Real Time Astrology: April 2017


The month of April is typically a dynamic month anyway, as history has shown time and again. I do think this particular April will be especially memorable, though I must caution it will be for very mixed reasons. We know we have to take the good with the bad and at the same time, right?

That said, the month starts off steady enough. Saturn stations retrograde at 27 degrees Sagittarius April 6th/7th, creating a temporary feeling of being unusually tired or weary or restricted. Saturn will also form two exact squares to Venus in Pisces in April. Venus will be in Pisces from April 2nd-28th, retrograde until the 15th. The first Venus-Saturn square occurs while Venus is still retrograde, on April 8th; the second square occurs April 21st with Venus direct. A one-two blow to the heart. Those are times of feeling especially poor and lacking in everything: love, money, vitality, health. Not a robust feel good time. This too shall pass, but while in effect expect some hurts.


The hurt becomes quite acute at the Venus direct station April 15th, as Venus will be at 26 degrees Pisces conjunct Chiron. If you’ve been dealing with relationship or self esteem issues since Venus went retrograde in March, take extra care of yourself at the Venus direct station. Try not to act on hurt feelings, as this too will pass and you don’t want to be left with the deeds done out of hurt, spite, humiliation, awkwardness. I must say that April is a spectacularly bad month to change up your appearance as well; put the shopping and haircuts and such off another month unless you really want to end up with a mullet or a bowl cut…


Mars will be in Taurus until April 21st, when it enters Gemini at 5:32 PM CST. Mars is in detriment in Taurus and slows the pace considerably until it enters Gemini, when it really picks up the pace. Now, here’s where some people won’t like what I’m writing but I have to urge caution and alert folks to April 14th-19th, when Mars in Taurus will be conjunct fixed star Algol. Algol is associated with a particular kind of cruelty and violence, and as Mars is the planet of war and aggression Mars conjunct Algol is not something to brush off. Again, mid April is famous for historical acts of violence… just be cautious of your surroundings and don’t take risks. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend traveling during this period if you can avoid it. Pluto stations retrograde April 20th at 19 degrees Capricorn; the long Uranus-Pluto square is over before months end but the Pluto retrograde might just throw in our face one last time the good, bad and ugly of rebelling against authority that we’ve seen since the Uranus-Pluto squares began. Pluto slowing to retrograde as Mars conjuncts Algol doesn’t look pretty to me. I say that hoping I’m proven wrong.


Things do begin to change very quickly right after, though. Mars enters Gemini April 21st; Gemini is ruled by messenger planet Mercury, which will be retrograde from April 9th until May 3rd. Oddly enough, if you’ve read my writeup on the Mercury retrograde then you know that some of the good things to come out of April will be a result of the inspired and ingenious Mercury retrograde. Mars in Gemini will quicken the rate that the eccentric ideas and conversations take place, leading up to Mercury Rx conjunct Uranus in Aries April 28th. This is the same day Venus enters Aries, now direct but still in the shadow of the retrograde station begun in March. This day looks to me like release, a lot of dead weight being thrown off and liberation of many varieties being found.


Saturn retrograde does square Chiron by months end, exact on April 30th. The first square occurred back on December 28th, so if you had a hard time dealing with the end of last year and New Year’s then expect to see a replay of that world weariness. The difference this time is that as we feel pulled under in some directions, we feel excited and newly alive and awoke in others. That’s an odd mix but that’s what we’re being challenged to make work.


The Sun enters  the calm, steady sign of the Bull April 19th, 4:27 PM CST. In Taurus season, perhaps the most revolutionary act is to maintain cohesion and put one foot in front of another, avoiding the paths that are crumbling and staying on the ones that get us to the other side.




  1. Early signs of Mercury retrograde – WordPress has gone crazy and isn’t publishing my posts in chronological order. I hit publish on this post then couldn’t find it… somehow it ended up in the October 2016 archives.

  2. To your comment, I clicked on the link in the subscription email, and it took me to the 404-Page Not Found. I clicked home, then clicked on the post. Oh, Mercury, you tricky, tricky fellow.

    I have been in dire need of a haircut, and I’m about to lose my mind while waiting out not just Venus retro but Mercury as well (both the last one and the upcoming one). I pray that I don’t go full Britney 2007 as Uranus is on my natal sun, and transiting sun is going to obviously hit it as well! I’ll probably be near my Venus return by the time all the shadows clear, so that will at least be a win 🙂

    • The original link was dated October 2016, so moving the post to where it was supposed to be broke the link and no one could click on it in their emails. Thanks, WordPress, thanks.

      I really need a haircut too but I’m fighting temptation and waiting for Venus in Taurus, which really isn’t *that* far away. Plus the NN will be in Leo by then and we’ll all need the kind of hair you can flip with attitude 🙂

  3. Madamarcati says:

    Algol is an old friend, an old enemy. Opposite my Jupiter in Scorpio in the second house. Leading to life experiences such as any money I have earned often being ripped off by others targeted calumny, malice, envy or baseless litigation. Also any money inherited has been either a source of emotional sabotage and alienation or come to me as a result of tragedy.
    Past intense Algol experiences have, for me, made me question the very nature of material security, as it is that which has been so consistently brutally pulled away during bad Algol transits. Now, forewarned, I am doing my best to prepare for yet another potential episode. Having experienced Algol as often as I have, and still being alive to tell the tale, I am prepared to dance between the blades of its brutal scything machine again and survive it. I hope !
    Although I now automatically always scope out where the public toilets and parks are and where the homeless congregate in any big city I live in or visit just in case I finally end up being pushed by one of these life events, into roaming the streets !
    I wonder how many wandering saints foresworn to poverty had Algol prominent in their charts? Saint Francis of Assisi comes to mind.

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  5. Eliza Ayres says:

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    There is a tornado warning in effect… great start to Sature retrograde!

  6. soulspeak says:

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  7. Clarissa!!!!!
    The United States has now started bombing Syria. Is that why the image for this month was explosions in the sky? And the worst is to come when MARS MEETS ALGOL?
    I wanted you to be wrong too but it appears you will be proven right

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