Real Time Astrology: Full Moon In Virgo March 12th, 2017


The Full Moon of Sunday, March 12th (9:54 AM CST) will fall at 22 degrees Virgo. A strange mash-up, this one. The opposition between the unfocused Sun and Mercury in Pisces to the focused and industrious Virgo Full Moon looks like an effort to bring order out of chaos, something particularly relevant as the first lunation after two potent eclipses that mopped the floor with many of us (myself included). Man, what chaos. We’re still in Pisces season, still reeling from that doozy of a Pisces eclipse, still trying to summon the emotional energy to get going again. The Virgo Full Moon, while trying to set things right again through emotional control and rationale, still has to contend with a fair amount of chaos. This isn’t necessarily a tough Full Moon but it can be a headache for some.


Quite literally, if you’re prone to headaches you should brace for them here. The Sun forms a tight inconjunct to Jupiter retrograde at 21 Libra; the Full Moon forms an exact inconjunct to Uranus at 22 Aries. I don’t typically use the inconjunct (sometimes called the quincunx) at lunations as it’s considered a minor aspect. However, the orb is very tight and Jupiter and Uranus in opposition are still forming a cardinal T-square with Pluto in Capricorn. The Full Moon trines Pluto at 19 Capricorn, activating the cardinal T-square. Not in a major, earth shattering way; the inconjunct is minor. This looks like temporary headaches, annoyances, grievances, and especially moodiness. The Sun and Mercury in Pisces is contributing a sense of fuzziness and fatigue; the cardinal T-square demanding action we don’t have a lot of energy for.


The Full Moon squares Saturn at 27 degrees Sagittarius. This isn’t a fun aspect, usually showing emotional coldness or depression or supression. It also shows there’s a lot of tough work to be done. That’s fine, Virgo likes to work! This Full Moon looks like one full of potential to make things work for those not afraid of work. Try to find a balance between lethargy (Pisces influence) and overwork (Virgo/Saturn). Find a balance between being of service to others and taking care of your own well being. As it’s close to the spring season here in the northern hemisphere, it’s a great time for spring cleaning in various functions: time to get moving into a new season (cardinal T-square) with healthy minds (trine to Pluto) and bodies (Virgo).


It’s certainly a good idea to set practical intentions for this Full Moon -spring cleaning, getting back on a health or fitness bandwagon, cleaning up the physical or emotional messes of the eclipses- that involves keeping your hands and mind busy; otherwise, if the energy of this Virgo Full Moon is left unchanneled it can be a stressful and frustrating Full Moon, full of nervous energy and tension. It is a good one to focus on your health and diet, but I should warn that some of you may be prompted into taking better care of your health via a health issue popping up.


In all things and above all else, this Virgo Full Moon illuminates the fragile and temporal nature of physical matter (including life itself) and the need for holistic but tangible healing, repair and rebuilding of the breaks and tears so as to allow the energy to continue. The pitfall to avoid would be running away from the physically obvious and escaping into fantasy. Unless you can draw out inspiration from your fantasy world in ways that help you better control and cope with the demands of the mundane.


As always, the area of your chart that this Virgo Full Moon falls in is where you’ll feel the effects the strongest. Read here if you don’t know how to find it.



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  3. Married to a Birgo so I have a bit of immunization. Thanks for the heads up. I am in a truly remarkable place i. This moment mentally and emotionally but will keep ready for any shifts. Hugs Clarissa!

  4. The Pisces eclipse sort of passed by me – I had a nice surprise though. But I feel this full moon in Virgo won’t pass me by so easily as it will some of my natal placements. Still, I think it will all be for good.

    • It very well could be for good. Remember, Saturn always rewards effort and hard work so setting intentions ahead of this time will be to our benefit! 🙂

      • Ok, now that my comment disappeared in wordpress space, I’ll try and be quick and to the point.
        I hope you are right with Saturn because I always feel I could have done more.
        But I’m not worried really anymore, it’s a strange period. I thought with Mars in my 1st house losing weight (or comitting to a plan) would be easy but it turns out Venus retrograde kills my appetite. Which makes me wonder how big an influence it has on my chart (Venus generally not just retrograde). From now on I’ll keep an eye on Venus transits to see what else I can figure out from them.

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  6. Boh! We just can’t get a break. Those of us with prominent Mutable and/or Cardinal planets are getting knocked around. The last eclipse still hangs around like a moist moldy towel. Perhaps a better metaphor is the odor of rotting fish. Now Virgo comes around to pick at the carcass of the rotting fish. I just want to get to Equinox already. This has been a brutal winter, one of the worst of my life. I’ve had it.

  7. Astrology just seems to be an endless slog that virtually never rewards but always leaves you feeling absolutely abandoned by reason, balance, and grace.

    • Astrology isn’t much more than an understanding of life. When I read things like this, I’m inclined to believe the person isn’t actually enjoying life itself all that much. You’ve never found grace in astrology or you’ve never found grace in life?

  8. This post explains soooo much of what I have been experiencing! Thank you for explaining the different aspects and what to expect so thoroughly and eloquently. I often read articles that have a lot of words, but don’t really SAY much. This was very inspiring 🙂

  9. Karen Rath says:

    So happy to receive your posts!

  10. I wonder, since I have 5 planets in Virgo, if this full moon will be more powerful?
    Maybe that’s why I feel so tied up–intensely WANTING, but stuck.

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