Venus-Pluto: Lovely, Dark And Deep


I have a random request: Can you do an article about Venus-Pluto? (Question brought to by my upcoming transit Venus conjunct natal Pluto. But we also have that wild Thanksgiving T-square with Jupiter-Pluto-Uranus which has Venus conjunct Pluto exact. So it could be of general interest too right?) But it seems like it always brings so much angst…and not much else. ~ bomega


This was a question asked by a reader in the comments section just before Mercury retrograde in Virgo, which is why I didn’t respond right away. We do have a Venus-Pluto conjunction coming up in time for Thanksgiving, and it’s Scorpio season, so why not take a look at Plutonic love?


First off, at the neutral level Venus represents values, particularly values in love and money. Pluto at the neutral level represents extremes, depth, intensity and purification/transformation. Venus aspecting Pluto, whether in a chart or by transit, at the neutral level will always represent a challenge to values in love or money that brings out extremes -for better or worse- and that challenge us to examine the true depth of our values and whether or not they are in need of an overhaul.


It is true that one of the more negative manifestations of Venus-Pluto is angst, sometimes to the point of unhealthy, almost obsessive dwelling on the things we love or the lack of love, whichever the case may be. The Plutonic tendency of going to extremes can manifest as much here as in any other area of life. Common to the more negative dwellings: Why does love always hurt so much? Why is the depth of my love never reciprocated? Will I ever be truly loved? Venus works within relationships, and often you’ll see people with this in their chart who received some type of early reinforcement that in order to be loved, one must give some of their power away. Love experienced as quid pro quo.


Even people who do not have this in their natal chart and therefore do not have a strong early experience of this have still experienced these situations as perpetuated by their society, and this unbalanced or corrupt view of love becomes highlighted by transits or progressions involving Venus and Pluto. Either way, part of the “angst” experienced by Venus-Pluto stems from that deep pain of rejection when your love isn’t good enough “as is” and seems to come at cost.


You’ll see a funny manifestation of this relationship to a “broken” sort of love in the Venus-Pluto person’s attraction to “broken” things in their aesthetics, which are usually quite pronounced; even their ideas of art must be something beyond merely “pretty” and have depth and substance.


There’s a common perception that Venus aspecting Pluto is highly sexual. That’s a case by case basis thing. What’s more important is the quality of the partner and the relationship, which is the higher purpose of this aspect. Venus-Pluto (and often Venus in Scorpio) wants quality, that quality being purity. It can elevate love and sex to a spiritual level, which leads to a deep pain when this isn’t found in everyday life.


From my perspective, Venus aspecting Pluto in a chart or by transit is trying to reclaim the whole of love, not just the lopsided superficial side that will not stand the true tests of darkness. Consider it a health checkup to your values in love and elsewhere. This is an aspect of true intimacy in the dictionary definition of it: closeness of observation with no separation. Romantic as that sounds, such closeness with our private interior lives can be scary, as we can’t hide from ourselves or others in that space. Unhealthy perceptions or experiences of love will create a type of emotional bondage; healthy love leads to emotional emancipation. Venus-Pluto just asks you where in the spectrum you are. Society and even media goes a long way towards corrupting what we should see when we examine our values so close; I see the “angst” as the process of trying to correct this. Purification of love by fire. The need to find purity and integrity and honesty and the sacred because one has experienced the pain that comes from the lack of these things.



Do you have Venus aspecting Pluto or Venus in Scorpio in your chart? Gone through a major Venus-Pluto transit? What was your experience?



  1. Venus in Scorpio. Hate the way it is portrayed as being over sexed. Thank you.

  2. That is my absolute favorite Robert Frost poem!

    Whose woods these are I think I know.
    His house is in the village though;
    He will not see me stopping here
    To watch his woods fill up with snow.

    My little horse must think it queer
    To stop without a farmhouse near
    Between the woods and frozen lake
    The darkest evening of the year.

    He gives his harness bells a shake
    To ask if there is some mistake.
    The only other sound’s the sweep
    Of easy wind and downy flake.

    The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
    But I have promises to keep,
    And miles to go before I sleep,
    And miles to go before I sleep.

  3. While I don’t have this energy natally, my most transformative relationship was with a man who’s Venus was on my Pluto. And even though it wasn’t meant to last, it changed my life.

  4. I know exactly how this energy is felt… I have Venus in Scorpio (conjunct Sun and Jupiter) and Pluto in Libra in 8H.

    Now, Venus in Scorpio wants you dead. Especially if the broken love hurts you (well, that’s the thing with broken stuff, right? You cut yourself on it…). But with this constellation I think Venus in Scorpio – and especially with Pluto in 8H too, the love goes beyond Pureness, but also on a “healing” character… and through this healing (of pain, in others or self), purity is obtained.

    It’s true about the sexual stuff though… I crave deep and intimate love, to reach a more spiritual plane where the healing power of true intimacy becomes spiritual. I’m not sure how this previous sentence makes sense or or why this – but it does.

    Love with Venus Scorpio is an all consuming thing. We want ALL of your attention and we will not tolerate others to participate. Unfaithfulness hurts us deeper than any other sign I think. Unfortunately my Venus-constellation is opposite my Rx Chiron Taurus in 3rd house.

    My triple-Taurus ex BF recently broke up because he hadn’t been able to say “No” to a girl flirting with him on the internet (3rd house = internet/chatting). He had Mars Rx in Libra. Difficulty with saying no.

    Hos feelings for her (moon) is placed smack dab onto my Chiron in our synastry chart…
    I was devestated. I blew up like an atomic bomb, calling him the worst things I had in my vocabulary.

    I moved back home within two weeks. My heart is shredded to pieces. I would like to take revenge. My 8H moon in Libra craves it. But at the same tine – Saturn conjunct my Pluto forces me back, forcing me to take the higher road. It sucks.
    Yet still – I came out of this as a better person with my integrty intact. That’s more valuable than anything I think.

  5. Madamarcati says:

    Venus retrograde conjunct Pluto and Mercury within seconds of exact in Virgo.
    My partner is my war buddy.

  6. Thank you for toning down the drama and sex. And only mentioning transformation once 😀 Venus on DSC natally square Pluto, currently conjunct Pluto by transit.

    I take relationships seriously. I’ve always felt I had to submit and give up any power in order to be loved. Venus rules the 5th. I take fun seriously too. Relationships are very hard to come by. Not sure yet what the transit has done, except made me see all this. Which, I suppose, is a lot. And yes, I have that ‘broken’ aesthetic. A flower in full bloom is somehow too cheerful, too perfect and not as interesting as a slightly dying or blemished one. Aaah, so true, so real, death acknowledged – says my Venus. Walking through the city I notice all the filthy, littered, forgotten corners next to the shiny shops full of shiny stuff. Not that I like them, I just can’t help noticing.

  7. Interesting! It makes a lot of sense to me. Venus transited my Pluto in September and I had a reality check on what exactly I wanted from a relationship and all the ways my current relationship is not fulfilling that.

  8. Seems that Pluto-Venus look like an ideal impossible to be satisfied…
    I’ve heard this:
    ” If there is no longer a person of integrity around you, then, you have to find this integrity inside of you, and begin to change the world, starting there where you are… ”
    Deep, right? That puts the bar high. But Venus-Pluto expect nothing less than that.

    Il semble que les planètes Pluton-Venus ressemble à un idéal impossible à satisfaire…
    J’ai entendu ceci:
    “S’il ne se trouve plus personne d’intègre autour de toi, alors, tu dois trouver en toi cette intégrité, et commencer à changer le monde, en commençant par là où tu es…”
    Profond, n’est-ce pas? Ça met la barre haut. Mais Pluton-Venus n’attendent rien de moins que ça.

  9. I’m right into it (Pluto conjuncts my natal Venus) and nothing seems to satisfy my ideal of perfection, whether it is in the arts, love, friendship, work relationships …
    Natal Venus is in Virgo, Scorpio ascendant at 20 °
    Add to this my conjunction, Wide 6°, between the Sun / Vertex 29° Virgo on one hand, and Mars / Pluto at 5 ° Libra
    My Venus in Virgo does not feel attracted to nobody, especially because all men of my age (i’m 42 age old) that I might like are married. What, I find, is absolutely anti-sex for me; a real turn-off!
    Unmarried men seeking easy pleasures. Everyone wants to earn more, faster, easier. Money has no smell. And the more it stinks, the more you are admired

    Je suis en plein dedans (Pluto conjuncts my natal Venus) et rien ne semble satisfaire mon idéal de perfection, que ce soit dans les arts, l’amour, l’amitié…
    Natal Venus is in Virgo, ascendant dans le Scorpion 20°
    Ajoutez à cela ma conjonction, large de 6°, entre le Soleil/Vertex à 29° Virgo d’une part, et Mars/Pluton à 5° Balance d’autre part…
    Ma vénus en Vierge ne se sent attirée par personne, d’autant plus que tous les hommes de mon âge (j’ai 42 ans) qui me plaisent sont mariés. Ce qui, je trouve, est absolument anti-sexe pour moi; un vrai tue-l’amour!
    Les hommes célibataires recherchent les plaisirs faciles. Tout le monde veut gagner plus, plus vite, plus facilement. L’argent n’a plus d’odeur. Et plus il pue, plus vous êtes admiré

  10. This is spot on, as usual. I appreciated and learned from and enjoyed this a lot. It takes some doing to cope with Venus-Pluto stuff (8th house Venus-Taurus, 11th house Pluto-Leo) !!

  11. Good article. I have Venus Square Pluto, it’s
    Never dull-and the challenge is to awaken to the power of attraction & love.

  12. Thank you so much for this article Clarissa. 🙂 i have Venus trine Pluto, but I still feel the angst. I guess I have Pluto in LIbra the 2nd, so Venus’ domain.

    And I guess from you November article, it sounds like the upcoming Venus-Pluto conjunction isn’t necessarily in the clear even with support from Jupiter. :/

  13. Grandtrines says:

    Reblogged this on Lost Dudeist Astrology.

  14. Transiting Pluto squares my natal Venus. Not very nice. Issues with money and affection.
    Difficult time. We should calm down ourselves to understand what is going on and what lessons we must learn.

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