2017: The Year Of Conviction And Contradictions

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Life thriving, in spite of its environment. Photo by Guy Tal.


2016 was, of course, the year of change and transition. A rocky, slippery slope that we can see clearer in retrospect was a detour into unknown territory for the purpose of testing our faith and mettle. In many ways 2017 will pick us up out of the ditch and move us forward on a clear trajectory again. Regaining a more visible and structured path does not translate into an easier year; 2017 is a year of contradictions openly challenging our convictions as we’re honing them.


The general gist of what 2017 has in store: [Read more…]

Real Time Astrology: August 2016


The summer drags on. There’s a sense of relief as some of the harsh space weather temporarily eases up, but also fatigue from the battle to keep it together. August’s astrological forecast isn’t the easiest thing but it isn’t the worst. It’s better at the beginning than at the end; soak up the Sun of Leo season and restore your courage under the Leo New Moon on August 2nd in preparation for the turbulence.

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Jupiter In Libra September 9th, 2016-October 10th, 2017: Preaching The Gospel Of Love And Justice

Jupiter in Libra astrology

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Spread the good word: the sexy breath of fresh air we all want and need comes with the ingress of jolly lucky celestial giant Jupiter into the sign of Libra on September 9th, 2016. I, along with most astrologers, am very excited about this transit. 2016 has drained a lot of color and glamour and joie de vivre out of us; Jupiter in Libra restores all this and then some.


Since August 11th, 2015, we’ve had Jupiter in Virgo. Jupiter is in detriment in Virgo, meaning the planet struggles to express its natural traits. Jupiter is the planet of good luck, good times, good humor; given to largesse and excess. Too much of the good things is Jupiter’s preference. In Virgo, Jupiter’s larger than life exuberance was considerably thwarted; Virgo being the sometimes fussy, persnickety sign focused on micro details and puritanical perfection. Nothing against Jupiter in Virgo; Jupiter is always astrology’s “greater benefic” and makes our lives a little easier regardless of what sign it is in. However, Jupiter in Virgo was Jupiter redux, and spent most of its transit in hard aspects to Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces which further drowned it’s natural buoyancy.


Jupiter gets its full mojo back when it moves into Libra. Libra is a [Read more…]

Happy Birthday, America (2016 Edition)


Last year, for my post on America’s solar return  (falling every year on Independence Day/4th of July) I talked a little about how, as a country, America is experiencing birthing pains and death gasps simultaneously. Both grow stronger in this new growth cycle of the 2016/2017 solar return.


This year, the 4th of July coincides with a powerful New Moon in Cancer. This New Moon will feature, of course, in the solar return of the United States:   [Read more…]

Quickie Observations Of Election Day – November 8th, 2016


With communication planet Mercury currently in its home sign Gemini, and as we are nearing my country’s Independence Day/birthday/solar return, I thought it a good idea to mull over what will be in the sky for Election Day, November 8th. Since the beginning of the mutable Grand Cross, none of the Presidential candidates have been come out unscathed, with Trump being continually disowned by members of his own party following the Gemini New Moon hitting him hard as I said it would, and Clinton and the DNC being named in the hacker leak that came out after Mercury went into Gemini, puporting a smear campaign against Trump. Dishonest politicians?! I know, I know, try not to faint from the shock.

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Harriet Tubman & Faith In Something Bigger Pt. 2


Apparently this isn’t new news but I did not hear of the original plans that the United States Treasury Department had of changing some of the faces on our currency, and [Read more…]

Real Time Astrology: March 2016


Remember how last month I said the astrology wouldn’t suck and to enjoy it while it lasts? Hope you did! Now, prepare for the ever changing month of March to wash you out and throw curveballs your way! Seriously, though, the astrology in March presents short lived and fluctuating challenges and stressors that require us to bend without breaking.  [Read more…]

Intermission – The Viva Combusta! New Year’s Eve Soundtrack

Musically speaking, I’ll remember 2015 as the year I completely gave up on any current mainstream music. I love generic cheesy pop songs as much as anyone, but most of the stuff I’ve heard released this past year I won’t even dignify by referring to it as “music”. Maybe I’m just becoming prematurely curmudgeonly, yelling at other people in my age group as if they were youngins to get off my lawn with their fake, soulless, auto tuned to death garbage. Music today isn’t real like it was back in my day, whippersnappers!


Mostly, though, it boils down to being at the halfway mark of the Pluto in Capricorn years. Pluto giveth and Pluto taketh away emormous amounts of power, and in Capricorn a good chunk of power issues are focused on corporations, mega industries and major profits. The music industry obviously is a small but visible part of the mix. It’s a common theme in music that the quality suffers the more businessmen and image makers/fakers take over, that’s certainly not a recent development. Pluto does has a way of exposing things deeper than ever before for what they are at their core, and since Pluto moved into business oriented Capricorn the soundtrack to our lives doesn’t seem to even try to hide its single minded focus on sacrificing music for corporate monopolies. Tidal was one example. Look at these people signing a music contract like they’re signing a peace treaty at the United Nations or some such thing. The good thing is Tidal and similar money grabs weren’t  the complete success they were hyped up to be. Pluto can really go to some people’s heads, making them drunk on what they perceive to be power, but not everyone’s buying what they’re selling, literally and metaphorically. As we reach the halfway mark of the Pluto in Capricorn era we’re so much more aware of what’s going on behind the curtains and in the shadows of big business, Big Brother, Big Pharma/Agra etc and the more we encourage others to become/stay more vigilant and aware the less successful their manipulative and unfeeling tactics will be. Dams will break, eventually,  but like everything Plutonic it is a multilayer process and we’re not near finished yet.


In the meantime, the soundtrack sucks, which is really all I’m getting at here. It sucks because it is a reflection of the environment we’re in. At some point after the dams break, music -and creativity in general- will regain inspiration and reflect our recovered senses. Until then I’m shunning current mainstream arts and this New Years Eve I’m just chilling with old favorites. I have Mars in Taurus; Taurus often likes comfy, solid classics because Taurus endures and likes things that withstand the test of time, aging like wine (versus aging like milk.) It makes me nostalgic for musical eras I wasn’t alive in. Here’s some classics I’ll be listening to:












That last one forms the base of one of my favorite dancehall songs:



“My mind is divine mind”… if Jimmy Cliff can’t make you happy, nothing can.





And what’s New Years Eve without disco



Feel free to share your New Years Eve jams in the comments sections if you’re so inclined.


This playlist/Pluto in Capricorn era rant is a poor substitute for the article I originally intended to write, which was going to be a synopsis of the astrology of 2016. Between the holidays, readings, and tech issues (an early taste of Mercury retrograde in Aquarius and Capricorn) time just got away from me. Very quickly then: 2016 is a sort of shapeshifting year courtesy of an emphasis on the mutable signs of Pisces, Virgo and Sagittarius, four Mercury retrogrades  (we just had three in 2015), a substantial Mars retrograde that will pack a punch, and the ongoing Saturn-Neptune squares. The Uranus-Pluto squares will be all but over by the end of January, and we will lose the tension and panic it created. We will also lose what was an incredible impetus, instigator, a major potential for changing the narrative. The emphasis on the mutable signs and retrogrades/rewinds in 2016 means the dust will settle some but we’ll be challenged to adapt to more subtle changes. I quoted Hunter S. Thompson in an article previously; “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro”… this is a good mantra to have at the onset of the year.


I’m keeping fingers crossed that the music gets a little weird, too. On that note, I’d like to thank/shout out one particular local Oklahoma college radio show, the excellent Hi-Fi Heresy, for playing only obscure, corporate free, and sometimes unknown punk, protopunk, garage, blues, surf, psychedelic and psychobilly gems spanning all decades. It’s still the only time I’ve heard Captain Beefheart on the radio. If you’re so musically inclined, you should try to stream it. Not only is it quality and class but after the hour is done you’ll realize what a crime it is that so much of this music didn’t get the success it deserved because it wasn’t “commercial” (read: profitable) enough. Smaller pockets of inspiration and creative life abound outside the mainstream and are well worth taking the time to find.


Happy 2016!