Real Time Astrology: September 2015

The relative quiet of August ends quite markedly and we find a frantic pace in September as we visibly turn major corners in our personal and collective lives. Almost every day in September brings something different to watch out for, both opportunities and pitfalls and weird mixes of both.  [Read more…]

Mercury Retrograde in Libra September 17 – October 9, 2015

The brief logistical nightmare known as the Mercury retrograde is happening again, for the last time this year. This is the third Mercury retrograde of the year and falls in an air sign just as the previous two did (the first occurred in Aquarius; the second in Gemini). This Mercury retrograde falls in Libra, the Venus-ruled sign of justice, balance, harmony, decorum and relating. [Read more…]

Real Time Astrology: Full Moon / Supermoon in Pisces August 29, 2015

As complex, elastic and delicate as the finest gossamer and just as deceptively strong, the Full Moon at 6 degrees Pisces takes place on Saturday, August 29 at 1:35 P.M. Central Standard Time. This is also a Supermoon (see tag for Supermoon archives), meaning this Full Moon occurs at lunar perigee, or at the point closest to Earth. Very bright, illuminating Full Moon/Supermoon this will be, in more ways than one. The Pisces Full Moon will be aspecting the planets currently dominating the psychosphere; the Full Moon [Read more…]

Jupiter in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces September 2015: Faith In Something Bigger

Amazing grace. Delusions of grandeur. Dreaming the impossible dream. Mirages sparkling seductive in the desert, unobtainable. Invincible souls and susceptible bodies. Boom or bust, or maybe both. The opposition between Jupiter in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces at 7 degrees of each sign this September (exact on Thursday, September 17 at 1:54 A.M. CST but will be in effect September 12-21) is larger than life and yet shifty, hard to pin down or define. The possibilities are endless, for better and worse. It is one to watch for, though; make no mistake. Like a siren it has been calling to me lately, growing stronger as it approaches. Yet, trying to write a thorough work up has been a challenge. How to write about something that is a very big deal (Jupiter) that is also just slightly out of reach (Neptune)?

A good place to start is August-October 1849. That was the last time Jupiter was in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces. That period offered up a few nuggets of gold we can glean some meaning from. It was a time quite literally awash in gold nuggets galore. The Gold Rush had begun the year before and hit its peak in 1849; California transformed from mostly rural, podunk towns into a booming gold hub in a very small time frame. Jupiterian excess and growth. It was a land of opportunity (Jupiter) for anyone willing to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty (Virgo). The rapidly expanding population came from every corner of the globe (Jupiter), making California into the melting pot (Neptune in Pisces) that it still is.The reason California still carries these signature characteristics to this day is the drawing up of the California constitution on September 1, 1849, with a tight orb between Jupiter at 4 degrees Virgo and Neptune at 3 degrees Pisces. Fittingly, the state motto was “Eureka!”, translated from the Greek word for “I have found it!”. (The word itself has an interesting “full circle” Neptune in Pisces-esque connection to water; read here.)

As unprecedented material fortune -both personal and global- was being cemented on the West Coast (only to crash in the following years), a different side of Jupiter in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces was playing out in the East. Harriet Tubman’s brave first escape from slavery took place on September 17, 1849, famously guided in the night by God’s voice and the North Star.  While the idea no doubt was with her for a long time, the Jupiter-Neptune opposition (with Jupiter at 7 degrees Virgo, same degree as the opposition this September) brought a little luck necessary to make it happen (as much as you could define “luck” for a slave woman in that era, anyway.) A change in owners created some confusion (Neptune) that allowed Tubman to slip away into the night unnoticed (Neptune again). Although she returned a couple weeks later, the seeds had already been sown in her soul, and she continued to work (Virgo) to provide the same opportunity (Jupiter) to others in need of rescue (Neptune in Pisces.)

William Ernest Henley was born during this time as well, on August 23, 1849,and as such carried the inherent grasp of the big picture bestowed by Jupiter opposing Neptune with him his entire life, best expressed in his famous poem Invictus (derived from the Latin word for “unconquerable”). (He also had Sun and Mercury in Virgo as well as a Scorpio Moon.) His lifelong poor health was also an expression of Jupiter in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces; the last lines of Invictus, “I am the master of my fate; I am the captain  of my soul“, are betrayingly optimistic, as Hensley wrote them while recovering from major leg surgery (his other leg had already been amputated).

From this small sampling of the last time Jupiter in Virgo opposed Neptune in Pisces, we can guess at the shapes it might take for us this September. I’ve written previously about some of the subjects we will be faced with during Jupiter’s transit of Virgo. In September, however, Jupiter in Virgo must meet Neptune in Pisces halfway, which Jupiter doesn’t often like to do. An opposition  at its best is a balancing act; both sides contributing in equal amounts. Often, however, the pendulum will swing too far to one side of the opposition before swinging too far the other way. Acting out one side of the opposition while projecting the other is a common problem.

Jupiter does it stuff up big time, and so in opposition to nebulous, ethereal Neptune in Pisces we’re talking big faith, big ideas about God and spirituality, huge outpourings of helping hands, love and empathy. A wedding of sound principles and compassion. Not striking the right balance means we’ll also be talking about big time victimization, overdoses, outpourings of grief and sorrow.  Bending ethics and laws. There’s going to be sob stories of the too-good-to be true variety here. Social causes will move to the forefront while simultaneously being distorted. (Yes, that’s often the case already, but more so with the opposition.) Be careful of surrendering your beliefs to whatever seems more urgent or dazzling. Stick to the truth.

Truth will come through our intuition far stronger than our logic. In fact, I would strongly advise against investing too much stock into “truths” that pop up around this time unless you know deep in your gut it is the real deal. On Thursday, September 17, the day the Jupiter-Neptune opposition is exact, Saturn finally leaves Scorpio and enters Sagittarius. That’s another story in itself, but we automatically enter the Saturn in Sagittarius square to Neptune in Pisces era as well (here). On the very same day Mercury stations retrograde in Libra. Strange week; very strange day. Believe none of what you hear and only some of what you see. The wish to believe something is true might be stronger than the facts, and the facts probably won’t be well understood until after this stuff has passed. If it smells like a lie or tall tale, it probably is.

However, you might be able to hear the divine whispering words of wisdom in your ear. True knowledge will come from a higher source than the cacophony of talking heads we’re accustomed to listening to. Dreams are a ripe source of such knowledge. It would be a good idea to keep a dream journal during this period. In fact, it is probably a good time to keep a journal throughout the day, even if it isn’t something you normally do. Writing this stuff down as it comes to you can be very revelatory, as our minds and intuitions will be acting as conduits.

I have a real concern here regarding health matters. Neptune in Pisces tends to weaken the physical constitution and can get sloppy with sanitation; Jupiter in Virgo really exaggerates this. It is hard to say if this will play out stronger in individuals charts or on a broader scale, but there is potential for big outbreaks here, so take extra precautions regarding hygiene, environmental safety and the like. Respiratory infection – fluids in the lungs is a Neptune/Pisces thing- might be a particular concern. (I noticed too that the patent for the first gas mask with a breathing apparatus resembling the gas masks we now know was filed during Jupiter in Virgo/Neptune in Pisces, though no longer in opposition at the time the patent was filed.)

Another concern is safety around bodies of water.  Rain and storms can take on a life of their own, so pay attention to weather warnings if any are issued and avoid being around water if possible.

Short Snappy Superficial Astrology for Leo & Virgo Season

There is currently an emphasis on the signs of Leo and Virgo, an emphasis that will be sustained for the rest of the month and all of September. At the time of this post, the Sun, Venus, and Mars are in Leo with Mercury and Jupiter in Virgo. Jupiter will remain in Virgo for the next 12 months. The Sun will enter Virgo on Sunday, August 23. Mercury leaves Virgo and enters Libra on Thursday, August 27. Mars will stay in Leo for a while, entering Virgo on Thursday, September 24. Venus will remain in Leo until Thursday, October 8, with its retrograde period ending Sunday, September 6.


Putting the bigger picture of these influences on hold for a second and looking at it on a small, day to day scale, the Leo/Virgo influence is creating some focus on looking and feeling prettier and healthier. I’m sure many of you have noticed the sudden urge to get organized, clean our acts up, whether in yourself or others. Leo finds it important to keep up appearance and put our best foot forward. Yeah, its somewhat superficial, but our appearance is the first thing people notice about us and is part of how we are remembered. Leo wants us to look like we take pride in ourselves. Virgo wants us to look like we care about the details and don’t look like a sloppy mess. It is the sign most closely associated with health, and during this intertwining of Leo and Virgo vibes we see how improving our health and organizing our personal spaces reflects in our outer appearance, and vice versa.


Looks and health have been popping up in the conversations around me, so I thought I’d make a short snappy little list of random astro factoids on the two subjects, as well as some observations about the natal chart and the appearance. It is hardly a comprehensive list; I’m just jotting down stuff off the top of my head that might be useful or interesting right now so I’m sure I’ll add to it later…


  • The best time to start a diet regimen is when the Moon is in Virgo, especially if it is in the 3rd or 4th quarter Moon phase (the time between the Full Moon and the New Moon.) Virgo prefers to remove things rather than add them to improve health.
  • The best time to begin an exercise regimen is when the Moon is in Aries or Sagittarius
  • The worst times to begin diet and exercise regimens is when the Moon is in Taurus or Cancer. Comforts are highlighted by these Moons.
  • Transiting Jupiter aspecting your natal ascendant/rising, Moon, Venus or natal Jupiter makes you more prone to weight gain.
  • Leo season makes hair shed more than usual.
  •  If you want your hair to grow thicker, longer or faster, cut it during the 1st and 2nd quarters (the time between the New Moon and the Full Moon) and in the signs of Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Libra, and Pisces.
  • If you want your hair to grow slower or thin out a bit, cut it during the 3rd and 4th quarters and in the signs of Aries, Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn, and Aquarius.
  •  Avoid hair chemicals if the Sun, Moon, Mars, or Venus are badly aspected, especially if Saturn is involved.
  • Avoid haircuts, buying clothes, or changing your appearance if Chiron is active in your chart that day. It never goes too well with Chiron.
  • Transiting Venus aspecting your natal ascendant is the best time to change or improve your appearance, especially when Venus crosses over (conjuncts) your ascendant.
  • Very drastic, shocking physical transformations are more often a result of Scorpio or Pluto. This is most noticeable during the year you have Scorpio on the ascendant of the solar return.
  • Virgo, Scorpio and Capricorn are more likely than the other signs to cause health problems when on the ascendant of a solar return. Taurus and Leo on the SR ascendant usually indicates good health, or at least some kind of improvement.
  •  Saturn aspecting the ascendant in the natal chart usually makes a person look older when they are young, and younger than their age as they get older.
  • Neptune aspecting the ascendant is more prone than most for dark under eye circles.
  • Scorpio types often have an Eddie Munster/”widow’s peak” hairline at their forehead. Scorpio and/or Pluto aspecting the ascendant gives the look of shadowy or “hooded” eyes.
  •  When trying to get an accurate health diagnosis, avoid the Moon in the mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. Also avoid Moon Void-Of-Course (Moon VOC) in any sign.
  • Avoid surgery or dental work (if possible, of course!) when the Moon is Full or in Aries.
  • Venus aspecting Jupiter is equally as good for finding bargains as it is for going broke on splurges.
  • The best time to look for fashion bargains is when the Moon is in Sagittarius.
  •  Venus aspecting Neptune or a Pisces Moon makes personal photographs turn out softer and prettier.


I’ll keep updating this post (unless I just make another.) Also, you people with personal planets in Leo have funny ways of sneezing. Haven’t figured that one out yet…


Real Time Astrology: New Moon in Leo August 14, 2015

An injection of romance, passion and simple fun comes with this New Moon at 21 degrees Leo early on Friday, August 14 at 9:53 A.M. Central Standard Time. The cycle of intense- sometimes too intense!- Moons is temporarily interrupted, and finding something to smile about gets a little easier, if only for a while. We’ve been learning these past few years about how fast the astrological weather can change and throw us for a loop; it will continue to do so, so milk this New Moon in Leo for all the good times you can! [Read more…]

Real Time Astrology: August 2015

Relatively speaking, August is a fairly benign month in contrast to the first half of the year and the final three months of 2015. I’ll just say it now, I do not like how September and October look. No one likes reading that we’re still in for some astrological intensity, and I don’t especially like writing it either, but that is the way it is for the rest of this year and for the next two years, actually. Growing pains. While not everything is peaches and cream this month, it does offer up many bright spots to be used to our advantage, and to restore and rejuvenate our beleaguered spirits.

First things first, Saturn turned direct in Scorpio on Sunday, August 2. It was not a comfortable feeling, but more and more we will be able to accurately take stock of where we currently stand, and of any gains or losses we may not have previously understood the scope of. Even if the news isn’t good, or as good as what we hoped for, clarity is always a beneficial thing to have.

Jupiter in late Leo moves into a sweet, sweet conjunction to Venus retrograde in Leo and both benefic bodies harshly square Saturn in Scorpio exact from August 3-5, though the orb will continue for some time after. This is quite a big deal; very weird and conflicting, with lots of potential yet with varying outcomes. A Jupiter-Venus conjunction is as sweet an astrological aspect as there is, more so this one in sunny, fun Leo. And yet, both Venus and Jupiter in square aspect to Saturn is austere, cold. People will feel good and want to live it up or celebrate in some way, yet Saturn in Scorpio will challenge us to keep it in check, to not let our fun and games get too much in the way of the hard work necessary now. Jupiter-Saturn is famous for not knowing where to push full steam ahead and where to cut back. Venus-Saturn is famous for creating financial upsets and losses, as well as cooling personal relationships. I wrote previously that I think on an individual level self-confidence will be an issue the first week of August. I also think keeping a close eye both on your personal finances and the global markets is a good idea. Overconfidence in such issues may abound as much as lack of confidence. Not the time for risks or gambles, though it will certainly be appealing! Money matters will be glitchy, yet are only hints of bigger shockwaves to come once August is over. I think we will be looking back at this Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Leo square Saturn in Scorpio for some time. It is rather complicated.

Still, its Leo season, and even the most curmudgeonly of us can find something to smile at.  In addition to the lovely Venus-Jupiter conjunction, Mars enters Leo on Saturday, August 8 at 6:32 P.M. CST. Mars was very stressed and crabby in Cancer in July. It is much happier when in fire signs, and will bring some needed rock and roll pizzazz. Venus retrograde in Leo makes a buzzing, dazzling trine to Uranus in Aries at 20 degrees on Wednesday, August 19, exact at 11:44 A.M. Expect random spontaneity of the good kind with this. Look especially for sudden money opportunities (probably small, OK?) and for opportunities to flirt. Feel free to hit on strangers if the fancy takes you. Also joining the party is the New Moon at 21 degrees Leo on Friday, August 14 (covered in depth here.), followed by a buoyant Sun-Jupiter conjunction at 22 degrees the next day. Even though Jupiter leaves Leo for Virgo on Tuesday, August 11 (read about it here) there is still enough Leo to go around. Fun, shiny, child like and a little silly, the Leo energy this first half of August will bring badly needed humor and remind us that there are still some good times to be had even when the going gets rough. And that’s when we need humor and fun the most. While confidence can be rocky the first week of August, we can find stronger self assurance and confidence boosters mid month.

Mercury will leave Leo and enter Virgo  on Friday, August 7 at 2:15 P.M. Central Standard Time. This shouldn’t dampen the party, though. Mercury has essential dignity in Virgo, the sign it rules. While it has a tendency to be a little nervous and high strung, Mercury in Virgo brings crisp efficiency to communication and thought processes. Mercury will only be in Virgo a short time, entering Libra on Thursday, August 27 at 10:44 A.M., so make the most of Mercury in Virgo while you can. Get your paperwork in order. Send the emails and make the phone calls you’ve been putting off until a better time. Mercury in Virgo is thoroughly analytical, and words and thoughts are better able to accomplish their goals with this influence. Mercury will conjunct Jupiter exact the day Mercury enters Virgo, blending big ideas with the smaller details necessary to pull it off. Mercury moves into an exact opposition to Neptune in Pisces at 8 degrees on Thursday, August 13. For a few days before and after communication go from smooth to very tricky and unclear. The Mercury in Virgo-Neptune in Pisces opposition will also heighten the nervous, anxious side of this Mercury placement. Conversations will not only be foggy but also agitated and nitpicking.

That should straighten out by the time Mercury trines Pluto in Capricorn on Saturday, August 15 at 2:55 P.M. This is a fantastic time to talk about serious matters without dropping too deep or getting too heavy. Whatever is stressing and worrying you can be aired and find useful feedback. Mercury in Virgo opposes Chiron in Pisces at 20 degrees on Thursday, August 20, exact at 4:44 A.M. CST. This time period may very well find the soulful sore spots that Mercury trine Pluto handled with care. Conversations and private inner dialogue alternates between sad and soothing. Mercury in Virgo opposing Chiron in Pisces will noticeably affect health and overall constitution, making people more prone to stress and immune related problems. Be gentle with yourself here! On Wednesday, August 26 Mercury in Virgo makes a nice sextile to Saturn in Scorpio at 28 degrees, exact at 11:07 A.M. I like this. Opportune time to assimilate the last minute Saturn in Scorpio themes, finding those final missing puzzle pieces needed to wrap up Saturn in Scorpio. The tension at the beginning of the month from Saturn stationing direct in Scorpio loses its grip with the sextile to Mercury. Easier to dissect and discuss and plan.

The Sun leaves Leo and enters Virgo on Sunday, August 23 at 5:37 A.M. CST, joining Mercury and Jupiter in the sign. Great time to fix up your home or business affairs, and get your health, diet and body in better shape. Tie up as many loose ends as possible. The turbulence we’re in for again in September will offer less time and energy to get our acts together in our day to day lives. The month ends with an odd, eery Full Moon/Supermoon at 6 Pisces on Saturday, August 29 at 1:35 P.M. CST (covered here.) This Pisces Full Moon marks a shift into the choppy astrological happenings for the rest of the year. As much as you can in August, enjoy some sunlight, get outdoors, mingle and find laughter where you can.

UPDATE: I had quite a few people asking me today about breakups and divorces in their personal circles, and noticed that it coincided with several big-name celebrity (Leo theme) couples (so far: Miranda Lambert & Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale, Reba McEntire & Narvel Black stock, who were married for 26 years, the Nicki Minaj thing…) also calling it quits on their relationships. Even the search terms in my Stats included words like “divorce”, “marriage ending”,  etc. I did tell y’all way back in this article that not every relationship would survive this Venus retrograde period squaring Saturn in Scorpio, and that breakdowns, if there were to be any, would be happening about now. Saturn in Scorpio turning direct is getting the ball rolling, for better or worse. Only strong, healthy love can survive these transits!