Real Time Astrology: December 2015

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Real Time Astrology: Full Moon in Gemini November 25, 2015

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Global Gaslighting As Neptune Stations Direct and Squares Saturn in Sagittarius

What fresh hell is this?” we all thought this past Friday the 13th. Can anyone really say they were truly shocked though? Surprised, sure. Scared, hurt and cut to the soul, definitely. But: shocked? Somewhere in the recesses of our minds we seen it coming. We didn’t know exactly how it would actualize and play out; the details obviously came too late. But we’ve seen this movie before. The actors change but the script more or less stays the same. We’re all more or less actors in our own lives anyway. A lot of people will argue that the writing wasn’t on the wall. These people say these things as a defense mechanism; seeing the world for what it is becoming is too fucking scary. Sanity sometimes depends on blocking out the more sinister parts until the sinister parts can’t be ignored.


No astrologer (that I’m aware of) predicted Friday the 13th. The best you can do is catch a glimpse of the range of possibilities but all of nature acts with autonomy and can actualize the possibilities in myriad ways, or not at all. I knew, we all knew, something was up before the Scorpio New Moon but defining what something was just wasn’t possible. Maybe it needed the extra kick of the South Node moving into Pisces (more on that in a bit) and Mars moving into Libra. The Moon had actually moved to Sagittarius by the time the events unfolded, Sagittarius being the sign of broadcasting and together with winged messenger Mercury in Scorpio the dark news broke. I don’t know the order that the news broke for everyone, but for me I heard about the attacks in France, switched channels and heard about Beirut, switched to another channel and seen the earthquake and tsunami warning in Japan in the space of a few minutes. Went online to sort the flood (Neptune in Pisces) of information out and read about the hurricane in Mexico. Such terror breaking loose on Friday the 13th would’ve been like a bad joke but there was no humor to be found in any of it. There is no satisfactory, cut-and-dried explanation to such events all happening in quick succession on Friday the 13th but if you think it isn’t related somehow to something darkly occult then you don’t know the dark occult period.


Then, of course, there’s the impending first exact square between Saturn and Neptune. Saturn represents out three dimensional, structured, tangible reality; Neptune dissolves any and all foundations and boundaries in its quest to see nothing less than the whole of creation. They do not blend well, obviously. The square between the two really toys with our perceptions of reality in major ways. What we knew as safe and solid no longer exists; what shouldn’t ever happen in theory suddenly happens and becomes the new reality. From my previous two articles about Saturn in Sagittarius and the Saturn-Neptune square, written in 2014:

“Sagittarius knows that just because things have always been bad doesn’t mean it has to continue that way. Sagittarius wants to know better so that it can do better, Saturn helping to bring lofty visions and inspiration into grounded, responsible goals. A fresh breeze will be blowing us into new territory very soon… At its best, the connection of Saturn and Neptune will help us become more aware of the many different levels of reality, and that what we usually consider “reality” is sometimes arbitrary. There will be lessons learned about how the natural and supernatural worlds interact and our roles in them. Saturn in Sagittarius has a strong adherence to certain principles and ideology; Neptune in Pisces will be working to make sure that our principles are open hearted and inclusive, that we are really seeing the big picture… Knowing exactly who and what to believe, though, is going to be incredibly tough…There will be no shortage of people on any given subject who will get up on a soapbox and claim to be fighting for what’s right. With the Neptune square, its advisable to first make sure they really are right before taking any advice to heart. It will be completely possible to believe in something fully as the “right thing” only to find yourself led down the wrong road at a later time. It is always prudent to be skeptical of authority types, but especially more so during the Saturn-Neptune square. In general, people who have true knowledge of a subject do not feel the need to shout it or force it down people’s throats; any so-called gurus or experts who are given the biggest platforms to voice their opinions should be met with the most suspicion.

Our best critical thinking skills will become crucial in discerning the truth out of the official stories we are given. The Saturn-Neptune square is also happening during Pluto’s long transit of Capricorn, and the corruption of those in power will likely (and, unfortunately) get a boost from this transit. If you think politicians are arrogant, out of control and out of touch now, you haven’t seen the half of it yet. It is likely we will be seeing more military actions across the globe; yet, as the fighting increases, the causes will become less clear, the targets more vague and no certain outcomes.”


The heartbreak and high strangeness this past Friday was a sampler of things to come, obviously. (One of the scarier things to me was waking up the morning after and seeing #WW3 trending on Twitter. Damn, is there even a need for propaganda anymore?) But we will no more be able to put a finger on what happens next than we were the first time. The first exact square between Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces takes place early on Thursday, November 26th (Thanksgiving Day in the U.S.) We currently have the North Node in Virgo and the South Node in Pisces, which along with Chiron also in the sign is throwing down the difficult challenge of navigating choppy waters through fog to an uncertain destination.


Neptune/Pisces means well, it really does. Contrary to popular belief Neptune/Pisces actually tries to bring clarity, not confusion. There are barriers in the mundane world that prevent us from seeing the universe, with no ends or beginnings, from fully accessing divine love, from fully utilizing and accepting our own unique and powerful intuitions. Pisces, ruled by Neptune, is the sign of the fish and here we understand the function better. Fish do not see as we see; they are underwater in waters that are often muddy or dark. They sense, they feel; the movement of the water against their scales provides more vision than the eyes on the side of their head. A minor change in the current or surrounding temperature tells them when there is danger present. They do not need to see it, they simply feel it and know it and to question that sense perception would be a mistake.


Problem is, of course, we can’t function like that. We look to solid external cues and coordinates to navigate. No matter what we sense and feel and have a sudden knowing of, if we can’t prove it in a court of law or in the court of public opinion, if it can’t pass scientific tests and media scrutiny then it may as well be worthless. Or worse, not to be trusted. One subject that has been coming up time and again for me lately, both in my astrological work and in my daily life, is gaslighting. There is something in the zeitgeist keeping this word front and center and the current astrology behind it is quite strong. If you aren’t familiar with the term, it may be time to look into it. Essentially, it is being able to size up a person, thing or situation for what it is exactly but being made to doubt yourself, sometimes even being made to feel crazy. You know you’re right but you’re being told you’re wrong so much that you no longer trust yourself to be right and instead begin to defer to the sources calling you crazy. It’s a mindfuck, for sure. It is also -as anyone who has a difficult placement of this in their chart will tell you- incredibly Neptune, Piscean. Clarity is the goal, not confusion, but somehow one turns into another, the waters become muddy and you doubt your own survival instincts.


Gaslighting is most commonly explained as something that happens on an individual level. However, it isn’t a stretch to picture it playing out on the global scene. We do know the levels to which our governments lie to us, spy on us, fund our “enemies”, steadily strip away our liberties and pollute/destroy our food and water supplies, the list is endless. At this point, is there anything we wouldn’t put past them? We didn’t used to believe this stuff was happening because we didn’t really want to see what we were seeing. Even during the height of the Uranus-Pluto squares and Saturn in Scorpio, when the evidence couldn’t be ignored, for every person who “woke up” there were just as many and more who wouldn’t or couldn’t believe it. And now that the unreal slowly becomes the real? What now? The test will be to see it for what it is and not allow ourselves to be told we’re seeing something else.


Quite a tough task with the cosmic soup this month. Neptune stations direct in Pisces on Wednesday, November 18th. Until then it sits like a cloud that won’t move and floods the psychosphere with its difficult mix of insight and intuition, confusion and fatigue, and the full gamut of feelings. Chiron stationing direct on Saturday, November 28th can bring more of the same but with a sharper pain. Again, the first exact Saturn-Neptune square on Thursday the 26th and the new feeling of the South Node in Pisces, a placement we know we should avoid but we have to muster the energy to leave first.


We do still have Mercury in Scorpio until the 20th. While it was the bearer of the worst kind of news it still is unequaled in its ability to cut through all the bullshit and dig up the story behind the stories. As written previously in the article on the Scorpio New Moon, Mercury in Scorpio is the time to look, listen, observe, penetrate, but not the time to make swift judgement calls or assume anything without facts. There’s more to these Friday the 13th events than meets the eye, obviously. We all have our hunches about what really went down versus what we are being told. For the time being, however, it is prudent to not assume too much and instead watch carefully as the plot unfolds.


(At least in regards to the natural disasters potential, is is a distinctly Saturn-Neptune theme; expect the coming El Niño winter and fracking -a major contributor to earthquakes in my part of the world- to get more and more attention.)


Following the end of Scorpio season we have a Mercury ruled Gemini Full Moon November 25th, at which time Mercury will join Saturn in Sagittarius. Expect the truth and nothing but the truth, or the biggest lies, or both. The cacophony of talking heads chattering over one another will make it hard to discern. A bigger concern I have is the growing intensity of the reawakening of the Uranus-Pluto square in December. The last exact Uranus-Pluto square was back in March of this year, and has been waxing and waning since. Due to the retrograde motion of Uranus, however, the square is steadily coming close again and Uranus and Pluto are back on each others radars for the end of November and most of December. Aries ruling planet Mars is in detriment in Libra for the rest of the year and will square Pluto and oppose Uranus quite noticeably in December. I had planned on writing a separate post about the Uranus-Pluto square and Mars irritating it, but it should be said here. We end 2015 in a culmination of everything we’ve been put through as a species over the past few years.


We cannot control any major events that may unfold as a result but we can decide whether or not we – collectively and individually-  continue as we have.


Real Time Astrology: New Moon in Scorpio November 11, 2015

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The North Node in Virgo Manifesto

The North Node is everyone’s manifesto. It is the point astrologers look to in a chart for greatest realization of potential and fulfillment. It is always opposite the South Node, that area of life that we are old pros at and do not need to further develop; in fact lingering too long around the South Node is always to our detriment. We are not static; we are meant to move and grow. The North Node is our mission statement, our declaration of intention; the path not yet travelled but a journey we need to undertake anyway. Think of it as a tree or vine: the South Node forms the roots, the soil and terrain we are confortable in, yet if the plant never leaves its roots it dies. It is meant to grow, push forward; even when lacking all the needed energy and nutrients to pull it off easily does not alter the intended purpose. Growth is necessary to sustain life itself, and the North Node is the manifesto outlining the steps.


The North Node enters Virgo on November 12, 2015 where it will remain until May 9, 2017. Along with it, the South Node will be in Pisces. (Disclaimer: I am using the True Node, which is sensitive to the inherent “wobbles” in the motion of the Moon’s Nodes. Other astrologers prefer to use the Mean Node, which averages out the rate of motion. Those astrologers use an earlier start date.) For roughly the next one and a half years, our collective mission statement will play out along the Virgo/Pisces axis, with the themes and keywords most commonly associated with Virgo as the goal we are striving for.


Discernment. Discretion. Sensitivity, but not too sensitive. Charitable, giving of our services, but not without using good judgement concerning who we help. Separating wheat from chaff, the useful from impractical or nonsensical. Separating the info wars from the disinfo wars. Seeing the interplay between the parts and the whole, focusing and honing in on the critical parts. Attention to detail. Exacting standards. Efficient, effective, streamlined.


If you think about it, a lot of what is wrong on the planet now can be traced back to simple sloppiness, carelessness, lowering of standards in some form or other. The North Node in Virgo will look to tighten up the reins. Time to pick up the slack!  Get our personal and collective shit together, or else.


Virgo is the sign most closely associated with health, but with the broad, far reaching goals of the North Node we are not only looking at health from a personal, individual place (although it will play a pivotal role.) We are looking for holistic health. All parts must be healthy. The South Node along with Neptune and Chiron in Pisces knows intuitively that if one person, place, current model, status quo is sick, then the whole is sick. One hurt, one hunger, one despair, one raw anger affects us all. Pisces makes no such distinctions. Virgo is the pro troubleshooter needed to find the fixes and solutions.


Really ask yourself and others (especially our “leaders”): What is the reason for so much unhealthy dis-ease at this point in time? Many, many solutions have already been found, many questions answered; even more in the works. We could all have a very different quality of life right now across the board if these fixes had been put in place along the way. As it is, so many great ideas remain completely, woefully underutilized, if they’re even utilized at all.


Most people are aware of a least a certain amount of the reasons why holistic health -physical, mental, spiritual, enviromental, political; you name it, it all matters- is being attacked. Not many have the excuse of ignorance anymore, not in the dawning of the Age of Aquarius when many  millenia worth of information is available to anyone with Internet access. Not everyone is as up to speed on the current status of the collective as they should be, but that is changing as conditions continue to deteriorate and people see the culmination of the end-of-Piscean-era wisdom: if it affects one, it affects all, eventually. Dominoes. Along with the sloppiness and slacking off, many issues can be attributed to things like apathy, turning a blind eye, shirking our responsibility, even feeling overwhelmed or like nothing we do matters. These things are the negative side of Pisces energy (the South Node enhances the negative traits of each sign) and unfortunately this will be on the rise as the South Node enters Pisces for the next year and a half.


Remember,  the South Node -whether in a natal chart or a mundane transit such as outlined here- forms a solid base but gets us into a lot of trouble if we spend more time than necessary there. The temptation to stay in the drifting, unfocused waters of the Pisces South Node will be quite strong, as Neptune and Chiron already in Pisces will tip the scales in the South Nodes favor. You will see this play out on the smaller, everyday, individual level but also just as much in global arenas. The temptation will be to avoid issues rather than face them head on, hoping that kicking the can down the road will allow problems to resolve on their own. Or, even worse, in the hopes that someone will step in and do the job. Waiting for a hero or guru or shiny leader to step in at the last moment and save the day. Avoiding issues can be the result of general apathy and/or fatigue, worldweariness, but also good old escapism in all its various forms.


Most think of escapism in hedonistic terms: sex, drugs, booze, gambling, and so on. But anything really can be used in their place. Escapism can take the form of over sleeping and, alternately, overworking. The North Node in Virgo will place a heavy emphasis on work and getting things done, but ironically with the South Node in Pisces work can become an excuse to ignore other priorities that need our attention just as much, if not more. Daydreaming is harmless in small doses and can, of course, be very relaxing and refreshing but can also be a big time waste if left unchecked. More intimately, limerence can be an issue. In the Aquarian Age technology and the Internet are also potential escapism routes. Nothing wrong with a little silly fun online now and then, but know when to turn it off. Are you really enriching your life and the lives of others by watching cat videos or posting memes and reading petty gossip on Facebook, or are you avoiding reality? Even though the Internet is best utilized as an educational tool, here too it is necessary to be careful of where you are getting the information from, as the Pisces South Node can leave us vulnerable to taking on other people’s confusions and even outright lies.


The positive qualities of the South Node in Pisces are not to be completely ignored: the deep empathy, the psychic sensitivity, the ability to dream and envision better worlds, better ways. But, these are nothing more than jumping off points. Things will need to be tested for efficacy in the real world, and discarded without fanfare or emotion if they do not live up to their promise. In everything we do, on every level, things must work, plain and simple. They must be healthy and produce results.


Virgo is a sign that can be quite critical, overly analytical, picky, even downright persnickety. With the North Node here, however, not only are these traits beneficial, they’re crucial. Our food and water, our agriculture isn’t clean. Our politicians and leaders and top businessmans hands aren’t clean. (Ok, not that they ever really are, but some things are just out of control at the moment.) The health care and pharmaceutical industries are only making us sicker, outright trampling on the Hippocratic oath to do no harm. Animals are dying en masse from “mysterious” causes that do not seem to be a high priority to investigate.


There has never been a time in human history when things were really all that great, but that’s still no reason to accept how bad things are now, especially when we’ve never before had so much at our disposal to turn things around. Many things need and deserve to be harshly judged, criticized, and picked apart.


The North Node in Virgo gets considerable boosts from the lunar cycles and the personal planets as they pass through the sign over the course of this transit; a noticeably positive boost will be during January and June of 2016, when the North Node will be in close conjunction to Jupiter in Virgo. Those of you who have personal placements in Virgo will see a conjunction from the North Node at some point along the way (look at the degree of Virgo the placement is to time it.) Everyone has Virgo somewhere in their chart and will feel the effects of the transiting North Node wherever Virgo falls in your chart. This will be a source to write your own personal manifesto from for the next year and a half.


Real Time Astrology: November 2015

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