Real Time Astrology: Full Moon In Cancer January 12th, 2017


The first lunation of 2017 starts with the Full Moon at 22 degrees Cancer on Thursday, January 12th (5:34 AM). As this is a Full Moon that occurs during the night for a majority of readers, please keep in mind we’ll feel the effects leading up to it the evening before. And we’ll definitely feel this one, with the Moon in the sign she resides. The Full Moon trines Mars at 18 degrees Pisces and Chiron at 21 degrees Pisces; harmonious watery aspects that emphasize the healing sensitivity potential. Mostly, though, the story here is the cardinal Grand Cross the Cancer Full Moon makes: squaring exact Jupiter at 22 degrees Libra, square Uranus at 20 degrees Aries and opposing Pluto at 17 degrees Capricorn.


The cardinal Grand Cross has multiple ways of playing out. Whether you find this stressful or exhilarating depends on how you handle the cardinal signs in general. For sure, it can be pushy, bossy, brash. Emotional turmoil and mood swings. It can also push people out of the dredge of the Pisces stellium active in January and get them moving in the right direction again. Cardinal signs initiate, and all four are bound up in this Full Moon. Many will feel emboldened to take on things they’d normally shy away from. If you find this Full Moon too much to handle, don’t assume everyone feels the way you do. Some will find it exciting in the best sense and won’t have much patience for people not moving at their speed.


Considering much of 2016 was dominated by a long lasting mutable T-square and on/off mutable Grand Cross, starting the 2017 lunar cycle with the Moon in domicile forming a cardinal Grand Cross shows an early rebalancing of energies to be played out in the year to come. We’re leaving behind the process of slowly adapting to new realities and now must act on them.


The aspects to Mars and Chiron in Pisces will definitely be lighting up our dream life, those of you who connect your dreams to the lunar cycles should pay attention here. Overall, while this Full Moon screams “go big or go home!” it’s actually one that most will find productive. Not necessarily easy, but fruitful. Protecting our emotional needs (Full Moon in Cancer) from the death grind of politics and business (Pluto in Capricorn); forming new and/or better alliances (Jupiter in Libra) while protecting and asserting our individuality (Uranus in Aries). The lunar cycles sensitize us to the larger transits affecting Earth as a whole and I fully expect this Cancer Full Moon to bring home movement from the big picture. Watch out for world events and especially financial/money news.



As always, look to the house of your natal chart that this Full Moon in Cancer and cardinal Grand Cross falls in for further information about how it will affect you personally. Read here for easy instructions if you don’t know how to find it.




  1. A favorite song!
    Thank you!
    Divine love, peace, protection and blessings

  2. Grandtrines says:

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  4. This full moon activated my 6th house, while jupiter tours my 6H, Pluto my 12H and Uranus the 2nd House.

    I am a bit puzzled about which themes will be up for show here as my Sun/Venus/Jupiter atellium at 21 degrees Scorpio is trine a lot of planets around the time… that stellium is also opposite Rx Chiron, but again – this puts the scars on the tables for sure!

    I’m currently dating a guy whom I’m not sure whether I want to date or not (moon in Libra – so typical!) – but his Jupiter in Cancer is smack dab on my North Node at 4 degrees.
    So, basically he is a teacher, but how – I’m still not quite sure if.

    Also, have two job interviews next week, one of them on the day for the full moon!

    • Oups, jupiter tours my 8H 🙂

    • Good luck with your interview!!

      • Thanks Clarissa! So far one of them moves ahead, and a third job opportunity showed up, but just as quickly dissappeared again because my profile wasn’t the right match.

        And lo’ and behold – suddenly loverboy showed up (erh, called) on the day of the full moon, taking charge and saying that we should meet up again and a lot of other things. I’d really thought things were going down, but not so according to him, I guess?!

        Mercury Rx was a drag, it was hard to get the conversations going since the relationship was so new that there weren’t a lot of thing to “re” menisce about, and recommit to. But after Mercury put up some speed things have slowly been better. I can’t help but fear though, that he will tire of me one day in the future… (curtesey of cheating ex BF).
        He is a Taurus with Moon and Venus in Gemini. I have Libra Moon and Scorpio Venus… *sigh*

  5. Hugs, Clarissa. Watching her royal highness Moon is my delight, no matter the sometimes havoc she wreaks on my nervous system. 😉💕

  6. Madamarcati says:

    Thanks Clarissa. This post helps explain our grinding exhaustion and grief.
    It is always healing to feel others are in the same boat, however storm tossed it may be !
    Pertinent to the playing out of the Pisces stellium is the declaration today by the British red cross and health workers that the current meltdown of the UK health and social systems constitutes a humanitarian crisis. The mainstream media is only reporting this in order to report that it is an exaggeration and the government has everything financially under control. It will be interesting to watch how this plays out with the full moon in Cancer Grand Cross.
    Oh, and the British Queen has been off sick, hidden away, for the entire Christmas period which is a first since her coronation in 1953. Her passing on would see the ending of an Elizabethan era this year.
    Blessings to you & all for 2017.

    • I’ve not heard of the humanitarian crisis until just now and had to look it up, so it’s not too mainstream here yet. More and more stories are coming out here about just how badly our veterans are being cared for, which as someone who’s worked in health care insurance can attest has been going on for a long time but is reaching a crisis point too. Here’s just one recent example, which I don’t recommend reading if you are eating or want to sleep at night:

      Happy 2017 to you too, and thank you for what you’ve contributed here the past year!

      • Madamarcati says:

        Thanks. I will pick a quiet time to read your inevitably tragic account.
        I have always understood Jupiter to be as important a planet as Mars when understanding state security, warfare and its soldiers. And I rebelled young against the politicised mass mediated blame game that went on against returning Vietnam veterans. Always, as an abused child I guess, feeling empathy with any in our society who are scapegoated for the crimes of those wielding unaccountable power. Nothing much has yet changed for the better in our systems regarding this.
        A terrible indictment on us all but perhaps with Jupiter in Libra in via combusta facing off against big daddy Uranus in Aries this year we might see more exposure and justified social rejection of how too many of our political elders literally ‘eat’ our young and our beautiful and our brave, alive, simply for their personal power-plays.
        Now Need Coffee !

  7. lylow gills says:


  8. Old Hippie says:

    Clarissa, please do take good care of yourself. You’ve really worried me lately.

  9. Not sure what’s going on, but I hope you’re okay Clarissa.

  10. When will I ever find peace! Teeheehee

  11. Sherlocka G says:

    Clarissa girl, the Neptune in the 12th house was WAY MORE than I EVER SAW COMING. Oh my goodness. I am tweeting the president and Trump and all these famous fuktards. This is some SERIOUS shit yo. WOW.

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