Real Time Astrology: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces September 16th, 2016


The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 24 degrees Pisces happens on Friday, September 16th at 2:05 PM CST. While the September 1st eclipse was a near total eclipse, this one on September 16th is a penumbral eclipse, though no less complex. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse opposes Mercury retrograde at 17 degrees Virgo, squares Mars at 23 degrees Sagittarius, and widely opposes Jupiter newly in Libra (at 1 degree). It will be tightly conjunct Chiron, which is retrograde at 22 degrees Pisces. The North Node in Virgo/South Node in Pisces is at 12 degrees, so while this eclipse does involve the Moon’s Nodes it, of course, isn’t nearly as tight as the previous Virgo New Moon Solar Eclipse. However, many themes of that eclipse will be repeating themselves here, most notably the strong mutable T-square (which I covered in my previous Virgo eclipse article.)


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Real Time Astrology: Full Moon (Maybe Lunar Eclipse) In Aquarius August 18th, 2016


The startling electric Full Moon at 25 degrees Aquarius peaks on Thursday, August 18th at 4:27 AM CST. There is a bit of debate over this one, with some calling it a penumbral lunar eclipse and others saying it is just shy of meeting eclipse criteria. Either way, it’s going to be buzzing! Besides the obvious opposition to the Sun at 25 degrees Leo, the Aquarius Full Moon and maybe penumbral lunar eclipse will tightly sextile Uranus retrograde at 24 degrees Aries, as well as form a tight inconjunct (sometimes called quincunx) to Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Virgo  (23 and 25 degrees, respectively).


Aquarius is the sign of the weird and quirky, being ruled by unorthodox Uranus. Uranus in the martial sign of Aries is the freedom fighter, asserting individual rights and pushing pack against tyranny, conformity, homogenization and globalization. With Uranus retrograde, the fight for our right to fly our freak flags has become an inner, introverted focus rather than something we project to the world. The lunar cycle sensitizes us at the personal, intimate level to the bigger workings of the world at large and the Full Moon in Aquarius sextile (easy, flowing aspect) to Uranus Rx in Aries is a time of flying our freak flags proudly.


As this Full Moon/maybe lunar eclipse is bursting with intensity and energy of Aquarius and Uranus, it’s going to be highlighting issues we’re faced with as people living during the transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. So, it’s as good a time as any to review what the Age of Aquarius is, what its higher potentials and dark shadow sides are.

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Eris – Never A Moments Peace?


I’m sort of cynical about certain things in modern astrology. Traditional astrology became seen as too limited and fatalistic, replaced with a don’t-worry-be-happy, silver linings everywhere way of thinking that I personally feels interferes with the ability to tell it like it is without being seen as “negative”. Another thing that gets under my skin sometimes about modern astrology is how quickly every newly discovered celestial body is assigned meanings, well before any proper vetting process has begun. There are infinite such bodies, not all can be relevant to human life. This was my gripe with the non-discovery of “Planet 9” earlier this year; the orbit of Planet 9 is so slow it’d barely move a single degree in a humans lifetime; yet, already some astrologers have assigned overblown meaning to it. Before it’s even actually been properly “discovered”, no less. There are Monty Python asteroids, I’m surprised there aren’t astrologers arguing over their meaning in a birth chart or a nations chart.


One of the more recent discoveries that does stand out from the rest is Eris, discovered in January 2005, coincidentally by the same team that demoted Pluto from major planet status and that announced the likelihood of Planet 9. I was skeptical of Eris at first, too; it stays in a single sign anywhere from 15 to 125 years, making it a stretch to even call it a “generational” effect during the longer transits. (Eris entered Aries in 1927 and will not enter the next sign of Taurus until 2048…). 10 years after discovery is not all that long of a learning process in how a body behaves astrologically. But, events worldwide in recent weeks has made me take a closer look at Eris, particularly as it is currently conjunct Uranus in Aries.

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“These Are The Times That Try Our Souls”

Sculpture by Lorenzo Quinn

Mother Nature showing her force. Sculpture by Lorenzo Quinn.

I love this blog! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I receive a lot of value when you share your perspective and understandings of how astrology affects broader political issues occurring on our planet, and in our human culture. My greatest concern is the health and survival of our planet earth, and how we are all relating to our home, and it’s inhabitants. It seems to me that this is the reason for studying astrology. We are a planet among many others, and stars, and energy, and as a family we move through the universe. We must develop our consciousness for each other and how we are communicating for the best possible health of our planet and ourselves. Now more than ever are earth politics and human politics coming head to head for inevitable resolve. I want to know best how to evolve and contribute to this process. How is the universe as a whole communicating to assist our health? – Alys


This question came through this post in which I asked readers to submit topics they’d like to see covered on my site. This was one of the harder ones to respond to, as I have the same concern and there are no easy, simple answers. I’ll try to start with “how is the universe communicating to us?” from the astrological perspectives of the major transformative transits we’re going through and will be going through globally.


In the short-to-medium term, the dominating influence in global matters is Pluto’s long transit of Capricorn until 2024, followed by Pluto’s transit of Aquarius until 2043. In addition to that we are coming to terms with the Uranus in Aries-Pluto in Capricorn squares which are still active but waning. Much more tangible shockwaves are ahead with Uranus entering Taurus from May 2018-November 2018, and in full effect from March 2019 until April 2026. There is a Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction in late 2019 and through 2020 that is heavy with consequences. In the much longer term, of course, we are transitioning from the Age of Pisces ever more steadily into the Age of Aquarius, which does not happen overnight but is instead a longer gradient; like a very long dawn very slowly giving way to the sunlight of a new day. The speed at which we are more distinctly in the Aquarian Age is, however, accelerating expotentially, and will see warp speed once Pluto enters Aquarius. (Read here for exact dates of major long term transits.)


I think the handling of the remainder of the Pluto in Capricorn years is a make-or-break time that will decide the flavor of the Pluto in Aquarius years, which will then be shaping the Aquarian Age by extension. When trying to understand where we’re going and how best to handle it, it is always a good idea to look back at the last time these transits were active and the results of the handling or mishandling of potential.


The last time Pluto was in Capricorn was 1762 to 1779. One of the most obvious examples of the proper handling of Pluto in Capricorn potential was the American Revolution. Pluto is concerned with power dynamics; the proper use of power that can transform and the abuse or misuse of power that destroys and devastates. Capricorn is a cardinal sign, meaning an active initiative and control, and concerned with government, leadership, business, politics, and authority on every level, including personal authority. It is also a sign that is focused on upward moving mature growth and evolution. So, you can see this in action in the American Revolution. Authoritarian government had overstepped it’s boundaries and was suffocating, destroying, and so it had to be overthrown, working  models implemented that better served the needs of the people at that moment in time and allowed a degree of individual power and autonomy to be reclaimed. It wasn’t a perfect model; since Pluto in Capricorn is found in the United States’ natal chart, issues over the power and control of the government versus the rights of the individual are inherent to the country’s evolution. But, flawed as the model may have been in some ways, it was no longer possible to continue on the trajectory we were on then and the bull had to be grabbed by the horns, so to speak. As Thomas Paine wrote in 1776: “These are the times that tries men’s souls… Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered.”


Interestingly, also in 1776, English historian Edward Gibbon published the first volume of six of The  History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire. It was a massive undertaking in trying to understand how one of the world’s greatest empires could meet such a disgraceful end. Even back then, it was understood that massive income inequality and the loss of civic virtue in its citizens were major contributing factors in the decline. Perhaps writing the book during the Pluto in Capricorn years made those connections more obvious.


The last time Uranus was in Taurus was from 1935-1942, a time marked by WW2, FDR’s “New Deal”, the Dust Bowl… look at any event in that time frame and you’ll see shockwaves and sudden changes/upsets in money markets, currencies, banks and financial institutions, personal income, as well as shifts in collective morals and values springing from changes in the material world. With Uranus, you have to expect the unexpected and whatever you expect tends to not be the reality, which makes predictions of Uranus’ behavior tricky. But, we know that in the earthy materialistic sign of Taurus the changes will be in the tangible everyday world, rather than just in behavior or attitudes. Taurus is the sign also most closely linked with the Earth itself, particularly agriculture.


Generally speaking, the Age of Aquarius is not only the ushering in of the era of technology, but also of bigger focus on group efforts. One of the pitfalls of the Age of Pisces was the savior/victim dynamic; confusion and vagueness and spiritual longing led a lot of people into abdicating their personal power and responsibilities to whomever appeared to be able to lead or rescue them. There are certainly many examples of this working very well but many more examples of it failing spectacularly. Aquarius is a distinctly detached sign which does not get swept up as easily as Pisces in the emotional realms and tries to take a more cerebral perspective. It does not come from the savior/victim standpoint as much as it tries to see the interaction of the individual in relation to the broader collective. The Aquarian Age ideal, in a generalized nutshell, is that of community or common-unity, individuals with shared ideals working together for the greater good. Aquarian Age love is what the ancients Greeks called agape love, well explained by Martin Luther King Jr. :


“Agape means understanding, redeeming good will for all men. It is an overflowing love which is purely spontaneous, unmotivated, groundless, and creative. It is not set in motion by any quality or function of its object… Agape is disinterested love. It is a love in which the individual seeks not his own good, but the good of his neighbor. Agape does not begin by discriminating between worthy and unworthy people, or any qualities people possess. It begins by loving others for their sakes. It is an entirely “neighbor-regarding concern for others,” which discovers the neighbor in every man it meets. Therefore, agape makes no distinction between friends and enemy; it is directed toward both. If one loves an individual merely on account of his friendliness, he loves him for the sake of the benefits to be gained from the friendship, rather than for the friend’s own sake.”


That’s the ideal, anyway. There’s always a rather large chasm between the ideal and the reality as played out on the everyday level, and every sign has its darker shadow side to contend with. As I’ve written before (it bears repeating, in my opinion, and it’s pretty damn good if I do say so myself):


“The Age of Aquarius has long been touted as a humanitarians dream come true, to be embraced with open arms and minds. Egalitarian and equitable. The mass organization of people and technological advances would supposedly achieve where the gods, mystics and poets of the Age of Pisces failed…  As the process of leaving the Age of Pisces and entering the Age of Aquarius speeds up, we sense more and more that not all that is glitteringly Aquarian is gold. Does the Aquarian Age care what we want individually, or is it asking us to individually want the same things? The status quos of the Piscean Age have certainly been challenged and in some cases overthrown, only to be replaced by Aquarian Age status quos all its own, which is not to be challenged. The out of control political correctness and the culture of being perpetually offended are Aquarian Age phenomena. You can hardly say anything to anyone now without causing outrage for not conforming to their philosophy.


Is this humanitarian, egalitarian? Yes, in the darker Aquarian Age shadow way it is. To paraphrase Aquarian George Orwell’s Animal Farm: in this new age, all people are equal but some seemingly more equal than others, and it is only their views that seem to matter. Superficial nonconformists (in name only) that, weirdly, expect conformity. Many ideals being sold now as “empowering” and “progressive” we instinctually feel as degrading and dehumanizing; yet, in this supposedly more open minded era there is less freedom to express these sentiments. And this is occuring on every level of society, not only in the most visible arenas. The age that was supposed to bring about the social causes that would better the world for everyone is instead seeing social causes hijacked and distorted from their original aims, used to further agendas they were initially established to overturn. How much of the freedom promised by the Age of Aquarius resembles freedom as we’d define it?”


This is important to keep in mind within the context of the Pluto in Capricorn years. One the one hand, there is a very real need to revolt against the power structures that are preventing progress from moving in the healthy directions we’d like to take it, and on the other hand there is increasing social pressure to accept and conform to the wishes of the masses, whether or not their values and goals are in line with yours. This makes effecting change in any real way a very tricky thing to do.


Even though Aquarius is a sign associated with things like eccentricity and weirdness and rebellion, it is also a fixed (rigid ) sign and cannot handle changes as well as mutable (adaptable) Pisces did. Fixed signs need things to work in synch and collectively we are all so far out of synch it’s not funny. Ironically, the technology that was an early gift of the Aquarian Age has played a part in this. There’s the obvious disconnect from nature and each other that overuse of tech can result in. But, I sincerely believe that the rapid spreading, sharing and assimilation of information brought by technology and the Internet has made people more aware and in touch with our intuition, our innate psychic abilities which we all have. There’s those studies we’ve all seen on how we’re only using a fraction of our overall brain power; I do think the Aquarian Age technology is moving those percentages a little higher all the time. Most of the world’s entire history is available at our fingertips, and the ability to so thoroughly review our past and exchange perpectives with others online when we cold never do so otherwise, does make peering into the distance a littler easier than it has been.


I do think this gives many average people the ability to be thinkers ahead of their time. This sounds great, but in practice being ahead of your time means being terribly out of synch with other people around you who only see the present time. Should those people be happy with the way things are and not see the changes ahead that more future-oriented people see and sense, warm reception of ideas that go against the stature quo isn’t likely.


So, that’s the astrological framework we’re given and need to move along. If you’re looking for specific ideas about health and survival of the planet, the issues of Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Taurus (which will hit harder than Uranus in Aries, Uranus is in its fall in Taurus), and the broader issues of the Age of Aquarius are what you’ll look at. I can’t possibly cover or even guess every issue, but there’s a few major ones that need extra consideration in my opinion.


With Uranus in Taurus, the sustainability and health of food and farming will take center stage, so anything one can do now to consciously work for best case scenario outcomes in this arena will be hugely important. Learn the business sides of agriculture and hear the farmers side of stories. Increase awareness, support, and understanding of things like permaculture and farming technology that works with, rather than against, nature. If you come across people or organizations that are doing great things in sustainable agriculture, it’s nice to share it on social media but often doesn’t do much besides getting lost in the cacophony, so reach out to those people or organizations directly and let them tell you what support they need and will help them the most.


Growing our own foods as much as possible is also a good idea. Not everyone can do so, obviously, so supporting local organic farmers and butchers is important too. Vote with your money.  Even the most urban cities usually have community gardens somewhere, which if given sufficient time and energy can not only support those in need in the local community (if you want clear statistics, volunteer at a local food bank and see how may hungry people there are and the reasons for it) but also, if done right, can serve as small scale examples of permaculture and sustainable farming. People often need to see certain concepts operating in real time before they see them as genuinely better alternatives, so the more healthy agricultural practices are put into place on the smaller scale the easier it will be to garner support for those ideas when current large scale agricultural practices reach moments of crisis.


Speaking of Big Agra, GMOs are kind of a trendy thing to hate on now but I have a feeling (I’m aware it may be nothing more than hope on my part) that GMOs will become a real substantial issue in the Uranus in Taurus years. There’s the obvious concern about the known and unknown effects on human health, as well as the shady practices of Monsanto, ConAgra, the meat processing companies (particularly poultry), etc., but more broadly GMOs tie into Pluto in Capricorn-related business monopolies and Aquarian Age-related ethical issues over owning a patent on a living thing. Uncomfortable precedent.


I’ve griped before about the sorry state of music at the moment. I don’t think this issue is a trivial one. Art comes from a place that isn’t concerned with simple basic survival; it comes from somewhere inside that looks to rise above that basic instinct level and move towards higher fulfillment of human potential. It represents the very best we can achieve when we are not focused on jockeying for power or finding more effective ways of killing each other or any of the other stupid low level human behaviors.  If we are concerned about health of people from a consciousness perspective, music, movies, and all the other popular arts has always served as a thermometer and reflection of where our myriad cultures are at spiritually at any given moment in time. When powerful enough, the messages it conveys assists us in envisioning a better world for ourselves and not accepting the status quo. The bad taste left in my mouth by what passes for art, music and entertainment these days has nothing to do with lack of skill or effort. I’m concerned by the lack of passion, vitality, rawness, and messages of any substance. Most of pop culture feels dead and not reflective of current human emotions and experience. We shouldn’t be accepting of mediocrity in our popular arts. Perhaps this too requires a DIY approach.


On the remaining years of Pluto in Capricorn side of things, economic decentralization is something to look into. It is something I am seeing a lot of lately, which means its crucial to also take the time to discern the motive behind it. I’ve seen convincing arguments for why widespread decentralization is a great idea, and convincing opposing arguments against it. I think the answer might be somewhere in between; at this point I don’t think widespread decentralization is even achievable but on smaller scales it can be. If we cannot thoroughly rid ourselves of the detrimental Pluto in Capricorn policies and machinations, we can at least remove ourselves from the equation as much as possible; if we can’t overthrow we can at least “starve” it of our support. The sign opposite Capricorn is Cancer, sign of home and homeland, so there may be some astrological sense in finding the anecdote to some of the Pluto in Capricorn problems by “bringing it back home”. Supporting local economy and small business and independent anything is again a form of voting with your money.


Getting involved with local politics is also becoming inreasingly more crucial; the global political scene is an obvious unfunny joke and not much any of us plebeians can do about that, but a strong localized political and legal force can do a lot to fight back against the insanity. Voting will always matter.


I guess you can consider the astrology as communicating to assist our health as: Uranus in Aries = the need for healthier individual rights and freedoms; Uranus in Taurus = the need for healthier agricultural practices and financial practices and institutions; Pluto in Capricorn = the need for saner government policies and more accountability; Pluto in Aquarius = the need for ethical use of technology. As I wrote in The North Node In Virgo Manifesto, while we still have Neptune and Chiron in Pisces  (until 2025 and 2018, respectively) everything affects and ties into everything else. If one part is sick then it is all sick, really.


On that note, the best ideas in the world do not matter if they are not supported by the general public, if they are not funded by the government, if they are blocked by special interest groups, if their facts are distorted by same groups, if honest and factual reporting of their benefits are censored, if people who challenge the status quo are shunned or blacklisted or jailed or “suicided”. The running thread between all these astrological influences as well as the apparent visible issues is the continuing forceful erosion of civil liberties taking place nearly everywhere, the attempts to control and censor the Internet and curb free speech, invasive surveillance, and citizens being ever increasingly treated like enemies of the state.


The surveillance part can’t be overestimated. As stated above, Pluto deals with power dynamics and struggles and the use or abuse of power, and Pluto’s transit of Aquarius from 2024-2043 will accelerate the rise of the Aquarian Age while also setting the tone. Modern technology has without question made life better than ever thought possible, and the Internet in particular is one of the best things to ever happen to mankind. However, there is already an absurd amount of misuse of technology that works against all our best interests, and considering the extent of mass monitoring and surveillance already in place I am personally more than a little terrified of the direction technology will take during the Pluto in Aquarius years if left unchecked. We need freedom to access technology, freedom in how we use technology, and freedom from technology all at the same time. We are becoming very good at using technology as a subversive tool and I think that needs to continue. If we are forced to submit to privacy invading surveillance we can use same techniques to defend ourselves against injustice. Watch the watchmen, so to speak. Personally, I also think there needs to be much better legal protection for “whistleblowers” as it is their information that can serve as catalysts.


Even though these things are obviously affecting us all, I’m going to refer back to the American Revolution as an easy example. Imagine if that war had never happened? Suppose the citizens shrugged and accepted tyranny, or hoped a hero came along and did it all for them. In a general way, that’s a decision we all are being asked to make. In the Aquarian Age, realize there may be occasional heros but success is ultimately won through community or common-unity, all of us contributing our individual talents to the bigger process. Isolate the problems and which of those you can best make a difference in and then give it your best. Don’t be afraid of risking fallout. Reach out to others who have found workable solutions and see what their suggestions are. Survive, if nothing else. Ensure the survival of as many as possible. Agape love. Part of that too is recognizing what is beyond our control and staying out of the way. That’s not a shiny happy answer but is a very realistic one I think.



Quickie Obervations On The Non-Discovery of “Planet 9”

Spoof poster, taken from the 1959 movie "Plan 9 From Outer Space"

Spoof poster, taken from the 1959 movie “Plan 9 From Outer Space”


I’ll just cut to the chase and say I’m underwhelmed by it. Mercury retrograde perfected its conjunction to Pluto at 15 degrees of Capricorn today, its a cynical and suspicious mood we’re in at the moment. Too much heavy mental lifting required of us now to entertain fantasy. Which is really all that the news of this new “Planet 9” is, no proof and only speculation and therefore not a “discovery” as it is being portrayed. In summary, this week two Caltech astronomers, Konstantin Batygin and Mike Brown announced a possible explanation for unusual orbital features of the Kuiper belt (where Pluto can be found, along with Eris and Sedna) that would be the result of an undiscovered planet. This Planet 9 (sometimes written Planet Nine) would be huge to create such an orbit, four times the size of Earth and ten times the mass. Some articles I’ve read say it has gone unnoticed because it is so far away, 75 times further out than Pluto, and in others (or, sometimes even in the same article!) it is being said that Planet 9 should be easily found with sensitive enough telescopes. I am not an expert on telescopes by any means so I know my opinion doesn’t matter but I’m giving that a major side-eye. It is worth noting that Mike Brown is the astronomer responsible for getting Pluto demoted from its planetary status and uses the handle @PlutoKiller on Twitter.


I expected scientific discoveries to be one result of the Saturn-Neptune squares. I am not as excited as others by this one. There’s no actual discovery, just the possibility of one, which is great and all but I don’t understand the hype over it. Lots of leads to potential breakthroughs go completely unnoticed. I’m guessing some of the hype would be to support funding for their project, with Brown saying the planet should be found within the next 5 years. I won’t be surprised if they do and I’ll be less surprised if they don’t, or if it takes longer. Mercury retrograde tightly conjunct Pluto in Capricorn suggests something is off about the model/structure and will no go smoothly; maybe there are other things that need to be discovered or understood better first.


The astronomy angle is all well and good by me. The non-astronomy angle is a little odd. Of course certain corners of the Internet are spouting the usual End Of The World crap. Some people are trying their best to connect the news of a possible new planet to the death of David Bowie and have volunteered “Bowie” as the official planetary name. (Yes, the celebrity deaths of January 2016 have an astrological explanation; Mercury (news, talk) conjunct Pluto (death) in Capricorn (age, mortality, status and respect, also potential for depression). I have unfortunately heard some very bad news that affects people I know in real life.)


Astrologically, though, even if Planet 9 becomes a real planet soon it won’t have a major impact. The distance from the Sun is so massive that Planet 9 would take 10,000 to 20,000 years to complete one trip around our biggest luminary. That means it would take somewhere between 833 and 1,666 years to transit each sign of the zodiac. You and I won’t feel this. It maybe could have some meaning in the unfolding of major millenia-length themes, such as geological ages or astrological ages, but anything that moves that slow would take long term research to properly understand its astrological implications. If it even has any,and not every body used nowadays in astrology has properly earned its current reputation. There are countless bodies in the heavens ( will let you select from 19,402 asteroids for a natal chart. If you are serious about astrology check out asteroid 30, Urania, in your chart…); only a select minority make a noticeable impact on human life.


One misleadingly small heavenly body that unquestionably leaves its mark on us is Pluto. Go through a bad Pluto transit and you’ll forever on think of your life in “before” and “after” terms. People with strong Pluto signatures in their birth charts live their entire lives in a state of metamorphosis. While I’m not impressed by the news of this alleged Planet 9, I do see the irony and synchronicity in its press release coming during a conjunction between Pluto and communication planet Mercury, courtesy of a guy priding himself on being the Pluto Killer. As if! Mercury retrograde conjunct Pluto in Capricorn sees more to this story than meets the eye. Learning more about the Kuiper belt objects may unintentionally result in Pluto giving up more of its secrets.


There’s a cosmic joke of some kind going on when news of an invisible planet comes from people who tried and failed to kill what we know to be real to us right now.



Intermission – The Viva Combusta! New Year’s Eve Soundtrack

Musically speaking, I’ll remember 2015 as the year I completely gave up on any current mainstream music. I love generic cheesy pop songs as much as anyone, but most of the stuff I’ve heard released this past year I won’t even dignify by referring to it as “music”. Maybe I’m just becoming prematurely curmudgeonly, yelling at other people in my age group as if they were youngins to get off my lawn with their fake, soulless, auto tuned to death garbage. Music today isn’t real like it was back in my day, whippersnappers!


Mostly, though, it boils down to being at the halfway mark of the Pluto in Capricorn years. Pluto giveth and Pluto taketh away emormous amounts of power, and in Capricorn a good chunk of power issues are focused on corporations, mega industries and major profits. The music industry obviously is a small but visible part of the mix. It’s a common theme in music that the quality suffers the more businessmen and image makers/fakers take over, that’s certainly not a recent development. Pluto does has a way of exposing things deeper than ever before for what they are at their core, and since Pluto moved into business oriented Capricorn the soundtrack to our lives doesn’t seem to even try to hide its single minded focus on sacrificing music for corporate monopolies. Tidal was one example. Look at these people signing a music contract like they’re signing a peace treaty at the United Nations or some such thing. The good thing is Tidal and similar money grabs weren’t  the complete success they were hyped up to be. Pluto can really go to some people’s heads, making them drunk on what they perceive to be power, but not everyone’s buying what they’re selling, literally and metaphorically. As we reach the halfway mark of the Pluto in Capricorn era we’re so much more aware of what’s going on behind the curtains and in the shadows of big business, Big Brother, Big Pharma/Agra etc and the more we encourage others to become/stay more vigilant and aware the less successful their manipulative and unfeeling tactics will be. Dams will break, eventually,  but like everything Plutonic it is a multilayer process and we’re not near finished yet.


In the meantime, the soundtrack sucks, which is really all I’m getting at here. It sucks because it is a reflection of the environment we’re in. At some point after the dams break, music -and creativity in general- will regain inspiration and reflect our recovered senses. Until then I’m shunning current mainstream arts and this New Years Eve I’m just chilling with old favorites. I have Mars in Taurus; Taurus often likes comfy, solid classics because Taurus endures and likes things that withstand the test of time, aging like wine (versus aging like milk.) It makes me nostalgic for musical eras I wasn’t alive in. Here’s some classics I’ll be listening to:












That last one forms the base of one of my favorite dancehall songs:



“My mind is divine mind”… if Jimmy Cliff can’t make you happy, nothing can.





And what’s New Years Eve without disco



Feel free to share your New Years Eve jams in the comments sections if you’re so inclined.


This playlist/Pluto in Capricorn era rant is a poor substitute for the article I originally intended to write, which was going to be a synopsis of the astrology of 2016. Between the holidays, readings, and tech issues (an early taste of Mercury retrograde in Aquarius and Capricorn) time just got away from me. Very quickly then: 2016 is a sort of shapeshifting year courtesy of an emphasis on the mutable signs of Pisces, Virgo and Sagittarius, four Mercury retrogrades  (we just had three in 2015), a substantial Mars retrograde that will pack a punch, and the ongoing Saturn-Neptune squares. The Uranus-Pluto squares will be all but over by the end of January, and we will lose the tension and panic it created. We will also lose what was an incredible impetus, instigator, a major potential for changing the narrative. The emphasis on the mutable signs and retrogrades/rewinds in 2016 means the dust will settle some but we’ll be challenged to adapt to more subtle changes. I quoted Hunter S. Thompson in an article previously; “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro”… this is a good mantra to have at the onset of the year.


I’m keeping fingers crossed that the music gets a little weird, too. On that note, I’d like to thank/shout out one particular local Oklahoma college radio show, the excellent Hi-Fi Heresy, for playing only obscure, corporate free, and sometimes unknown punk, protopunk, garage, blues, surf, psychedelic and psychobilly gems spanning all decades. It’s still the only time I’ve heard Captain Beefheart on the radio. If you’re so musically inclined, you should try to stream it. Not only is it quality and class but after the hour is done you’ll realize what a crime it is that so much of this music didn’t get the success it deserved because it wasn’t “commercial” (read: profitable) enough. Smaller pockets of inspiration and creative life abound outside the mainstream and are well worth taking the time to find.


Happy 2016!





The North Node in Virgo Manifesto

The North Node is everyone’s manifesto. It is the point astrologers look to in a chart for greatest realization of potential and fulfillment. It is always opposite the South Node, that area of life that we are old pros at and do not need to further develop; in fact lingering too long around the South Node is always to our detriment. We are not static; we are meant to move and grow. The North Node is our mission statement, our declaration of intention; the path not yet travelled but a journey we need to undertake anyway. Think of it as a tree or vine: the South Node forms the roots, the soil and terrain we are confortable in, yet if the plant never leaves its roots it dies. It is meant to grow, push forward; even when lacking all the needed energy and nutrients to pull it off easily does not alter the intended purpose. Growth is necessary to sustain life itself, and the North Node is the manifesto outlining the steps.


The North Node enters Virgo on November 12, 2015 where it will remain until May 9, 2017. Along with it, the South Node will be in Pisces. (Disclaimer: I am using the True Node, which is sensitive to the inherent “wobbles” in the motion of the Moon’s Nodes. Other astrologers prefer to use the Mean Node, which averages out the rate of motion. Those astrologers use an earlier start date.) For roughly the next one and a half years, our collective mission statement will play out along the Virgo/Pisces axis, with the themes and keywords most commonly associated with Virgo as the goal we are striving for.


Discernment. Discretion. Sensitivity, but not too sensitive. Charitable, giving of our services, but not without using good judgement concerning who we help. Separating wheat from chaff, the useful from impractical or nonsensical. Separating the info wars from the disinfo wars. Seeing the interplay between the parts and the whole, focusing and honing in on the critical parts. Attention to detail. Exacting standards. Efficient, effective, streamlined.


If you think about it, a lot of what is wrong on the planet now can be traced back to simple sloppiness, carelessness, lowering of standards in some form or other. The North Node in Virgo will look to tighten up the reins. Time to pick up the slack!  Get our personal and collective shit together, or else.


Virgo is the sign most closely associated with health, but with the broad, far reaching goals of the North Node we are not only looking at health from a personal, individual place (although it will play a pivotal role.) We are looking for holistic health. All parts must be healthy. The South Node along with Neptune and Chiron in Pisces knows intuitively that if one person, place, current model, status quo is sick, then the whole is sick. One hurt, one hunger, one despair, one raw anger affects us all. Pisces makes no such distinctions. Virgo is the pro troubleshooter needed to find the fixes and solutions.


Really ask yourself and others (especially our “leaders”): What is the reason for so much unhealthy dis-ease at this point in time? Many, many solutions have already been found, many questions answered; even more in the works. We could all have a very different quality of life right now across the board if these fixes had been put in place along the way. As it is, so many great ideas remain completely, woefully underutilized, if they’re even utilized at all.


Most people are aware of a least a certain amount of the reasons why holistic health -physical, mental, spiritual, enviromental, political; you name it, it all matters- is being attacked. Not many have the excuse of ignorance anymore, not in the dawning of the Age of Aquarius when many  millenia worth of information is available to anyone with Internet access. Not everyone is as up to speed on the current status of the collective as they should be, but that is changing as conditions continue to deteriorate and people see the culmination of the end-of-Piscean-era wisdom: if it affects one, it affects all, eventually. Dominoes. Along with the sloppiness and slacking off, many issues can be attributed to things like apathy, turning a blind eye, shirking our responsibility, even feeling overwhelmed or like nothing we do matters. These things are the negative side of Pisces energy (the South Node enhances the negative traits of each sign) and unfortunately this will be on the rise as the South Node enters Pisces for the next year and a half.


Remember,  the South Node -whether in a natal chart or a mundane transit such as outlined here- forms a solid base but gets us into a lot of trouble if we spend more time than necessary there. The temptation to stay in the drifting, unfocused waters of the Pisces South Node will be quite strong, as Neptune and Chiron already in Pisces will tip the scales in the South Nodes favor. You will see this play out on the smaller, everyday, individual level but also just as much in global arenas. The temptation will be to avoid issues rather than face them head on, hoping that kicking the can down the road will allow problems to resolve on their own. Or, even worse, in the hopes that someone will step in and do the job. Waiting for a hero or guru or shiny leader to step in at the last moment and save the day. Avoiding issues can be the result of general apathy and/or fatigue, worldweariness, but also good old escapism in all its various forms.


Most think of escapism in hedonistic terms: sex, drugs, booze, gambling, and so on. But anything really can be used in their place. Escapism can take the form of over sleeping and, alternately, overworking. The North Node in Virgo will place a heavy emphasis on work and getting things done, but ironically with the South Node in Pisces work can become an excuse to ignore other priorities that need our attention just as much, if not more. Daydreaming is harmless in small doses and can, of course, be very relaxing and refreshing but can also be a big time waste if left unchecked. More intimately, limerence can be an issue. In the Aquarian Age technology and the Internet are also potential escapism routes. Nothing wrong with a little silly fun online now and then, but know when to turn it off. Are you really enriching your life and the lives of others by watching cat videos or posting memes and reading petty gossip on Facebook, or are you avoiding reality? Even though the Internet is best utilized as an educational tool, here too it is necessary to be careful of where you are getting the information from, as the Pisces South Node can leave us vulnerable to taking on other people’s confusions and even outright lies.


The positive qualities of the South Node in Pisces are not to be completely ignored: the deep empathy, the psychic sensitivity, the ability to dream and envision better worlds, better ways. But, these are nothing more than jumping off points. Things will need to be tested for efficacy in the real world, and discarded without fanfare or emotion if they do not live up to their promise. In everything we do, on every level, things must work, plain and simple. They must be healthy and produce results.


Virgo is a sign that can be quite critical, overly analytical, picky, even downright persnickety. With the North Node here, however, not only are these traits beneficial, they’re crucial. Our food and water, our agriculture isn’t clean. Our politicians and leaders and top businessmans hands aren’t clean. (Ok, not that they ever really are, but some things are just out of control at the moment.) The health care and pharmaceutical industries are only making us sicker, outright trampling on the Hippocratic oath to do no harm. Animals are dying en masse from “mysterious” causes that do not seem to be a high priority to investigate.


There has never been a time in human history when things were really all that great, but that’s still no reason to accept how bad things are now, especially when we’ve never before had so much at our disposal to turn things around. Many things need and deserve to be harshly judged, criticized, and picked apart.


The North Node in Virgo gets considerable boosts from the lunar cycles and the personal planets as they pass through the sign over the course of this transit; a noticeably positive boost will be during January and June of 2016, when the North Node will be in close conjunction to Jupiter in Virgo. Those of you who have personal placements in Virgo will see a conjunction from the North Node at some point along the way (look at the degree of Virgo the placement is to time it.) Everyone has Virgo somewhere in their chart and will feel the effects of the transiting North Node wherever Virgo falls in your chart. This will be a source to write your own personal manifesto from for the next year and a half.