Update On The Nearing U.S. Presidential Election Day 2016


Well, fellow Americans, here we are bracing for what most people are calling the most important and simultaneously the most insane Presidential election of our lifetimes. The “October surprise” cliché turned into an entire month of surprises; too many in quick succession to fully assess any of them. However, there’s more than enough information available to understand that this election will also be the dirtiest we’ve seen so far, and based on how’s it’s gone so far there’s no doubt that there’s still plenty more dirt to come. Thank you Mercury in Scorpio for calling out bullshit wherever you see it; thank you Jupiter in Libra for justice coming from a higher court that says no one is above the law (okay, maybe above man-made laws, but not above laws of nature. Everyone’s judged the same in the end.)

As I anticipated earlier in the year, it’s the actual voting process that may prove to be the dirtiest fight of this election. From my article written back in June:


In most places in the U.S., the polling places on Election Day will be open from 7 AM through 8 PM. For the east coast/Washington DC, the Moon in Aquarius will be void-of-course from 8:54 AM EST until it enters Pisces at 4:45 PM EST. The further west your time zone, the earlier the void-of-course Moon begins, so that the polling will actually start out under the Moon VOC for those on the west coast and in the mountain time zone. If you live in the central time zone and your polling place opens up after 8 AM, then you also will be affected. Generally, if there are shenanigans and such on Election Day, they will be more prevalent in the western U.S.


A Moon void-of-course phase is useful for lots of things, namely for mailing things or filing paperwork that you want to fly under the radar, unnoticed. It’s most often used for filing taxes for those hoping to avoid an audit. In the instance of a major general election, the concern I have with the majority of the voting occuring during a Moon VOC is the possibility of the continuation of the loss of votes that we’ve seen so far this year. Ballots being lost, registration mysteriously cancelled, etc. Even after the Moon changes signs, it will enter Pisces, a sign not known for its clarity in everyday matters.


Mercury is, of course, the communications planet, so its position on Election Day will play an important role. Mercury will be in Scorpio that day, which is one of my favorite signs for Mercury to be in. We do have to look at Mercury in context to the event. The natal/birth chart for the U.S., known as the Sibley chart, will see Mercury in Scorpio on its 12th house cusp for Election Day… 


A Mercury transit of the 12th house is a reticent transit, one prone to either accidentally losing or intentionally concealing information. It can go either way or both ways. Given that the “glitches” in the voting process thus far haven’t seen a lot of attention, Mercury in our country’s 12th house sort of reinforces the idea that a good many votes will remain unaccounted for, whatever the reason. Mercury in Scorpio should turn us on to any shady business, so at least we won’t be in the dark about what is happening. It’s just a matter of how extensive and what we’re able to do about it.


Saturn at 15 Sagittarius is on the nation’s 12 degree Sagittarius ascendant, same conjunction as this year’s national solar return (though Saturn is at a different degree). This is a transit of major changes to image and identity, not at all surprising given the nature of the election.


Well, here we are now, and as I thought there’s a lot of conversation of the election being rigged, as well as conversation trying to “debunk” the possibility of it being rigged. We’ve seen the WikiLeaks and the Project Veritas videos, and we’ve seen them argued as being misleading or nefarious in their own right. We’ve seen that people have been paid actors hired by government agencies to bully people at rallies and possibly at the voting places (intimidation is a form of voter supression); that people can vote in two different states; even that dead people’s Social Security numbers are being used to register to vote. Just as we seen earlier in the year in places like Arizona and New York, there are people reporting their party affililiations are being switched without consent, and sometimes registration is mysteriously cancelled. What to believe?


I believe the astrology, which I still maintain points to a lot of lost, unaccounted for, and confused or switched votes. Partly due to the Moon VOC, which has caused issues with voting before, and partly due to Mercury in Scorpio being in the American chart’s 12th house on Election Day. It’s important to know that the 12th house is the house of hidden enemies, and in the charts of countries the hidden enemies can be from abroad or homegrown either way; an enemy of the voting process is just that, whatever their origins. Interestingly, the 12th in mundane astrology can also show underground movements; we’ll see after the election if any underground movement is the cause of hijinks at the election or the catalyst for bringing our voting system up to date and more secure.


The latter of those two things is my optimistic hope here. I also wrote this back in June: “Jupiter in Libra tightly conjunct the natal Sibley Saturn and exactly sextile natal Sagittarius ascendant is an undeniably good thing. Saturn shows where something is restricted and/or limited; the transit of Jupiter conjunct Saturn shows constructive freedom of some burdens, or at least an easing up of them. It’s not easy at this point for me to see what such a positive impact resulting from the election might be, other than to say it will be tied up with a changing of the guards somehow since it occurs in the 10th house of leadership and public relations/image.” The optimist in me is hoping that one of the good things to come out of this election is mutual agreement that we need to reform the voting system. I don’t think the system is as trustworthy as mainstream media would like us to think.


Here’s an excerpt from Wired:


“Most of these machines are running Windows XP, for which Microsoft hasn’t released a security patch since April 2014. Though there’s no evidence of direct voting machine interference to date, researchers have demonstrated that many of them are susceptible to malware or, equally if not more alarming, a well-timed denial of service attack.


The extent of vulnerability isn’t just hypothetical; late last summer, Virginia decertified thousands of insecure WinVote machines. As one security researcher described it, “anyone within a half mile could have modified every vote, undetected” without “any technical expertise.”… The WinVote systems are an extreme case, but not an isolated one. Other voting machine models have potentially vulnerable wireless components… The problem is that not every state does post-election audits. And even some that require them by law, namely Pennsylvania and Kentucky, don’t actually use voter-verifiable paper trails, meaning they have no way to complete an audit… Over a dozen states still have no audit procedure at all.”


This L.A. Times article highlights issues in Pennsylvania, a battleground state:


But computer experts says the old electronic voting machines have a hidden flaw that worries them in the event of a very close election. The machines do not produce a paper ballot or receipt, leaving nothing to be recounted if the election outcome were in doubt… ‘Pennsylvania is using technology from the ’80s made by the companies that don’t exist anymore. In computer years, that’s a very long time ago’… Gerald Feaser Jr., elections director for Dauphin County, agrees the older voting machines ‘are not sophisticated,’… ‘Could the Russians hack our website on election night? Yes,’ he said.” 


CNN is as mainstream media as it gets, but they had an article worth checking out too:


In a demo, Brian Varner showed CNNMoney how a voter access card can be hacked by a small device that reprograms the card, giving voters the ability to cast their vote as many times as they wish…’I can probably put about 400 votes in myself in less than a couple minutes and the poll workers would be none the wiser,’ Varner said.”


And, to my knowledge, there aren’t any good ways of following your vote once you’ve cast it to ensure the person you voted for is actually who was recorded as the person you voted for. (If I’m wrong and there is indeed a way of tracking your vote after voting, please let me know.) In my mind, this too needs to be a part of a reformed voting process.


Around the time we find out the results of the election, Mars will enter Aquarius and be in mutual reception to Uranus retrograde in Aries. While the lead up to the results might be fuzzy and vague, that Mars in Aquarius-Uranus in Aries mutual reception looks anarchic to me; civil unrest would be a worst case scenario but challenging any hijinks or outright corruption at the elections would be a good use of this energy, in my mind.


Also keep in mind that Saturn at 15 degrees Sagittarius on Election Day will be opposite where it was at 9/11, when Saturn was at 14 degrees Gemini. We’ve completed a half-Saturn return since 9/11 and it’s possible this Election Day will bring us something from this opposite viewpoint.



  1. What I hate the most about this article is that you included the inflammatory, eye catching tag lines of each article quoted, but failed to include the gist of the actual article, which was the opposite of the tone of the quotes that you used. So sorry to hear that you’re a Trump supporter and that you twist words to meet your purposes!

    • I wasn’t being inflammatory, quite the opposite. I used those excerpts to draw attention to the matter of the security of the voting process and it’s inherent weaknesses, which I believe should matter to anyone and everyone. Regardless of who we vote for, don’t we all want any doubts removed that our votes might not count as we’d hoped? Isn’t voting integrity something that should matter to all of us? How does suggesting we bring our voting system up to date and eliminate doubt anger anyone?

      As far as being a “Trump supporter” I have no dog in this race. All hands look dirty from what I’ve seen.

      My WordPress stats don’t show anyone has even clicked any links from the article yet haha

    • “You want a modernized voting system that removes all speculation of mistakes and that can be easily and correctly audited? HOW DARE YOU!” Lol

    • I did ask anyone who knows of such things if there’s a way of following our votes once they’ve been cast, as far as I can tell there isn’t. You don’t think that’s something everyone has the right to validate for their own satisfaction and confidence?

      • Old Hippie says:

        I’m just loving this assumption that you just HAD to be a Trump supporter to demand a better and more secure voting process, and now it’s the liberals demanding it!

        I am surprised you aren’t more widely recognized for not only predicting Trump’s win (most astrologers predicted his loss!) but also that the vote itself would be one of the biggest stories in the aftermath. Jill Stein has fought for and has now won a recount in Wisconsin due to everything you linked to in your post.

        Brava Clarissa! Have a blessed day!

  2. Your WordPress stats are wrong. Technical incompetence all the way around.

    • Joy – what’s up with the hostility? Go have some red wine – you’re a bully.

      • I don’t drink, but I do love me some Moscato on occasion. You?

        • Not much of a drinker here either. But rose is pretty tasty. Great article, Clarissa. Whatever your party, vote tomorrow. Apathy is for losers.

          • I just got back from voting, managed to avoid the Moon VOC too! I tried early voting yesterday, but there was only two places I could do that at and at both places the lines were four hours long. It was raining yesterday too. So, I voted at my precinct today, got in line an hour before they opened and still took nearly an hour before I voted. People were great though, the only conversations I heard were sharing recipes and about the mag 5 earthquake we had here on Sunday. (There’s a big one coming, I can feeeeel it.)

            No signs of apathy, I think there’s going to be record turnout. And lots and lots of young voters. Contrary to the way they are often portrayed, the young generation coming up is going to be far from apathetic. Those are the Pluto in Sagittarius kids, they just can’t be bullshitted.

            • That’s great! Oh, I meant the voting part as a general statement – so many seem disillusioned about the future of our country. Yes, I understand the Electoral College elects a President but the actual voting feels important if nothing more than a symbolic casting of your idea how the country should be run. It’s active, rather than passive. Is there some Mars action going on? Haha.

              • Yeah, I got you 🙂 and it’s so important to vote for the local elections too, this is how these people at the top get started. And we’re affected as much by the local elections as anything else.

                Apathy in general is pathetic, but I do have a strong Mars so yeah I agree that’s where it comes from. (“Hey, don’t like it? FIX IT THEN” haha)

  3. The interesting thing about being at the Saturn halfway point of 9/11 is that we still essentially know next to nothing about what happened, and both candidates have been running cover this entire election. I’m not sure we’ll find out the truth in our lifetimes, just as we’ll likely not have a fully secured election process.

    • Well if we’re not going to find out the truth and we’re not going to have secure elections (because apparently even the voters don’t want it?!?!) then that needs to be openly understood and not glossed over.

  4. Another thing too, the election is between people who were and still are connected to Jeffrey Epstein and his underage prostitution ring. They are trying to one up each other in that department, but the connections not only to Epstein but other sexual deviants is well known. I truly believe that allowing the vote to be tampered with serves as a distraction from what is going on behind the curtain. Too much information about their sexual appetites has entered the realm of public discourse. I also think this distraction serves both candidates very well. That is my interpretation of Mercury in the 12th house and Scorpio.

    • Madamarcati says:

      I can second this opinion from past personal experience. There is a direct connection between Epstein’s Floridian mafia and their paedophile activities and the control of high political power in both the USA and the UK dating back to the 1970s. The number of survivors grows exponentially with the passing of the decades. These individuals are both now finding each other and thankfully, support from those in society who distrust rather than worship powerful men and women. From any who are not in the thrall of the globalising postwar celebrity culture. So it is only a matter of time before those involved in this mass child rape and trafficking can no longer keep their crimes hidden from total exposure. These individuals are ruthless, clever and practised at total control through complex webs of murder and blackmail. Successfully defeating them will necessitate revolutionary social change. As this corruption at the centre of our democracies is inevitably increasingly revealed it will be interesting to see just how much it has infected the highest in authority in our policing and justice systems. Perhaps these revelations will be one source of the possible civil unrest Clarissa has astrologically highlighted.

  5. 😔

  6. Lunar Leo says:

    Yeah I’m not seeing what there is to be angry about, the voting system is broken and needs to be brought into 2017, for fucks sake. The stuff that happened earlier this year wasn’t even sinister as much as it was incompetence, people standing in line for hours and hours because only one poll booth was open. Older people cannot wait that long on their feet. I actually remember reading something a few weeks back about how many states cannot perform audits if the need arose, which is crazy really.

    FWIW I seriously doubt the Russians are trying to turn the ballots, but the fact that it is possible to do by anyone is not ok.

  7. Sherlocka G says:

    Man that took some ovaries to write an election post. Props. I will leave my opinions off of here.

  8. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Ephesians 6:12

    That’s my on Mercury in Scorpio, in this “sibley” chart. Distractions set up to deflect attention from what is ultimately an occult ritual by occult elitists.

    (Elite = EL = Saturn = authority&rulership)

    Great astrology here

  9. Wow, you were right on the money about the void of course leading to lost votes!! It’s not even halfway through the count and there’s issues coming through, who knows what’s left today! Here’s a link, but I’m posting the full version since someone doesn’t like clicking links (sorry to take up your comment space though!)


    The latest updates of reported problems at polling places can be found below:

    4:48 p.m. EST — Long lines, broken machines in Massachusetts

    Civil rights groups reported long lines, broken voting machines and other common Election Day issues at polling locations across Massachusetts Tuesday afternoon, but said election officials appear to be promptly responding to them as they come up.

    Meryl Kessler, executive director of the League of Women Voters of Massachusetts, said there were reports of “excessively long lines” at polling locations in Boston and that broken voting machines were reported in Boston, Springfield, Lawrence, New Bedford and Chelsea.

    Rahsaan Hall, of the American Civil Liberties Union, said there have also been isolated complaints of translation services not being provided and poor access to polling locations for disabled residents.

    3:23 p.m. CST — Computer malfunctions at Texas polling place

    In Texas, a computer used by election clerks malfunctioned at a polling place inside a high school in suburban Houston, forcing officials to briefly divert voters to another polling place more than two miles away. Fort Bend County Elections Administrator John Oldham said the malfunctioning console was later replaced with a backup and voting resumed.

    Andrea Patience, a 50-year-old pharmacy technician, was among those standing in line when the computer malfunctioned. She said she waited an hour for it to be fixed. Patience said as many as 100 people were standing in line at the time, and about half of them left.

    “There were a lot of upset people,” Patience said. “I don’t know if they will come back later or decide not to vote.”

    2:20 p.m. MST — Utah voting machine problems

    Election officials in Utah said voting machine problems in the southern part of the state forced poll workers early in the day to use paper ballots.

    1:15 p.m. EST — Two poll watchers fired from South Florida precinct

    Two South Florida poll watchers were fired Tuesday from a Pompano Beach voting precinct, CBS Miami reported.

    According to Tonya Edwards from the Broward Department of Elections, the two poll watchers were asked to leave the Herb Skolnick Center in Pompano Beach, for “not adhering to policy/training.” They were let go by an election official who was on site and replaced by two new workers.

    Edwards told CBS Miami the workers were asked to leave for interfering with the voting process.

    Voting was not interrupted during the incident.

    No other incidents have been reported at any South Florida voting precincts.

    12:20 p.m. CST — Dead judge leads to voting delays in Dallas County

    Some voters in Dallas County, Texas, faced long delays early Tuesday after a judge failed to show up on time. As it turned out, that judge had died in his home during the night, CBS Dallas-Fort Worth reported.

    An alternative judge was called to the library. Once he reported to the scene, voting was able to begin. That was not until some two hours after the scheduled 7 a.m. start time.

    The Elections Department and Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins requested an extension of the voting hours at the Betty Warmack Library as a result of the delay, “to ensure that all voters have the same opportunity to cast their ballot,” explained Jenkins.

    Hours have been extended until 9 p.m. for the Warmack Library voting location. Ballots cast after 7 p.m. are provisional pending further review of statute and judicial authority, according to Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins.

    12:15 p.m. EST — Some Trump voters in Pennsylvania reporting ballots switched to Clinton

    Election judges in Clinton Township, Butler County in Pennsylvania confirmed there were issues with two of their eight automated voting machines. Most of the issues came when people tried to vote straight party ticket.
    However, in some instances people said they attempted to vote for Republican Donald Trump only to see their vote switched before their eyes to Democrat Hillary Clinton, CBS Pittsburgh reported.

    “I went back, pressed Trump again. Three times I did this, so then I called one of the women that were working the polls over. And she said you must be doing it wrong. She did it three times and it defaulted to Hillary every time,” voter Bobbie Lee Hawranko told the station.

    “If somebody has an issue, they should certainly let the judge of elections at the precinct know and also call their county bureau of elections as folks have done here this morning,” said State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, a Republican. “Those machines should be taken out of the mix and they shouldn’t be using those machines.”

    Officials tell CBS News they have recalibrated the machines and are confident that the problem has been resolved. A Butler County commissioner said to her knowledge no one has confirmed a vote for a candidate that they did not intend to vote for.

    12:15 p.m. EST — Pennsylvania judge fails to show up to polling center.

    A judge of elections did not show up when the polls opened Tuesday morning in Springdale Borough.

    When Margaret Vernon showed up, more than three hours after the polls opened, sheriff’s deputies escorted her into the facility. She will be charged by summons with failure to perform duties.

    Vernon told deputies she was ill.

    11:45 a.m. EST — North Carolina precinct runs out of “Intent to Vote” forms

    In Durham, precinct 31 ran out of “Intent to Vote” forms, the Durham Board of Elections confirmed, CBS affiliate WNCN reported. Normally the forms would be printed out. Since computers were down, they had been handing out physical forms. They then ran out of the physical forms.

    By 1 p.m. EST, the “Intent to Vote” forms were restocked, the Durham Board of Elections confirmed.

    11:36 a.m. EST — Voting glitch reported in Durham, North Carolina

    A glitch caused minor issues at several Durham precincts during the first hour of voting Tuesday morning, the North Carolina State Board of Election officials said.

    The glitch only impacted the electronic poll book used in the check-in process for voters and didn’t have anything to do with ballots or the process of voting, CBS affiliate WNCN reported.

    Twenty-three other counties use a similar electronic poll book and all have back-up printed poll books they can resort to.

  10. This one is longer so I won’t copy and paste it here (sorry, the other comment was longer than I expected:( )


  11. Medical Marijuana is legal in Florida ! That was my vote that counted hard at work goodnight everyone

  12. Purple hayze says:

    RECREATIONAL marijuana is legal in Cali whoop-whoop!

    DaMN Clarissa, I thought you were crazy when you said Trunmp would win. Props to you for your tight astrology game I guess?…….. you should be famous for calling this!

    No legal weed for you as punishment hahahha

  13. This article is setting the stage for Uranus in Taurus:


    What I found most interesting was the appointment of a former Bear Stearns employee to oversee our economic transition team…hmmm…

  14. Hi Clarissa!Am bombarding u with questions 2day-left on different comments sections…..I hope I get notified.I am from Sydney,Australia.We are rather behind the US in many ways so I would appreciate the explanation.Where can I look at the Sibley chart?And also,is there a general astro website showing astrocartography details for other countries such as my own?Als,my beloved Leonard Cohen has recently passed……..as u probably know…….any comments from u?He died just after the release of his new album,like Bowie………

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