The North Node In Leo Manifesto


The sign of big hearts, big mouths and big hair emits a steady warmth from May 9th, 2017 through November 6th, 2018 as the North Node travels through the sign of Leo. Leo is a fixed sign, ruled by the Sun; the North Node shows where to travel to find our bliss. While in Virgo, the North Node taught us the importance of using discernment, discretion, critical thinking and attention to finer details in the face of doubt and uncertainty. Now, we’ve got some finely honed skills, we know how to use them and we’re not afraid to show it! [Read more…]

Update On The Nearing U.S. Presidential Election Day 2016


Well, fellow Americans, here we are bracing for what most people are calling the most important and simultaneously the most insane Presidential election of our lifetimes. The “October surprise” cliché turned into an entire month of surprises; too many in quick succession to fully assess any of them. However, there’s more than enough information available to understand that this election will also be the dirtiest we’ve seen so far, and based on how’s it’s gone so far there’s no doubt that there’s still plenty more dirt to come. Thank you Mercury in Scorpio for calling out bullshit wherever you see it; thank you Jupiter in Libra for justice coming from a higher court that says no one is above the law (okay, maybe above man-made laws, but not above laws of nature. Everyone’s judged the same in the end.)

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Real Time Astrology: November 2016


2016 has seen each month bring a different flavor, alternating between the sublime to the out of control. November rides the middle ground; not as upsetting as earlier in the year but definitely bumpier than the relative calm of October.  [Read more…]

How Prepared Are You For Uranus In Taurus?


I live in the literal seismic epicenter of fracking territory. At the time my mother was born here -northeastern Oklahoma- it was Indian reservation (though her birthplace is now no longer reservation) which basically means the land was/is so shit that the U.S. government thought it worthless and handed it off to people they tried but failed to wipe off the earth. Red dirt country. In my mother’s lifetime, the land here has transformed from being seen as less than nothing to being one of the most valuable in the country, hence the fracking.


We see the same scenario playing out now with the protests over the North Dakota pipeline, which has brought the largest gathering of North American indigenous peoples together -along with environmentally concerned people of all stripes- to fight to preserve the Badlands, throwaway reservation and ranch land that has also suddenly become valuable. Both the fracking here in Oklahoma and the Dakota Access Pipeline are examples of how people can write off the land -and the people living on and working that land- as having no value one minute and then urgently fighting over the untapped, unrecognized resources the next.


There’s more than environmental issues that lie behind the fight over fracking and pipelines. Fracking has brought jobs in a time when people desperately need them. Fracking has lowered the price of natural gas for consumers in the time of a shaky economy, and created energy independence in the U.S. for the first time and also at a time when foreign relations are unraveling. Fracking has also, of course, has led to an increase in earthquakes by about 600% in areas where the fracturing occurs. So, while it isn’t smart to run head first on a massive scale into damaging the land we live on with unknown consequences, there are economic and geopolitical consequences for not doing so that can’t be ignored, either. What do you do when you’re forced to destroy something to save something else?


The devaluing and sudden re-valuing of resources, the bringing together of people with common-unity in the valuing of the earth, the money and politics and polarizing outrage behind all of it… it’s all very Uranus in Taurus. Which is very concerning, considering we are still approximately a year and a half away from Uranus entering Taurus. If this is the financial/political/environmental/spiritual quagmire we find ourselves in now, what surprises are in store once we’re actually in the Uranus in Taurus era?  [Read more…]

Real Time Astrology: August 2016


The summer drags on. There’s a sense of relief as some of the harsh space weather temporarily eases up, but also fatigue from the battle to keep it together. August’s astrological forecast isn’t the easiest thing but it isn’t the worst. It’s better at the beginning than at the end; soak up the Sun of Leo season and restore your courage under the Leo New Moon on August 2nd in preparation for the turbulence.

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Real Time Astrology: Full Moon in Capricorn July 19th, 2016


The Full Moon at 27 degrees Capricorn on Tuesday, July 19th  (5:57 PM CST) is going to be a serious one. What “serious” means to you isn’t necessarily going to be the same as the next person; it’s unique to individual circumstances. There’s a lot going on, which can be good or bad or neutral but any way it plays out it is complicated. The Moon is in its detriment in Capricorn, meaning [Read more…]

Eris – Never A Moments Peace?


I’m sort of cynical about certain things in modern astrology. Traditional astrology became seen as too limited and fatalistic, replaced with a don’t-worry-be-happy, silver linings everywhere way of thinking that I personally feels interferes with the ability to tell it like it is without being seen as “negative”. Another thing that gets under my skin sometimes about modern astrology is how quickly every newly discovered celestial body is assigned meanings, well before any proper vetting process has begun. There are infinite such bodies, not all can be relevant to human life. This was my gripe with the non-discovery of “Planet 9” earlier this year; the orbit of Planet 9 is so slow it’d barely move a single degree in a humans lifetime; yet, already some astrologers have assigned overblown meaning to it. Before it’s even actually been properly “discovered”, no less. There are Monty Python asteroids, I’m surprised there aren’t astrologers arguing over their meaning in a birth chart or a nations chart.


One of the more recent discoveries that does stand out from the rest is Eris, discovered in January 2005, coincidentally by the same team that demoted Pluto from major planet status and that announced the likelihood of Planet 9. I was skeptical of Eris at first, too; it stays in a single sign anywhere from 15 to 125 years, making it a stretch to even call it a “generational” effect during the longer transits. (Eris entered Aries in 1927 and will not enter the next sign of Taurus until 2048…). 10 years after discovery is not all that long of a learning process in how a body behaves astrologically. But, events worldwide in recent weeks has made me take a closer look at Eris, particularly as it is currently conjunct Uranus in Aries.

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Real Time Astrology: New Moon in Aries April 7, 2016


The most energetic New Moon so far this year at 18 degrees Aries happens on Thursday, April 7th at 6:24 AM CST. Brace yourself for what will either be an exciting time or an out of control one.  This New Moon counts as a Supermoon even though it is not visible because it’s the closest New Moon of the year. [Read more…]