Why You Should Keep Up With Your Progressed Ascendant/Rising Sign

Astrology progressed ascendant rising sign

How colorful is your front door? Painting by Warner Williams 


When doing client readings, I like to compare the ascendant (also known as the rising sign, the two are interchangeable) to the front door of a house. The ascendant is the starting angle of a chart; it forms the foundation that the rest of the chart is built upon. The opposing side of the ascendant is the descendant, which starts the seventh house of relationships with the generalized “other”. So, the ascendant acts as the first meeting point between us and the world: our introduction to “others”, their introduction to us, the filter that initial impressions come through before we learn anything else.


The planet that rules the sign on the ascendant has importance in a chart, as that planet is the chart ruler. For instance, Neptune rules Pisces, so we’d say Neptune is the chart ruler; the traditional ruling planet of Scorpio was Mars until Pluto was discovered in 1930 so those with Scorpio rising will either have Pluto as their chart ruler, or have both Mars and Pluto co-ruling the chart, depending on whether you use the traditional or modern ruler.


The planet that rules the chart impacts the way others see you and the way you experience the world. It also makes you more sensitive to the mundane movement of that planet. For example, those with Gemini or Virgo rising will have Mercury as their chart ruler (since Mercury rules both signs) and will be more sensitive than others to Mercury retrograde periods. A Cancer rising person has the Moon ruling their chart, and are more sensitive to the lunar cycles such as eclipses as well as their progressed Moon.


Which brings me to progressed rising signs. Most people who know their time of birth can submit their data into the various free astrology software programs and see what their rising sign is. This natal ascendant never changes, and your natal chart ruler never changes. However, you do get a sort of secondary ascendant and chart ruler through an astrology technique known as secondary progressions. Your charts “front door” will always open the same way, but the secondary progressed ascendant will color this a bit and it is worthwhile to keep track of both your progressed rising sign and what is happening to your progressed chart ruler. Your progressed ascendant sign will show slow, gradual but tangible changes in your personality.


Newbies to astrology can easily figure out their progressions. Go to https://astro.com and put in your birth data, including your time of birth. Save to create your birth chart. Now, go to the “Extended Chart Selection” page. Where it says “please select a chart type” you will just select “Progressed Chart” and click to show the chart. All done!


Some useful information when looking at your progressed ascendant/rising sign:


  • A natal or progressed ascendant in Cancer will make you highly aware of the rapid changes of your progressed Moon, so while everyone needs to look at their progressed Moon for the reasons listed here as its more crucial to Cancer risings.
  • Ascendant signs are divided into those of long ascension or short ascension, meaning the rate of speed at which they move. Generally speaking, the signs of Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus and Gemini are of short ascension. The signs of Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius are of long ascension. Those people born with short ascension signs as their natal rising sign undergo much more frequent changes than do those of long ascension.
  • Eclipses on your progressed ascendant, descendant or progressed chart ruler are as important as eclipses to your birth chart ascendant, descendant and chart ruler.As the progressed ascendant continues to affect your personality, so too will it affect your relationship with others, since your descendant is changing and growing too. Let’s say your a natal Gemini rising, with a natal Sagittarius descendant. You like to interact with people on an intellectual level (Gemini) and you prefer to do so with people of interesting background and ideas (Sagittarius). When your progressed ascendant moves into Cancer, you’ll have a Capricorn descendant and it won’t be enough that others are simply interesting and exciting to you. You’ll now want people who’ve learned maturity and responsibility from their exciting background.


Can you feel your persona flavored by your progressed ascendant?



  1. soulspeak2013 says:

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  3. Progressed ascendant in Scoprio, I will survive……….. as the song goes!

  4. What a great article, Clarissa!

    I must say it couldn’t come at a more perfect time since my progressed asc. is venturing into new Taurus territory (spelling?!) … in a year and a half I will have changed fully from the Aries/Libra axis to the Taurus/Scorpio axis. What’s more important is that Pluto and Saturn are at 28-29 degrees Libra, which means they will both change their house positions to the 6th.

    It has already been a very intense tear, lots of endings, also with partners and relationships (hello pluto!) and I’m a little scared/slightly excited about what will happen when the DC pushes Pluto into the 6th house.

    The past 15 years have been kinda “obsessed” – obsessed with relationships and I’ve had to deal with some brutal mechanisms from my childhood in my partnerships (hello pluto!) how do you think this shift cound affect my overall relationship dynamics with this shift?

    I’m a 7 planet Scorpio/8th house with oppositions to Chiron from the Sun, Venus and Jupiter – in Taurus. This spells “HEALING” all over it – in a more grounded fashion I think…

    • Taurus is definitely grounding, very stabilizing. Scorpio descendant means you’ll perceive others as being more emotionally unstable versus your perception of yourself as the one keeping it together. You’ll also attract more Scorpio/Pluto types, though with your Scorpio the way it is in your birth chart you probably do anyway… ha maybe you will feel right at home 🙂

      Venus will be your new progressed chart ruler, remember to look at progressed Venus and transits to either Venus.

      • Thank you so much for answering my question 🙂

        I’ve been wondering how these energies will play out inside and outside for sure! Great with a little insight and what to expect. I think I am already in this transition phase tbh, Recently two mature “scorpionic” ladies has come into my life (jupiter transit to the house of my moon also…) and their wisdom and i sights have been very eye opening for me.

        Also, the progressed chart shows a harmonious aspect between Pluto/Saturn and Venus, Mercury and the Sun (as far as I remember). Although I’m a bit worried about the square between progr. Mars and Libra as the sign of Pluto/Saturn .

        Ah well, can’t win them all. Thanks again for the reply!

  5. Wonderful article. Currently my progressed ascendant is at 29 degrees Sagittarius. I am getting ready for the shift to Capricorn in June 2017. It has been a rather uncomfortable year of completions as I think the last degree denotes. I can feel myself gravitating torwards more reliable,comforting partnerships which is seen with the changing descendant of Gemini to Cancer. I also am ready to buy a house this year and expanding my metaphysical business so definently Capricorn related themes. I’ve also heard ascendant progression changing signs signals a renewal in your love life?I sure hope so!! Would love to hear your thoughts Clarissa.:)

    • I will chime in and just say that this “endings” theme has been a major one here for as well, and you can’t help wondering what in the world this will all mean on the inside as well as the outside.

      Pluto and Saturn in my own progressed 7th house, now shifting house positions has made me meet a lot of “commitment phobiacs” the past years (a lot of them with Venus in aspect to Neptune, square, opposite and so on), but then I had to realize that 1: maybe I was too – and 2: forcing myself to own my past with my dad (unrequited daughterly love).

      Finding these patterns and curing them hopefully lead to healing and/or improvement of myself, since progressed Chiron is now in my progressed 1st house as well.

    • Hi Sarah, the change in descendant alone would bring a change or renewal in your love life. But it can be in broader terms rather than specific events, a feeling or maturing rather than something you can point to. Events would require a push from other influences. 🙂

  6. Namaste I am from India I am trying to understand progressions and SR in western astrology. As per my progressed chart my progressed asdt has moved into conjunction with natal Saturn intaurus ( i am Pisces ascendant nataly) third house Pr MC enters natal 11 Aquarius house while progr Venus is in10th house Capricorn , natal mercury and sun there .

    So what do I make of above progressions

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