Setting The Stage For The Great American Eclipse


So, while most of us were sleeping last night, America sent missles flying into Syria. If you’ve read my April forecast and my writeup of the upcoming Libra Full Moon, you won’t be surprised by this.


I do want to point out some of the astrology behind the timing of the attack itself. The attack started at 8:40 PM EST. The Moon had just gone void of course about 25 minutes previous. The Moon was also at 28 degrees Leo, the exact degree of the so-called “Great American Eclipse”, a New Moon Total Solar Eclipse which will make a path across the United States. This eclipse will be a North Node eclipse; while I liken the North Node in a person’s chart to their personal manifesto, in any chart the North Node shows a fulfillment of destiny and an eclipse involving the North Node turns the clockwork mechanisms that start in motion the path to fulfilling a destiny. Destiny in this sense not being a “positive” or “negative” but something closer to its proper dictionary definition: simply a meeting with fate.


So, the strikes in Syria occuring at this fated degree of Leo sets the stage for the unfolding of American and global fate at the Great American Eclipse. Not only does that eclipse involve the North Node (as any eclipse must necessarily involve one of the nodes) but it is conjunct a fixed star called Regulus, which has long been associated with military actions and military generals in particular. From my writeup of 2017:


“Around the time that the North Node is at the earliest degrees of Virgo and then hits 29 degrees Leo [that would be right now, the time of this post; the North Node is at 2 Virgo and enters 29 Leo May 10th] the North Node will be conjunct a fixed star called Regulus… Suffice to say here that the North Node conjunct Regulus could see an advancement in the storyline of military action around the world. I’m not saying total war will break out or anything, I’m saying this is a time to closely watch in regards to what is being orchestrated by military leaders.


Speaking of, America’s new President Donald Trump has his ascendant at 29 degrees Leo, in exact conjunction to Regulus. It should go without saying that the President of a global superpower country will play an important role in unfolding military action. Well, I think it’s particularly relevant in 2017, as not only will the transiting North Node affect his ascendant/Regulus/Mars conjunction but so will the incredible eclipse of August 21st. That eclipse is a New Moon Total Solar Eclipse at 28 degrees Leo, the so-called “Great American Eclipse” for the eclipse path/visibility will only affect American soil. Yes, this eclipse is a big deal for America. It’s a big deal for Donald Trump, just one degree off his ascendant. America has a “birth chart” known as the Sibley chart (July 4th, 1776) with the Moon at 27 degrees Aquarius, the sign opposite Leo. While the gears are turning around the world, there’s a particularly intense stirring awaiting those of us living in the U.S. as the Great American Eclipse hits our President and our people in one fell swoop.


This polarity [of the eclipse hitting the American Sibley chart] falls in the Sibley chart’s 9th opposing the natal 3rd house Aquarius Moon. The 9th is foreign lands and people, as well as religion and published “official” news/media. The 3rd house is our local neighborhoods, rumors, propaganda, transportation and the general ‘nervous system’ of a country. It is also the house of documents relating to foreign countries (9th house).”


As I wrote in The North Node In Leo Manifesto, the North Node conjunct Regulus at the anaretic degree of Leo is associated with defending honor and can also bring a loss of honor in spectaular ways. In my mind this is the more likely scenario, as the air strike occurred not only at this eclipse degree but also during a void of course Moon. Most astrology fans know the typical interpretation of a VOC Moon is that it operates as if in a vacuum, unable to express itself and thus usually is seen as amounting to nothing. However, a VOC Moon does not always mean there is nothing to worry about; it can also show an event started during this phase does not follow the correct predetermined course and instead ends very badly.


Get ready for a cruel summer.




  1. Thank you for this timely post. I can’t believe that Trump launched this attack. There are Russians military personnel all over Syria and were at the base that was the target. Had Russian military people been killed or injured, this could’ve been the start of Global War. Some Trump supporters are twisting logic to extremes by saying that it wasn’t a real strike. The Russians were given advance notice and were able to safely evacuate staff and equipment. Moreover, his supporters say, that there wasn’t any serious damage done. In the final analysis, it was simply a ploy by Trump to get the media and his political opponents off his back. As I’ve written quite a bit on my blog, the wretched somersaults by Western intellectuals justifying everything Trump does is disgusting.
    But that’s not all to it. Trump launched this attack while meeting with the president of China. This was clearly a calculated move to embarrass China. This also comes days after the Trump administration has threatened to attack North Korea. Hence the goal was to tell president Xi that the US is serious about military action against North Korea. To say this is reckless not to mention dangerous would be an appalling understatement.
    More perplexing is both China’s and Russia’s muted reaction. Both countries support the Syrian government of Assad and both are officially opposed to the US led effort for regime change in Syria. China’s foreign ministry has yet to issue a statement about the missile attacks. Russia is making the same lame remarks that it’s made in the past (Iraq 2003, Libya 2011).
    However, as the greatest American president Franklin D.Roosevelt said: “There are no coincidences in politics.” We can modify that statement and replace the word politics with astrology.
    This is really the beginning of the end not only for Trump but for the US has a military global superpower. The demotion of Bannon is a sign that the military generals have taken over the White House both in foreign and domestic policy. This is bad news for Bannon, Trump and ultimately the American people. Hopefully, the country won’t get singed by nukes as it gets burnt by the Sun and Moon.
    I’m making tentative plans to be off the continent for the entire month of August. I will conclude with these words from The Bronx circa 1985: We’re so deep in the mustard, we don’t know the sauce. We’re so deep in the chocolate, we don’t know the flavor. We’re so deep in the ice cream, we don’t know the scoop.

  2. Just wow

  3. Eliza Ayres says:

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  4. A great analysis Clarissa.

  5. Reading different astrologers and their take on the current world situation, well, it seems were in for a bumpy year. Here all hell is breaking loose on political stage and it’s coming out how politicians kept helping big money and now are doing it again. Honestly, it feels like all hell might break loose as people can no longer take such blatant lying and being taken for fools.

  6. soulspeak says:

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  9. brilliant as always. you have a great way of describing things so that the parts where one can breathe are are clear, even in a house on fire. like it seems we’re in now……

  10. For sure ready for Trump and his regime to be eclipsed…

    • Reliably Hillary has been murdering the rape victims of her asswig husband and the clinton bush campaign has a long trail of corruption going back decades. Notwithstanding the clintons supply weapons to mercenaries in the middle east, and then send in their purpose made campaigns – like the white helmets – to destabilize and discredit independent governments. In short, nobody messes with the US hegemony. Trump is actually trying to stop pedophilia in the deep state and more, there is NO comparison to Hillary who is actually a bankster-backed illuminati witch if you’d care to open your eyes. But I digress, you needn’t worry about violence and darkness from afar. That has already eaten America from inside like a cancer. The only way I can describe the ‘American Eclipse’ is, when the hell has it NOT been?

  11. Bashing on or showing disdain for trump is unequivocally setting up a comparison because Hillary was concerned with the election. I’m not for politics whatsoever, however being what she is, hating on Trump is duly despicable. The elite didn’t even want him to win. And Youve got thousands of Soros funded PSYOP midgets protesting Trump and of course the bankster owned media shitting on him constantly. Like man, wake the fuck up

    • Michael, I’m guessing you’re new here so I’ll tell you now I don’t allow commenters to attack one another. Plenty of people over the years have expressed various opinions without trying to pick fights. Neither of the people you’ve responded to deserved snide comments like “wake the fuck up”. Just stop. Feel free to express your perspective… but show some decorum too. It’s Jupiter in Libra, condescending behavior online is so out of style.

      As far as “bashing” on Trump, he’s the POTUS and that office deserves criticism regardless of who holds it.

      PS you’re not going to find sympathy for politicians in general on this site.

  12. Syria was nothing compared to 150 missiles fired on Libya, arming terrorists outta Benghazi and destroying the entire country, murdering the leader in the streets and Mrs. Clinton laughing about it live on TV.
    Libya is a failed state as is Iraq and soon to be Syria.
    There aren’t two parties in America there is one party and thats the war party.
    Mrs. Clinton wanted a no fly zone over Syria and that is WW3.
    The eclipse in August changes everything.
    Syria is going to die if you look at its chart, horrible, bloody, fated.
    Damascus in ruins, the Koran has Jesus returning to Damascus turned to rubble.
    The stage is being set and the actors are all in place.
    The eclipse conjunct Regulus brings a King.

    • “There aren’t two parties in America there is one party and thats the war party.”

      Ain’t that the Truth. I wish more people would start seeing the obvious.

  13. neptunian placebo says:

    I hope you’re misinterpreting it. I’m not American citizen but the collapse of the United States is bad news for everyone. The ripple effect would affect every nation. Fingers crossed it’s just the symbolic representation of things taking a surprising turn for the better. Sure, I’d see another country being a global superpower, like Norway, Sweden or Canada but this is not likely to happen. Psychopathic leaders of Russia or China are more than ready to jump at the opportunity. I would have no qualms with either of them leading the world if their governments respected basic human rights. They don’t even acknowledge the freedom of speech.

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