Real Time Astrology: August 2016


The summer drags on. There’s a sense of relief as some of the harsh space weather temporarily eases up, but also fatigue from the battle to keep it together. August’s astrological forecast isn’t the easiest thing but it isn’t the worst. It’s better at the beginning than at the end; soak up the Sun of Leo season and restore your courage under the Leo New Moon on August 2nd in preparation for the turbulence.

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Real Time Astrology: April 2016


April is a high voltage month full of trip wires any way you look at it. It starts off speedy, gets a little out of control, and then one by one brakes are slammed. As it sounds, there’s potential for things derailing in spectacular ways. People often don’t like hearing this; they want to hear the positives only, and if they feel relatively safeguarded it is easy to pretend that others aren’t being hit too hard, either. Well, sorry, but April isn’t a month where land mines should be glossed over or ignored. [Read more…]

Real Time Astrology: New Moon in Taurus May 17, 2015

A mashup of heavy duty discipline and la dolce vita, the New Moon at 26 degrees Taurus takes place late Sunday evening May 17 at 11:13 P.M. CST. (Depending on your time zone, it will occur in the early morning hours of May 18.) The New Moon will sextile Chiron in Pisces and broadly aspect the weakening opposition between Mars in Gemini and Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius. The exalted New Moon in Taurus will also be in a beautiful mutual reception to Venus in Cancer, although they do not aspect each other.

The effect will run deep and be experienced in different ways. For some, it will be a calming of nerves and a pleasurable time. There is emotional stability with this Moon, although the Mars-Saturn opposition will keep the mood serious and sober. This Moon will be lacking the drama of the previous Moon cycles and will create a more natural flow. There are good times to be had here, most likely low key. Taurus is a sensual sign and the mutual reception to Venus in Cancer will reinforce the enjoyment of physical comfort. Music, food, dance, nature, sleep… whatever the good stuff in life is to you, grab on to some of it.

A Moon aspecting Mars and Saturn can be a source of depression for some. The Mars-Saturn opposition will be weakening, so any mental funk shouldn’t stick around for long or be anything you can’t navigate out of. Any bad moods will be a result of frustrations, a feeling of not being able to move forward as planned.

This New Moon in Taurus is a great time to set in motion changes to your physical world that will allow for better long term successes, however you define success. Taurus has considerable stamina and will see projects through to the end, and its aspects to Mars and Saturn will provide drive and discipline. Look at the areas of life that you feel you are “stuck” in and set intentions on moving forward or around these obstacles. Anything from stopping smoking to starting new business plans to moving house or changing something in the home.

Financial security will be a focus here and a change in materialistic attitudes and/or spending and saving practices may be necessary. Your values system may need a makeover, or you may need to stick to your guns in defending your values.

The tempo will be slower, steadier, even leisurely. Physical energy probably won’t be at its peak here; take it easy if you notice yourself feeling more tired than usual. Wearing off physical energy, if done right, can be a mental boost though and help clear the mind. Spending time in nature will do the same. Move your body!