2017: The Year Of Conviction And Contradictions

2017 predictions forecast astrology

Life thriving, in spite of its environment. Photo by Guy Tal.


2016 was, of course, the year of change and transition. A rocky, slippery slope that we can see clearer in retrospect was a detour into unknown territory for the purpose of testing our faith and mettle. In many ways 2017 will pick us up out of the ditch and move us forward on a clear trajectory again. Regaining a more visible and structured path does not translate into an easier year; 2017 is a year of contradictions openly challenging our convictions as we’re honing them.


The general gist of what 2017 has in store:


The Cardinal T-square


The cardinal signs are each associated with an equinox and beginning of a new season. The cardinal signs are the activators of the zodiac, the movers and shakers. There’s a lot of moving and shaking (more like jostling and provocating) as we begin 2017. The cardinal T-square involves Jupiter in Libra, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. It’s not an exact cardinal T-square; the Uranus-Pluto squares of the past several years is having one last hurrah but soon will be no more. It’s a last shot to pull off incredible change in a short time span. Jupiter is the planet of luck and success and also gambling. Early 2016 should be looked at as a gamble; it all comes down to playing your cards right and getting the hell out of Dodge when your bluff is called. (If I wanted to be annoying, I’d link to that corny “know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, know when to walk away and know when to run” song…) Good gamblers don’t necessarily have the best hand, they can have the cards stacked against them and walk away winners (or, at least not losers) because they play the game with what they have.


That’s an important thing to keep in mind even after the cardinal T-square falls apart. The cardinal T-square is a chaotic rebalancing act that isn’t going to be fair. That’s the reality. If you’re on the losing end, it’s best to recognize it in the moment and move on rather than propping up decay (Pluto). That old trope about “rearranging deck chairs on the sinking Titanic” comes to mind; you don’t want to be that person.


(Jupiter in Libra will oppose Uranus in Aries exact on March 2nd and September 27th; Jupiter will square Pluto in Capricorn exact March 30th and August 4th.)


Even after the cardinal T-square finishes, Jupiter will spend most of 2017 in the via combusta (between 15 degrees Libra and 15 degrees Scorpio). Agreements and partnerships that Libra naturally strives for -and that Jupiter in Libra in particular has been encouraging as a path of success- are more likely to fall apart this year as Jupiter in the via combusta expands contradictions. Non sustainable agreements and relationships will flame out, sustainable ones still become more frictional.


Jupiter will be conjunct fixed star Spica in September; Spica is found in the via combusta but as a benefic fixed star escapes the wrath of the fiery road. Spica is associated with incredible works or creativity, imagination, arts and sciences and benefic teacher Jupiter conjunct Spica is a definite rich, fertile time to seize hold of. Jupiter in Libra remain more or less in sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius through August, and seen from a certain perspective this year remains a highly educational one, regardless of any pitfalls.


Saturn in Sagittarius & Neptune in Pisces part ways


2016 was heavily influenced by the square between Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces. Saturn will remain in Sagittarius until December 19th, 2017, and Neptune in Pisces until 2025. However, the tension between the two is no longer there and, furthermore, as we begin 2017 and for the rest of the year both Saturn and Neptune will change decans of their respective inhabited signs.


Saturn will be in the third decan of Sagittarius right up to the time Saturn enters Capricorn in December. Saturn is said to rule the third decan of Sagittarius and as such will be operating from a place of power and strength. Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricorn and will, of course, be even more potent once it is in its domicile. Saturn transiting the third decan of Sagittarius where it also rules makes for an interesting segue for the brutal, hard-assed malefic ruler of terrestrial reality and time. A slow but steady ramping up of reality checks, both punishing and liberating. While square to Neptune in 2016, Saturn in Sagittarius taught us a thing or two about seeing through the hard times through faith in something bigger. Here in the final home stretch, Saturn in Sagittarius -free now from the confusion and disillusionment of the square to Neptune- teaches lessons of temperance, endurance, the satisfaction of accomplishment and the humbling life lessons of failure. Faith will still see us through, but expect misguided and misplaced faith to lead to swifter and more visible downfalls.


Saturn will square Chiron in Pisces for most of 2017. Astrology is an orchestra of various components playing individual parts that constitute the whole experience, and Saturn square Chiron will be the one piece that serves as the biggest thorn in our sides at the personal level. Painful ego checks and outright blows to the ego. Overreaction to perceived wounds. A sense of pain and frustration that can’t be soothed. Sore spots continually disturbed. Fatigue, weariness. These are lessons we’d rather do without but have no choice but to face. Lessons about healing and reconciling and blah blah when will this shit ever end


(Saturn in Sagittarius first squared Chiron in Pisces exact on December 28th, 2016; the square will be exact again twice in 2017, on April 30th and November 2nd.)


Neptune in Pisces enters the second decan of The Fish mid January and will occupy this decan until 2020. The first decan was, of course, the Neptune ruled decan and considerably enhanced the psychic overwhelm of Neptune in its own sign. Now, Neptune will be in the Moon ruled decan, and finding emotional logic isn’t so hard to come by. Neptune in Pisces thus far has been a steady case of feeling without much clarity or purpose; moving into the Moon ruled decan we begin to detect a subtle rhythm and rhyme moving through the psychosphere that resonates in ways that may still be intangible, indescribable yet somehow more raw and real. Neptune in Pisces feels like everything and nothing at once; moving through the second Moon ruled decan these jarring feelings are now seen in perspective to the long line of human experience as far back as we can trace it. The odd “synchronicities” of previous years will slowly develop into parallels between the past, present and future.


Venus retrograde


Back to that part about rearranging deck chairs and clinging to decay… we’ll have a Venus retrograde from March 4th until April 15th. This one will get a full article to itself as it’s complex and rich. The general gist of the retrograde -which starts in Aries and ends in Pisces- is taking a second look at our love and values systems through the best view possible (Venus is exalted in Pisces and in mutual reception to Jupiter in Libra, as Jupiter was the traditional ruler of Pisces) as well as viewed from a rawer, edgier angle. Expect the best and worst of existing and old romantic ideals to clash. Also expect disruptions in finances and material worth.


The Mercury Retrogrades


Mercury will only retrograde three times in 2017, as opposed to four in 2016. Two of the retrograde periods this year start in earth signs but one starts in fire and all three end in fire signs. Mercury retrograde is symbolically linked to the psychopomp who disappears into the underworld, and with all three retrogrades occuring in fire signs we gain visions of the future by looking inside ourselves and back in time. All three Mercury retrogrades will also “complete” the work of other major transits this year:


Mercury retrogrades April 9th at 4 degrees Taurus, retrograde ends May 3rd at 24 degrees Aries: This retrograde will tie into the Venus retrograde and bring forth information and understanding of Venus retrogrades’ effect on love, money, worth.


Mercury retrogrades August 12th at 11 degrees Virgo, retrograde ends September 5th at 28 degrees Leo: This one is highly important in reviewing the events of President Trump, the Great American Eclipse and world military/political affairs in general.


Mercury retrogrades December 3rd at 29 degrees Sagittarius, retrograde ends December 22nd at 13 degrees Sagittarius: This one ties into the changeover from Saturn in Sagittarius to Saturn in Capricorn and raises issues of truth and hypocrisy needed to make for a clear transition.


The North Node in Leo, Fixed Star Regulus & “The Great American Eclipse”


The North Node is always the mission statement we should be forcing ourselves to move towards. The North Node typically moves in retrograde motion, so we work backwards through the first, Mercury ruled decan of Virgo until May 10th, when the North Node enters the anaretic (29th) degree of Leo. The time when the North Node is still in Virgo is, of course, still a time of practicing discernment and logical analysis over sweeping emotions and snap judgement. Once in the fixed sign of Leo, the goal is to use well honed skills developed in Virgo for the new purpose of emboldening our personalities. Leo is a sign that tries to develop courage and confidence; on the personal level this should hopefully be a time of recognizing where we ought to be proud of ourselves.


Around the time that the North Node is at the earliest degrees of Virgo and then hits 29 degrees Leo, the North Node will be conjunct a fixed star called Regulus. There has historically been strong ties between Regulus and military generals, which I’ll discuss in further detail in a later article. Suffice to say here that the North Node conjunct Regulus could see an advancement in the storyline of military action around the world. I’m not saying total war will break out or anything, I’m saying this is a time to closely watch in regards to what is being orchestrated by military leaders. The North Node at the mundane level often just indicates fatedness.


Speaking of, America’s new President Donald Trump has his ascendant at 29 degrees Leo, in exact conjunction to Regulus. It should go without saying that the President of a global superpower country will play an important role in unfolding military action. Well, I think it’s particularly relevant in 2017, as not only will the transiting North Node affect his ascendant/Regulus conjunction but so will the incredible eclipse of August 21st. That eclipse is a New Moon Total Solar Eclipse at 28 degrees Leo, the so-called “Great American Eclipse” for the eclipse path/visibility will only affect American soil. Yes, this eclipse is a big deal for America. It’s a big deal for Donald Trump, just one degree off his ascendant. America has a “birth chart” known as the Sibley chart (July 4th, 1776) with the Moon at 27 degrees Aquarius, the sign opposite Leo. While the gears are turning around the world, there’s a particularly intense stirring awaiting those of us living in the U.S. as the Great American Eclipse hits our President and our people in one fell swoop.


Obviously, this too will receive its own in depth article. For now, I recommend reading my book review on eclipses if you’re not familiar with them, and here’s an excerpt from that excellent book written by Robert Carl Jansky in regards to an eclipse opposing a natal Moon (such as will happen August 21st when the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse opposes the Sibley chart Moon):


In the manner of the house polarity involved… relationships with others are tested under this influence. There is a testing of precepts, principles and general programming… If the programming still works, it will be strengthened; if there are flaws, there is opportunity to change and correct them… This opposition sensitizes you to the quid pro quo in the related house polarity: “If I do this what will you do for me in return?” “


The polarity of this eclipse occurs along the 3rd/9th house axis, with the eclipse falling in the Sibley chart’s 9th opposing the natal 3rd house Aquarius Moon. The 9th is foreign lands and people, as well as religion and published “official” news/media. The 3rd house is our local neighborhoods, rumors, propaganda, transportation and the general “nervous system” of a country. It is also the house of documents relating to foreign countries (9th house).


(There are three other eclipses in 2017: the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 22 degrees Leo on February 10th; the New Moon Solar Eclipse at 8 degrees Pisces on February 26th; and the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 15 degrees Aquarius on August 7th.)


Jupiter enters Scorpio & Saturn enters Capricorn


We will end 2017 in fresh new territory, in preparation for a new year that will make the recent past seem positively quaint by comparison. The changeover begins with Jupiter entering power dynamics and energy wielding Scorpio on October 10th, then Saturn entering its own home sign Capricorn on December 19th. Jupiter in Scorpio adds to the fixed quality, Saturn in Capricorn continues the cardinal movement; the mutable wishy-washy-ness of 2016 is a memory and we simply face the end results of personal and collective actions and inactions.




  1. Wow… don’t even know where to start here?! Great walk-through of these themes for 2017 Clarissa, good to know everything that’s coming.

    As a fixed/cardinal profile I greatly appreciate a more cardinal shake-up of energies, even if it brings change. Not all change is bad, in the end it moves you forward 🙂

    My Mars is at 8 degrees Capricorn in 11H – bordering on the 12H, and my MC is at 8 degrees Sagitarius.
    So, while Neptune has certainly provided stuff for dreams and put action into those dreams the past years, I’ve also had a fog rolling in on what these dreams could/should be, as a square to my MC have made me become desillusionized and brought a lot of confusion to my life goals. It’s hard to take action and bring those dreams into reality, huh?! Especially with Mars a close neighbour to my 12H.

    Personally I’m looking forward to the eclipses, and what they will bring me, as Leo is on my 7H cusp. (Hopefully not a lot of enemies). My moon in Libra/8H at 12 degrees *could* be affected here too, I guess? (In a good way!)

    Simply put though – I really look forward to 2017, I have a feeling of optimism and faith here, after the drudgery of a nine year closing cycle of 2016/9 year that leads us into a fresh new cycle of 1 energy – at least that’s so from a numerology point of view 😉

    • Also, after moving away from that place where my astro lines consisted of Pluto AND Saturn squared my ASC at the same time, the pressure really has started to brighten up! 🙂
      It’s like a pressure or piston has finally let go of me and back in my old neighbourhood I can enjoy the effects of Uranus sextiling my ASC instead. Yay!!

    • Hey its great to see someone excited about eclipses for a change! 😉

      • The last one brought a break-up, a cheating ex Bf and a return to my home turf – with a much clearer mind. This eclipse also falls in my 7th house (as did the one in Virgo), so yeah, I’m positive. This time I’m prepared cuz I’m currently rather single 😜

  2. Madamarcati says:

    Again thanks for a brilliant astrological summation for 2017 Clarissa.
    That Great American Eclipse period in late summer looks very challenging. Anything from a mild civil war within his ranks at Washington removing Trump from the Presidency via legal means to a populist assassination sparking off a full blown hot civil war look to be possibilities.
    A year to expect the best but prepare for the worst ? I will be trying my flawed best to act well upon the message of my favourite tagline from 2016 which was seen in the mainstream media on an anti-Trump student demonstrators T shirt:

  3. So much of this already hit me last week. It is almost too heavy. So many issues I felt were ling gone assaulting me like sucker punches, I find myself acting and reacting in old ways I felt were no longer a part if my psyche with regard to personal relationships. Yet the ground I have gained with other aspects if my emotional respinses has seemed stronger and more steady. Thanks for the (blunt) thorough view of our coming days. I don’t doubt any if it. Hang in there yourself. Hugs!

  4. Madamarcati says:

    Apropos of the next Jupiter-Uranus opposition March 2nd 2017, it has just been hinted here on the BBC that this is the day of choice by the Westminster minister of Northern Ireland, James Brokenshire, for the snap election here in response to the unfolding power sharing crisis. If I began listing the realities of the decade + long largely unreported hideous unchecked sectarian and financial corruption and pork barrel politics ndulged in overwhelmingly by members of the late Rev Paisley’s Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), that the common people of Northern Ireland have been subjected to here…well, it would never end…With an election on this date it looks like there will be an inevitable ratcheting up of the civil war that has never gone away here save in the echo chambers of Stormont, Westminster/Washington and their global mediation. Getting our survival provisions in early as it looks to be yet another bloody year.

  5. Madamarcati says:

    The flash election date for the broken power-sharing Executive in Northern Ireland was confirmed as March 2nd 2017 at 17.47 GMT in The Guardian newspaper and broadcast on the BBC internet news sixteen minutes later at 18.03 GMT – for those interested in astrological augury/horary. This crisis has serious historical and current political implications for the 1801 United Kingdom chart. Wishing everyone here all the best of luck in dodging and/or surviving the crazy emotional and physical global/ personal crossfires of this coming radicalising year.

    • Thanks for the update on what’s happening in your corner of the world, I’ll take a look at that chart when I can. Crossfires, quagmires and landmines oh my…

  6. Double Aquarius says:

    Thank you Clarissa for this post. In today’s world every little bit of insight helps.

  7. Woo! The Great Solar American Eclipse is the marquee event of the year! Military affairs and alliances and relations. Could it mean the dissolution of NATO? Is NATO really obsolete as Trump says it is? What about the bilateral alliances with France and Germany? Will there be a new international military order agreed between Trump and Putin? Will the United States get eclipsed as the primary military power? Are the present methods of doing business stale and need to be renovated or should they be scrapped all together?
    It’s going to be a long hot summer in the USA. No joke! I checked the map of the eclipse. It slices the US in half. The country is already seriously divided.
    This will be a capital eclipse. Within its eclipse path lies the state capitals of SC, TN, MO, NE and OR.Even more interesting is the the path of the total eclipse crosses the majority of the hinterland of the USA. With the exception of the bottom tip of IL and most of Oregon, the eclipse path crosses all of the Red States that voted for Trump. Most dangerously Ferguson, MO either gets clipped by or just manages to avoid the path. Will there be a reason for a serious military deployment within the country? This is going to be a reactionary catalyst. As I would say about such days in Vienna, this is going to be a dangerous one.
    Yikes! I would strongly suggest that people to take their holiday vacation time the week of the eclipse out of the country. Apply for a passport now if you don’t have one already. A week in Mexico or Canada is easily manageable. At the very least, I would stay clear of the eclipse path if possible. This is the one that I will fear. The Fixed signs are going to feel this one. Personally this eclipse will Square my Saturn at 29 degrees. As David Bryne wrote: “So soft. Hard feelings. No tricks! Let’s go!”
    OK enough.
    Thanks again Clarissa for your insights.

  8. I missed your posts during December…I hope you had a great holiday 🙂

    I’m already on the “HOLY SHIT IT’S MOVING SO FAST” vibe. My roommate gave my dog a bacterial infection, causing a trip to the emergency vet (which I didn’t really have money for, but I obviously couldn’t let him suffer), demanded an apology from ME for being upset with her for not disclosing that our health was at risk, resulting in my agreeing to leave our arrangement of seven years. So, now I’m job searching and home searching (you know, transiting Jupiter in 10 and transiting Uranus on my sun in 4…plus Saturn approaching my ASC finally!) all at once. At least my dog is okay! I’m one of the weirdos looking forward to those Leo eclipses with both creating a Grand Fire Trine with my ASC/South Node/Neptune in Sag and Sun in Aries…they will fall in house eight, so I do hope to make it out alive…haha! But really, I’m excited for the changes!

    • Your roommate sounds passive aggressive AF…typical of this Pisces stellium and particularly Mars in Pisces aspecting Chiron & Saturn. Seven years is Saturn squaring its original position at time of arrangement, so completing one cycle and moving on to another is appropriate.

      Someone else said they were excited for the eclipses this year, I’m glad to see this attitude popping up!

      • Moving on is absolutely for the best, thank you, dear Saturn! Yeah, she is pretty much the worst. Oh well…onward and upward!

        These eclipses are gifting me with that Grand Fire Trine, so I really can’t be mad at that…no bad aspects for me, so I’m going to enjoy what I can get!!!

  9. Reblogged this on Lost Dudeist Astrology.

  10. Loved it. I’m new to astrology 🙂 but so into it!
    My Saturn return triggered everything…
    I also wrote about it here https://stylingnotes.com/2017/02/16/how-my-saturn-return-changed-my-view-on-fashion/
    Looking forward to change this year. BRING IT ON!

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