Real Time Astrology: Full Moon in Libra April 10th/11th, 2017


The Full Moon at 22 degrees Libra takes place in the wee hours of April 11th, 1:08 AM Central Standard Time, so this will occur late evening of April 10th for time zones west of CST. Expect a wild night! Here in Oklahoma, this Full Moon will be in the month that usually kicks off our tornado season in full force, and this lunation reminds me of a tornado in many ways.


For one thing, it’s the final lunation involving the square between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. These squares were exact seven times between 2012-2015 but have been still in orb of each other on and off since then. Well, it’s over here, folks. At the Full Moon in Libra April 10th/11th, Uranus will be at 24 degrees Aries, Pluto at 19 Capricorn. Literally by the end of April, the orb is too wide to be considered in effect and the Uranus-Pluto square is officially over once and for all. (Jupiter in Libra will still oppose Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn over the summer, but not within orb of both planets at the same time to form a cardinal T-square involving all three bodies.)


The Uranus-Pluto squares have changed the world. I don’t think anyone would doubt the mind boggling changes we’ve seen since 2012. It’s disorienting. Time pre-2012 may as well be ancient history. The intensity was such that even in the time between 2015 to now when the squares were looser, we never lost the rate of accelerating change. One of my favorite examples of the power of the Uranus-Pluto squares that I’ve used in the past were the massive EF-5 tornadoes of May 2013 here in Oklahoma, the largest ever recorded and ones that coincided with the third exact Uranus-Pluto square (one of those tornadoes was within a couple hours of the exact square!).


The Full Moon in Libra squares both Uranus and Pluto and thus taps into this power one last time. One last hurrah for exciting, exhilarating, unnerving, scary transformative power. I don’t necessarily expect an event on the level of Largest. Tornado. Ever! (though I won’t be surprised by things of a violent nature taking on a life of their own here, either). What I am expecting is enough push and shove to make final decisions. Libra is the sign of decisions! This is what I wrote last year:


“As anyone who’s ever been in a hostile long term relationship or environment knows, you can put up with a lot of shit for a long period of time but usually the breaking point comes from something seemingly petty and stupid, the proverbial squeezing the toothpaste from the wrong end. There are a lot of ‘the straw that broke the camel’s back’ scenarios playing out right now and that will continue to play out. Losing ones mind over minor things is an unhealthy way of expressing ‘I’m officially over it/done here’. Seen from one perspective, it is better this way, to have all the necessary endings happening at once so that they are no longer strung out.”


At this point, I don’t think there’s too many decisions left to be made, to be honest. Most have been made by us or for us already. We know what we know and those that are out of the know are kinda screwed. So, for some of you this Full Moon in Libra might bring signs that you’ve made the right decisions, rather than the need to make new ones. The ending of the Uranus-Pluto squares only segues us into new astrological configurations that require our time and energy to navigate as well, for some this Full Moon could represent the pendulum swinging into those new directions. Libra and Aries are both cardinal signs, they get things moving! Those that have been on the fence about issues lately should feel emboldened by the involvement of the Sun in Aries, leading to swift and direct action once decisions have been made or balance established. However, there’s gonna be those “straw that broke the camel’s back” scenarios here for sure, don’t think otherwise!


The Full Moon does fall inside the via combusta, conjunct Jupiter retrograde at 17 Libra also in “the burning path”. There’s an edgy feeling of “do or die” that comes with some of the choices presented here, which further underscores the finality associated with the last lunation to trigger the ending Uranus-Pluto square. Further aggravation and aggression comes from Mars (ruler of Aries) in detriment in Taurus (22 degrees) forming a tight inconjunct/quincunx to the Full Moon. That’s not a major aspect in itself, rather it points to annoyances stemming from the inability to see another person’s perspective, which is especially annoying to Libra.


All this might not be as bad as it sounds. You have bodies not seeing eye to eye, not reaching agreements but also with enough impetus to make swift decisions, take swift action and move on decisively. That sounds pretty fruitful to me! The conjunction to Jupiter offers protection in that potential you may not have noticed or acted on before can also present itself here and be utilized.


Libra is ruled by Venus, planet of love, relationships, money, worth, self worth, aesthetics and most other things that make us happy. Venus will be stationing direct at 26 Pisces just a few days after this lunation, on April 15th. Venus will be retrograde at 27 degrees Pisces at the time of this lunation, conjunct wounded healer Chiron. This is an “ouch” influence. (Really not a great idea to get a makeover or haircut during Venus Rx conjunct Chiron…) Venus is exalted in Pisces, meaning it expresses its talents quite strongly here. However, the retrograde motion turns the focus internal rather than external, meaning we are working on ourselves here more than we are on others. (Or, at least we should be!) The lessons of Venus retrograde in Pisces comes from rediscovering our inner beauty and value, cliché as that sounds. However, the conjunction to Chiron makes this awkward and painful, as if we must first be reminded of how much we feel unloved, unloving and unlovable before we find the redeeming lesson.


Venus is not directly involved in the lunation but Venus rules Libra and Venus is in the sign that was traditionally ruled by Jupiter, and Jupiter is conjunct the Full Moon in Libra. So, matters of the heart play a “small but pivotal role” and tie into the larger events of the Full Moon. Whether this is to your liking or not, in the via combusta the one thing you can’t say it lacks is passion…



As always, look to the house of your natal chart that this Full Moon in Libra occurs for further information about how it will affect you personally. If you need help finding this, read here for easy instructions.




  1. LadyLaLa says:

    Wow… “Do or die” – as this full moon falls in my 8th house I think that’s a pretty apt description here LOL!

    I have a question regarding the degrees though: My 8th house is in libra, I have my moon in Libra at 12 degrees, so TECNICALLY it’s out of orb to the full moon. But my Scorpio Sun in the 9th house (which is tightly conjunct Venus and Jupiter, all opposite Chiron in 3rd house) is at exactly these 22 degrees. And since the full moon falls in a Scorpio flavoured house, and my natal planets is at the degree point – could I expect the lunation will affect my Sun-stellium as well, even if it’s not in a official aspect?

    The Pluto-Uranus square certainly has brought massive change, on the one hand I’m relived to see it pass – on the other hand I’m so used to their square energy that I can’t quite remember how life was before THEY happened?!?
    Pluto is touring my 12th house these years and were involved in a square to my natal moon from 2013 to 2016… that… sucked. But it certainly cleaned house!

    • I wouldn’t look to it affecting your Sun stellium. It’s in the 8th, that’s enough 😛

      Yeah it’s weird to try to remember life before it all started, it’s almost quaint by comparison!

  2. Divine Arch Angels Watch Over and Protect You & Yours~Blessed be!

  3. Madamarcati says:

    Brilliant and enlightening as ever, Clarissa. Thanks.

    Do you have any suggestions regarding how we might honour the ugly truths and dirty tactics exposed by our astrological companions of these past five years in waving them Goodbye ?
    Uranus Aries squaring off Pluto Capricorn and vice versa.
    The wisdom of Sheep & Goats ?

  4. It should be interesting. This even takes place during what is scheduled to be the most important appointments of my life. Next week I will take a definitive direction of life. Of course the decision is not mine but someone else. I’ve decided on the course to take. The question is whether the Sadge that I’m negotiating with makes the choice or not.

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  8. Jupiter n. @ 22.55 Libra in house 5, Venus n. @ 21.04 Capricorn in house 8 and Pluto n. @ 2.19 Virgo in house 4. I wonder if it can affect beneficially my writing abilities inside the via combusta? Coincidentally, the 11th will be the first day of my memoir writing class.

    • It most certainly wouldn’t hurt it, the 5th is creativity. Writing I tend to associate with the 3rd house and/or the Moon, if either of those are impacted that would certainly help as well 😉

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