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An astrology reading is a fantastic tool to help navigate through life better, in both the external world of career, home, family, love and health as well as the interior of our souls, the unseen realms of emotions, intuition, and destiny. I believe astrology is at its best when it merges all aspects of life together and can be applied in down-to-earth, practical ways. I am not a New Age, “light worker”, Law Of Atraction, or neo-pagan astrologer and try not to interject modern quasi-mystical stuff in my interpretations (although if appropriate they can be quite spiritual.) I come from a small town, working class background and have used astrology in my own life with a sensible, down to earth approach. I am also not a predictive astrologer, as I believe in free will, serendipity and synchronicity far more than immovable, “fated” events. So, I will not be able to tell you when you will win the lottery and/or meet the love of your life. If astrology really worked like that, I would be in Fiji right now with a Colin Farrell look-alike, rather than trying to make a living out of my home in Oklahoma one consultation at a time. Think about it…


However, astrology can help you improve your chances in getting what you want in life by helping you better understand your weaknesses and strengths, maximizing your potential and making the most of opportune moments in time while bracing for rocky roads. An astrological reading will help you understand not only your inner workings better but help you see where you fit in the bigger picture. I aim to make astrology readings accessible, easy to understand, and applicable in everyday life. Astrology will not replace your responsibility to handle life on your own or make tough decisions for you. It is a complimentary tool to use along with others to help you on your path.


For me to give an astrological consultation you will need to provide me with your date of birth, location of birth and the time you were born, which is usually found on the birth certificate. The time of birth is crucial, so please make the effort to locate it. If it is not on your birth certificate try to locate your birth announcement or ask parents or other relatives who were present for the birth. The more accurate the time of birth is, the more accurate the reading will be. If no time of birth can be found at all, a reading is still possible but please understand this limits significantly the depth of the reading. Please also provide your current location as I will need a reference place for some of these readings.


A simple interpretation of your birth chart or your current transits can be done, but if you have specific questions you’d like answers to or want certain subjects covered in more detail than others, then please specify this when purchasing a reading. Astrologers are not mind readers and cannot guess what you most want from a consultation. The more direct and focused you are going into the reading, the clearer the results will be for you.


I can read for two or more people at a time if requested. However, these types of readings will have to pertain to specific questions or themes; I will not do a general natal chart or transit interpretation for more than two at a time. I know a lot of astrologers place a heavy emphasis on synastry in astrology: personally, I find it a bit overrated and look at couples charts separately and together with a composite chart, but will use synastry instead of composite if requested. (Read the reason for my preference of composite charts here.) Readings for business partners as well as family members can also be done in these readings.


You can also purchase any report for someone other than yourself as a gift to them.


Weekends provide the greatest availability for phone consultations. There is more flexibility with the written readings and in some cases may provide a quicker turnaround. Turnaround time can vary from a day to a week, depending on my work volume at any given time; if you’re needing a rapid turnaround time email me at vivacombusta@hushmail.com for current availability status.


The 30 Minute Written Reading is a general written consultation delivered in pdf form via email. It can answer specific questions, give a general outline of major changes in transits and progressions, or be used as a reading for couples. This is my most popular written reading as it is affordable and can cover any topic posed to me that I can write about in 30 minutes.


I have a strong affinity for solar returns and feel they are underutilized in modern astrology. A solar return is a chart cast from one birthday to the next and tells an important story in how the year in between unfolds. If you’ve ever noticed big things happening around your birthday and wondered why, this is your answer! Just as important in my opinion as transits. The solar returns often blend into each other in cycles and show where patterns can either reoccur or break. I offer a 1 year solar return report as well as a 3 year solar return report which shows the patterns and cycles that will dominate. When ordering please specify which year you want the solar return to begin. It wouldn’t be wise, obviously, to buy a report for a solar return year that is nearly over.


Below are the prices for each option. You do NOT need to have a PayPal account to make a purchase, you will be given the option to opt out of an account. Non U.S. residents will need to select their country from the drop down menu for the debit/credit only option to work correctly. Most debit/credit cards are accepted. If you do not see your debit/credit card available, or do not want to use your personal cards for online transactions (which I completely understand! ) then a prepaid card is an option.


Upon completion of your purchase, you will be redirected to a contact form to provide the necessary information: your birth data, email address, phone number and time zone/country (if buying a phone consultation), locations (for solar return reports), and any additional information you think I will need. If the purchase was for a reading for two or more people, you will enter the exact same information for each additional person. It is helpful to me if I know how familiar or unfamiliar you are with astrology and its language. If you have specific questions and issues you’d like me to focus on, please include that as well. Clearly expressing what you are looking for in your reading will get the most results for your money.


Anyone who purchases any phone consultation will be sent a password that you can use on this page:


Subscription Options For Clients


This is a monthly phone consultation subscription “check up” service available to existing phone clients only. (So that we have an established understanding of each other, your chart and events going on in your life.) It will not substitute a long, in depth phone consultation; this subscription service is for people who want a monthly shorter call at a discounted rate.


I do not record my phone calls. Skype calls are not currently an option. Calls outside the U.S. are the same price as ones made locally. I recommend those buying a phone consultation to make a list of topics to be discussed during the call, so no topic is left out. I have to be firm with the time limits for the phone consultations (to avoid biting into the time for other clients) so please buy the time you realistically need.


If PayPal does not automatically redirect you to the information page upon completing your purchase, write me directly at vivacombusta@hushmail.com and I’ll send you the form.


I use Western Tropical astrology. I use the Placidus house system. ALL reports are written by me personally. I do not sell generic computer generated reports.


30 minute written consultation $45.00


This is my most popular written report. I do not charge for time spent researching your astrological information, you are paying for the 30 minutes I just spend writing. The report is delivered in pdf form via email. This report can be used for a variety of things: to answer specific questions you have about any combination of transits, progressions, your birth chart, or anything else that you want addressed directly but do not need a longer report for (e.g. you aren’t in need of a full natal chart reading or an in depth phone consultation). Can also be used for questions relating to relationships, family issues, work and career goals, health and money, anything else you think of…



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45 minute phone consultation $60.00


Least expensive of my phone consultation options. Ideal for people who can talk fast and listen faster. Will also make you eligible for the monthly phone subscription service, if interested. Please remember I am firm with the time limits.



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60 minute phone consultation $75.00


Ideal for those who want a little extra time to address issues raised in the reading.



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90 minute phone consultation $95.00


Ideal for those who have in depth or multiple issues to work through, or those who prefer the consultation to be relaxed, not rushed.



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Natal/Birth Chart Report – written $90.00


This is a written report of the nuances of your birth chart. This will not cover any issues of the moment; you’d want the 30 Minute Reading for that. The Natal/Birth Chart Report only looks at your chart as it appeared when you were born, and as such will help you understand the bigger picture of events and personality traits that unfold over the course of your lifetime. Will help give you an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses as well as understanding why you view the world the way you do. Since this chart is one you’ll reference for the rest of your life, I don’t rush the writing of this report and so turnaround can be between 7-12 days from time of purchase, depending on my work volume at the time. I work with all the standard angles and major planetary bodies, including the outer planets, Chiron, and some fixed stars (if applicable to your chart). I do not use recently discovered or hypothetical astrological bodies such as Sedna, Ceres, Vertex, Pholus, etc. Report is delivered via email in pdf format.



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Solar return report, 1 year – written $18.50


The most affordable of my written reports, sent via email in pdf format. A solar return should not be confused with transits; transits are the planets in motion circling your birth chart, the solar return is a standalone chart that lasts from one birthday to the next only and serves as a template for the year.



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Solar return report, 3 years – written $40.00


Sent as a pdf via email.



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I will update this page as needed to meet people’s needs. If you do not see an option here that you want or have any other questions, feel free to email me at vivacombusta@hushmail.com


It’s a pleasure to be your astrologer!


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