Real Time Astrology: New Moon In Aries March 27th, 2017


The first lunation after the spring equinox (Sun entering Aries) in the northern hemisphere occurs March 27th (9:57 P.M. CST) in the form of a New Moon at 7 degrees Aries. The most notable feature of this New Moon is the conjunction to love, relationships, money and aesthetics planet Venus, in detriment and retrograde at 3 degrees Aries. Venus in a martial sign is in a mutual reception to Mars in Taurus, also in detriment. Flirtatious fighting! To paraphrase Tina Turner, this Aries New Moon can do things nice and easy, but it’s more fun to serve it up nice and rough…


New Moons are a great time for a new start, and especially the Aries Full Moon. The Sun is exalted in Aries, and conjunct the Moon binds emotion and intuition with vim and vigor. The previous lunation was the Full Moon in Virgo, a lunation I said would be a great time for a spring cleaning at all levels of living. Well, the cobwebs are as clear as they’re going to be for a while and this Aries New Moon plows full speed ahead on freshly open roads.


It’s a high energy lunation; vim and vigor for some, piss and vinegar for others. The conjunction to Venus retrograde strongly flavors this New Moon and should add enough finesse to keep everything together. The mutual reception to Mars kinda funks up Venus’ game though; a mutual reception is nice, but less so with both planets in detriment. It’s fun and sweet only for those with tough skin, not easily hurt. If you’re not too precious a snowflake, I think this New Moon should be a fairly good time.


Where this New Moon is going to sting will be in areas of love and worthiness. The lunar cycles sensitize us to the larger picture; Venus retrograde in Aries is fighting for the right to individuality and recognition in relationships of every stripe. Venus retrograde in Aries, in detriment, has to fight harder to have its inherent worthiness recognized than it does in other signs, where such things just happen more naturally and with less friction. So, trying to right the wrongs in our personal lives is going to step on some toes during this transit. This Aries New Moon brings this fight home. Push, and be pushed back! Maybe for some this will only take the shape of standing up for oneself and not letting their values be diminished any longer. For some, this New Moon could spell real relationship troubles or even arguments or breakups, though obviously that depends on how a chart is uniquely affected.


For still others, this New Moon in Aries conjunct Venus retrograde may inspire the courage to leave a stale relationship in a positive way, or spice up an existing one that has lost its sparkle. If single, it’s a great night to hit the town and meet new people. (Encouraging for natural wallflower types to change up their style and become more extroverted!)


Aries is the first sign, the sign of Self; if you’re one for setting intentions at the New Moon, a great intention to set would be that of loving yourself more, warts and all as they say. If you experience some sort of difficulty at this New Moon or something that’s been building finally gives way, ask yourself if it would have been avoided if you had valued yourself more.



Those with artistic or creative inclinations should take note! The New Moon here conjunct aesthetics planet Venus is a wellspring of inspiration, particularly for those who like their aesthetics nice and rough. Mars in Taurus perfects an easy sextile to Neptune in Pisces  (12 degrees each sign) just before noon CST the same day as this New Moon and helps marry energy with vision and intuition. The Mars-Neptune sextile also helps diffuse enough of the martial energy to keep this New Moon from getting too abrasive.


Also of note: Mercury at 25 Aries will be separating from a conjunction to Uranus the previous day, and there should be a lot of exciting and/or unnerving information to work through. Outside the box thinking and creative solutions are favored here. Uranus in Aries is involved with a cardinal T-square involving Jupiter in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn; Jupiter squares Pluto exact on March 30th and that usually brings movement in power dynamics and leadership, particularly where money is involved. Aries is a pioneering sign, so if you feel big changes occuring around this time know that it’s better to be assertive rather than passive. Mars in Taurus: grab the bull by the horns!


As always, look to the house of your natal chart that this Aries New Moon falls in for further information about how it will affect you personally. If you need help finding this, read here for easy instructions on how to do so. I also have the dates for every other New and Full Moon  (including eclipses!) for 2017 located here.



  1. Wow. For me it is like a tug of war. I feel more like a Gemini these days, like two identities struggling for power-or not. I finally got the copy of my natal chart! 👏🏻Thanks for the links. Boy but there is one crowded section on this date. Above everything else, I am a survivor and very adaptable. If there is a way around it I’ll find it but if plowing ahead is necessary I can turn up the collar, tug the bootstraps and duck my head into the gale winds. Hope you are doing better at this point dear heart.

  2. soulspeak says:

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  3. What a great post! It definitely has its place on Clarissa’s greatest hits compilation. Great display of humor and wit. The paintings to head the article cracked me up. Someone is definitely excited and enthusiastic about this New Moon. I personally look forward to it after a particularly nasty Pisces month. If this New Moon does anything to spark up my non-existence love life, that will be a bonus. At any rate the New Moon, Venus and Mars are all going to directly affect my Natal Chart. I’m in a big moment of transition in life. So the Houses In Motion are definitely happening for me.

    • I’m excited just to have that Pisces stellium over with! I’m sure it’s more than just you and me who’s happy to see life moving again!

  4. Piss and Vinegar here for sure. Aries rising.

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  6. Piss and vinegar? 😂😂😂😂😂

    Some one needs to start a list of phrases picked up from your blog! I STILL use “SQUIRREL-LY” 😀

    • Wasn’t that line a crack up? I’ve been thinking about since I first read it. Classic Clarissa at her best!

    • I had a phone reading with Clarissa last year. Let me tell you, she’s a riot if you get her going!

      Clarissa, you should think about writing some more humorous pieces, some of us really enjoy your wit.

  7. The moon will be in an exact conjunction with my MC when it’s full. I am currently looking for work. Is this a good or bad thing?

  8. It was very “nice and rough” and I will leave it at that 😉

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