Do You Have “Joyful” Planets In Your Chart?


This has nothing to do with how joyful you are as a person, but brownie points to you if you automatically replied “yes!” before you even read beyond the post title!


“Planetary joy” is something of an older, traditional thing that’s not used as often anymore. It designates each of the seven traditional visible celestial bodies a house that they are/were purported to really express their inherent qualities the best in. A planet in a house it “rejoices” in gives that planet a type of dignity. A lot of people know what essential dignity is: a planet in its domicile, for instance. (Mercury in Gemini -the sign it rules- would have essential dignity.) Planets can also have dignity if they are in a house of their jollies. These things did not come about by guesswork or accidents; there was good reason underlying the matchmaking or it wouldn’t have stuck around for long.


So, what houses do the traditional planets find “joy” in?

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Wanna Seduce Aries? Seduce Their Mars Sign First!

Vintage Laverda motorcycle postcard

Vintage Laverda motorcycle postcard


The question of how to appeal to Aries – the sign of high vitality and low attention span – was brought up recently in a consultation with a client. I felt it was worthy of its own explanation in a post. A lot of people read those by-the-numbers formulaic astrology instructions on how to seduce this or that Sun or rising sign, with mixed results. Probably the very last sign you’d want to try such an approach with is Aries. It’s a common mistake to think that Aquarius is the most individualistic sign of the zodiac; that title actually belongs to Aries. Arise is the first sign of the zodiac and as such identifies closely with its ego and desires much the same way as a child does: purely and instinctively and immediately. Aries likes to think of itself as being as unique as a single snowflake (regardless of how true that might actually be), so approaching them as if they can be neatly summarized, as if you already know something about them, is the very last thing any of them want.


A better attempt of understanding how the Aries ego and energy is expressed, and how to pique their curiosity enough to want to pursue/be pursued, is to look at their Mars sign. You may think that passion for everyone is shown by their Mars; that’s true, but more true for Aries. As the ruling planet of individualistic, independent Aries, Mars colors each Aries persons approach to romance and seduction. Looking at the sign and house that Mars is in as well as the aspects it makes in the Aries persons birth chart will provide you with a lot of information about what gets them excited. Not all Aries want to pursue or be pursued in aggressive, Mars-y ways; their love style may not be obvious and it’s better to find out what they really want than to assume.


A small basic sampling of Aries through their Mars sign:

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Fires Reignite As The Mars Retrograde Ends June 29th, 2016


The long wait is over. Hot blooded warrior planet Mars will be ending its retrograde period on Wednesday, June 29th at 6:38 PM CST, stationing direct at 23 degrees Scorpio. It’s been a long drag, this retrograde. Energy levels in the dumps, anger repressed and erupting in unhealthy, even destructive ways. The high octane nature of Mars isn’t happy when forced to slow down and introspect, and it’s shown since Mars went retrograde April 17th.


Now, the action can get moving once again. With Mars stationing direct, a valve has been turned, releasing pressure and allowing for movement where it has been blocked. It’d be a mistake to think this will unilaterally bring relief, however. People will experience this in myriad ways, but generally speaking the aggression that has been bottled up since April will find expression, for good or ill. It’s important to know that while you may be eager to get a move on, others may see you as stepping on toes in the process. While many are going to be breathing deep sighs of relief after Mars turns direct, many others are going to feel like being direct with the anger and/or resentment they endured during the retrograde. Good times for some, filthy moods for others. As always, the less stable in our societies might feel like acting out their reignited agitations.


Its a good time to reexamine the meaning of the retrograde. From the original post on Mars retrograde:


“How much do we have to put up with, endure, before we fight back? How much are we willing to tolerate? Where do we draw the lines and begin to say no? What course of action do we take when the lines are crossed? Mars retrograde in Scorpio and Sagittarius brings out indignation and righteous rage, and you know what? There’s nothing wrong with being angry. Anger serves a purpose. It is not unlike a fever acting as a warning sign that something terribly wrong is taking place and needs to be corrected. The Mars retrograde period this year will serve as the fever requesting our prompt attention. There is a hell of a lot wrong in this world, on every level, and there seems to be very little room to escape the sickness. We shouldn’t have to. The fight needs to start somewhere to restore holistic well being. Mars retrograde first has to work backwards, reminding us of where the anger and outrage really stems from originally.


After Mars stations direct on June 29th, and especially after Mars clears its retrograde shadow August 22nd, we will regain momentum and move forward once again in our lives with purpose and our hard won soul knowledge. Things that do not pan out during the retrograde period can see new life (maybe in a new vessel) once Mars goes direct. I’d like to say global events will simmer down after Mars turns direct as well, but we’ll have to see where we’re at once there. Hopefully the Mars retrograde will keep the worst of battle plans from really getting off the ground, but that won’t keep the powers that be from trying.”


Check the house of your natal chart where Mars is turning direct for a more personal understanding of how this might play out in your life. Read here for help finding transits in your chart.


Mars will remain at 23 degrees Scorpio until July 12th, really honing in on the lessons of its retrograde. What have you learned about the warrior within you? Within us?



Real Time Astrology: New Moon in Aries April 7, 2016


The most energetic New Moon so far this year at 18 degrees Aries happens on Thursday, April 7th at 6:24 AM CST. Brace yourself for what will either be an exciting time or an out of control one.  This New Moon counts as a Supermoon even though it is not visible because it’s the closest New Moon of the year. [Read more…]

Real Time Astrology: April 2016


April is a high voltage month full of trip wires any way you look at it. It starts off speedy, gets a little out of control, and then one by one brakes are slammed. As it sounds, there’s potential for things derailing in spectacular ways. People often don’t like hearing this; they want to hear the positives only, and if they feel relatively safeguarded it is easy to pretend that others aren’t being hit too hard, either. Well, sorry, but April isn’t a month where land mines should be glossed over or ignored. [Read more…]

Cage Rattling and Nerve Snapping At The Uranus-Pluto Square Finale

“Wow, that escalated quickly” is something I’ve heard more than I’ve wanted to over the past couple days. Many of the readers here have noticed the uptick in temper flares and bad moods and high pressure situations blowing up as well. I have written before that December would be a nasty month due to Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn moving back into their last tight square with each other (the last exact square was back in March of this year), with Mars in Libra in detriment throwing fuel on the fire by squaring Pluto and opposing Uranus. It does bear repeating again, however, to emphasize the instability and potential for harm as well as potential during this brief but intense period.


I do not know why anyone would see someone about to snap and decide to push them to their breaking point, but that seems to be exactly what a lot of people are doing at the moment. Thing to remember is, the bust ups and blow ups we’re seeing now and will continue to see in December,  especially the next week or so, do not need much provocation to ignite. This final gasp of the Uranus-Pluto square is the culmination of all seven of the previous exact squares since the aspect first began in 2012. Think of how much your life has changed since then. It’s only been a little over three years but man, anything before that feels like such a distant memory. It has not been an exaggeration to call our experiences, both personally and collectively, as intense life altering experiences these past few years. As anyone who’s ever been in a hostile long term relationship or environment knows, you can put up with a lot of shit for a long period of time but usually the breaking point comes from something seemingly petty and stupid, the proverbial squeezing the toothpaste from the wrong end. There are a lot of “the straw that broke the camel’s back” scenarios playing out right now and that will continue to play out. Losing ones mind over minor things is an unhealthy way of expressing “I’m officially over it/done here”. Seen from one perspective,  it is better this way, to have all the necessary endings happening at once so that they are no longer strung out.  It does not feel that easy, of course, for those who are on the receiving end of the most loss or separation. But know that they would have happening anyway, and sometimes it is better to let things end or leave under their own steam.


If it feels this tense for the strong, healthy and sane of us, then you can imagine how this is affecting those not stable or sane. As some of the headlines have shown us this week, the sky this December shows the potential for more violence than usual. Landmines are everywhere. Those who are easily provoked and hot tempered by nature are finding their buttons being pushed more than usual. This is a time when we should all be on high alert for those unstable people or situations that seem like they might be getting out of control. Cool heads are not prevailing and things can escalate without much warning. Even if you are right, even if it is you who is being pushed, even if you’re entitled to be angry, it would be better to let it go and walk away this month rather than engage. Even if confrontations are only verbal and non violent they can still cause a lot of damage. Road rage also seems to be getting more frequent.


It is not just those who want to harm others that should be watched out for; those with a tendency for self harm should be watched, or take extra care of yourself if it is you who feel the need to self destruct. Like everything else, this too shall pass! Not all sudden shakeups will be intentional; there is a lot of potential for major accidents here so again use caution and judgement.


The Moon will be in Libra all weekend (December 5th and 6th) conjunct Mars and so it too will be aspecting the Uranus-Pluto square. The Moon is however we define our inner “home”, our comfort zones, our sanctuary  and right now no place really seems safe anywhere we look. The Moon shows us how we deal with life on the emotional level and this weekend emotions will be running on high octane fuel. There is a lot to be said for “letting it all out” of course, and indeed keeping anything inside that’s gnawing away is bound to blow up, but fine line between healthy and productive “venting” and straight up chip-on-the-shoulder combative temper tantrums. Mars in Libra also makes its exact square to Pluto in Capricorn at 14 degrees this Sunday at 2:52 PM CST, and makes its exact opposition to Uranus in Aries at 16 degrees this Thursday the 10th at 7:31 PM.  This weekend and next week is fever pitch of the Uranus-Pluto energy.


For those of you watching how this is all playing out on the global scale, it is worth noting that both David Cameron and Vladimir Putin have their Suns at 14 degrees Libra, meaning the hotted up Moon and Mars in Libra will be passing over their Suns in the thick of the action the next couple weeks (exact this weekend). Both will be key players spurred into taking the actions that will define the manifestations of the Uranus-Pluto square in their respective countries. The bizarro diplomatic vote (Libra) in the UK to attack (Mars) Syria was itself a manifestation of this energy and a taster of what is just around the corner. Here in the US, it isn’t one politician in general but the entire country that will be taking the hit. Using the Sibley chart for the USA, our country has Saturn at 14 degrees Libra in the 10th house of public image and destiny paths, and we as a country  will also see the Moon and Mars make their conjunctions to the nation’s Saturn this weekend. For us, it was the recent San Bernardino shooting that was a taster. Smaller pockets of insanity that do not make the national radar can still occur around us, so be aware of your surroundings. Using the Sibley chart again, the US has a 12 degree Sagittarius ascendant, which means transiting Saturn, currently at 8 degrees Sagittarius, is at the end of the 12th house and will be crossing the ascendant not too long into the future.  Saturn crossing the ascendant is a watershed event in any chart; the public deterioration of any of the numerous causes for concern here these next few days and weeks with Mars-Pluto-Uranus in affect will be the runners up of that changing point.


In the background,  we are still dealing with the emotional hangover from the first exact square between Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces, exact on November 25th. As stated previously, Saturn in Sagittarius wants to know better so that it can do better. The square to sensitive, psychic Neptune in Pisces continues to drop the veil and show us that yes, we know better but no, we certainly are not doing better. History repeating itself at this juncture on planet Earth really doesn’t make any sense, but here we are. Saturn is, among other things, our visible leaders and authority figures, and Sagittarius is the big picture broadcast; the square to Neptune in Pisces continues to leave us both more perceptive and more disillusioned with what is coming out of our “leaders” mouths. While not directly influencing the Uranus-Pluto square the Saturn-Neptune square is definitely adding a pivotal parallel narrative, and more to our plates than we may feel we can handle.


Seen from a higher perspective, the inherent high energy instability that is stressing our nerves this December,  and especially the next several days, creates opportunity for quick and meaningful change unlike any other. The future is always unwritten,  and it’s never too late to grab the wheel and drive in a better direction. To do that, it does require the awareness as well as the gumption to make it happen. It may not be fun to go through, but what happens when such impetus to act is gone? The sensible and savvy folks will see the opportunity this month and run with it. Fighting the good fights, not the petty ones…


Mars in Libra will be in mutual reception to Venus in Scorpio til the end of December, and while this won’t provide major relief it can create enough of the necessary creative outlets and drives to channel the friction. The New Moon in Sagittarius on the 11th is also a more buoyant spot on the horizon. When you find these sweet spots working in your life, make every effort to chill and enjoy them.


If you can’t beat the insanity this month, at least do what you can to not join in!




Real Time Astrology: New Moon in Gemini June 16, 2015

The prismatic New Moon at 25 degrees Gemini occurs Tuesday, June 16 at 9:05 A.M. Central Standard Time. It will be in a tight conjunction to Mars in Gemini as well as sextile Uranus in Aries and square Chiron in Pisces. This is the first New Moon since the recent weirdness of Mercury turning direct in Gemini and, more notably, Saturn retrograde re-entering Scorpio for the final time for the remainder of the summer of 2015.  [Read more…]

Big Love: Venus in Leo (including Venus retrograde) June 5-October 8, 2015

The rising summer temperatures parallel the sexy warmth filling our hearts as the planet of love, relationship, beauty, values and money Venus has arrived in the sign of Leo, the sign of big personalities, bigger hair, over-the-top drama and childlike playfulness. Venus in Leo will be with us for an extended period of time, from June 5 to October 8, thanks in part to a retrograde period from July 25 through September 6. Grand times are to be had, for sure. Amidst all the fun and games and theatrics Venus in Leo will also be rolling up its sleeves and reshaping our perspectives on love, money and values, bringing out our hearts truest, most honest expression.


Venus in Leo will bring us some of our highest highs this summer and yet also cause some of the sharpest pains, both brought about by the intense aspects outlined here. Venus in Leo doesn’t do half measures. It’s go big or go home time. Our first showy aspect occurs around July 1, as Venus conjuncts Jupiter in Leo. Two benefic planets working together in Leo is a party if there ever was one. If nothing else, a great mood and alleviated stress levels can be enjoyed. However, if you take advantage of this energy you can turn this into something long lasting and tangible. Look for money opportunities. Chat up potential bosses or business partners. Go to the bars and hangouts you’re usually too timid to visit and talk to someone cute. Bold moves and attention seeking will be less annoying and more attractive during this period, so don’t be afraid of putting on a display. Artists of all stripes can fall in love with creativity again.


The good feeling rolls on a little longer with a sextile between Mercury in Gemini and Venus in Leo around July 14. Motormouth alert! The good times do not roll on forever, though. Saturn will be retrograde as well (as of June 14) and deep in Scorpio waters; this will be the other, more intense energy dominating the summer (read here). Saturn in Scorpio will make two exact squares to Venus in Leo: the first around July 14 with Saturn retrograde and Venus direct, and the second around August 5 with Venus retrograde and Saturn direct. Saturn in Scorpio will be exhuming our pathology, especially in areas concerning abuse or power plays involving love, money, sex, trust, marriage and divorce, and soul connections. This will be true for the entire final transit of Saturn in Scorpio, but will be most obvious and unavoidable during the squares to Venus.


Careless love, “me first!” love, jumping in and out of love, obsessing over old lovers or the lovers you want but can’t have, cold cold loneliness from sheer lack of love… all these and more will reach a boiling point around the time of the squares between Venus in Leo and Saturn in Scorpio. Sparks will fly as the inherent vital forcefulness of Leo clashes with transformative, sometimes destructive Scorpio. Any karma still lingering in love matters that wasn’t worked through during the initial transit of Saturn in Scorpio will rise to the surface, one last opportunity to establish mutually healthy relationship practices and burn off the unhealthy ingrained behavior patterns, or be stuck with them for a rather long time. All of us have been guilty of using, abusing, taking advantage of or taking for granted a loved one or more.It would be to your advantage to own this rather than deny it. Reexperiencing this guilt will be heavy but is necessary to remind us of how much it hurts us to allow ourselves to hurt others or be hurt by others. Experience is the best teacher, and Saturn in Scorpio will be using the squares to Venus in Leo to drive home the lesson that love should never hurt.


Venus retrograde has a different story to tell. Venus retrograde periods are slightly less frequent than the retrograde periods of other planets; Venus only turns retrograde every year and a half or so for around forty days and nights. Venus will leave Leo temporarily for Virgo on July 18, and will station retrograde at 0 Virgo on July 25. Venus retrograde will re-enter Leo on July 31, turning direct at 14 degrees Leo on September 6. Venus will remain direct in Leo until October 8, when it re-enters and remains in Virgo. Retrograde periods are always a time of somewhat delayed progress in matters specific to the retrograde planet, a time of reviewing and rehashing. The deeper internal processes of the planets actions are emphasized more than the external works are. The Venus retrograde, working against the backdrop of Saturn retrograde in Scorpio, will serve to show us the values that are integral to us individually but that are incredibly out of synch with the values held by our societies. Even if our personal values systems aligns with mainstream values 98% of the time, the remaining 2% will be realized as a rather large chasm. It will be important to honor your values during this retrograde period. Stick to your guns. Do not let other diminish what you feel is really important in life. The square with Venus Rx and Saturn direct in August will be particularly useful in questioning why you are exerting energy into people and situations that do not appreciate you or what you stand for.


Venus retrograde in personality centered Leo will help temper our impulses just a bit, keeping our emotions a bit more self contained and introspective. Egos will need to undergo some fine tuning: neither overblown nor repressed and forced into submission. Out of the ashes of the Venus-Saturn squares, sophisticated philosophies can be developed regarding who and how we love, who and how we attract, how fairly we give and receive love. All of this sounds like a lot of dreary painful hard work and it is. It will pay off, though, and sooner than it might feel. Not long after the second of the Venus-Saturn squares is over we will experience a lovely trine between Venus in Leo and Uranus in Aries, breathing new life into us and shaking up the scene in fresh and exciting ways. Our recent life experiences can be infused with meaning that will become a major source of genuine pride as we move into a conjunction between Venus and Mars- planet of drive, physical energy, and sex- at 14 degrees Leo around September 1. This is the second Venus-Mars conjunction in a fire sign this year! The first was in Aries on February 21 and seen the masculine and feminine joining forces, fighting alongside each other instead of against each other, playing on the same team. This second Venus-Mars conjunction will see the masculine and feminine joining hands and hearts, proud to be in each others company and each wanting the other to see their share of the spotlight.


Not every relationship will survive this summer. The ones that do make it can gain from the Venus-Mars conjunction in Leo the sexy confidence that comes from being secure, from being a part of something built to last. The people who were left single by the rougher transits, or who were already single, should have confidence from the clearer understanding in knowing who they are and what they have to offer. This is another opportunity to put your hot self on display!


Things really smooth out once Venus turns direct September 14, followed by Saturn leaving Scorpio for good and re-entering Sagittarius on September 18. Venus direct in Leo will again trine Uranus in Aries around September 22, bringing insights into the way forward as yet another cycle ends and a new one begins.


The houses of your natal charts that these aspect take place in is where you will experience the bulk of the action. Here’s the dates and times to know. The influence of these aspects can be felt for a few days before and after the day they are “exact”, which is when the influence peaks. Times given are Central Standard Time.


– Friday June 5 Venus first enters Leo at 10:33 A.M

– Wednesday July 1 Venus conjuncts Jupiter at 21 degrees Leo, exact at 2:51 A.M.

– Sunday July 5 Mercury at 24 Gemini sextiles Venus at 24 Leo, exact at 3:19 A.M.

– Tuesday July 14 Venus direct at 28 Leo squares Saturn retrograde at 28 Scorpio, exact at 1:48 A.M.

– Saturday July 18 Venus enters Virgo at 5:38 A.M.

– Saturday July 25 Venus stations retrograde, still at 0 degrees Virgo, at 4:29 A.M.

– Friday July 31 Venus retrograde re-enters Leo at 10:27 A.M.

– Sunday August 2 Saturn stations direct in Scorpio

– Tuesday August 4 Venus retrograde conjuncts Jupiter at 28 degrees Leo, exact at 4:47 P.M.

– Wednesday August 5 Venus Rx at 28 Leo squares Saturn direct at 28 Scorpio, exact at 10:08 A.M.

– Thursday August 6 Mercury conjuncts Venus Rx at 28 Leo, exact at 9:25 A.M.

– Friday August 14 New Moon at 21 degrees Leo conjuncts Venus Rx in Leo

– Saturday August 15 Sun conjuncts Venus Rx at 22 Leo, exact at 2:22 P.M.

– Wednesday August 19 Venus Rx at 20 Leo trines Uranus at 20 Aries, exact at 11:44 A.M.

– Tuesday September 1 Venus Rx conjuncts Mars at 14 degrees Leo, exact at 3:29 A.M.

– Sunday September 6 Venus stations direct at 14 degrees Leo

– Monday September 14 Mercury at 15 Libra sextiles Venus direct at 15 Leo, exact at 11:43 A.M.

– Tuesday September 22 Venus direct at 19 Leo trines Uranus at 19 Aries, exact at 11:00 P.M.

– Thursday October 8 Venus leaves Leo for good and enters Virgo at 12:29 P.M.