Real Time Astrology: Full Moon Supermoon In Aries October 15th/16th, 2016


Wild, sexy and dangerous, the Full Moon Supermoon at 23 degrees Aries occurs Saturday, October 15th or  Sunday, October 16th, depending on your location. (It is exact at 11:23 PM Central Standard Time on Saturday night.) This Aries Full Moon is also a supermoon, meaning it coincides with lunar perigee, or the point at which the Moon is closest to the Earth. Huge, highly visible Full Moon to match the volatile emotional temperature. The Full Moon will be in very tight conjunction to Uranus retrograde at 22 degrees Aries, and will square Pluto at 15 degrees Capricorn. That’s right, it is bringing back the dormant Uranus-Pluto square! The lunation is also in wide opposition to Mercury at 15 degrees Libra. Pluto at 15 degrees Capricorn means the orb is wide for Pluto too, but Pluto is a heavy hitter and with the tight conjunction of Uranus, the story of the lunation will be the temporary cardinal T-square which will set the tone for the longer lasting cardinal T-square involving Uranus-Pluto by years end and into 2017.


I’ve said before that the lunar cycles sensitize us to the larger transits; bringing the big issues home. This particular Full Moon in the pioneering sign of Aries will be sensitizing us to the next curveball coming our way. 2016 was a rough go for many people; two steps forward, one step back, constant uncertainty. Much of that peaked in September during the final eclipse season of the year. The Libra New Moon at the end of September, being the first lunation after eclipse season, helped shake off the feeling of getting nowhere. Now, this Aries Full Moon draws our attention to the future, the shape of things to come.

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Real Time Astrology: New Moon In Libra September 30th-October 1st, 2016


The New Moon at 8 degrees Libra takes place on Friday, September 30th, 2016 at 7:11 PM Central Standard Time. For those of you in later time zones, this of course means it will take place in the wee hours of Saturday, October 1st. Since it is the second New Moon of September, you’ll see it referred to as a “Black Moon”. The Libra Black New Moon will conjunct Jupiter at 4 degrees Libra. It will also sextile Saturn at 11 degrees Sagittarius and inconjunct/quincunx Neptune retrograde at 9 degrees Pisces, thus triggering the waning Saturn-Neptune squares. It will also square Mars and Pluto in Capricorn (2 and 14 degrees, respectively.)

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Good News For Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn – Jupiter In Libra Will Be Smiling On You!


The cardinal signs have had it rough the past few years, owing largely to the square between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. There’s a bit of relief on the horizon, though, as planet of luck and good fortune Jupiter moves into cardinal sign Libra on September 9th. This transit will last until October 2017, and anyone with planets or angles in Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn will feel optimism and an urge to grow related to where Jupiter in Libra is transiting in your chart.


Obviously, those who have Libra in their birth charts will get the biggest kiss from Jupiter. Many Libra Sun folks will experience a Sun-Jupiter conjunction in their solar returns (a predictive chart cast every birthday, lasting until the next birthday); early degree Libra Sun’s will experience this conjunction in their solar returns in 2016, later degree Libra Sun’s will have this signature in their 2017 solar returns. People with Libra risings/ascendants -whether natal or progressed- should watch out for the time period when Jupiter crosses over the ascendant and into the first house; new opportunities will be more obvious and will probably be a result of receiving or seeking out attention from others. People with natal Jupiter in Libra will, of course, experience their Jupiter Return; completing one major cycle of expansion and growth and beginning a new one afresh. People with other Libra placements should look to the house involved to determine when and where extra luck and good times will present itself.


However, the other cardinal signs won’t be left out, either. Jupiter will be opposing Aries and squaring Cancer and Capricorn. I know these are supposedly “difficult” aspects. However, Jupiter is beneficial wherever it is, in whatever aspect. I actually don’t mind hard Jupiter aspects, they’re productive! The easy aspects often feel so easy that one is inclined to do nothing at all with their potential. Jupiter opposing or squaring Aries, Cancer and Capricorn is a transit that can bear fruit, even if it means you get a little kick in the butt to get you going.


Remember, though, that one caveat of Jupiter transits impacting your natal chart in a big way is the tendency to put on weight! This is especially true if Jupiter is hitting the natal ascendant, Sun, Moon, or Venus. Good times can lead to overeating, overdrinking, oversleeping…


Jupiter in Libra will also sextile those with natal planets or angles in Leo and Sagittarius, and trine natal Gemini and Aquarius. The sextile and trine are easy aspects, but aren’t particularly motivating or productive. They do point to either a reduction in stress or a peaceful feeling related to the areas of life in the natal chart that are impacted. The North Node moves into Leo May 10th, 2017, starting an auspicious cycle for Leo; Jupiter in Libra sextile the North Node in Leo late summer and early autumn 2017 is a particularly robust time period for Leo’s (especially those who have Leo in the mid to late degrees).


Even if you aren’t going to be feeling the effects of Jupiter’s transit of Libra in a big way, Jupiter is always our little ace in the hole and especially now that Jupiter is free of the sign of its detriment. You will still want to look to the house of your natal chart that Jupiter will be moving over to see where there’s potential for success that you can take advantage of!


If you need help finding where this transit of Jupiter in Libra will fall in your birth chart, read here for a simple how-to. I do astrology readings across a variety of needs and prices, check them out here!



Real Time Astrology: Full Moon Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Libra March 23, 2016

Pic by Mark Mawson

Out of the water, explosion of color and motion. Underwater ink photo by Mark Mawson.


Decision making time! The Full Moon penumbral Lunar Eclipse at 3 degrees Libra takes place at 7:01 A.M. Central Standard Time on Wednesday, March 23rd. This penumbral Lunar Eclipse will be visible to the night side of the world at the time of its occurrence (the lunar eclipse occurs at 6:47 A.M. CST), so it will be visible to most parts of Asia, Australia, and North and South America. During a penumbral Lunar Eclipse, the Moon is dimmed but still illuminated, and appears as a [Read more…]

Real Time Astrology: November 2015

The astrology of the month of November starts with the magic of alchemy and ends with the need for separation of fact from fantasy. This month is a rapidly changing month but the changes are more subtle, more likely to sneak up on us rather than announce themselves.  [Read more…]

Real Time Astrology: New Moon in Libra October 12, 2015

An interesting one to watch for new directions and changes, the New Moon at 19 degrees Libra takes place at 7:06 P.M. Central Standard Time on Monday, October 12th. This places the New Moon in the Via Combusta, the long stretch of bad road known between 15 degrees Libra and 15 degrees Scorpio. It is [Read more…]

Astrology readings now available, and other stuff…

Saturn enters Sagittarius this Thursday, and good riddance.  I’ll be the first to vouch for the necessity of the brutality of that particular transit, but enough is enough.  I was no more immune to the effects of Saturn in Scorpio than anyone else, particularly since I have this in my natal chart. You thought the past three years was rough?  Some of us have lived life in this mode. I’m actually living on my astrocartography Saturn/Ascendant line, which wasn’t a great idea… Anyway, among the other ways in which Saturn in Scorpio had its way with me was delaying one of the main reasons I started Viva Combusta! to begin with: to offer individual paid astrology readings.

Now, as we are nearly at the beginning of a new Saturn era, I am finally at a place where I can offer my services.  Mercury turns retrograde at 15 degrees Libra this Thursday as well; I can’t say I’m thrilled to be starting a communication based business so close to a Mercury Rx period. I’ve written before that these things are logistical nightmares and that this particular one will likely be more grating than usual. I have Aries, however, so I do whatever I want.  I am also going to assume there is some sort of synchronicity/serendipity in the timing brought on by the nearly exact Jupiter – Neptune opposition that I just can’t see yet. What I can see is that I was able to start my services only once Mercury – planet of mental and verbal functions, communication etc- entered the Via Combusta, that sizzling area of the zodiac between 15 Libra and 15 Scorpio that I obviously named this blog in honor of.  Not just Mercury, but the Moon is in the Via Combusta also as I write this. I certainly didn’t plan it that way,  as I’d hoped to make readings available well in advance of the Mercury retrograde. Methinks some sort of “full circle” thing is going on here…

With all that said, here is the current menu of readings available. As I stated there I am working a full time day job (in the health care field, mainstream at that ughhh) until that point in time when I can make astrology my full-time day job, which I absolutely plan on doing.  So, if you’d prefer a phone consultation to an email please be patient in understanding there may be schedule conflicts to resolve first. I will still make every effort for a phone reading to happen!  As I grow my business and can begin to cut back on my day job hours, the scheduling conflicts should decrease.

I will still continue to write as much as possible on the blog and keep it continually updated. I actually hope to start writing much more. I will always keep all articles on the blog free and accessible. I have been astonished by what I’ve seen in just under a year of writing; at this point,  there are only a tiny handful of countries this site hasn’t been seen in, but of course everyone everywhere shares the same hopes and fears and looks for the meaning behind all of it. Not so long ago you were limited to whom you could turn to; the ever increasing awareness of each other and our commonalities  can only be a good thing in the long run, in my mind. So, I aim to keep this free for those who cannot afford readings and are trying to find the meaning of the times we’re living in through astrology. Everyone who comments here and shares their stories is helping more people than you’ll ever be aware of.

I will continue to invest my energy into the free articles here as much as time allows. If you’d like to give a money offering to assist in this endeavor I’ve set up a subscription/”tip” page where you can do so. The options start at only $3 per month;  as a thoroughly working-class girl (raised even poorer) I understand even that is a lot of money for some. Every cent is appreciated,  as it is less about the dollar amount and more about valuing (Taurus/Scorpio) what I do here and, to an extent,  valuing astrology itself, which is so often devalued. (Heartfelt gratitude to those who have already contributed! !)

It may just turn into a hot mess that ends in tears but it’s here now…

Mercury Retrograde in Libra September 17 – October 9, 2015

The brief logistical nightmare known as the Mercury retrograde is happening again, for the last time this year. This is the third Mercury retrograde of the year and falls in an air sign just as the previous two did (the first occurred in Aquarius; the second in Gemini). This Mercury retrograde falls in Libra, the Venus-ruled sign of justice, balance, harmony, decorum and relating. [Read more…]