Setting The Stage For The Great American Eclipse


So, while most of us were sleeping last night, America sent missles flying into Syria. If you’ve read my April forecast and my writeup of the upcoming Libra Full Moon, you won’t be surprised by this.


I do want to point out some of the astrology behind the timing of the attack itself. The attack started at 8:40 PM EST. The Moon had just gone void of course about 25 minutes previous. The Moon was also at 28 degrees Leo, the exact degree of the so-called “Great American Eclipse”, a New Moon Total Solar Eclipse which will make a path across the United States. This eclipse will be a North Node eclipse; while I liken the North Node in a person’s chart to their personal manifesto, in any chart the North Node shows a fulfillment of destiny and an eclipse involving the North Node turns the clockwork mechanisms that start in motion the path to fulfilling a destiny. Destiny in this sense not being a “positive” or “negative” but something closer to its proper dictionary definition: simply a meeting with fate.


So, the strikes in Syria occuring at this fated degree of Leo sets the stage for the unfolding of American and global fate at the Great American Eclipse. Not only does that eclipse involve the North Node (as any eclipse must necessarily involve one of the nodes) but it is conjunct a fixed star called Regulus, which has long been associated with military actions and military generals in particular. From my writeup of 2017:


“Around the time that the North Node is at the earliest degrees of Virgo and then hits 29 degrees Leo [that would be right now, the time of this post; the North Node is at 2 Virgo and enters 29 Leo May 10th] the North Node will be conjunct a fixed star called Regulus… Suffice to say here that the North Node conjunct Regulus could see an advancement in the storyline of military action around the world. I’m not saying total war will break out or anything, I’m saying this is a time to closely watch in regards to what is being orchestrated by military leaders.


Speaking of, America’s new President Donald Trump has his ascendant at 29 degrees Leo, in exact conjunction to Regulus. It should go without saying that the President of a global superpower country will play an important role in unfolding military action. Well, I think it’s particularly relevant in 2017, as not only will the transiting North Node affect his ascendant/Regulus/Mars conjunction but so will the incredible eclipse of August 21st. That eclipse is a New Moon Total Solar Eclipse at 28 degrees Leo, the so-called “Great American Eclipse” for the eclipse path/visibility will only affect American soil. Yes, this eclipse is a big deal for America. It’s a big deal for Donald Trump, just one degree off his ascendant. America has a “birth chart” known as the Sibley chart (July 4th, 1776) with the Moon at 27 degrees Aquarius, the sign opposite Leo. While the gears are turning around the world, there’s a particularly intense stirring awaiting those of us living in the U.S. as the Great American Eclipse hits our President and our people in one fell swoop.


This polarity [of the eclipse hitting the American Sibley chart] falls in the Sibley chart’s 9th opposing the natal 3rd house Aquarius Moon. The 9th is foreign lands and people, as well as religion and published “official” news/media. The 3rd house is our local neighborhoods, rumors, propaganda, transportation and the general ‘nervous system’ of a country. It is also the house of documents relating to foreign countries (9th house).”


As I wrote in The North Node In Leo Manifesto, the North Node conjunct Regulus at the anaretic degree of Leo is associated with defending honor and can also bring a loss of honor in spectaular ways. In my mind this is the more likely scenario, as the air strike occurred not only at this eclipse degree but also during a void of course Moon. Most astrology fans know the typical interpretation of a VOC Moon is that it operates as if in a vacuum, unable to express itself and thus usually is seen as amounting to nothing. However, a VOC Moon does not always mean there is nothing to worry about; it can also show an event started during this phase does not follow the correct predetermined course and instead ends very badly.


Get ready for a cruel summer.



The North Node In Leo Manifesto


The sign of big hearts, big mouths and big hair emits a steady warmth from May 9th, 2017 through November 6th, 2018 as the North Node travels through the sign of Leo. Leo is a fixed sign, ruled by the Sun; the North Node shows where to travel to find our bliss. While in Virgo, the North Node taught us the importance of using discernment, discretion, critical thinking and attention to finer details in the face of doubt and uncertainty. Now, we’ve got some finely honed skills, we know how to use them and we’re not afraid to show it! [Read more…]

2017: The Year Of Conviction And Contradictions

2017 predictions forecast astrology

Life thriving, in spite of its environment. Photo by Guy Tal.


2016 was, of course, the year of change and transition. A rocky, slippery slope that we can see clearer in retrospect was a detour into unknown territory for the purpose of testing our faith and mettle. In many ways 2017 will pick us up out of the ditch and move us forward on a clear trajectory again. Regaining a more visible and structured path does not translate into an easier year; 2017 is a year of contradictions openly challenging our convictions as we’re honing them.


The general gist of what 2017 has in store: [Read more…]

Jupiter In Libra September 9th, 2016-October 10th, 2017: Preaching The Gospel Of Love And Justice

Jupiter in Libra astrology

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Spread the good word: the sexy breath of fresh air we all want and need comes with the ingress of jolly lucky celestial giant Jupiter into the sign of Libra on September 9th, 2016. I, along with most astrologers, am very excited about this transit. 2016 has drained a lot of color and glamour and joie de vivre out of us; Jupiter in Libra restores all this and then some.


Since August 11th, 2015, we’ve had Jupiter in Virgo. Jupiter is in detriment in Virgo, meaning the planet struggles to express its natural traits. Jupiter is the planet of good luck, good times, good humor; given to largesse and excess. Too much of the good things is Jupiter’s preference. In Virgo, Jupiter’s larger than life exuberance was considerably thwarted; Virgo being the sometimes fussy, persnickety sign focused on micro details and puritanical perfection. Nothing against Jupiter in Virgo; Jupiter is always astrology’s “greater benefic” and makes our lives a little easier regardless of what sign it is in. However, Jupiter in Virgo was Jupiter redux, and spent most of its transit in hard aspects to Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces which further drowned it’s natural buoyancy.


Jupiter gets its full mojo back when it moves into Libra. Libra is a [Read more…]

Good News For Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn – Jupiter In Libra Will Be Smiling On You!


The cardinal signs have had it rough the past few years, owing largely to the square between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. There’s a bit of relief on the horizon, though, as planet of luck and good fortune Jupiter moves into cardinal sign Libra on September 9th. This transit will last until October 2017, and anyone with planets or angles in Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn will feel optimism and an urge to grow related to where Jupiter in Libra is transiting in your chart.


Obviously, those who have Libra in their birth charts will get the biggest kiss from Jupiter. Many Libra Sun folks will experience a Sun-Jupiter conjunction in their solar returns (a predictive chart cast every birthday, lasting until the next birthday); early degree Libra Sun’s will experience this conjunction in their solar returns in 2016, later degree Libra Sun’s will have this signature in their 2017 solar returns. People with Libra risings/ascendants -whether natal or progressed- should watch out for the time period when Jupiter crosses over the ascendant and into the first house; new opportunities will be more obvious and will probably be a result of receiving or seeking out attention from others. People with natal Jupiter in Libra will, of course, experience their Jupiter Return; completing one major cycle of expansion and growth and beginning a new one afresh. People with other Libra placements should look to the house involved to determine when and where extra luck and good times will present itself.


However, the other cardinal signs won’t be left out, either. Jupiter will be opposing Aries and squaring Cancer and Capricorn. I know these are supposedly “difficult” aspects. However, Jupiter is beneficial wherever it is, in whatever aspect. I actually don’t mind hard Jupiter aspects, they’re productive! The easy aspects often feel so easy that one is inclined to do nothing at all with their potential. Jupiter opposing or squaring Aries, Cancer and Capricorn is a transit that can bear fruit, even if it means you get a little kick in the butt to get you going.


Remember, though, that one caveat of Jupiter transits impacting your natal chart in a big way is the tendency to put on weight! This is especially true if Jupiter is hitting the natal ascendant, Sun, Moon, or Venus. Good times can lead to overeating, overdrinking, oversleeping…


Jupiter in Libra will also sextile those with natal planets or angles in Leo and Sagittarius, and trine natal Gemini and Aquarius. The sextile and trine are easy aspects, but aren’t particularly motivating or productive. They do point to either a reduction in stress or a peaceful feeling related to the areas of life in the natal chart that are impacted. The North Node moves into Leo May 10th, 2017, starting an auspicious cycle for Leo; Jupiter in Libra sextile the North Node in Leo late summer and early autumn 2017 is a particularly robust time period for Leo’s (especially those who have Leo in the mid to late degrees).


Even if you aren’t going to be feeling the effects of Jupiter’s transit of Libra in a big way, Jupiter is always our little ace in the hole and especially now that Jupiter is free of the sign of its detriment. You will still want to look to the house of your natal chart that Jupiter will be moving over to see where there’s potential for success that you can take advantage of!


If you need help finding where this transit of Jupiter in Libra will fall in your birth chart, read here for a simple how-to. I do astrology readings across a variety of needs and prices, check them out here!