Real Time Astrology: New Moon Solar Eclipse In Pisces February 26th, 2017


The second eclipse of 2017 occurs this Sunday, February 26th at 8:58 A.M. Central Standard Time. This New Moon Solar Eclipse will be at 8 degrees Pisces, the last eclipse to occur in a mutable sign for a while. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and we’ve seen from previous lunations involving the South Node in Pisces that this often means saying goodbye in very real ways in our lives. I think this final mutable Piscean eclipse will be painful in the way it will be bringing endings to many of us, though I think it will be ultimately for the best. As this eclipse is doing its own thing, we’ll also have Mars in Aries conjunct Uranus and opposing Jupiter in Libra, ushering in surprising new beginnings so there’s a lot going on here.


All eclipses involve the Moon’s Nodes, and at 8 degrees Pisces this eclipse is conjunct the South Node at 3 degrees Pisces. The South Node is where we find things we cling to out of a false sense of safety or security or fear of letting go and moving on. For this reason I think this eclipse is going to be painful in the sense that it will throw a lot of crap in our face as a way of forcing us to let go of detritus. This is not an easy eclipse. It’s a beneficial one if used to acknowledge the dis-ease and unhealthy in our life, but beneficial is not the same as easy. The conjunction to the South Node is dredging up all manner of Piscean/Neptunian sore points: gaslighting; feeling unloved, unlovable or unable to love; confusion and rudderlessness; realization of misplaced faith and corresponding crises of faith. Heavy stuff; “why have thou forsaken me?” experiences rising.



The interesting thing about this eclipse is that elsewhere in the sky, Mars is in pioneering sign Aries, the sign it rules, and conjunct rebellious planet Uranus the same day (22 degrees, 6:19 PM CST). The next morning Mars perfects its opposition to Jupiter in Libra (8:24 AM CST). This is high octane energy, which clashes considerably with the fatigue and malaise of the Pisces stellium (Mercury will be at 1 degree Pisces and Neptune at 11 Pisces in addition to the Sun, Moon and South Node). People will be in high spirits once they’ve managed to get out of bed and out the door, which will be difficult under an eclipse that will have some struggling to find the emotional energy to do the dishes or brush their teeth. Mars in Aries conjunct Uranus and opposing Jupiter is definitely future oriented and unsentimental, which creates unease during the eclipse but also shows the way out of the heavy fog bearing down on us.


Nothing wrong with experiencing a crisis of faith in people, things and even yourself as it has existed in the past. The faith should be placed in the newness of the future and the unseen unfolding.


I do want to caution that such eclipses are usually difficult on people’s health. This obviously applies to physical health, and indeed everyone should safeguard against such typical Neptunian ailments as infection, fluid retention, neglect etc. But, also watch out for your mental health. The South Node hitting us in the face with so many “shoulda-woulda-coulda’s” isn’t going to be fun. Music helps; alcohol and drugs, not so much here, ok? People are going to be all over the map, energetically speaking; best to stay out the way and let the dominoes fall where they fall and move on with your own life.


As always, look to the house of your natal chart that this New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces falls for further information about how you will be uniquely affected. Those of you with planets or angles (ascendant, descendant, nadir/IC or Midheaven) at 5-11 degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces will definitely be the most impacted by this eclipse. If you need help with finding where eclipses occur in your birth chart, read here for easy instructions.



  1. Linda Luke says:

    Thank you. Your website teaches me in a format I understand with detailed information I need.

  2. So much truth….nit a happy bed to look under. Making friends with skeletons and closet cleaning isn’t for sissies. I never have liked roller coasters…..😔

  3. Old Hippie says:

    Do you know what a relief it is to see you posting again? I do hope this means the worst has passed love.

  4. Hello Clarissa!
    It’s great to see you back after more than a month away. You were conspicuous by your absence. Sunday is going to be a heavy duty day. With the Mutable Neptunian eclipse and the Cardinal mashup, the day will have the effect of Matter versus Anti-Matter. Also to note that this isn’t the weekend to party involving alcohol or drugs. Getting carried away Saturday Night Live will lead to a Sunday Morning Fever or worse. On Thursday afternoon I only drank two glasses of beer and paid the price for it until Friday night. If you’ve made plans to go to a party or a night out, you might want to consider abstaining from drink or drugs.
    The comment regarding people clinging on to dead things out of silly reasons for security and refusing to let go is the most salient point. I personally know someone that’s doing that. She’s a mess of Mutable alignments. This weekend she’s desperately clinging on to a dead fish. It’s not going to turn out nice for her. But yes like having open heart surgery, this eclipse will be beneficial but far from pleasant.
    Am I the only one having intense, weird and fucked up dreams over the past week? Neptune and the energy leading up to this eclipse is wreaking havoc on my subconscious via my dreams.
    Most of us will survive this eclipse though undoubtedly others won’t make it. Keep a low profile, don’t stress or worry about things unless they’re serious dire emergencies. Sleep in tomorrow morning. And wait until Mars, Jupiter and Uranus force you out of bed.
    Everyone take care. This is going to be an easy one compared to what’s coming down the line in August.

  5. Great article, Clarissa!
    (As always of course) 😉

    This SE hits my Mars at 8 degrees Cap, 11th house – on the border to the 12th. It’s a sextile. That’s nice. The SE falls in my 1st house so yeah, these themes of being loved (enough), being loveable AND able to love, releasing and letting go of defaesting beliefs, fears and so on has really been a theme the past week. Plenty of waterworks, which one could say is def. a thing with Mars so close to the 12th house.

    Also, it squares my MC. Could that mean some trouble in Setting realistic goals career-wise or choosing the right path? Maybe running into some very “draining” people?

    Speaking of – a month ago (precisely) I asked my “emotional vanpire sister” to let me be… so yeah, realeasing Neptunian things and the MC seems to be a thing in my life… as well as my confusion, dating a new man, who I am confused about regarding my feelings for him. Or at least, about the nature of HIS feelings, and my own reaction to these… so confusing! 😉

  6. To echo everyone else, so happy to see you in my inbox again!!! I hope all is well with you, as you have been sorely missed!!!

    Anyone with a serious aspect to this, do be careful. I received a text message this morning that my former roommate is in the hospital, unconscious and hooked up to a respirator. This has been one of those long-time-coming, boy who cried wolf-type situations, but this eclipse is on her natal sun, and I do expect that she is not long for this world this time. I look forward to sleeping in tomorrow, a long hot shower, and easing into the week…but with that Mars-Uranus on my Sun and Jupiter on my Pluto, you know, like you said, it’ll be fireworks when I walk out my front door!!!

    • Alison, do you know how your roommate is doing? That’s awful, and sadly not the only story I’ve heard that was similar. 😦

      • Last I heard, she was doing better, but I received an odd text yesterday about how her best friend couldn’t get in contact with her, so I’m not entirely sure again. Hope you made it through the eclipse as unscathed as possible!

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  8. I have my MC at Pisces 7 and things are picking up for me in my career. I am so busy and it doesn’t bother me to put in the extra time to learn something new. In fact, last night I finally fixed a problem on a project that I have been working on in my own time since before Christmas. I can finally roll it out at work for others to use. So exciting! Nothing wrong here yet.

  9. Woo! It’s 7:00 PM Atlantic Standard Time and I’m surging! After the malaise this morning and the shakiness of the afternoon, I’m feeling Venus, Mars and Uranus. The feeling recalls the old Diving Bell ride at Coney Island back in the 1980s. The Diving Bell was real. It had about 8 stools in front of portal. Slowly the diving bell would slowly submerge in an aquarium sized tank of water. (Just imagine Sea World or Shedd Aquarium). The operator of the bell would lower and stop it just as the window portals were just on the surface of the water. Then he would lower it until the portals were half on the surface and half under. It would be stop and go. The bell would lower just with a top crack of the portals above water. We would submerge just under the surface for a minute. Then finally we would sink to the bottom of the tank. It was surreal. The sound of the oxygen pumps would operate in rhythm. Since it was old school Coney Island, the ride operators would stretch the rides out (unlike the 45-60 second rides at Six Flags). We would stay submerged for 5 minutes. The feeling of claustrophobia would creep in. The heavy breathing patterns of the oxygen tanks would get into your head. Suddenly, the operator would turn the throttle and the diving bell would suddenly accelerate upward and out of the water. The bell would tear out of the war and shoot up 20 feet above the surface before free falling back into the water.
    That’s how today feels. The morning and afternoon slowly submerging and lingering in the depths. The evening feels like accelerating out.
    I personally enjoy it but I can see how it would be too much for others.

  10. Sherlocka G says:

    Well DAMN GIRL HAVE NOT SEEN A POST FROM YOU IN A LONG ASS TIME SO ANYWAYS BEEN TO HELL AND BACK AND MADE IT. Peace and love yo:) Also there are actually 12 planets they been hiding some shit so we will figure all that out later:)

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