Real Time Astrology: December 2016


Good news: 2016 is nearly over! I think most will agree that this year has been exceptionally tough, owing to exceptional astrological space weather. Bad news: there’s still a full month left for 2016 to push our buttons. December 2016 has enough sweet surprises in stock to make us think it was saving the best for last. But, in keeping with the general theme this year, the good times won’t last. [Read more…]

Real Time Astrology: November 2016


2016 has seen each month bring a different flavor, alternating between the sublime to the out of control. November rides the middle ground; not as upsetting as earlier in the year but definitely bumpier than the relative calm of October.  [Read more…]

Halloween/Day Of The Dead/All Soul’s & Saints Day 2016


If you’ve never given thought to celebrating the ancestral holidays of Scorpio season beyond passing out candy to kids, this year you might want to start. There is a Scorpio New Moon that precedes Halloween this year, on Sunday, October 30th. This of course leads to Day Of The Dead/Diá de los Muertos on November 1st-2nd, All Saints Day on November 1st and All Souls Day on November 2nd. Last year we had a Cancer Moon that kicked off ancestor/spirit season and I wrote that the Cancer Moon shows our connection to heritage, genealogy, family lineage and roots. This year it’s the Scorpio New Moon that starts ancestor/spirit season, which is perhaps more potent since Scorpio (ruled by Pluto) is the sign of death itself, the legacies that survive from beyond the grave, the transmutation of energy from one state of being to the next. [Read more…]

Real Time Astrology: New Moon in Cancer July 4th, 2016

Unknown artist. (Thanks to the reader who sent this in!)

Unknown artist. (Thanks to the reader who sent this in!)


The cycles and rhythms of our inner and outer lives show their complexity at the New Moon at 12 degrees Cancer on July 4th, 2016. The Cancer New Moon will of course conjunct the Cancer Sun; along with Mercury at 9 degrees Cancer and Venus at 20 degrees Cancer, we will have a stellium in the Moon-ruled sign of hearth and home, family, heritage and roots, and patriotism. Occuring as it is on Independence Day in America, the love of country will be visibly celebrated here but felt everywhere, celebrated or not. The Cancer New Moon and stellium will sextile the Jupiter-North Node conjunction in Virgo (17 and 14 degrees, respectively) and trine Neptune retrograde at 11 Pisces. Those are lovely, supportive aspects. It’s the opposition to Pluto retrograde at 16 degrees Capricorn that can lead us down strange roads.

[Read more…]

Does God Approve Of Astrology?

Stained glass zodiac images, St. Denis Basilica, France

Stained glass zodiac images, St. Denis Basilica, France


Hi Clarissa thank you for answering our questions.  I have one that I hope is OK to ask. My family is not strictly religious but they do like to go to church sometimes. And read the Bible. I think astrology is Ok with God and religions and I still do it but I don’t bring it up with people anymore because as I’m sure you know people think it is demonic or occult or whatever and goes against some religious beliefs. How do you look at it? Can a person be a Christian or whatever other and still look at astro stuff? I would like to have a response ready to tell others when they ask so I am hoping you can write something on it! – Suzy


This question was posted in the comments section of this post, an open call for questions from my readers. There is no easy answer to this one, and I won’t pretend my answer is the only or right one. This is just my two cents on the subject, take it or leave it.


As the stained glass image shows, astrology was once kinda cozy with religion. The biggest Christian holiday, Easter Sunday, is itself an attempt to blend the solar and lunar cycles, occuring every year on the Sunday following the first Full Moon after the Spring Equinox, when the Sun moves into Aries and kicks off spring in the northern hemisphere. Astrology was a common motif in those early Christian churches, even seen today at St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. It is a common argument that the reason astrology, indigenous holidays and other beliefs predating Christianity were used in the early days by Christians and eventually co-opted was to appease the immoral heathens and make Christianity into something they’d take to, identify with. I find that a basically lazy argument, honestly. The roots of Christianity are a bit more mystical and synthesized existing beliefs more than some modern day believers would think. Throughout history, religions tended to be quite sympathetic to mysticism before turning on it at a later point.


One Bible verse I hear thrown around a lot is 2 Kings 21:6, which warns against fortune tellers, necromancers, and mediums. On the other hand, astrologers like to point out the story of the Nativity in which the travelling Magi (derivative of Greek word for “magical”) followed a star in the sky over Bethlehem that lead them to baby Jesus. The Bible doesn’t actually say there were three Magi, but that’s the number of men who came bearing gifts so I guess they were the only ones that counted. Like most people who only care about who brings them stuff on Christmas. Anyway, back in the day Magi were priests of Zoroastrianism, and were well versed in astronomy and astrology, at the time regarded as a high science. Zoroastrianism was actually quite opposed to sorcery and dark arts; while in modern times astrology became lumped in with witchcraft, Tarot, the New Age movement, and so on, this is actually not close to the origins of astrology, which was practiced and seriously studied by very religious scholars and used by the rulers and priests of the land.


I, personally, see the Bible’s warning against fortune telling and necromancy as an important one. Your chart may be set in stone, but what you do with it is not, and your fate largely hinges on your actions. A bad fortune teller can ruin your life if you let them, if you believe that whatever they are telling you is beyond your control and even beyond God’s control. In my previous post, What Does Astrology Know About Death And The Afterlife?, I wrote that I’ve known astrologers who’ve told people they’d commit suicide or be murdered based on their natal chart. Which is utter bullshit. Bull. Shit. A good number of people claiming to know such things really are ego tripping on “playing God”.


As for mediumship and necromancy, any belief system that believes there are benevolent spirits/enitites/forces at work in the world also believes there are opposing darker ones, and one thing the Bible does really well is explain that evil often masquerades as benevolence. When actively attempting to contact such spirits/entities/whatever, how would you know what you’ve actually contacted? It’s a sensible question.


My opinion is that the Bible (and the other religions, from what I’ve seen of them) don’t explicitly prevent a person from studying or practicing astrology; the evil is in how it is being used in your life. Anything can come between a person and their relationship with the Divine Whoever/Whatever/Wherever. Astrology itself never has been, and still isn’t, a religion and so treating it like one could potentially be problematic.


Essentially, astrology is a primitive study, in the literal sense of the word: the first, the earliest, the most ancient. The oldest form of technology we have. Christianity was once primitive too, as were all religions, and in those early stages we find more common ground than degrees of separation. I actually read the Bible in its entirety when I was 14, at the same time I started learning astrology. I was a strange kid, what can I say… I also had a lot of Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus stuff hitting my chart in a big way and my head was just exploding with concepts. I had a dream about Tarot potent enough to put me off it for life, even still I do not use cards. (Nothing against those who do, apparently it’s just not meant for me). I did very quickly after that discover the Bible could be used in similar fashion; I’d meditate on something and open or flip the Bible to see where it opened to. Since I was a kid and an idiot, I thought I had invented something new. It wasn’t until well into adulthood that I learned bibliomancy is actually a thing. It found me first.


Not surprising to me, actually having read the Bible. The whole thing is full of prediction and prophecy and dream interpretations and channeling. That’s one sticking point I have with people who tell me astrology isn’t compatible with Christianity: the Scriptures are chock full of mysticism, but everyday mysticism and mystery is seen as divine sin.


I recently read and loved a book called The Color Of Christ: The Son Of God And The Saga Of Race In AmericaIt is recommended reading for anyone regardless of religious persuasion or lack thereof. It details how much what we perceive to be Biblical interpretation morphs and bends depending on the races, cultures, languages, and other factors it encounters along the way. In it, the book very briefly details an exchange between  a Jesuit priest keen on converting a native American :


“For some, Christ was a problem because he had never appeared in North America. ‘Your God has not come to our country, and that is why we do not believe in him’, one native told Father Le June. Le June responded that Jesus could be seen with ‘spiritual’ sight, but this did not satisfy the native. ‘I see nothing except with the eyes of the body, save for sleeping, and you do not approve of our dreams.’ Perhaps pointing out Le June’s hypocrisy in trusting his own stories and dreams but not those of the natives, the native believed any reasonable God would appear to all, not just some.”


I see where the guy was coming from. It is odd to dismiss dreams, visions, and spiritual interpretations with a belief system born out of the same. It is common throughout the rest of that particular book, and throughout historical records, and our own oral history, to see indigenous, primitive (a compliment) peoples on every continent embrace theology and be temporarily embraced back before being told mutual understanding is impossible.


Personally, it never has been anything I’ve lost sleep over. My intentions are not keeping me from God or interfering with divine will. If ever once I thought it was, I’d drop it that day and never look back; I don’t play around. But I’ve had no reason to yet, other than the external social stigma and judgement coming from others who refuse mutual understanding. I’m not sure how much, if any, of this will help you in convincing people you’re not evil, but hopefully at least that is clearer in your own mind.



Real Time Astrology: February 2016

Sculpture by Hu Shaoming

Aquarian ingenuity, Piscean imagination. Mechanical sculpture by Hu Shaoming.


Good news: February’s astrology doesn’t suck! After November, December and January brought their own different flavors of stress and havoc, February will feel quite mild by comparison. As of [Read more…]

Real Time Astrology: Full Moon in Cancer December 25, 2015

The first Full Moon to fall on Christmas Day since 1977 (will not occur again until 2034), [Read more…]

Hard Knocks and Reality Checks: Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius & Capricorn January 5-25, 2016

Consequences is the keyword for the end of 2015 and the Mercury retrograde we experience just after the beginning of 2016. Mercury is currently in Capricorn,  having entered the sign December 9th. The transit of the planet of communication, thought processes, logistics, data, travel and networks [Read more…]