The Grown-Up Job Of Thinking For Yourself: Mercury Retrograde In Sagittarius & Capricorn December 19, 2016-January 8, 2017


Are you really in control of your own mind? Are your thoughts really your thoughts, natural and organic, or have your individual thoughts been replaced with the thoughts of others that you’ve mistaken as your own?


Worthy questions to ponder as we close out 2016 and open 2017 with a Mercury retrograde period, which will start and take place largely in the sign of Capricorn and end in the sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the sign of the pursuit of Truth and the higher mind of beliefs and philosophy. We start our Mercury retrograde shadow period in this sign. When Mercury turns retrograde on December 19th, it will do so in Capricorn and conjunct Pluto in Capricorn  (15 and 16 degrees, respectively). Mercury retrograde is a time of divorcing our minds from the thought processes of anyone or anything external and paying closer attention to our individual mind; conjunct Pluto shows that this divorcing process will be more obvious during this Mercury retrograde than most, as Mercury Rx conjunct Pluto is mental purging. This purging is necessary to reclaiming the authority of our organic thoughts (Capricorn being the sign of authority – both our own and that of others). [Read more…]

Real Time Astrology: December 2016


Good news: 2016 is nearly over! I think most will agree that this year has been exceptionally tough, owing to exceptional astrological space weather. Bad news: there’s still a full month left for 2016 to push our buttons. December 2016 has enough sweet surprises in stock to make us think it was saving the best for last. But, in keeping with the general theme this year, the good times won’t last. [Read more…]

Real Time Astrology: New Moon In Sagittarius November 29th, 2016

Astrology new moon Sagittarius November 2016

Hope” or “nope“? Painting by Casey Weldon


The brash and highly charged New Moon at 7 degrees Sagittarius takes place on Tuesday, November 29th (6:18 AM CST). This is one most people will feel coming. The New Moon will be conjunct fixed star Antares and in exact conjunction to soul mate asteroid Juno, square Neptune at 9 degrees Pisces and the North/South Nodes at 8 degrees Virgo/Pisces.


If you’re one of those folks who’ve felt recently that their adrenals and serotonin receptors simultaneously blew a fuse, you may as well prepare for this Sagittarius New Moon to work your last damn nerve. I’m not saying there’s no good news, but I am saying this one isn’t going to have the usual bouncy, buoyant feel typically associated with Sagittarius. [Read more…]

Real Time Astrology: November 2016


2016 has seen each month bring a different flavor, alternating between the sublime to the out of control. November rides the middle ground; not as upsetting as earlier in the year but definitely bumpier than the relative calm of October.  [Read more…]

Real Time Astrology: October 2016


October is not without its rough patches, of course, but by and large the space weather this month allows everyone to cool their engines and breathe easy. Mercury retrograde is over, eclipse season is over, the Saturn-Neptune square still around but waning. Cardinal T-square ahead for November and December, but not tight enough this month to create major problems yet. Mars is in Capricorn, the sign of its exaltation. Jupiter now getting some mojo back being in Libra.

[Read more…]

Real Time Astrology: Full Moon in Sagittarius June 20, 2016


Unfinished business is the theme of the Full Moon at 29 degrees Sagittarius on Monday, June 20th at 6:02 AM CST. This is the second of two Sagittarius Full Moons in a row (the first was in May). The Full Moon will of course oppose the Sun at 29 Gemini, as well as opposing Venus at 3 degrees Cancer, trine Uranus at 23 degrees Aries and squaring Chiron at 25 degrees Pisces. Except for the square to Chiron, the other aspects aren’t particularly troublesome and in fact are nice ones to have, especially the opposition to Venus. The troubles arising during this Full Moon are in the details and in the background noise.  [Read more…]

Real Time Astrology: Full Moon in Sagittarius May 21, 2016

Monica Vitti in "Modesty Blaise"

Monica Vitti in Modesty Blaise.


“It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt!” is a saying that springs to mind with the Full Moon at 1 degree of Sagittarius on Saturday, May 21st at 4:14 PM CST. This is the first of two Sagittarius Full Moons in a row, with the second one occuring at the anaretic 29th degree on June 20th. (There will be a separate writeup for that one.) This May Full Moon at 1 degree Sadge will of course oppose the Sun at 1 degree Gemini. More importantly, though, [Read more…]

A Look At Donald Trump And His Chances For Success In 2016

From time to time people email me with things they’d like to see covered on my site. Some of those suggestions have been to take a look at the charts of politicians. On the whole, I’m just not interested enough in any one politician in general to spend time looking them over in depth. I did get a request to look at the chart of Donald Trump, which I initially ignored but over the holidays decided to briefly check out. There were enough things about his astrological profile that caught my eye and, since I thought he’d be out of the race for the next United States President by now, took a look at some of the big transits hitting him in 2016. To my surprise, not only do I think he’ll be in the race for a much longer time than I personally expected, I actually think he will gain steam (at least attention; not so much favorability) in 2016, so I thought it would actually be interesting to do a writeup on him.


Disclaimer: As I said, I’m not at all interested in any one politician or even in most current politicians on the whole, and I’m worried and nervous about all the Presidential candidates. I’m even less interested in playing party politics. I’m not interested either in swaying people’s opinions. I have opinions about Trump’s chart as an astrologer and about him personally as an American but I’m not writing from a politically biased viewpoint.


With that out of the way, here’s Donald Trump’s astrological birth chart:


Donald Trump birth chart

Donald Trump birth chart











The thing that first jumped out at me is Trump was born at nearly the exact moment of a Full Moon total lunar eclipse, with his Sun at 22 degrees Gemini in his strongly emphasized 10th house and his Moon at 21 degrees Sagittarius in the 4th house. Full Moon eclipse babies carry that heightened eclipse intensity with them their entire lives, and with Leo on the ascendant, his chart ruler is his Sun involved in the eclipse. Even if he’d been born in different circumstances, he would have been a natural extreme extrovert, channeling the velocity of his Full Moon in highly visible ways. The Moon in Sagittarius is the placement of people prone to big talks, big dreams, over the top ideas and yet in his 4th house for him his philosophies are somehow connected to the natural rhythms and cycles of life. He has a much stronger intuition than anyone would guess. His 4th house Moon clues him in to what’s going on in the collective, the shifts in popular opinion as well as the cycles and fluctuations in money and business.


Like a lot of people with a strong 4th house, much of his success and happiness in life comes from real estate and indeed that’s where he originally made a name for himself. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, lucky gluttonous planet often associated with things like gambling, fortune, striking it big in some way and his Jupiter flavored Moon again fits in with his obvious luck from taking real estate gambles. The house of risk taking, gambling and speculation is the 5th and Sagittarius (Jupiter) rules his 5th. This, along with many other factors, state the obvious facts of his incredible wealth. The 2nd house is the house of one’s personal income and resources (as opposed to the 8th house of joint/shared income and resources) and here again we see Jupiter’s influence. The 11th house is also a strong money house, as its the second house from the 10th house of career and public image. Money earned from the 11th comes from professional success (the 2nd house is more like your regular salary and wages) and in his 11th house we find Mercury, communication planet and ruler of his Gemini Sun with Gemini on the 11th house cusp. Mercury is in Cancer, the sign that is ruled by the Moon so again we see the connection to his Moon picking up moments in the zeitgeist and his quicksilver communication skills spinning his intuition into actual, tangible, bankable gold.


Neptune in the 2nd was a surprise to me; I’ve done quite a number of charts with this placement and these people often care for money less and less with age. It’s not that they do not need or like money, they have to live like everyone else, but Neptune here shows the extent to which money can corrupt the spirit and dirty the sacred things in life. Most everyone can see this for themselves but people with Neptune in 2nd often feel the weight of it in their souls. This doesn’t appear to be the case here, which makes me wonder if the spiritual connection to money isn’t something along the lines of money being almost godlike to him. Neptune is nebulous, vague spirituality and Jupiter more traditional religion and philosophical schools of thought; I’d wager a good guess he looks at money from an almost religious zealots perspective.


He also has a very close conjunction of Venus and Saturn in Cancer in the 11th. There’s an important lesson anyone can take away from this as to how astrology plays out in real life… Saturn gets a bad reputation as the hardass celestial taskmaster, serious, cold, doling out punishment when its high standards are not met and imposing limitations. This is all very true but it often sounds worse on paper than it really is. When Saturn in a chart is embraced, it gives discipline, a strong work ethic, realistic structures to move along. If you know how to work within a budget (most of us) then you understand what Saturn “limitations”are; it is what it is and nothing more or less. You can’t force your Saturn to be something other than what it is for you so you best learn to work with it rather than against it. Most people who know a bit about astrology would look at a Venus-Saturn conjunction and assume it means only financial hardship, Venus being the planet that rules money. More often, though, Venus-Saturn brings a willingness to work hard for money and, in Trump’s case, a determination to keep hard earned money. Saturn usually produces a certain level of anxiety but some people will use this productively, spurring them into taking action. No matter that Trump has been a billionaire forever now, I doubt he ever stops worrying about his money and the stability of his assets.


Of course, it’s easier to make lemons out of lemonade when you’re already born into a very wealthy family, as Trump was. The 12th house is often home to very strange family issues and 12th house people are often charged with either carrying on or breaking away from family legacies that can go back many generations. It can take many 12th house people the course of their lifetimes to come to terms with the fact that they’re the recipient of unsettling family skeletons in the closet. Trump has both Mars and Pluto in Leo in his 12th. Mars is very close to his Leo ascendant, so besides being known for that hot mess of a hairstyle (Leo) Mars on the ascendant gives him the traits common to this placement: ruddy complexion, reddish tint and fineness/thinness to hair, assertive and aggressive (sometimes belligerent) personality style. I’d expect at some point he’ll have to contend with major issues of his heart or circulatory system. Pluto in the 12th does not point to a happy, loving childhood. He may not have wanted for money or even love but he was probably involved in family power struggles from a young age which impacted his decisions as an adult.


Pluto in the 12th people often encounter experiences in their childhood that can force moments of dissociation or depersonalization, forcing them into deeper recesses of the mind. With his 12th house placements in Leo, he responded to these experiences by crafting a Leonine persona- brash, loud, attention seeking, willful and proud- not unlike being an actor in his own life. Hard to say if he recognizes this in his quiet times with himself. The juggernaut career he created for himself likely doesn’t allow for much introspection. He may be one who much rather prefers running away from his internal life, who knows. We only know him through the persona he created and astrology teaches us that there’s more to a person than their superficial persona. Another thing about Pluto in the 12th, it is common for people with this placement to have bizarrely strong visualization powers, that is, if they see it in their minds eye they often can “speak it into existence”. Which, as a Gemini, he’s aware enough to consciously try.


His Sun is closely conjunct Uranus and the North Node all in Gemini in the 10th. The North Node is everyone’s manifesto and having it close to his Sun makes it easier for him to realize his charts potential. On that note, he’s lived out his chart as well as one could. He’s a cacophophonus agent provocateur, gathering money, soaking up the limelight. CEO of his little world, cheerily screaming at people that they’re fired to stoke his ego and let people know who’s boss. Had he been born to a poor family with no connections, he’d likely have been one of those prominent and obnoxious luxury car salesmen or late night television class action lawyers.


So, it’s strange to me that he would be interested in being President. He doesn’t seem to have anyone’s agenda at heart except his own, and he achieved that quite well already. Maybe it is a case of nowhere left to go and he views the Presidency as a conquest. If his ultimate goal is nothing more than running for President for his own kicks and giggles, I’d believe it. You can see the Gemini-Sagittarius axis at work constantly with him, as you’d expect from a Full Moon eclipse baby. Always shooting off at the mouth about things he only cares about in the moment, which are only true in the moment. He’s a staunch Republican who’ll run Independent if he so chooses. He makes derogatory remarks about minorities, foreigners and women, ignoring his personal life in which he’s only married foreign women and sponsored the Miss Universe pageant. He publicly trashes the Clintons despite actually being good friends with them…


His strong Mercury -ruler of Gemini- is square to Neptune and Jupiter, both aspects that can be less than truthful for any number of reasons. You wouldn’t exactly expect a billionaire Presidential candidate to be a truth telling wholesome person of integrity, but his outrageous and never quite true statements are core to his character. When he says he wants to be President, he may very well mean it with the same amount of conviction and honesty as I might say I want Mexican for dinner but settle on Italian later. He may mean what he says at the time and completely switch sides when he’s moved on to something else that better fits him that moment. And, if he doesn’t mean what he says at all, well hey! it was a great headline.


I’m not completely convinced he’s running solely for altruistic reasons. Anyone who associates with gatekeeper Alex Jones is suspect in my eyes, though. I don’t even think he himself thinks he’d be a great President. Contrary to how he is often portrayed (Neptune at work) he is not an entirely self made man, and his bankruptcies show he is capable of making major missteps. His Mercury square Neptune and Jupiter actually isn’t great for clear, detailed, analytical thinking. His gut feelings are quite strong and I believe he’s able to sense people who are brilliant and he surrounds himself with them and their more solid ideas, blending them with his. (Maybe even passing him off as his). So, again, the question remains why he’s running. Could be the private joke of an elite billionaire and we haven’t picked up on the punchline yet. The way he shoots off at the mouth the way he does almost points to 12th house self sabotage, as if wants to lose the vote and also he seems to be asking why people continue to support him despite consistently showing himself up. It’s probably at least a cosmic joke on us at some level. I’ve seen theories tossed around that he’s some type of mole serving to ruin the Republican party. I’m not completely buying that but I wouldn’t completely rule it out. That’s not something that can be discerned from his chart BUT if you wanted a political mole, he’d be the guy.


His motives may never be discerned, as obviously his secrets are as guarded as the next elite candidates. But, he does have opportunities to slip up in 2016. I’d watch him especially around June 4th, when there is a 14 degree Gemini New Moon tangled up in a mutable Grand Cross. The Gemini New Moon will not be far off his natal 17 degree Uranus in Gemini and there’s room here for unexpected information surrounding him. If his team is aware of this the information leak may be deliberate but with Uranus involved there’s still room for surprises. Him being an eclipse baby makes him much more sensitive to lunar cycles. Mercury in Taurus will conjunct his Taurus Midheaven from about April 26th through the first week of June, in time for the Gemini New Moon and mutable Grand Cross. Mercury will be retrograde for a good portion of its conjunction to his MC, allowing for further slip ups and factual errors. The mutable Grand Cross will also feature in his solar return on his birthday.


Otherwise, his transits are keeping him rolling on. Jupiter moves into Libra in September and he’ll experience his Jupiter Return about midway through the transit. It is a rather benign and beneficial transit and will begin mid November, just after the elections have wrapped up. Saturn does oppose his Sun by the end of the year and from there on his story will be more harshly tested. He has a lot of incredible Uranus and Jupiter transits sustaining him until then: transiting Uranus sextile his natal Uranus, trine his natal Moon and opposing natal Jupiter through March; Jupiter in Virgo squaring his Uranus in Gemini through July; Pluto in Capricorn squaring his natal Jupiter from mid February until December 2017, Uranus in Aries squaring his natal Saturn in Cancer starting at the end of May until January 2018. Those last two transits contrast sharply with the other ones, as Pluto square Jupiter and Uranus square Saturn have potential to unravel a person’s life to a considerable extent. The other transits may act like buffers, though, and keep the wheels from coming off completely.


It will be interesting to observe what does the unraveling and when it occurs from an astrological perspective. I didn’t think he’d make it this far, though, so he may still end up with the last laugh.