. Even if our personal values systems aligns with mainstream values 98% of the time, the remaining 2% will be realized as a rather large chasm. It will be important to honor your values during this retrograde period. Stick to your guns. Do not let other diminish what you feel is really important in life. The square with Venus Rx and Saturn direct in August will be particularly useful in questioning why you are exerting energy into people and situations that do not appreciate you or what you stand for.


Venus retrograde in personality centered Leo will help temper our impulses just a bit, keeping our emotions a bit more self contained and introspective. Egos will need to undergo some fine tuning: neither overblown nor repressed and forced into submission. Out of the ashes of the Venus-Saturn squares, sophisticated philosophies can be developed regarding who and how we love, who and how we attract, how fairly we give and receive love. All of this sounds like a lot of dreary painful hard work and it is. It will pay off, though, and sooner than it might feel. Not long after the second of the Venus-Saturn squares is over we will experience a lovely trine between Venus in Leo and Uranus in Aries, breathing new life into us and shaking up the scene in fresh and exciting ways. Our recent life experiences can be infused with meaning that will become a major source of genuine pride as we move into a conjunction between Venus and Mars- planet of drive, physical energy, and sex- at 14 degrees Leo around September 1. This is the second Venus-Mars conjunction in a fire sign this year! The first was in Aries on February 21 and seen the masculine and feminine joining forces, fighting alongside each other instead of against each other, playing on the same team. This second Venus-Mars conjunction will see the masculine and feminine joining hands and hearts, proud to be in each others company and each wanting the other to see their share of the spotlight.


Not every relationship will survive this summer. The ones that do make it can gain from the Venus-Mars conjunction in Leo the sexy confidence that comes from being secure, from being a part of something built to last. The people who were left single by the rougher transits, or who were already single, should have confidence from the clearer understanding in knowing who they are and what they have to offer. This is another opportunity to put your hot self on display!


Things really smooth out once Venus turns direct September 14, followed by Saturn leaving Scorpio for good and re-entering Sagittarius on September 18. Venus direct in Leo will again trine Uranus in Aries around September 22, bringing insights into the way forward as yet another cycle ends and a new one begins.


The houses of your natal charts that these aspect take place in is where you will experience the bulk of the action. Here’s the dates and times to know. The influence of these aspects can be felt for a few days before and after the day they are “exact”, which is when the influence peaks. Times given are Central Standard Time.


– Friday June 5 Venus first enters Leo at 10:33 A.M

– Wednesday July 1 Venus conjuncts Jupiter at 21 degrees Leo, exact at 2:51 A.M.

– Sunday July 5 Mercury at 24 Gemini sextiles Venus at 24 Leo, exact at 3:19 A.M.

– Tuesday July 14 Venus direct at 28 Leo squares Saturn retrograde at 28 Scorpio, exact at 1:48 A.M.

– Saturday July 18 Venus enters Virgo at 5:38 A.M.

– Saturday July 25 Venus stations retrograde, still at 0 degrees Virgo, at 4:29 A.M.

– Friday July 31 Venus retrograde re-enters Leo at 10:27 A.M.

– Sunday August 2 Saturn stations direct in Scorpio

– Tuesday August 4 Venus retrograde conjuncts Jupiter at 28 degrees Leo, exact at 4:47 P.M.

– Wednesday August 5 Venus Rx at 28 Leo squares Saturn direct at 28 Scorpio, exact at 10:08 A.M.

– Thursday August 6 Mercury conjuncts Venus Rx at 28 Leo, exact at 9:25 A.M.

– Friday August 14 New Moon at 21 degrees Leo conjuncts Venus Rx in Leo

– Saturday August 15 Sun conjuncts Venus Rx at 22 Leo, exact at 2:22 P.M.

– Wednesday August 19 Venus Rx at 20 Leo trines Uranus at 20 Aries, exact at 11:44 A.M.

– Tuesday September 1 Venus Rx conjuncts Mars at 14 degrees Leo, exact at 3:29 A.M.

– Sunday September 6 Venus stations direct at 14 degrees Leo

– Monday September 14 Mercury at 15 Libra sextiles Venus direct at 15 Leo, exact at 11:43 A.M.

– Tuesday September 22 Venus direct at 19 Leo trines Uranus at 19 Aries, exact at 11:00 P.M.

– Thursday October 8 Venus leaves Leo for good and enters Virgo at 12:29 P.M.