Where Are We Going, America?


During times of uncertainty, clarity and perspective are the most crucial ingredients to a successful outcome, and yet typically those things are the most difficult to come by in those moments. Such is the case in America post Presidential election 2016. Regardless of how you view the outcome of it, we’re unmistakably in unknown territory; clarity and perspective regarding the bigger picture beyond a handful of recognizable names in the news is needed.


In the very short term, we have a Full Moon in Taurus opposing the Sun in Scorpio on November 14th asking us to balance roiling dramatic emotions with pragmatism and level headed thinking. Soon after, on November 19th Neptune stations direct at 9 degrees Pisces, conjunct the South Node in Pisces, and at the degree of the September 1st Virgo Solar Eclipse as well as the final of the three Saturn-Neptune squares. The Moon was in Pisces the night of the election, crossing over the South Node, Neptune, and Chiron in Pisces. Psychic overload was the result. (Well, one of many results.) Mars entered Aquarius on election night, moving into a mutual reception with Uranus retrograde in Aries which is tightly conjunct Eris. Piscean confusion competing with anarchic rage.


With these things in mind, during a time of shaky astrological weather it’s probably a good time to stop and recalibrate, reclaim our senses and point our compasses back in the right direction. To help with the clarification and recalibration process, let’s just run through where we are now, at this moment in time, taking things on one at a time. I’ve written before about everything that is happening now; not everything below is necessarily new but aggregating it into one narrative will hopefully provide focus. I’ve been asked if I’ll do a post-election writeup; my answer for the time being is no, because I’ve been writing about it in advance for a while now:


America’s 2016 Solar Return 


A solar return is a chart cast from one birthday to the next, when the transit Sun returns to the same degree as the birth Sun. This applies to anything that has a birth chart, including nations.


From my article on America’s solar return for 2016-2017:


“The Cancer New Moon on Monday, July 4th falls at 12 degrees Cancer, forming a stellium in Cancer along with Mercury and Venus in the sign of the Crab. The stellium will oppose Pluto retrograde at 16 degrees Capricorn. The New Moon in the United States’ solar return is a wider conjunction, with the Sun at 13 degrees Cancer and the Moon at 19 degrees Cancer; separating, but still a Sun-Moon conjunction nonetheless. The separation of the Sun-Moon conjunction does show things can and probably will improve over the course of the solar return year, but expect some excitement at the start and for a while.


New Moons in a solar return show a year where, obviously, there is consistent focus on starting anew. With the Cancer New Moon and stellium falling in the SR 8th house, this sense of constantly needing to push forward will play out most strongly in the areas most associated with the 8th house; particularly taxes, insurance, investments, payouts, loans, credits, borrowing, power struggles, sex and death. No light stuff in the 8th house. A solar return with the Sun in the 8th is the most typical solar return signaling a major turning point, usually through disruption at best and crisis at worst


Pluto is retrograde at 16 degrees Capricorn in the SR 2nd, opposing the 8th house Cancer stellium. The 2nd house is accessible cash and tangibles, personal income; a strong emphasis on the 2nd/8th house axis shows money issues all around will have to be dealt with or else. Now, with the 8th house being a money house and a house often associated with crisis, one could easily assume financial crisis is in store. That may very well be true, but we are talking about a very complex economic beast here; nothing is that simple. With the benefit of hindsight, we know that financial crises and collapses can be engineered in such a way that they appear extremely beneficial on the surface; often we can see that a group of people really did benefit quite well from a “crisis”. Just that, unfortunately, others had to foot the bill somewhere along the way. As I’ve written before, this will be more noticeable with Jupiter in Libra, especially once it starts forming an ongoing cardinal T-square with Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn by years end…


Even though there is intense, highly stressed focus in the solar return on the country’s financial health, I’m not saying this is a doom-and-gloom, apocalyptic year or anything. But, most definitely a year of not being able to escape any of our changing financial realities… While the 8th house -ruled by Pluto and Pluto’s sign, Scorpio- is seen as the house of money, sex and death, its strongest function is actually seeing the psychology and pathology that underpin money, sex and death. All are exchanges of energy, after all, a Plutonic specialty. A focus on the 8th house in a solar return shows a time of psychological and psychic transformation (usually through a degree of pain) as much as anything else…


The Cancer New Moon in the 8th house of America’s solar return will be giving a great feeling of urgency in everything ahead this year. Heightened emotional responses, deep psychological excavation… On that note, the more we can openly bounce our individual personal, cultural, spiritual and philosophical perspectives off each other, the better off we will be. America is nothing if not diverse, as shown by our country’s Sagittarius ascendant and Aquarius Moon (ideas that travel and eclecticism, respectively) in America’s “birth” chart, or Sibley chart. The 2016/2017 U.S. solar return has a Sagittarius rising as well. The Sadge ascendant in the solar return reflects the birth chart (as does Pluto in Capricorn in the 2nd house), which not only indicates a “big” year (further underscoring everything else in the solar return), but means Jupiter is the chart ruler. Jupiter is found in the SR 9th house, conjunct the Midheaven or MC. Jupiter rules the 9th house, so obviously it’s at home here and very strong near the Midheaven.


What will truly make America great again are the things that made us great in the first place: eager adoption of new and better ways of doing things rather than clinging stubbornly to outdated and outworn ideals, optimism, holding to our values while allowing others to hold onto theirs, “united we stand, divided we fall”, “a patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government”, and all the other American clichés.”


Jupiter in Libra 


Jupiter entered Libra in September and has been fairly easygoing until now, where it is forming a cardinal T-square involving Uranus retrograde in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. The reactivation of the long dormant Uranus-Pluto square also involves Eris in Aries, as you’ll see in a minute. A cardinal T-square is two planets opposing each other with a third planet square the two planets in opposition. It is a stressful pattern that forges new directions through intense friction. Here’s what Jupiter in Libra brings to the cardinal T-square.


From my original post on Jupiter in Libra:


“Most importantly, it’s a time of finding our inspirations together… Jupiter does make things easier, but that’s not to say that the transit of Jupiter in Libra will bring easy relationships the entire way… Though Libra is the sign represented by scales and thus the keyword most commonly associated with Libra is balance, it does not mean balance is always achieved, but rather that balance is the ultimate goal. Libra’s need for balance means it necessarily has to encounter imbalances, swings, oppositions, ups and downs. Imagine weighing something on actual scales; immediate equilibrium does not happen. One side has to be weighed against the other until stabilizing. Balance is the bringing together of extremes or opposites and forcing them into an equal relationship, which by definition means Libra often forces us to deal with less-than-pretty scenarios and people. Libra deals with conflict resolution, which means conflict comes out into the open…


Conflict resolution does mean that despite the hippy-dippy image often conjured by its keywords, Libra is actually quite a contentious sign. Harmony and balance are indeed part and parcel of Libra’s purpose. However, Libra needs that perfectly balanced soul ratio at all costs; if that means dropping bombs and starting wars to achieve its objective, then so be it. [Note: at the time I wrote that, it was only a metaphor.] Diplomatic negotiations, tough decision making. As an intellectual air sign, Libra uses the decision making process to find its equilibrium. Decisions is a word derived from the Latin word decidere, which means to “sever” or “cut off”.


“Jupiter in Libra brings refinement, sophistication and diplomacy to our decision making processes. Libra is actually quite strongly associated with laws and legislation, as well as the pursuit of justice in both legal matters and in our everyday lives. Jupiter in Libra will be bringing a major refocus on the ethics of judicial workings, which couldn’t come at a better time on Earth it seems. Jupiter in Libra is really appealing to a Higher Court; where the decisions of man-made law fails us, the principles of natural or divine law save us.


The square between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn that has gone on for several years now does come back at the end of 2016 and into the beginning of 2017. While the Uranus-Pluto square tightens up and begins to bring major shakeups once again, Jupiter in Libra will be in aspect to the Uranus-Pluto square, forming a cardinal T-square that lasts several months. It will be bringing big changes in money to both Main Street and Wall Street, for sure. This is a major economic rebalancing, or “market correction”, with equal winners and losers. Sometimes the gains are directly at others’ expense. The stroke of luck Jupiter in Libra brings to the Uranus-Pluto square is the knack for triumph out of tragedy. The changes in our world are so shocking, it’s often hard to perceive them as a good thing, but occasionally the explosions make for open roads and new opportunities for those with the gumption to try it…  Hold on to dying, worn out ideals of a world that won’t be around much longer at your own peril. Regression and backsliding are just on the wrong side of history.”


From my Huffington Post article:


“This might not be the first thing that pops into people’s minds when thinking of the benefits of Jupiter in Libra, but it might actually be the most crucial component. Jupiter doesn’t always represent “dumb luck”; as the planet of growth and expansion of our minds, often the ‘luck’ is really the result of a learning experience that, when applied to everyday circumstances, starts to bear fruit. In Libra, that learning experience will be in the form of treating each other with fairness, dignity, equality. And not just in our personal lives. Traditionally, Libra has been the sign most closely associated with law and the judicial system. Look at just about any headlines recently and you’ll see some breach of justice or other. Jupiter in Libra is as good a time as any to educate ourselves on the laws we have to abide by, who writes them, how they can be changed and what steps each of us can take to push for the changes in laws we most want to see happen now.”


Saturn in Sagittarius 


Wherever Saturn is, is where we need to grow up. Saturn forces maturation, whether we want it or like it or even see the need for it. Right now, Saturn is in Sagittarius, philosophical sign of beliefs, ideas, opinions, ideology. Our beliefs need to grow up. Many of our once-precious ideas about life are showing themselves to not be up to snuff. Maybe they served a purpose at one point in time, but maybe the time has come to try to see things from a more sophisticated viewpoint.


Saturn in Sagittarius can be summed up by my original assessment of this transit: “Saturn in Sagittarius wants to know better so it can do better.” From that earlier post on Jupiter in Libra: “Jupiter in Libra sextile Saturn in Sagittarius is a very simpatico relationship, one of growing up our beliefs systems together for maximum mutual benefit.” There was a saying from an older generation: “You’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything”. The Biblical summary of Saturn in Sagittarius can be found in the Book of 1 Corinthians: “When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I grew up, I put aside childish things.”


So, there exists a basic challenge to stand up for what we know to be Truth while doing the grown up thing of acknowledging where we may also be in the wrong. The two go hand in hand. We do need to stand for what’s right, now more than ever, but not become so rigid we can’t see that we might be/might have been wrong, also. Since Saturn in Sagittarius is sextile Jupiter in Libra, it’s imperative we include people with differing viewpoints into this endeavor. Another saying I heard while growing up: “God gave you one mouth and two ears for a reason, girl. Talk less and listen more.” (Yeah, heard that one a lot…) It’s not possible to expand our understanding  (Saturn in Sagittarius) without listening to other people  (Jupiter in Libra) or else we end up in an echo chamber of synchophants which will only further interfere with mutual understanding. We need to speak our Truth, but before pushing it down other people’s throats we also need to consider that other people have their own Truth based on the paths they’ve walked in life, too. If we can’t understand where other people are coming from, well have we really made that effort of mutual understanding?


Even though the final exact Saturn-Neptune square is over, it is still in effect. It is waning, however the direct station of Neptune at 9 degrees Pisces on Saturday, November 19th kicks these issues back up to the front of our awareness. From my article on the Saturn-Neptune squares (which was one of my first posts):


“At its best, the connection of Saturn and Neptune will help us become more aware of the many different levels of reality, and that what we usually consider “reality” is sometimes arbitrary. There will be lessons learned about how the natural and supernatural worlds interact and our roles in them. Saturn in Sagittarius has a strong adherence to certain principles and ideology; Neptune in Pisces will be working to make sure that our principles are open hearted and inclusive, that we are really seeing the big picture. Those who have a stubborn, rigid belief system concerning science, spirituality, and philosophy will have a much harder time coping with this influence; those who are naturally more fluid and open hearted in their beliefs will have the advantage.


Knowing exactly who and what to believe, though, is going to be incredibly tough. There is a tendency with Saturn in Sagittarius for vocal know-it-all types to move front and center. There will be no shortage of people on any given subject who will get up on a soapbox and claim to be fighting for what’s right. With the Neptune square, its advisable to first make sure they really are right before taking any advice to heart. It will be completely possible to believe in something fully as the “right thing” only to find yourself led down the wrong road at a later time. It is always prudent to be skeptical of authority types, but especially more so during the Saturn-Neptune square. In general, people who have true knowledge of a subject do not feel the need to shout it or force it down people’s throats; any so-called gurus or experts who are given the biggest platforms to voice their opinions should be met with the most suspicion.


Our best critical thinking skills will become crucial in discerning the truth out of the official stories we are given. The Saturn-Neptune square is also happening during Pluto’s long transit of Capricorn, and the corruption of those in power will likely (and, unfortunately) get a boost from this transit. If you think politicians are arrogant, out of control and out of touch now, you haven’t seen the half of it yet. It is likely we will be seeing more military actions across the globe; yet, as the fighting increases, the causes will become less clear, the targets more vague and no certain outcomes. With people questioning their own religious or spiritual views, it will be easier for leaders across the spectrum to whip citizens into a frenzy over religion, both for and against certain doctrines. Again, don’t be afraid to stand up for what is right, but first be sure you are right! Neptune in Pisces will be urging us to live and let live, to be more accepting of our spiritual differences we all have based on our personal experience. Do not stop questioning the agendas of militaries during this time.


Medical and scientific experts will need to be questioned too. It is too often now that we find some incredibly self-righteous and  intolerant people in these fields, asserting their “expert” views as indisputable truth and any other viewpoint as wrong, stupid, ignorant… I will wager good money that by the time the Saturn-Neptune square is over, more than a few “facts” about science and medicine that are accepted now, will be shown to be false. Or, at least not as true as previously claimed. Likewise, some “facts” about wars and war leaders will be shown for  what they were/are. History has shown us that lies and mistakes have happened here before, it is not paranoid to question any official lines we’re being sold.


It will become common during this square to lose faith in government and social structures during this time, even as these officials are becoming more certain of their convictions and rightness. It will be common to lose faith in science as the embodiment of facts about our physical, material world. It will be common to lose faith with religious and spiritual philosophies as anything other than tools to divide and deceive us. Losing faith is not necessarily bad thing. It can serve to dissolve worn-out and inaccurate ideals in favor of ones that better serve our expanding understanding of life. Perhaps believing that certain perspectives are irreconcilable needs to go, and more holistic approaches used. Both Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces are focused on the search for The Truth about our entire existence, each in their own way. Both faith and reason can work together to authenticate what truth and reality are.”


Those are the things that we struggled with the most earlier this year, during the times of the exact Saturn-Neptune squares; as the squares are past exact and waning, when Neptune stations direct on November 19th expect a confusing mix of confusion and clarity of these themes.


Uranus and Eris in Aries 


Uranus in Aries received a mutual reception from Mars in Aquarius that began election night and will continue until mid December. In my November forecast, I warned it would lead to civil unrest. Well…


Uranus in Aries has also been moving in and out of a conjunction with shit-stirring planet Eris, and while it isn’t exact at the moment it’s pretty damn close this month, with Eris at 22 degrees Aries and Uranus retrograde at 21 degrees Aries. This aspect is bringing out the revolutionary reactionary in everyone. However, it’s important to look deeper into the sources of provocation, so that we are sure to be fighting the good fight and not simply lashing out at the easiest -or wrong- targets.


From my perspective on Eris:


“In Greek mythology, Eris was the goddess of discord and unrest, causing wars that were superficially born out of jealousy but look to me to be more akin to sociopathic sadism… Since shit-stirring was her thing, she decided to get her revenge by throwing a golden apple that said “who’s the fairest of all” into the crowd of other goddesses… long story short, this ended in the Trojan War. Eris’ little spiteful shit-stirring fit went a long, long way.


If Eris can’t be happy, no one can be happy? In the mythology, Eris was definitely being a colossal asshole by causing a war because she didn’t get what she wanted, owing to her being so antagonistic in the first place. However, it’s fair to blame the other goddesses for taking such a petty bait and letting their egos interfere with what should have been the sensible questioning of where the bait came from. No one is guiltless in that story…


This year, with the BREXIT vote that apparently a lot of people wanted but were still shocked by and the subsequent ripples through the European Union, as well as the shootings in Orlando and Dallas and [insert election opinions here] it’s not a stretch of the imagination to see Eris as the planet not only of unrest but also the planet that pushes things past a certain point of no return. In a neutral way, you could almost say it is the one that advances major storylines. Remember, Eris is so slow moving that it affects large scale events more noticeably than smaller ones, and when Eris is touched off by another major transit we get storylines of far reaching, long lasting consequences that are preceded with uncertainty and fear and even overwhelming despair. Questioning everything we thought we knew…


Eris in mythology was jealous of people getting along, and set about making people forget that they were able to get along… In the one example, Eris’ pot stirring brought into existence radically new ways of seeing our world. In the other, the world was turned upside down by people sowing discord between each other as a result of taking bait cast out for that single sinister purpose.”


Neptune and Chiron in Pisces 


Again, Neptune is stationing direct on November 19th, followed by Chiron stationing direct by months end. The Pisces Moon on election night touched them both off.


From a previous post:


“Contrary to popular belief Neptune/Pisces actually tries to bring clarity, not confusion. There are barriers in the mundane world that prevent us from seeing the universe, with no ends or beginnings, from fully accessing divine love, from fully utilizing and accepting our own unique and powerful intuitions. Pisces, ruled by Neptune, is the sign of the fish and here we understand the function better. Fish do not see as we see; they are underwater in waters that are often muddy or dark. They sense, they feel; the movement of the water against their scales provides more vision than the eyes on the side of their head. A minor change in the current or surrounding temperature tells them when there is danger present. They do not need to see it, they simply feel it and know it and to question that sense perception would be a mistake.


Problem is, of course, we can’t function like that. We look to solid external cues and coordinates to navigate. No matter what we sense and feel and have a sudden knowing of, if we can’t prove it in a court of law or in the court of public opinion, if it can’t pass scientific tests and media scrutiny then it may as well be worthless. Or worse, not to be trusted. One subject that has been coming up [with Neptune stationing in Pisces] is gaslighting… Essentially, it is being able to size up a person, thing or situation for what it is exactly but being made to doubt yourself, sometimes even being made to feel crazy. You know you’re right but you’re being told you’re wrong so much that you no longer trust yourself to be right and instead begin to defer to the sources calling you crazy. It’s a mindfuck, for sure. It is also -as anyone who has a difficult placement of this in their chart will tell you- incredibly Neptune, Piscean. Clarity is the goal, not confusion, but somehow one turns into another, the waters become muddy and you doubt your own survival instincts.


Gaslighting is most commonly explained as something that happens on an individual level. However, it isn’t a stretch to picture it playing out on the global scene. We do know the levels to which our governments lie to us, spy on us, fund our “enemies”, steadily strip away our liberties and pollute/destroy our food and water supplies, the list is endless. At this point, is there anything we wouldn’t put past them? We didn’t used to believe this stuff was happening because we didn’t really want to see what we were seeing. Even during the height of the Uranus-Pluto squares and Saturn in Scorpio, when the evidence couldn’t be ignored, for every person who “woke up” there were just as many and more who wouldn’t or couldn’t believe it. And now that the unreal slowly becomes the real? What now? The test will be to see it for what it is and not allow ourselves to be told we’re seeing something else.”


Pluto in Capricorn 


In a T-square pattern, the planet that squares the other planets in opposition to each other is the apex, or focus, of the T-square. In the current cardinal T-square underway, Pluto in Capricorn is the apex.


From my article These Are The Times That Try Our Souls:


“The last time Pluto was in Capricorn was 1762 to 1779. One of the most obvious examples of the proper handling of Pluto in Capricorn potential was the American Revolution. Pluto is concerned with power dynamics; the proper use of power that can transform and the abuse or misuse of power that destroys and devastates. Capricorn is a cardinal sign, meaning an active initiative and control, and concerned with government, leadership, business, politics, and authority on every level, including personal authority. It is also a sign that is focused on upward moving mature growth and evolution. So, you can see this in action in the American Revolution. Authoritarian government had overstepped it’s boundaries and was suffocating, destroying, and so it had to be overthrown, working  models implemented that better served the needs of the people at that moment in time and allowed a degree of individual power and autonomy to be reclaimed.


It wasn’t a perfect model; since Pluto in Capricorn is found in the United States’ natal chart, issues over the power and control of the government versus the rights of the individual are inherent to the country’s evolution. But, flawed as the model may have been in some ways, it was no longer possible to continue on the trajectory we were on then and the bull had to be grabbed by the horns, so to speak. As Thomas Paine wrote in 1776: “These are the times that tries men’s souls… Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered.”


“One the one hand, there is a very real need to revolt against the power structures that are preventing progress from moving in the healthy directions we’d like to take it, and on the other hand there is increasing social pressure to accept and conform to the wishes of the masses, whether or not their values and goals are in line with yours. This makes effecting change in any real way a very tricky thing to do…


On that note, the best ideas in the world do not matter if they are not supported by the general public, if they are not funded by the government, if they are blocked by special interest groups, if their facts are distorted by same groups, if honest and factual reporting of their benefits are censored, if people who challenge the status quo are shunned or blacklisted or jailed or “suicided”. The running thread between all these astrological influences as well as the apparent visible issues is the continuing forceful erosion of civil liberties taking place nearly everywhere, the attempts to control and censor the Internet and curb free speech, invasive surveillance, and citizens being ever increasingly treated like enemies of the state…


“The surveillance part can’t be overestimated. As stated above, Pluto deals with power dynamics and struggles and the use or abuse of power, and Pluto’s transit of Aquarius from 2024-2043 will accelerate the rise of the Aquarian Age while also setting the tone. Modern technology has without question made life better than ever thought possible, and the Internet in particular is one of the best things to ever happen to mankind. However, there is already an absurd amount of misuse of technology that works against all our best interests, and considering the extent of mass monitoring and surveillance already in place I am personally more than a little terrified of the direction technology will take during the Pluto in Aquarius years if left unchecked. We need freedom to access technology, freedom in how we use technology, and freedom from technology all at the same time. We are becoming very good at using technology as a subversive tool and I think that needs to continue. If we are forced to submit to privacy invading surveillance we can use same techniques to defend ourselves against injustice. Watch the watchmen, so to speak. Personally, I also think there needs to be much better legal protection for “whistleblowers” as it is their information that can serve as catalysts…


Even though these things are obviously affecting us all, I’m going to refer back to the American Revolution as an easy example. Imagine if that war had never happened? Suppose the citizens shrugged and accepted tyranny, or hoped a hero came along and did it all for them? In a general way, that’s a decision we all are being asked to make. In the Aquarian Age, realize there may be occasional heros but success is ultimately won through community or common-unity, all of us contributing our individual talents to the bigger process.”


From my writeup of 2016:


“By about late October into early November, just around the time of the U.S. Presidential election, Jupiter in Libra begins squaring Pluto in Capricorn. Jupiter = big, Libra = restoring balance; Pluto = other people’s money, Capricorn = government, big business, infrastructure. Jupiter aspecting Pluto is one of the biggest tip offs that something big happens around money. The square implies it won’t be easy money. Now, Jupiter-Pluto is no financial doomsday transit; matter of fact I have no doubt that a lot will see windfalls, actually. But, the square means the Jupiter in Libra need for fairness and equal balance will be thrown off by the more ruthless Pluto in Capricorn, which can and has enabled spectacular levels of global corruption in the way business is now done. This looks like some type of “market correction” to me, with not everyone being impacted equally. Think of an uptick in home forclosures or repo’d cars or similar scenarios; lots of people benefit during a “buyers market” but obviously it comes at the great misfortune of others. I don’t know for sure that the Jupiter-Pluto square will cause a housing crisis, but the last time Jupiter was in Libra was 2005, when housing prices peaked and started to decline. Jupiter in Libra in 2016/2017 will be a “full circle” culmination of events since 2005 and this time Jupiter in Libra will square Pluto. The effects, both good and bad, are deep and incisive. And no doubt tangled up in the American Presidential election.


Whatever the Jupiter-Pluto square throws at us, it too will only be a lead-up to bigger events on the horizon. We are not far away from Uranus -rebellious shocker, agent of both chaos and ingenuity- moving into Taurus, bullish earthy sign of the banker, of money and tangibles. Taurus likes to build, accumulate; it does not like change and spontaneity so Uranus in Taurus looks incredibly difficult and uncomfortable to me. The last time Uranus was in Taurus was from 1935-1942 and one only needs to look at that period of history to understand how Uranus in Taurus upsets finances and turns money on its head. We can’t repeat that time frame; the square between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn we’re leaving propelled us into uncharted, unprecedented territory. Once Uranus moves into Taurus (at first briefly between May and November 2018, and then it settles in from March 2019 until 2025) we will have to learn to survive at a material level according to the new and accelerating climate.


The end of 2019 and most of 2020 has me the most nervous. There, Pluto in late Capricorn will be joined by Jupiter and Saturn, and while this conjunction never “perfects” (Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn never meets at the exact same degree) this is a major force of reckoning in matters of government and global business. Capricorn focuses a lot on consequences: good, bad and everything in between. By the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunctions in 2019/2020, we’ll likely see the consequences of the Uranus-Pluto squares we’re leaving behind. We will see just how effectively we used the major catalyst of change; whatever we ignored in the past few years will be unignorable in the coming few years.


Think of the Uranus in Aries-Pluto in Capricorn squares as Martin Luther nailing his ninety-five theses to the church door, and the Jupiter-Pluto square and then more strongly the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn conjunction as the delayed fallout and reaction… These astrological shifts are not that far off that we can ignore them now.”


The North Node in Virgo/South Node in Pisces 


From the same article on America’s solar return:


“I urge everyone to keep in mind that we –all of us, everywhere around the globe- are still in the time of the North Node in Virgo and the South Node in Pisces. Pisces is one of the most sensitive, emotive signs there is, but lingering too long on the South Node is always to our detriment. In other words, your/our compassion, empathy, caring, swirling pool of deep feeling and connectedness is/will be used against us…


It behooves all of us greatly to utilize Virgoan skills of logical discernment to separate wheat from chaff when faced with difficult issues and decisions. It’s not that we are wrong for feeling such strong emotional responses to any of the various challenges facing our country; it’s that we may be letting better judgement be clouded by feeling and perceptions rather than sensible thought. Solutions will be nuanced, detailed and thoroughly thought out and hashed out. They will not come from drawing swift conclusions.”




  1. I’ve read these posts before but this does bring a cohesive narrative together. Thank you! I love that you lead with a gentle reminder to remain kind to one another, and end with a gentle reminder to be discerning and not easily fooled. Discerning people will not treat each other as the enemy but as comrades in the same trenches !

    • Amen! Those in power must be giddy with joy at how easy it is to get us to divide ourselves for conquer and save them the time. People, we’re not each others enemies, use some sense…

  2. Loved your final paragraph. A bit (or a lot!) of Virgoan logic would serve all of us right now.

    The sun came up today. That’s a reasonable start.

    Nice job piecing this all together.


  3. This is class. Well done and thank you.

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  7. Excellent post, if only it were printed in the NYTimes, The Washington Post, The SFChronicle etc… These media outlets as well as TV news have done so much to stir up emotional disturbance. I am sitting in my kitchen now 2 blocks from a ‘demonstration’ that is actually a civil disturbance and riot. Police helicopters overhead for 2 DAYS. Why aren’t Obama and Hillary calming this situation? Where is the Virgoian logic from our leaders? This power play from behind the scenes is probably the thing to come out in 2019, 2020…
    Thank you so much for you efforts. If we are lucky your subscribers will vastly multiply in the coming months/years!

    • Thank you kindly 🙂

      Sagittarius rules broadcasting and rules themes of hypocrisy, Saturn is showing the gritty reality of hypocrisy in our media. Riots are not quelled when they support agenda, only when they are organic and full of righteous rage against agenda. That’s always been the case, though for some reason a certain amount of people lack that depth perception. Virgoan discernment should tip people off that they’re being used by people who only have their own best interests at heart.

      • Meh. One person’s protest is another persons riot. Protest is protected under the First Amendment – Obama would be out of line to speak against it. And sometimes anarchists have to show up to have an excuse to set something on fire. Not my preferred version of anarchy, but I try to accept reality as it it rather than delude myself with fairy tales of what I would like it to be. In that vein, I don’t expect any Virgoan logic from Donald Trump when he take office.

        I’m glad Hilary hasn’t said anything and hope to continues to fade into oblivion from now on.

        • I realize I’m cynical, as someone who’s participated in protests and tried to organize them to no avail (many Moons ago). Some of the hypocrisy lies with the protesters, who are full of passion when celebrities are tweeting their support but who will go back to business as usual when their cartoon version of Armageddon doesn’t occur and they run out of steam. Much like Occupy Wall Street. I don’t disagree that people should protest something they don’t believe in, but I do think they should question why not everyone is supporting what they clearly feel is a worthy cause. These protesters I’m seeing today do not seem to see how other people with opposing viewpoints feel, and I think if people would try to have better dialogues with one another that not only would they gain more support but they might actually find workable solutions through building mutual support, beyond just showing up somewhere and announcing they’re angry. There are pet causes that gain momentum when media decides they want to play up certain unsavory aspects of politics etc at strategic times so yes I do see hypocrisy in media from that perspective, but the knowledge of wrongdoing is not new knowledge, people have been sounding alarms for a long time and will continue to sound alarms with no support from anyone until it becomes trendy again. These protests will not prevent a change in administration, it will happen and the protests will die down, then we’ll see where their passion and outrage is when other equally disturbing and equally deserving causes need championed and people are trying to rally for supoort. I’ve been there, I know. But that’s also made me cynical about these things too, obviously 🙂

          Just my less than two cents

          • Old Hippie says:

            Those of us old enough to have lived through the sixties know the power of people organizing. Disheartening to see efforts to change reality called fairy tales nowadays. We also remember that those “anarchists” who showed up and caused the most disruption were usually feds, or paid for by the feds, to discredit our efforts. Which we know now has already taken place this year in the lead up to the election. Would not be surprised if the troublemakers at these current protests are paid actors as well. We used to call this psychological warfare and mind control before the Internet twisted the meaning.

            As to the young people at these things, I will leave out my old, cranky opinions since people cannot have opinions anymore! 😛

            PS this is why the polls got everything so wrong this year, censorship and politically correct culture has created an environment where people feel they must keep their ideas to themselves so they aren’t branded with the scarlet letter of the moment. This forced silence, of course, only serves to keep the thought police out of the loop of other people’s lives and then they are caught by surprise!

            • Well, I’m just cynical in general so generally I try to see understand some things I don’t agree with rather than letting my cynicism control all my thoughts.

              I don’t think protest is the appropriate format for discussion and dialogue, and I’m actually ok with that. I think of protest as a type of expression for the purpose of binding solidarity with each other for a common cause and raising awareness to those who aren’t a part of that group, all toward the general effort to effect change. In addition, since it requires a large group of people of a single mind, it is best suited to one-dimensional ideas (a slogan for one example, outrage over a person being elected for another). I’ve only twice in my life been moved to protest, but respect people who need to express themselves that way. When the Occupy movement started, I actually thought it was stupid, but as it went on, it did make me think about the issues they were concerned about, and while I don’t agree with all their points, I’m glad it got me out of my very cozy bubble.

              • (sorry I meant this comment in response to Clarissa above.)

              • @Clarissa, I should also say I’m really glad their are Trump protestors even though I don’t feel moved to protest myself (he was elected in a free and open election by the public in accordance to the laws of the land), so I’m not entirely unbiased. This is what Trump’s election has inspired: http://www.cnn.com/2016/11/11/politics/kkk-donald-trump-north-carolina-2016-election/index.html

                And while he strongly denounces it, he also denies/refuses to see that his campaign has lit a fire under people like that.

                • The other campaign has done a damn good job of lighting a fire under bigots of a different persuasion, so I won’t go there because I was Team No One all year and won’t take sides now. I’m not directing this at you bomega (or anyone here) but in general this type of thing is playing into the system, and isn’t helping anything.

                  Can we just try for a second to look at the positive things to come out of this election that we all share? A lot of people turned out to vote, which means a lot of people genuinely care about the direction this country is going in. If you turn off the media and just look at people around us, most people care about the safety, wellbeing and success of everyone else. (Some people don’t, of course, but we don’t like those people, do we) People had different reasons for voting for who they voted for (and there were plenty who voted outside the left vs right party system) but most accept that both sides were dealt a bad hand and played it the best they could. If people had doubts before, they see clearly that the vote still counts for something, that people should vote and that the integrity of the vote isn’t something to let slip. People would have had buyers remorse regardless of who won; this has stirred up a lot of passion and has encouraged people to try to become more knowledgeable about how this country runs. If people disengage from the media frothing at the mouth and open a dialogue with others, we’ll see more common ground at this point in time that things that divide us, and there’s tremendous power in unifying people. The traditional ways of doing business in this country obviously have outworn their purpose and those who represent change need to be supported. I seem to remember one candidate who represented a type of change who also focused on respect and social justice, who didn’t get the nomination due to corruption, and who may have benefitted from some well timed outrage and demands for that wrong to be righted (maybe if that had happened, we wouldn’t be having such frictional discussions in this country now). There were third party candidates who didn’t receive proper support because while people wanted outsider candidates, ultimately they were scared of trying it or were told voting outside the traditional paradigm is a waste of time. While I don’t particularly care myself for the most popular of the third party candidates, he did receive over 4 million votes which isn’t insignificant, in fact it’s arguable that this swayed the results of the election so maybe that should be given more attention and energy since it clearly does count as an alternative. People also are more awake to the people who affect our lives that we don’t vote for, and question how much control they should be given. I see a lot more interest in the way laws are written and how we can stop things from reaching a boiling point if we’re more vigilant and proactive at the local levels. There’s many other ways of protesting through the actions we take and most are more effective in the long run (which was why I got away from that type of thing) and I think one positive thing we can try to focus on is agreeing that a lot of us are hurting and we should be looking to help each other through tangible changes, rather than being angry at anyone for not doing what we think they should have done. We can harness this collective passion and try to find more realistic solutions through calm discernment that unite rather than divide, surely?

            • @Old Hippie, You’ve misunderstand what i meant by “fairy tale” and “anarchist”. In context, when I said “fairy tale” it was in reference to the fact that I have a particular preference to the way I would like to see protests go – in particular, peacefully, and making everything happen after its over so we can all live happily ever after. But In actually reality it rarely goes that way. Because the real world is messy. And sometimes energy fizzles out. Sometimes people do things we don’t agree with. Sometimes people get ugly with each other. And sometimes, violence starts. Sometimes when things don’t work out, there is some clear bad guy (police overusing force, or a clearly violent person) but in actually it isn’t black and white.

              While peaceful protesters always want to believe they are pure and violence is always caused by the police the truth is there is small minority of people who use existing protest to start violence. For their own view of how they want things to go. This actually came up with a few years ago with a Portland group (I *think* a cycling activist group) where a charismatic member joined…after a while started always escalating things…eventually got arrested, actually for raping his girlfriend. It came out in the investigation that he did it to several women in the group, who didn’t feel safe talking about it when it happened. It also came up during the investigation that he had actually been kicked out of at least one protest prior – a black rights protest (before BLM), pretended to by a white sympathizer and joined the protest and then tried to incite violence (but those protesters shut him down before he could get started.) People like him are not the true spirit of a change movement. But denial of their existence would also be trying to live in a fairy tale.

              I once dated a guy who believed that getting arrested for getting in a cops face if he pulls you over for speeding was a noble act. He’d done it more than once when we were out together on a date. He used to love Critical Mass back when they were nuts. I’m familiar with the psychology of this type of person. While my ex didn’t want to cause violence nor hurt anyone, I think he kind of enjoyed it when it did escalate to that.

              Having said that I do believe that peaceful protest can be a part of change. I just don’t think it works the way most people (participants and observers) think it does.

              • I once dated a guy who liked to deliberately provoke cops while driving. But he was just an ass looking for trouble, no other motivation behind it. So, obviously that one didn’t last long.

              • Old Hippie says:

                @bomega Well I thank you for your considerate response! Sometimes communication online makes it difficult to understand what a person is trying to say, so I like to ask before coming to conclusions. As someone who lived through the sixties and seventies, as someone who seen the power of people in action to produce very real results, I see there is a disconnect between the way we went about things and the way the young generation tries to go about things. and why it isn’t effective. (I do agree somewhat with what I think Clarissa was getting at — that protests are only good for drawing attention but the real change comes through following up with actions and commitment. Low energy people won’t stay the course. Many of us hippie protesters were heavily involved in law and politics Full time commitment.) However, I will keep my thoughts on these things to myself! 😛

                Have a blessed day bomega!

        • Obama would most definitely NOT be out of line to speak against what’s happening, as he actually has addressed violence at protests in the past. Look at what he told the protesters in Ferguson-

          “I think first and foremost, keep protests peaceful,” Obama said in an interview, the Associated Press reports. “This is a country that allows everybody to express their views, allows them to peacefully assemble, to protest actions that they think are unjust. But using any event as an excuse for violence is contrary to rule of law, contrary to who we are.”


          No reason he and Clinton shouldn’t do the same thing now, address the protesters and reassure them they are allowed their right to *peaceful* assembly. Obama is still President until January and IMO his attitude is inexcusable. I voted for Obama twice and I still see his handling of this for what it is (not asking violent protesters to step down when they benefit a particular narrative).

  8. Double Aquarius says:

    Clarissa, your post was very good. And it’s helpful to have the information consolidated. It just doesn’t make me feel very hopeful.

  9. As always, cogent and well done. Upsetting times, yes. But we still do all have to THINK and your consideration of the elements is a huge help in that.

  10. Old Hippie says:

    Clarissa Darling (get it? Ha!) when you have time — and I do know you have so much on your plate — would you be so kind as to tell us your thoughts on the nature of the presidency for the next 4 years? Can we expect impeachment or scandal? You get my drift.

    Have a blessed day!

    • I did two pieces on that but deleted them. Some things are becoming low return on investment energetic expenditures. I do think impeachment is a probability, but I thought that before the election so it would’ve happened to either one. Scandal is a given, you don’t need astrology to see that. Assassination/suspicious death of a particular notable person in the White House is also a possibility, though not the President.

      Appreciate the blessing, I need all the blessings I can get 😀

      • You threw your own work away? Wish you hadn’t done that, I bet it was great.

        Might I ask who is at risk of personal harm if not the President?

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