Real Time Astrology: October 2015

October gets off to a rather gnarly start, but unlike September the situation will not last. It is still a spicy month, for sure, but there are some truly lovely and beneficial aspects shaping up that the savvy and keen amongst you would be wise to take full advantage of.

First things first, we’re all a bit whiplashed [Read more…]

Real Time Astrology: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse / Supermoon / Blood Moon in Aries September 27, 2015

The utterly epic punk rock Full Moon lunar eclipse/Supermoon/Blood Moon at 4 degrees Aries sets the world on fire Sunday, September 27 at 9:50 P.M. Central Standard Time. This is a huge event,  strongly impacting our lives and the shape of things to come in the near future. It will oppose Mercury Rx at 9 degrees Libra; inconjunct/quincunx Mars (ruler of Aries) at 1 degree of Virgo; conjunct the South Node at 0 degrees Aries,  trine Saturn newly in Sagittarius and square Pluto at 12 Capricorn, which will have ended its retrograde just two days previous. It is a total lunar eclipse, the first since 1982 to coincide with a “Supermoon” and we will not see this combination again until 2033. A Supermoon  is a snazzy way of saying lunar perigee, the Moon at its closest point to Earth, making it look huge. It is of course the famous last Moon in the Blood Moon tetrad series (a Blood Moon is simply a moon with a strong red tint, from being hit with sunlight bent by Earth’s atmosphere. A tetrad is a series of four lunar eclipses in two years.)


There is an incredible amount of hype surrounding this Aries Full Moon. It certainly deserves to be hyped up, but not for the reasons most think. This is not a Moon of endings of any sort! The Moon of endings was the Pisces Full Moon/Supermoon, which I wrote at the time would bring closure. That Moon was the omega, not this Aries Full Moon which is super alpha. No, no endings here, folks. Only new beginnings. It is sad to me in a way that the focus on this Moon is so negative when, in fact, this is one of the biggest portals into a brave new world we’ll have all year.


Aries is new life, new years; the spring equinox always starts at the entry of the Sun into the first degree of Aries. It is the deceptively delicate flowers punching their way through the frozen ground with vigor, asserting their right to life. It is the awakening of nature from its slumber. This Full Moon/Supermoon Lunar Eclipse in Aries has had it with all the emotional heaviness and loss and blah blah this past year has brought. The baggage will have to wait for another day. It is a new season with nothing to look back to or mourn over. Even if we still wanted to, what good would it do? The Aries Full Moon Lunar Eclipse pushes us into the breaking dawn with considerable force behind us. Aries knows sometimes the only thing we need to get back on track is the simple gumption and temerity to just do it, no excuses! If it sounds big and bold and daring and brave, well it is! If it sounds unrealistic or not applicable in real life, that isn’t true however. Anyone is capable of feats of incredible bravery. Think of a scrawny kid standing up to a huge bully, a victim finally standing up to an abuser, a recent divorceè strapping on the dancing shoes and hitting the town. Is that not brave, courageous? This Aries Full Moon brings out the inner warrior in us, turning a new page with a big helping hand from somewhere beyond.


There is even something anarchic about this Full Moon Eclipse;  at least anarchic as explained thusly by Leon of Solitary Thinkers and comrade to Viva Combusta!:


Anarch. Ἄναρχος in ancient Greek, the mother of most intelligent languages, is an adjectival noun for “God”. It literally means “the one who has no beginning”, no ἀρχή. So ἀρχή means “beginning”, but it also means “authority”, and from this meaning derives the adjective corresponding to the human level, namely the word ἀναρχικός or anarchist, which analogously means “the one who does not accept the authority of lesser entities”. 


(Thank you Leon for that definition so long ago. It was a big impact on me!)


The square to Pluto in Capricorn suggests that we will start this new era not so easily accepting the perceived authority we’ve forced ourselves to adjust to.  As much as we want to wipe the slate clean, we’re still challenged by existing power structures and their seemingly increasing appetites. Reclaiming your personal authority and not allowing others to claim it for themselves is a precious lesson from this Aries Full Moon Eclipse.


Saturn finally entered Sagittarius on Thursday,  September 17, and was welcomed with open arms and confetti. Saturn newly in adventurous Sadge at 0 degrees will make a sweet trine to this Aries Moon, getting us excited for the very real changes happening around us. We are not unrealistic when Saturn is involved, so the extra pep in our step here is warranted.


On a smaller scale, this will be a hell of a fun day if you don’t buy into the undeserved dark hype surrounding this Moon. Aries is a very excitable Moon and I do think most will feel like having a good time. It looks like a party to me! High adrenaline day. Dreams will be off the charts,  cinematic and larger than life.


The house of your natal chart that this Aries Full Moon Lunar Eclipse/Supermoon / Blood Moon in Aries falls in is the house that will be most strongly lit up, so you’ll want to check where this one falls. It is the area of life that you will probably want to make a new start or act independently or assert yourself in. As potent as this Moon is, you will feel the effects for some time.


Time for some rock and roll.


Astrology readings now available, and other stuff…

Saturn enters Sagittarius this Thursday, and good riddance.  I’ll be the first to vouch for the necessity of the brutality of that particular transit, but enough is enough.  I was no more immune to the effects of Saturn in Scorpio than anyone else, particularly since I have this in my natal chart. You thought the past three years was rough?  Some of us have lived life in this mode. I’m actually living on my astrocartography Saturn/Ascendant line, which wasn’t a great idea… Anyway, among the other ways in which Saturn in Scorpio had its way with me was delaying one of the main reasons I started Viva Combusta! to begin with: to offer individual paid astrology readings.

Now, as we are nearly at the beginning of a new Saturn era, I am finally at a place where I can offer my services.  Mercury turns retrograde at 15 degrees Libra this Thursday as well; I can’t say I’m thrilled to be starting a communication based business so close to a Mercury Rx period. I’ve written before that these things are logistical nightmares and that this particular one will likely be more grating than usual. I have Aries, however, so I do whatever I want.  I am also going to assume there is some sort of synchronicity/serendipity in the timing brought on by the nearly exact Jupiter – Neptune opposition that I just can’t see yet. What I can see is that I was able to start my services only once Mercury – planet of mental and verbal functions, communication etc- entered the Via Combusta, that sizzling area of the zodiac between 15 Libra and 15 Scorpio that I obviously named this blog in honor of.  Not just Mercury, but the Moon is in the Via Combusta also as I write this. I certainly didn’t plan it that way,  as I’d hoped to make readings available well in advance of the Mercury retrograde. Methinks some sort of “full circle” thing is going on here…

With all that said, here is the current menu of readings available. As I stated there I am working a full time day job (in the health care field, mainstream at that ughhh) until that point in time when I can make astrology my full-time day job, which I absolutely plan on doing.  So, if you’d prefer a phone consultation to an email please be patient in understanding there may be schedule conflicts to resolve first. I will still make every effort for a phone reading to happen!  As I grow my business and can begin to cut back on my day job hours, the scheduling conflicts should decrease.

I will still continue to write as much as possible on the blog and keep it continually updated. I actually hope to start writing much more. I will always keep all articles on the blog free and accessible. I have been astonished by what I’ve seen in just under a year of writing; at this point,  there are only a tiny handful of countries this site hasn’t been seen in, but of course everyone everywhere shares the same hopes and fears and looks for the meaning behind all of it. Not so long ago you were limited to whom you could turn to; the ever increasing awareness of each other and our commonalities  can only be a good thing in the long run, in my mind. So, I aim to keep this free for those who cannot afford readings and are trying to find the meaning of the times we’re living in through astrology. Everyone who comments here and shares their stories is helping more people than you’ll ever be aware of.

I will continue to invest my energy into the free articles here as much as time allows. If you’d like to give a money offering to assist in this endeavor I’ve set up a subscription/”tip” page where you can do so. The options start at only $3 per month;  as a thoroughly working-class girl (raised even poorer) I understand even that is a lot of money for some. Every cent is appreciated,  as it is less about the dollar amount and more about valuing (Taurus/Scorpio) what I do here and, to an extent,  valuing astrology itself, which is so often devalued. (Heartfelt gratitude to those who have already contributed! !)

It may just turn into a hot mess that ends in tears but it’s here now…

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