Real Time Astrology: Full Moon Supermoon In Taurus November 14, 2016


The one of a kind Full Moon at 22 degrees Taurus takes place Monday, November 14th (7:52 AM CST). You’re going to be seeing a lot written about this Moon, not just because it is also a Supermoon -occuring at perigee- but also because it’s the largest Full Moon Supermoon since 1948; we won’t see one this visibly huge again until 2034! This Full Moon will be nearly 15% larger and 30% brighter than any regular Full Moon. It will be at its biggest and brightest during the night before, so stay up late on Sunday November 13th or get up early Monday November 14th to take in the full Full Moon effect!


Astrologically, again this Full Moon is in Taurus, opposing the Sun in Scorpio, trine Pluto (ruling planet of Scorpio) at 15 degrees Capricorn, and sextile Chiron retrograde at 20 degrees Pisces. Considering how very close to the earth this lunation is going to be, it’s safe to say that this Full Moon will be pulling on everyone’s emotions. After all, the word lunacy derives from the Latin word for “moonstruck”. Ask people that work in hospitals or emergency careers, these Full Moons earn the “lunacy” reputation from somewhere. So, we’ll all be moonstruck by this awesome Full Moon Supermoon, but -individual exceptions notwithstanding- for the most part I’m not seeing this Taurus Full Moon as something to worry about.


For one thing, the Moon is exalted in Taurus, meaning the Moon finds tremendous comfort here. Happy and serene. We always look at the aspects for further information, and besides the obvious opposition to the Scorpio Sun this Full Moon only makes two other major aspects, both of which are harmonious ones. There’s tremendous depth and power at this lunation but in a way that is accessible, gentle, and supportive.


Essentially, we’re looking at an emphasis on the Taurus-Scorpio astrological axis, with help from the supporting cast of Pluto and Chiron. Both Taurus and Scorpio are fixed signs; seeking an anchor in their respective motifs. Taurus being simple earth, Scorpio being deep churning water. The tremendous closeness of this luminous Taurus Full Moon focuses on the interplay of necessities and desires, security and passion, the overt and simple versus the covert and complex. Scorpio needs Taurus to prevent exhaustion from overcomplicating the emotions; Taurus needs Scorpio to move it away from inertia into something more profound. In both signs, values are either built upon or torn down to make room for better values. This Taurus Full Moon is a great time to balance these grounding forces: are you dealing with too much drama, should you resolve to find a more stable atmosphere? Or, do you need more passion and intensity in your life to prevent mental and emotional atrophy?


What is always the biggest question with the Taurus-Scorpio astrological axis is: how rich in spirit are you? Are you rich at all if your spirit is suffering?


That’s where I see the sweet aspects of Pluto and Chiron coming in to play. In their own way, both Pluto and Chiron can offer soul level healing of unimaginable pain. The gentle but powerful support the exalted Taurus Full Moon receives looks like a salve for psychic wounds. I don’t think this Moon will be dredging up ugly things as much as it will be aware of them and not letting them distort healthy perspective. While Taurus is a steady, linear builder, the Scorpio/Pluto emphasis along with Chiron retrograde in Pisces should help us intuit better ways of incorporating life’s natural curveballs, fluctuations and up/down cycles into our plans. Maybe time to accept what can’t be changed and use mistakes/hurts from the past to start building up a better tomorrow.


Whichever thing is needed in your life, Taurus is a chill sign and we all need to take the chillest route here. (Especially here in the U.S., everyone needs to simmer down right about now…) This Full Moon does look like a slow, steady burn with a focus on the sensual. Enjoyment of the good things in life isn’t just self-indulging; it’s about making the spiritual life tangible, as there’s no distinction between the physical and the spiritual to Taurus.


This does mean the Full Moon in Taurus will also be drawing out issues involving money and our self worth. Self worth is often tied to money (or, more commonly,  lack of money) but also deeply involves how we are respected for our standards or how we ourselves respect our own standards. If your values system is working out for you and you’ve got good people in your life who also value your values, you’ll see evidence of it here. Unless something is very wrong within certain financial or personal matters, on the whole this shouldn’t be a particularly strong or upsetting Full Moon in material ways on the personal level. Now, the global financial scene might be different, since there’s actually quite a bit of “propping up” being done to make finances look more robust on paper than they really are. While this single lunation isn’t a huge upset, it does occur around the time the more unsettling space weather starts building in intensity, so while the Full Moon won’t exactly stir things up it can highlight things already coming to a head in global events.


Mostly, though, it’s a chill and beautiful Full Moon. Enjoy the beauty of it if you want to stay up for it; if not, enjoy the beauty and depth of your dreams as this Full Moon in Taurus aspecting Pluto in Capricorn and Chiron in Pisces is a dreamers Moon.



As always, look to the house of your natal chart that this Taurus Full Moon Supermoon falls in for further information about how it will affect you personally. Generally speaking, I’m only expecting those people with planets or angles between 19-25 degrees of Taurus and Scorpio to be immediately affected in the usual ways, though again the closeness of the Moon does mean we can expect a strong feeling regardless of whether it directly affects us individually. If you need help finding where this falls in your chart, read here for easy instructions.



  1. Sherlocka G says:

    Hey if my Moon is in Taurus for my Solar Return, is that a good thing?

  2. soulspeak2013 says:

    Reblogged this on At the Table, On my Plate.

  3. Never heard that tune before, slightly terrifying at first but now I love it! I’ve worn it out

  4. The supermoon will be in my 8th house! It will be conjunct my natal moon and vertex, sextile my venus, MC and jupiter & EXACTLY quincunx my Libra rising.

    Half of me is excited while the other half is sort of freaked out!

  5. Hi Clarissa, was just going through your archives when I noticed your blog just had its 2nd anniversary! That’s really a cool feat in Internet terms, congrats girl! 😘

  6. I am trying to find out how this may affect me as I have Sun at 24 Taurus and Moon at 5 Taurus. Cannot find much for a Transititng Super Moon conjunct Natal Sun

  7. Michele Hoverter says:

    hi, my sun sign is Taurus, with Scorpio rising. Moon in Capricorn? I feel like this could be a powerful time?

    No offense but you seem to have paired Capricorn Pluto with the Taurus Full Moon. Rather a wide orb in my opinion.

    You neglected the Mutual Reception going on between Aquarius Mars and Aries Uranus. I’d watch Aries Uranus (21 degrees). Inconjunct is a much more unstable aspect and tighter. Mutual Receptions are much stronger than wimpy Chiron. Capricorn Pluto has been serious for a while but this Taurus Full Moon is only a trigger. But a trigger to be aware of in order to protect yourself from an emotional breakdown.

    Libra Jupiter is square Capricorn Pluto and their more involved with Sagittarius Saturn. They set the stage for this Super Taurus Full Moon and the stage is not sweet. We choose to be aware in order to be at peace.

    • It’s a wide orb, but I’m not the only one who uses wide orbs and not the only astrologer involving Pluto in this lunation. As far as Chiron being “wimpy”, well we’ll have to agree to disagree on that part; I work with Chiron a lot and my personal experience has never left me with the impression it’s “wimpy”.

      I actually haven’t neglected to talk about the Mars in Aquarius-Uranus in Aries mutual reception at all:

      I agree with the emotional triggering potential of this Full Moon, which is why I wrote that it will be pulling on everyone’s emotions and explained that this is the type of Moon that earns the reputation of “lunacy”. 🙂

  9. For one thing, the Moon is exalted in Taurus, meaning the Moon finds tremendous comfort here. Happy and serene. We always look at the aspects for further information, and besides the obvious opposition to the Scorpio Sun this Full Moon only makes two other major aspects, both of which are harmonious ones. There’s tremendous depth and power at this lunation but in a way that is accessible, gentle, and supportive.

    This is where I object. You left out Aries Uranus which is trouble. And if you are talking about aspect combinations involved you can not just talk about Pluto alone. It is part of a complex combination, Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter. It’s like 3 instrument in an orchestra playing the same note.

    Taurus is the Earth itself and all material things. It is the densest of zodiac territories. It’s density is why it seems so slow. Mother Earth is crying out for help. She is part of the reflection going on. Can’t you feel it. I for one hear her as a 15 degree Scorpio Moon and a 21 degree Leo Pluto I am awake at 1am- 2am writing this as the super close Moon passes overhead.

    No offense. For some unknown reason I have reached out to talk with you. Maybe because I am so Scorpio. Good luck, Good Night.

    • It’s possible you feel it more than others due to being “so Scorpio”. I’ve been doing this a while and I’ve seen others write about lunations in ways that are completely overhyped and scary to people, and these things come and go with nothing to worry about. It will certainly affect Taurus and Scorpio and those people who are very sensitive to lunations as I’ve written, for everyone else we’ll have to agree to disagree.

  10. My natal moon will be exactly conjunct this Supermoon. It’s in my 7th house and opposes my natal Venus in Scorpio. I’m very curious to see what happens.

  11. Hugs and love Clarissa. You are special and unique and here for so many wonderful reasons.

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