Re-Educate Yourself With Mercury Retrograde In Virgo August 30th-September 22nd, 2016


The most casual of astrology readers know that Mercury retrogrades are a hot mess, a logistical nightmare. However, some Mercury retrogrades are more productive, bear more fruit than others. At the end of August and through most of September (August 30th through September 22nd, specifically), Mercury will retrograde through its domicile  (the sign it rules) Virgo. A Mercury retrograde in the sign of its rulership is not any less squirrel-ly or weird for it; perhaps more weird and squirrel-ly for it. It won’t be boring or dull, at least. Working with the retrograde rather than fighting it can be a re-training and re-shaping of our minds.

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Chiron And The D.I.Y. Punk Ethos

1977 Ramones mail out for fans

1977 Ramones mail out for fans

Hi Clarissa, I would like to hear more of your take on Art and Astrology as I found your David Bowie music article very inspiring. – Adrian


In February, I wrote this post asking readers to submit ideas for articles they’d like to see covered on my site. This article is of course in response to the above suggestion, but also an idea that sprang out of my previous Q & A article The Times That Try Our Souls. That previous article covered the shape of global astrology transits to come, and how to work with them rather than be worked over by them. While writing that article, it occurred to me that many solutions in the short-to-medium term will be of the DIY (“Do It Yourself”) variety. DIY was a major component of the punk music scene in the 1970s which was when Chiron was discovered. Most folks who are interested in astrology know Chiron as the “Wounded Healer” but its discovery in 1977 has interesting ties to alternative health, alternative music and the Do It Yourself ethic, which I’ll attempt to tie together here.


First off, the astronomy and mythology. Chiron was discovered either October 18 or November 1, 1977. (There are conflicting dates.) A minor planet, it was originally thought to be an asteroid but recently has been viewed as a comet and likely has rings around it, a feature it of course shares with Saturn. Chiron is a centaur (bodies orbiting between the asteroid belt and the Kuiper belt) and erratically orbits between Saturn and Uranus. It is not believed to have been in orbit for very long.


The name Chiron derives from one of the Greek mythological centaurs. In the mythology, Chiron’s appearance was very different from the other centaurs, making him stand out and easily identifiable. Chiron was a great healer; the root of the word chiropractic derives from the same Greek word for Chiron (which loosely means “hand”; chiropractic literally means “done by hand”.) Chiron the centaur was revered and respected for his knowledge and skills of not only medicine but also music and, oddly enough, astrology as well. One of the ironies of the Chiron myth was that even though he was known as a healer, he was unable to heal himself and endured a lot of suffering.


Hence, “wounded healer”. It is commonly accepted in modern astrology that wherever Chiron is in a chart it represents a thorn in the flesh, a dull aching pain that can be masked but never really goes away. It represents past hurts, old injuries, whether to body, mind, or spirit. With time and effort we can learn to work with it and turn pain into an inimitable badge of pride, but given the right weather the injury can feel just as raw and belittling as the day it happened.


The Chiron astrology connection to medicine and healing is also well established. Saturn rules the bones and the bone structure; Uranus rules the brain and the electrical responses in the body. As Chiron travels a highly erratic path between the two planets, Chiron rules the spine and the other parts of the body where bone intersects with nerves. (A Uranus transit to my natal Chiron resulted in a slightly bulging disc in my neck, the discovery of spinal narrowing aka spinal stenosis and carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists.) Chiron has more to do with chiropractic than the origin of their names; Chiron literally rules chiropractic care and more loosely other “alternative” medicine practices. The transition of chiropractic care from being seen as snake oil nonsense to legitimately healing practice reached its zenith in the mid to late 1970’s, coinciding with the discovery of Chiron.


What isn’t talked about quite as often in astrology is Chiron’s connection to music, although it really should be. Zane Stein was one of the pioneers in understanding the astrology processes of Chiron (and was a long time member of the astrology forum, where I was also a member) and Stein wrote this of Chiron in his book Essence And Application: A View From Chiron:


“One of the most potent uses of music is to help you to enter into alternate realities by making meditation easier. With music, one can leave the realm of Saturnian time and enter Chiros [‘God Time’].”


If you’ve ever listened to a really sad song while feeling down and depressed, and wondered why it ended up making you feel better, it is because the song helped you identify the source of your pain and brought it to the surface for healing. It also reminds us than pain is a feeling shared by everyone. (All together now: “everybody huuurts…”)


When trying to determine the astrological processes and associations of any given body, astrologers look to the time frame of the “birth” or discovery of the body for clues. The major astrological bodies that required discovery often revealed themselves at moments in history that coincided with their own themes. One such planet was Uranus, which has an appropriate and sufficiently weird discovery story. Chiron has already established it’s connection to physical health and alternative therapy. It is its connection to music and in particular the music at the time it was discovered that is interesting.


Chiron entered Taurus in 1976 and of course was still in Taurus at the time of its discovery in 1977. (Chiron did not leave Taurus until 1983.) Taurus, as we know, is the earthy Venus ruled sign of money, materialism, valuables, personal values, leisure, and has also very much been associated with music since ancient times. 1977 was of course the year punk rock officially took over the music scene and tried to kill off the heavy corporate influenced sounds of disco, cheesy pop and soft rock. It was also the year Elvis Presley died. Though punks generally like early rockabilly Elvis, his ridiculous persona in 1977 and subsequent death can be seen as a symbolic passing of one era of music, allowing a new, more visceral one in synch with the struggles and politics of the times to have its day in the sun.


Chiron is punk. You might think with all the talk of hurt and healing that Chirotic music would be sappy mushy emo crap. Not so. In daily practice, Chiron deals with being a misunderstood outcast, a loser and a reject in the eyes of others. The thorn in the side can stem from being poor or ugly or a weirdo or a strongly individualistic person. Since Chirotic pain never goes away, the challenge is to turn the liability into an asset. Pain becomes character which becomes inimitable charisma; not charisma in the movie star glamour sense, but in that je ne sais quoi way. The ugliness won’t ever become mainstream-definition beauty, so it instead becomes art. If you’ll never be accepted, why not just say “fuck it” and do your own damn thing? Punk was and is music for people who can wear their insults as a badge of honor.


Chiron’s discovery while in Taurus and coinciding with punk becoming visible and a lasting influence is a literal example of Chiron behavior in Taurus. Subversion is another thing not as frequently associated with Chiron as it should be, but remember Chiron travels between Saturn and Uranus and so picks up influences from both but uses it in its own distinct manner (this is why Chiron is sometimes called “the maverick”.) Chiron simultaneously and uniquely bucks structures and authority (Saturn) while building its own eclectic structures supportive of individual quirks (Uranus). In the chart, the subversion can manifest as self sabotage if not actively worked with, such as trying to find acceptance from people you know you will never truly get accepted by, or latent masochism wherein you allow others to steal your talents and do not try to get recognized for the talents as you deserve. On the broader scale, subversion during the punk era can be seen manifesting through Taurean things such as the somewhat sick and warped clothes and styles, rejection of corrupt jobs and money systems, valuing music made by people who genuinely loved music rather than boasting pretentiously of skills and a wealthy lifestyle.


The DIY ethic was part and parcel to punk, as well. The idea that the only music worth listening to would have to be done on their own whether or not it found mainstream acceptance is highly Chirotic; remember that Chiron is the root of chiropractic which translates to doing it by hand. Chiropractic healing and musical healing are DIY things. Part of turning pain into beauty is recognizing that no one can do you quite like you do you, and the creative process fosters the authenticity that is the signature of Chiron when done right.


Again, though, the pain can never be completely healed, and as people with Chiron strong in their charts know all too well part of the Chiron pain is either not being taken seriously at all or seeing your hard earned originality stolen by others who do not give you credit. Punk was as famous for plagiarism and ripping each other off as it was for anything else. One small example is Ian Dury –


Ian Dury wore it first and wore it better.

Ian Dury wore it first and wore it better.


Ian Dury natal chart

Ian Dury natal chart


– seen above wearing the recognizable safety pin and razor blade earring first, long before Johnny Rotten stole the look and passed it off as his own. Dury’s story has always interested me. It’s probably the most simultaneously punk and Chirotic story of that whole scene (in my opinion.) Having a Saturn-Uranus conjunction and probably his Sun as well (the time of birth looks suspiciously “rounded off”) in the 12th house, he contracted polio at age 7 which crippled him. He spent most of his remaining childhood in a home for disabled children, where he was regularly abused. He went to an art college figuring he’d be accepted as an artist and illustrator more than in any other “respectable” profession. He actually didn’t even start a music career until nearly 30 years old (his first Saturn Return), which even today (maybe especially today?) he’d be considered past his prime for starting on such a path. His most famous song is “Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll”, a phrase he coined, which I personally see less as a song glorifying them as much as his thumbing his nose at society which told people like him that they’d never achieve those things, particularly rock and roll which is usually seen as being for young and beautiful geniuses only. (One of his albums was also called “Do It Yourself”.) The safety pins and razor blades sold at bourgie malls to suburban kids still today was his creation, an “arts and crafts” aesthetic he came up with in college that made use of mundane items and second hand clothes.


Unless a person knows the musical history, though, one would associate punk as being The Sex Pistols or The Clash or The Ramones and not see the vibrant characters that weren’t as famous but contributed as much or more to the music and the DIY sensibilities.


(Speaking of The Clash, oddly enough their original drummer actually became a chiropractor…)


The lifetime chore of healing a pain that won’t heal and turning it into a strong character trait ultimately means Chiron energy is a living thing, one that dies when its originality is stolen by others and reproduced as if formulaic. This too can be seen in the contrast between the creative output of the original punk scene and the increasingly watered down versions of modern times. (Anything that the younguns of today would refer to as “try hard” or “basic bitch” is the antithesis of Chiron.) Chiron itself is set to expire in a million years or so, ironically. Chiron needs to subvert and organically grow based on the unique individual at that time and place. When I wrote my last article These Are The Times That Try Our Souls I sort of understood during the writing process that the times we’re going into will require a new subversion and organic approach that is done ourselves; the current structure and system as it is will not do for us what needs done. This extends to just about any area of life at this juncture on planet Earth.


As this unintentionally funny anti-punk poster (distributed around Tulsa in anticipation of The Sex Pistols playing at Cain’s Ballroom) points out: “there’s a Johnny Rotten inside each of us…”






“These Are The Times That Try Our Souls”

Sculpture by Lorenzo Quinn

Mother Nature showing her force. Sculpture by Lorenzo Quinn.

I love this blog! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I receive a lot of value when you share your perspective and understandings of how astrology affects broader political issues occurring on our planet, and in our human culture. My greatest concern is the health and survival of our planet earth, and how we are all relating to our home, and it’s inhabitants. It seems to me that this is the reason for studying astrology. We are a planet among many others, and stars, and energy, and as a family we move through the universe. We must develop our consciousness for each other and how we are communicating for the best possible health of our planet and ourselves. Now more than ever are earth politics and human politics coming head to head for inevitable resolve. I want to know best how to evolve and contribute to this process. How is the universe as a whole communicating to assist our health? – Alys


This question came through this post in which I asked readers to submit topics they’d like to see covered on my site. This was one of the harder ones to respond to, as I have the same concern and there are no easy, simple answers. I’ll try to start with “how is the universe communicating to us?” from the astrological perspectives of the major transformative transits we’re going through and will be going through globally.


In the short-to-medium term, the dominating influence in global matters is Pluto’s long transit of Capricorn until 2024, followed by Pluto’s transit of Aquarius until 2043. In addition to that we are coming to terms with the Uranus in Aries-Pluto in Capricorn squares which are still active but waning. Much more tangible shockwaves are ahead with Uranus entering Taurus from May 2018-November 2018, and in full effect from March 2019 until April 2026. There is a Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction in late 2019 and through 2020 that is heavy with consequences. In the much longer term, of course, we are transitioning from the Age of Pisces ever more steadily into the Age of Aquarius, which does not happen overnight but is instead a longer gradient; like a very long dawn very slowly giving way to the sunlight of a new day. The speed at which we are more distinctly in the Aquarian Age is, however, accelerating expotentially, and will see warp speed once Pluto enters Aquarius. (Read here for exact dates of major long term transits.)


I think the handling of the remainder of the Pluto in Capricorn years is a make-or-break time that will decide the flavor of the Pluto in Aquarius years, which will then be shaping the Aquarian Age by extension. When trying to understand where we’re going and how best to handle it, it is always a good idea to look back at the last time these transits were active and the results of the handling or mishandling of potential.


The last time Pluto was in Capricorn was 1762 to 1779. One of the most obvious examples of the proper handling of Pluto in Capricorn potential was the American Revolution. Pluto is concerned with power dynamics; the proper use of power that can transform and the abuse or misuse of power that destroys and devastates. Capricorn is a cardinal sign, meaning an active initiative and control, and concerned with government, leadership, business, politics, and authority on every level, including personal authority. It is also a sign that is focused on upward moving mature growth and evolution. So, you can see this in action in the American Revolution. Authoritarian government had overstepped it’s boundaries and was suffocating, destroying, and so it had to be overthrown, working  models implemented that better served the needs of the people at that moment in time and allowed a degree of individual power and autonomy to be reclaimed. It wasn’t a perfect model; since Pluto in Capricorn is found in the United States’ natal chart, issues over the power and control of the government versus the rights of the individual are inherent to the country’s evolution. But, flawed as the model may have been in some ways, it was no longer possible to continue on the trajectory we were on then and the bull had to be grabbed by the horns, so to speak. As Thomas Paine wrote in 1776: “These are the times that tries men’s souls… Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered.”


Interestingly, also in 1776, English historian Edward Gibbon published the first volume of six of The  History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire. It was a massive undertaking in trying to understand how one of the world’s greatest empires could meet such a disgraceful end. Even back then, it was understood that massive income inequality and the loss of civic virtue in its citizens were major contributing factors in the decline. Perhaps writing the book during the Pluto in Capricorn years made those connections more obvious.


The last time Uranus was in Taurus was from 1935-1942, a time marked by WW2, FDR’s “New Deal”, the Dust Bowl… look at any event in that time frame and you’ll see shockwaves and sudden changes/upsets in money markets, currencies, banks and financial institutions, personal income, as well as shifts in collective morals and values springing from changes in the material world. With Uranus, you have to expect the unexpected and whatever you expect tends to not be the reality, which makes predictions of Uranus’ behavior tricky. But, we know that in the earthy materialistic sign of Taurus the changes will be in the tangible everyday world, rather than just in behavior or attitudes. Taurus is the sign also most closely linked with the Earth itself, particularly agriculture.


Generally speaking, the Age of Aquarius is not only the ushering in of the era of technology, but also of bigger focus on group efforts. One of the pitfalls of the Age of Pisces was the savior/victim dynamic; confusion and vagueness and spiritual longing led a lot of people into abdicating their personal power and responsibilities to whomever appeared to be able to lead or rescue them. There are certainly many examples of this working very well but many more examples of it failing spectacularly. Aquarius is a distinctly detached sign which does not get swept up as easily as Pisces in the emotional realms and tries to take a more cerebral perspective. It does not come from the savior/victim standpoint as much as it tries to see the interaction of the individual in relation to the broader collective. The Aquarian Age ideal, in a generalized nutshell, is that of community or common-unity, individuals with shared ideals working together for the greater good. Aquarian Age love is what the ancients Greeks called agape love, well explained by Martin Luther King Jr. :


“Agape means understanding, redeeming good will for all men. It is an overflowing love which is purely spontaneous, unmotivated, groundless, and creative. It is not set in motion by any quality or function of its object… Agape is disinterested love. It is a love in which the individual seeks not his own good, but the good of his neighbor. Agape does not begin by discriminating between worthy and unworthy people, or any qualities people possess. It begins by loving others for their sakes. It is an entirely “neighbor-regarding concern for others,” which discovers the neighbor in every man it meets. Therefore, agape makes no distinction between friends and enemy; it is directed toward both. If one loves an individual merely on account of his friendliness, he loves him for the sake of the benefits to be gained from the friendship, rather than for the friend’s own sake.”


That’s the ideal, anyway. There’s always a rather large chasm between the ideal and the reality as played out on the everyday level, and every sign has its darker shadow side to contend with. As I’ve written before (it bears repeating, in my opinion, and it’s pretty damn good if I do say so myself):


“The Age of Aquarius has long been touted as a humanitarians dream come true, to be embraced with open arms and minds. Egalitarian and equitable. The mass organization of people and technological advances would supposedly achieve where the gods, mystics and poets of the Age of Pisces failed…  As the process of leaving the Age of Pisces and entering the Age of Aquarius speeds up, we sense more and more that not all that is glitteringly Aquarian is gold. Does the Aquarian Age care what we want individually, or is it asking us to individually want the same things? The status quos of the Piscean Age have certainly been challenged and in some cases overthrown, only to be replaced by Aquarian Age status quos all its own, which is not to be challenged. The out of control political correctness and the culture of being perpetually offended are Aquarian Age phenomena. You can hardly say anything to anyone now without causing outrage for not conforming to their philosophy.


Is this humanitarian, egalitarian? Yes, in the darker Aquarian Age shadow way it is. To paraphrase Aquarian George Orwell’s Animal Farm: in this new age, all people are equal but some seemingly more equal than others, and it is only their views that seem to matter. Superficial nonconformists (in name only) that, weirdly, expect conformity. Many ideals being sold now as “empowering” and “progressive” we instinctually feel as degrading and dehumanizing; yet, in this supposedly more open minded era there is less freedom to express these sentiments. And this is occuring on every level of society, not only in the most visible arenas. The age that was supposed to bring about the social causes that would better the world for everyone is instead seeing social causes hijacked and distorted from their original aims, used to further agendas they were initially established to overturn. How much of the freedom promised by the Age of Aquarius resembles freedom as we’d define it?”


This is important to keep in mind within the context of the Pluto in Capricorn years. One the one hand, there is a very real need to revolt against the power structures that are preventing progress from moving in the healthy directions we’d like to take it, and on the other hand there is increasing social pressure to accept and conform to the wishes of the masses, whether or not their values and goals are in line with yours. This makes effecting change in any real way a very tricky thing to do.


Even though Aquarius is a sign associated with things like eccentricity and weirdness and rebellion, it is also a fixed (rigid ) sign and cannot handle changes as well as mutable (adaptable) Pisces did. Fixed signs need things to work in synch and collectively we are all so far out of synch it’s not funny. Ironically, the technology that was an early gift of the Aquarian Age has played a part in this. There’s the obvious disconnect from nature and each other that overuse of tech can result in. But, I sincerely believe that the rapid spreading, sharing and assimilation of information brought by technology and the Internet has made people more aware and in touch with our intuition, our innate psychic abilities which we all have. There’s those studies we’ve all seen on how we’re only using a fraction of our overall brain power; I do think the Aquarian Age technology is moving those percentages a little higher all the time. Most of the world’s entire history is available at our fingertips, and the ability to so thoroughly review our past and exchange perpectives with others online when we cold never do so otherwise, does make peering into the distance a littler easier than it has been.


I do think this gives many average people the ability to be thinkers ahead of their time. This sounds great, but in practice being ahead of your time means being terribly out of synch with other people around you who only see the present time. Should those people be happy with the way things are and not see the changes ahead that more future-oriented people see and sense, warm reception of ideas that go against the stature quo isn’t likely.


So, that’s the astrological framework we’re given and need to move along. If you’re looking for specific ideas about health and survival of the planet, the issues of Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Taurus (which will hit harder than Uranus in Aries, Uranus is in its fall in Taurus), and the broader issues of the Age of Aquarius are what you’ll look at. I can’t possibly cover or even guess every issue, but there’s a few major ones that need extra consideration in my opinion.


With Uranus in Taurus, the sustainability and health of food and farming will take center stage, so anything one can do now to consciously work for best case scenario outcomes in this arena will be hugely important. Learn the business sides of agriculture and hear the farmers side of stories. Increase awareness, support, and understanding of things like permaculture and farming technology that works with, rather than against, nature. If you come across people or organizations that are doing great things in sustainable agriculture, it’s nice to share it on social media but often doesn’t do much besides getting lost in the cacophony, so reach out to those people or organizations directly and let them tell you what support they need and will help them the most.


Growing our own foods as much as possible is also a good idea. Not everyone can do so, obviously, so supporting local organic farmers and butchers is important too. Vote with your money.  Even the most urban cities usually have community gardens somewhere, which if given sufficient time and energy can not only support those in need in the local community (if you want clear statistics, volunteer at a local food bank and see how may hungry people there are and the reasons for it) but also, if done right, can serve as small scale examples of permaculture and sustainable farming. People often need to see certain concepts operating in real time before they see them as genuinely better alternatives, so the more healthy agricultural practices are put into place on the smaller scale the easier it will be to garner support for those ideas when current large scale agricultural practices reach moments of crisis.


Speaking of Big Agra, GMOs are kind of a trendy thing to hate on now but I have a feeling (I’m aware it may be nothing more than hope on my part) that GMOs will become a real substantial issue in the Uranus in Taurus years. There’s the obvious concern about the known and unknown effects on human health, as well as the shady practices of Monsanto, ConAgra, the meat processing companies (particularly poultry), etc., but more broadly GMOs tie into Pluto in Capricorn-related business monopolies and Aquarian Age-related ethical issues over owning a patent on a living thing. Uncomfortable precedent.


I’ve griped before about the sorry state of music at the moment. I don’t think this issue is a trivial one. Art comes from a place that isn’t concerned with simple basic survival; it comes from somewhere inside that looks to rise above that basic instinct level and move towards higher fulfillment of human potential. It represents the very best we can achieve when we are not focused on jockeying for power or finding more effective ways of killing each other or any of the other stupid low level human behaviors.  If we are concerned about health of people from a consciousness perspective, music, movies, and all the other popular arts has always served as a thermometer and reflection of where our myriad cultures are at spiritually at any given moment in time. When powerful enough, the messages it conveys assists us in envisioning a better world for ourselves and not accepting the status quo. The bad taste left in my mouth by what passes for art, music and entertainment these days has nothing to do with lack of skill or effort. I’m concerned by the lack of passion, vitality, rawness, and messages of any substance. Most of pop culture feels dead and not reflective of current human emotions and experience. We shouldn’t be accepting of mediocrity in our popular arts. Perhaps this too requires a DIY approach.


On the remaining years of Pluto in Capricorn side of things, economic decentralization is something to look into. It is something I am seeing a lot of lately, which means its crucial to also take the time to discern the motive behind it. I’ve seen convincing arguments for why widespread decentralization is a great idea, and convincing opposing arguments against it. I think the answer might be somewhere in between; at this point I don’t think widespread decentralization is even achievable but on smaller scales it can be. If we cannot thoroughly rid ourselves of the detrimental Pluto in Capricorn policies and machinations, we can at least remove ourselves from the equation as much as possible; if we can’t overthrow we can at least “starve” it of our support. The sign opposite Capricorn is Cancer, sign of home and homeland, so there may be some astrological sense in finding the anecdote to some of the Pluto in Capricorn problems by “bringing it back home”. Supporting local economy and small business and independent anything is again a form of voting with your money.


Getting involved with local politics is also becoming inreasingly more crucial; the global political scene is an obvious unfunny joke and not much any of us plebeians can do about that, but a strong localized political and legal force can do a lot to fight back against the insanity. Voting will always matter.


I guess you can consider the astrology as communicating to assist our health as: Uranus in Aries = the need for healthier individual rights and freedoms; Uranus in Taurus = the need for healthier agricultural practices and financial practices and institutions; Pluto in Capricorn = the need for saner government policies and more accountability; Pluto in Aquarius = the need for ethical use of technology. As I wrote in The North Node In Virgo Manifesto, while we still have Neptune and Chiron in Pisces  (until 2025 and 2018, respectively) everything affects and ties into everything else. If one part is sick then it is all sick, really.


On that note, the best ideas in the world do not matter if they are not supported by the general public, if they are not funded by the government, if they are blocked by special interest groups, if their facts are distorted by same groups, if honest and factual reporting of their benefits are censored, if people who challenge the status quo are shunned or blacklisted or jailed or “suicided”. The running thread between all these astrological influences as well as the apparent visible issues is the continuing forceful erosion of civil liberties taking place nearly everywhere, the attempts to control and censor the Internet and curb free speech, invasive surveillance, and citizens being ever increasingly treated like enemies of the state.


The surveillance part can’t be overestimated. As stated above, Pluto deals with power dynamics and struggles and the use or abuse of power, and Pluto’s transit of Aquarius from 2024-2043 will accelerate the rise of the Aquarian Age while also setting the tone. Modern technology has without question made life better than ever thought possible, and the Internet in particular is one of the best things to ever happen to mankind. However, there is already an absurd amount of misuse of technology that works against all our best interests, and considering the extent of mass monitoring and surveillance already in place I am personally more than a little terrified of the direction technology will take during the Pluto in Aquarius years if left unchecked. We need freedom to access technology, freedom in how we use technology, and freedom from technology all at the same time. We are becoming very good at using technology as a subversive tool and I think that needs to continue. If we are forced to submit to privacy invading surveillance we can use same techniques to defend ourselves against injustice. Watch the watchmen, so to speak. Personally, I also think there needs to be much better legal protection for “whistleblowers” as it is their information that can serve as catalysts.


Even though these things are obviously affecting us all, I’m going to refer back to the American Revolution as an easy example. Imagine if that war had never happened? Suppose the citizens shrugged and accepted tyranny, or hoped a hero came along and did it all for them. In a general way, that’s a decision we all are being asked to make. In the Aquarian Age, realize there may be occasional heros but success is ultimately won through community or common-unity, all of us contributing our individual talents to the bigger process. Isolate the problems and which of those you can best make a difference in and then give it your best. Don’t be afraid of risking fallout. Reach out to others who have found workable solutions and see what their suggestions are. Survive, if nothing else. Ensure the survival of as many as possible. Agape love. Part of that too is recognizing what is beyond our control and staying out of the way. That’s not a shiny happy answer but is a very realistic one I think.