Real Time Astrology: New Moon In Capricorn December 28th-29th, 2016


The last New Moon of 2016 falls either late Wednesday night on December 28th or in the wee hours of Thursday, December 29th (0:53 AM Central Standard Time). The New Moon will be at 7 degrees Capricorn, tightly conjunct Mercury retrograde at 6 degrees Capricorn. The New Moon will sextile a close conjunction of Mars at 7 degrees Pisces and Neptune at 9 degrees Pisces. The New Moon is nine degrees away from a conjunction to Pluto in Capricorn, an orb too wide to typically be used. However, when Mercury stationed retrograde on December 19th, it did so in tight conjunction to Pluto; this Capricorn New Moon is tightly conjunct Mercury retrograde so I’d expect some Plutonic news coming through at this lunation.


The conjunction to Mercury retrograde and the whiff of Pluto accompanying it will be a big story here. From a previous post:


“In Roman mythology, Mercury was known as a psychopomp, or an entity that was responsible for escorting the recently departed souls to the afterlife. Mercury… does show mediumship ability… though not in the silly “I see dead people” way most people think of when they hear the word medium. It’s nothing more than acting as a conduit for something to pass through, and more often than not it is incredibly subtle. A synchronicity here, a signal there.”


The New Moon in cardinal (initiating) Capricorn conjunct Mercury retrograde will be initiating movement and change based on what this carefully considered Mercury retrograde is telling us. Be warned that there may be an element of anxiety or fear associated with this New Moon. For starters, the Moon is in detriment in Capricorn, meaning the natural emotional rhythms associated with the Moon are just a bit more uncomfortable, harder to fathom. Moon in Capricorn is a worried, anxious Moon. Under the right circumstances, this can be productive and motivating. The watery, Neptune-ruled sign of Pisces doesn’t provide either of those qualities; Pisces is amorphous and indirect. The conjunction of Mars and Neptune in Pisces in harmonious aspect to an uncomfortable and sobering New Moon looks to me like a possible sucker punch.


I’m sure there’s other astrologers who’d interpret this lunation as being a relatively easy one due to those sextiles. I’m telling you, many people are going to be caught off guard by something at this New Moon. Sextiles are nice but can also lull folks into a false sense of security. The sucker punches most likely will come from substantial information (Mercury retrograde) that inspires us into wanting to act (Mars/Moon in cardinal sign) but without clear direction or recourse (Pisces).


My advice, should you be hit from out of nowhere, would be to do what Capricorn Moons do best: control your emotions. Let the dominoes fall where they will and analyze it from as unemotional a vantage point as you can muster.


The recent Gemini Full Moon seen so many of my readers (and myself) experiencing drama with our mama’s. Hate to say this, but if that was something you dealt with then, most likely you’re going to deal with it again here. New Moon in Capricorn conjunct Mercury retrograde: dealing with uneasy conversations involving mothers, family, lack of emotional support and learning where we need to suck it up and go it alone. The blessing here at this particular New Moon is the sextiles to Mars-Neptune conjunct in Pisces: avoiding certain frictional issues might not be a bad thing! Controlling your emotions enough to go with the flow rather than getting sucker under by it is a strength of this New Moon. (Oh, and our dreams will be lit up as well. Pay attention!)


As always, look to the house of your natal chart that this New Moon in Capricorn and Mercury retrograde fall in for further information about how it will affect you personally. Read here for easy instructions if you don’t know how to find it.




  1. I’m not particularly fan of this new moon either!

    It will be on my natal mars, on the cusp to my 12th house.

    Mercury has already sent me some queer dreams this week or two – a lot of “compensating” for what I want but didn’t have or get. Also, just this night, my ex reappeared (in my dreams) to ask for a second chance. I can’t quite distinguish if these dreams are about the future – or just internal happenings from my unmet needs. Dreams are weird in that regard. At the very least they pinpoint to areas where I have my focus/self undoing patterns going on (or something like that) and therefore need to let go… be it a job opportunity I didn’t win or a lovers heart/commitment.

    With this new moon there might be more of these – or otherwise an ending of sorts even if that is a theme for the full moons.

    • Yeah, my dreams have been unreal too, unbelievable a couple times actually. On your 12th cusp I’d really expect dreams to be a big focus for you.

      • Well, they certainly make themselves known for sure I’d say 😉

        I think the overall theme for these dreams are “Rejection” – from various sources. I don’t handle it well. With so many og my planets in Scorpio signs/houses, with connection to Chiron as well (in the 3rd house), verbal or nonverbal rejections are a HUGE theme in my life and an eternal source of anger/pain. So yeah, completely 12th house stuff 😉

        Also, with progressed ascendant getting ready for the shift into Scorpio in 2017 I’d expect nothing less 😉

    • Double Aquarius says:

      I’ve got similar issues. This new moon (and Mercury retrograde) will be right on top of my 12th house cusp and my 12th house Chiron. At the same time Uranus will be stationing direct right on top of my third house cusp – and when I say “right on top” I really mean that. Could be very exciting. Could be downright scary.

      • Oh, that sounds pretty big! Some huge scar being ripped open maybe, or some new insight into your wounds perhaps? Some new ways of thinking about them too??

  2. Old Hippie says:

    A new post from you is good enough for me! Too quiet lately, Clarissa, a little worrisome but glad to see you writing again love.

    • Late November and all December has been extremely unkind to me, had to conserve energy somewhere. 🙂

      • Yeah could we just all stop and sum up the situation where it’s now that life is really useless and horrible because the energies pounding the living hell out of everyone in Nov and Dec are almost inexplicable. Just a wipeout. Categorical demolition of almost all phases of life. Leaves you with just rubble and crumbs and ashes. Life from 2012-2016 has been ruthless and horrible. How about just saying that. So terrible. Not learning a damn thing, just getting tortured.

  3. “I’m telling you, many people are going to be caught off guard by something at this New Moon. Sextiles are nice but can also lull folks into a false sense of security. The sucker punches most likely will come from substantial information (Mercury retrograde) that inspires us into wanting to act (Mars/Moon in cardinal sign) but without clear direction or recourse (Pisces).”
    As always I will heed your warning. For my part I’m not pleased with Mars entering Pisces after feeling quite energized and lit up by the planet in Aquarius. 2016 has turned me off from the Mutable signs and between recent transits of Mars and Saturn in Scorpio along with Neptune in Pisces, I’m had enough of the waterboarding torture.
    Yes the feeling of abandonment and being left to our own devices has been promient this month. I’ve often considered Pisces to be the “woe is me” sign. Unfortunately it’s only going to get worse. The good news is the the Cardinal signs will be battling again which will shake and shape up the lethargy of Pisces and the give a much needed reality check to Saturn in Sadge.

  4. Grandtrines says:

    Reblogged this on Lost Dudeist Astrology.

  5. Weather was beautiful. Great dinner, lively conversation, stiff drinks. Leaving the restaurant, my friend was hit by a car turning the corner in the parking lot, going too fast with headlights off. Car was still moving rather slow, too fast for a parking lot but not enough to injure my friend much. Brusing hopefully the extent of the damage. He still went to ER for evaluation, natch. Definitely a surprise twist. I hate it when you’re right!

  6. Uranus is the big brother of mercury the fact trump was born with retrograde Uranus helped him up until now it is very very telling this all happen on a day when Uranus is stationing Scorpio rules secrets mercury rules documents the attorney general is searching for documents may have been hidden (* to neptune) by trumps attorneys related to the trump foundation he knows he needs evidence to take him down to charge him with fraud. One other thing is important transiting Saturn the ruler of the new moon will make a conjunction to he’s natal moon conjunctions generally considered stressful aspects and personally I just can not wait until he’s progressed moon moves into the 12th house prison institutions solitude the best part of 2017 will be when trumps long time extremely loyal attorneys headbutt each other try to save their asses like a rat from a sinking ship with Chris Christie(federal prosecutor) in the middle of it.

    • That has nothing to do with our lives. That’s another guys life, and regardless of his position, it shouldn’t be that important to you to actively desire someone’s downfall. Someone you don’t know personally. Please realize you get your info from the news. That’s a great source of truth. I don’t care about Trump either way, I am responsible for my own life. Trump is like a storm or the sun or a president. What he does, I will adjust accordingly. He might be a pleasant surprise, he may be the final nail in the coffin. Who cares, I am gonna live regardless.

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