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Oh, and I'll take plagiarizing thieves to a Higher Court as well.

Oh, and I’ll take plagiarizing thieves to a Higher Court as well.


Copyright © 2014 – 2016 Viva Combusta! Astrology. Everything on this blog (except for images, which are copyright of their respective owners/artists) is the intellectual property of the author (Clarissa) and may not be copied or reproduced. Do not distribute without crediting me (Clarissa) as the author.


As my website has become increasingly popular and others have noticed the response I get to my writing, there has been an uptick in other blogs and websites lifting my own original written content and copy + pasting it to their sites without crediting me correctly as the author, thus giving the impression that they wrote content that is, in fact, my original copyright protected intellectual property. This is known as “scraping”, and you thieves make money from ads run on your sites, thereby profiting from my hard work and at my expense. This violates DMCA copyright notice. If you “scrape”, steal and thieve my work, I will file a DMCA complaint against you, as well as with your site host and whoever pays your ad revenue. If you like my writing and want to share it with your audience, you MUST do so by clearly quoting my work and prefacing it with my name, website and a link to the original post so your audience knows I am the original author.


As an example of how to use my writing without making an enemy of me, look at how Astrology Hub regularly quotes me in their well-curated lunar cycles reports. This is how to use someone’s writing correctly: “Moon, Interrupted…”


Not so hard, is it? Anything less than 100% clarity to your readers that I am the original author of excerpts you use from my articles here on Viva Combusta! will constitute intellectual property theft, plagiarizism, “scraping” and I won’t hesitate taking swift action against you.


I claim no credit for any images posted on this site except for the computer generated astrology charts. I want to showcase art and artists by showing their work to my readers. All images used in posts are copyright to their respective owners. All images on Viva Combusta! are readily available in various places on the Internet and believed to be in public domain. I always give credit to the artist and link back to the original source, to promote the art/artist. If you are that artist and do not want your art featured on my site, email me at and I will remove the image. If you’re a visual artist and would like to see your work featured on this site, send an e-mail as well.


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