Show Some Love – Support Viva Combusta!

If you like what you read and would like to provide financial assistance in keeping this service going and free for all to read, please consider signing up for one of these “tip/love offering” options. You do not need to have a PayPal account to submit the one time only “tips” payment, PayPal will provide you an option to pay with your credit/debit card without registering an account with them at checkout. Residents outside the U.S. will need to select their country from the drop down menu for the debit/credit only option to work. The one time only “tips” will show as a purchase at checkout; you aren’t actually purchasing anything, these links are for offerings only. This workaround just allows for offerings paid to me from those outside the U.S. and for those who do not want a PayPal account.(If you are trying to purchase a reading, then use the links on this page!)  If you are worried about using your personal debit/credit card online (I understand, believe me!) then purchasing a prepaid card is a good option. 


One time only “tips” – You do NOT need a PayPal account for this option (it will read as a “purchase” at checkout but you are gifting here, not purchasing):


One time only “tip” $10.00
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One time only “tip” $15.00
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One time only “tip” $20.00
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One time only “tip” $30.00
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One time only “tip” $50.00
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One time only “tip” $100.00
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If you want to pay a different amount than the options here or have any questions write me at



  1. Child of YEMEYA says:

    It was my honor to pay it forward to you as you pay it forward to others. Blessings on you.

    • Such gratitude to you. This business is one that comes in waves and spurts, and the tips really and truly help me get through the slumps, financially and otherwise. It couldn’t have come at a better or more urgent time.

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